Chapter 24-MYM

"Damn!!!!" Arnav Singh Raizada cursed loudly under his breath. Just How much he hates interruption in his work. He starts anything with the sole purpose of reaching its end. No two ways about it. So, here he was in his cabin, indulged in an extremely major project and just realised one of the important file … Continue reading Chapter 24-MYM

Chapter 19-MYM

Strike your enemies where it hurts the most! This golden rule of business was what Arnav Singh Raizada had learned in early days in the business world. This was yet another shade of Hard-ass businessman Raizada,a shade quite unknown to the rest of the world.The otherwise Philanthropist Raizada could be so cruel and ruthless while … Continue reading Chapter 19-MYM

Chapter 18-MYM

~Chapter #18~ * His hand darted out from under the covers, leaving the warmth of the soft, velvety blanket behind ..Reaching out to shut down the alarm clock that was beeping continuously and was thus breaking the serene morning silence. opening his eyes reluctantly,he took a minute or two for stretching his highly lethargic body. … Continue reading Chapter 18-MYM

Chapter 17-MYM

~Chapter #17~ * ~Three days later~ They were traveling in silence after coming back from the hospital. He was relieved cuz khushi was declared fit by the doctor in that routine checkup. There were no signs of any internal injuries and whatever the marks and bruises she had, they were healing already. yes, Silence it … Continue reading Chapter 17-MYM

Chapter 15-MYM

~Chapter #15~ * "The person you are trying to reach is currently not responding..Please try again later" DAMN! Arnav Singh Raizada,this time,swore furiously under his breath when he again got the same message from the other end of the phone. The message that had now started to irritate him, alongside raising his temper..thereby attracting curious … Continue reading Chapter 15-MYM