Arhi One Shot: Alone

*   "ARNAV JEE..I HATE YOU!!! REALLY HATE YOU!!.."   Khushi kumari Gupta-Singh Raizada sulked on the phone, clutching the receiver tightly in her hand, her pouted lips fully complimenting that almost adorable frown on her face. Her scrunched nose and those knitted brows adding in their own two cents, clearly showing the displeasure of┬áLady … Continue reading Arhi One Shot: Alone


"Khushi..yeh lo..tumhara breakfast..common have it.." "Nahi khaana...bhookh nahi hai hume..." Came a short crisp reply from the woman sitting on the bed reading a fashion magazine or better say, shuffling its pages,almost ignoring all the pretty faces posing up there. He rolled his eyes heavenly and adjusted the plate carefully in his one hand while … Continue reading OS: GIFT