FF:Winning My Boss


13 thoughts on “FF:Winning My Boss

  1. This is by far one of the most creative and funny writing I have read of our dear arshi . Your writing with the comic timing is too good . Loved the story . Please please continue the story

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  2. Hey just found your blog and started reading. Love the stories. The humour does it for me. Like that the action moves quickly.


  3. Thanks for the access. I love the comic timing and wittiness in this story of yours. This is one of my few stories that are pleasant to read and are equally endearing for multiple reads as well.

    Let me try to read the story all over again the next couple weekends.

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  4. I just loooove this story. Its funny and romantic! Please please please continue. Waiting…. And thanks for blessing me with this good read.


  5. Just read the complete story…
    must say it’s very unique, light, romantic story nd I m loving every bit of it (special mention : Choco… I m in love wid it :P)
    Plz continue soon….


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