FF: Just for him:Chapter 6

So I went back and re-read this entire fiction again. And trust me I cringed multiple times to say the least. So poor writing, typos and what not and its another huge effort in itself to just go through all those chapters and¬†correct everything that is wrong with this story ūüė¶ This was something I've … Continue reading FF: Just for him:Chapter 6

Darbble: Maa

Maa ~ "mmm..maa..maa..."¬† .. .. .. "mumma,lunch do, aur meri waterbottle??? Jaldi karo, school¬†bus nikal jayegi" mumma give me my lunch, and waterbottle. I will miss my school bus .. .. .. "Mummaaa, meri white uniform kyu nahi dhoyi aapne?? Aapko kuch yaad nahi rehta"Mummaaa, you haven't washed my white uniform. You don't remember anything … Continue reading Darbble: Maa