OS- Change

Arnav Singh Raizada glanced at his gold plated Rolex for the third time. 1:45 pm and she is still not here. Of all the days she choose this day to be late. SO NOT FAIR!he complained to himself. Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. His lovely wife. She had made a point of reaching his office … Continue reading OS- Change


Hello and a merry chrismas to all! Hope you guys are all good. So, after some rigorous searching through my old laptops and drives I finally managed to find rough drafts of Making you Mine's remaining chapters. Its not the whole thing..but atleast something that I can take pointers from and continue further. I went … Continue reading HEY!


Helllo Readers!! So sorry for being MIA since a long time. I am sorting this wordpress blog and transferring my content to another. This time with proper editing and all. :/ Another tough task I know.  So sorry for the inconvenience and please bookmark the new one. You will find me there shortly. Here it is … Continue reading Heyy!!