Arhi One Shot: Alone

*   "ARNAV JEE..I HATE YOU!!! REALLY HATE YOU!!.."   Khushi kumari Gupta-Singh Raizada sulked on the phone, clutching the receiver tightly in her hand, her pouted lips fully complimenting that almost adorable frown on her face. Her scrunched nose and those knitted brows adding in their own two cents, clearly showing the displeasure of┬áLady … Continue reading Arhi One Shot: Alone

Two Shot: The bedtime story-part 1

"Papa..aaj kaunchi stoly chunaaoge..?.." asked 3 year old,hopping-on-the-bed,Aara in her cutish child lingo..staring her daddy curiously with her big almond shaped eyes and a smile on her lips. Arnav looked at his cute angel and instantly the tiredness left off his body in an instant. Ah..his daughter..His princess! the reason of happiness in his life..his … Continue reading Two Shot: The bedtime story-part 1

OS: Complete

She woke up in the middle of the night..which was a part of her routine nowadays. of course,Motherhood can change you in so many shows you the hidden n undiscovered side of yourself which you couldn't have guessed existed before. Same was the case for Khushi here. Khushi kumari gupta was once famous as … Continue reading OS: Complete