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Hello Readers!

In case of any queries, suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach me via:




Love, Rotten 🙂



8 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hey dear I have been searching your stories for so long for reading your left stories on India forums fortunately I found it now n gonna complete reading all the stories.


  2. hello dear,
    I just found ur blog and have read MYM in one go and in just a day…
    and tell you what,
    waiting to read more, but I have subscribed ur blog but didn’t got password! can you help me?

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  3. Hello

    From Just someone who dwelled into world of fanfic during the pandemic, I must say u have awesome writing style. Read ur story on indiagorum but would like to read more. How do I get password for the same


  4. Hello rotten,
    M feeling overwhelmed n extremely happy to found your blog after so long. Since india forum m following your work. Please help me out with the password issue. How can get MYM n WMB password to read the stories.

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