Hi there!
Welcome to my blog. I am not a writer..just a dreamer.A 26 year old working girl, whose only passion in life is eating and traveling. yes, i want to travel..all over the world..and hopefully someday i will. Writing is something that gives me a way to pour my heart out at times when i am unable to express in words. My biggest stress buster. Those who know me, they are aware about my madness for this ‘forever-couple’. My passion is to write fictionย about them. Be it romance ,drama,angst,comedy..anything about that magical couple Arnav and khushi that have been ruling our lives and hearts ever since they set the screen on fire in 2011.

Hope you will find my writing worthy enough that it will leave a smile on your lips. Thats the only reward i am looking forward to.

Love you all
Rotten ๐Ÿ™‚

121 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi rotten

    Could you plz continue Arhi SS
    A Lil Bit Of Sunshine..

    Prologue is too good to wait for it..

    I would appreciate one chappy for a month at least…pls

    I wanna explore Mistress Khushi in your unique way…

    Btw,blog is so cool

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    1. I am planning too but this needs a lil bit of work n have my hands full at the moment ..but I Ll surely do. Thanks shara for ur inputs.. I never thought anyone will still remember it ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. Lolzz. Yes yes… I use two profiles..one is crazygurl. N the second one is madgurl… Well ur stories made me start commenting…though sometimes i get very busy in real. Life… Bt ill try commenting as much as i can… N ur stories are just amazingggg

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  2. Hey Rotten.. You got your own blog I see. Glad to see that. Hope to catch up on your updates and pester for more :).
    My IF ID is the same as this one.

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  3. Stalked my way to your blog. Happy to know that though you may have shifted to a blog you are still continuing with writing and will continue with writing about Arshi!!

    Looking forward to seeing you more around!

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  4. Congrats Rottenji, Beautiful blog. u r one of my favourite writer, love 2 read ur stories. R U GOING 2 CONTINUE “”JUST 4 HIM”” N “”DECEITFUL LOVE””? IF YES, I m very happy..i have requested u so many times on IF 4 JUST 4 HIM 2 CONTINUE……
    THANK U N LOVE U………….
    IF – jdd1959

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  5. Dear, thank you for the link……….

    Heartiest Congratulations on this fabulous blog………… I loved its theme………….

    I have begun following it…………

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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  6. Hey wonderful blog you have.. loved it.. and thanks dear for sharing link on fb.. found it so now will be in touch with your updates through fb.. cool.. Best wishes and happy writing dear โค

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