Chapter #32- MYM

Next day passed with agonizing slowness for Khushi. She contemplated million ways in which she would disclose her pregnancy to him, a different one each time and imagined his reactions to each of them. Throughout the day, she felt jittery while doing the chores and by the end of it, anticipation and the wait was already killing her. She often found herself losing her focus and dwelling into past, his past and something close to a painful shudder crawled up her spine every single time she recalled his words, everything he had to go through in his childhood and his sufferings at the hands of his father.  She decided that the first thing she was going to do today was hug him tightly to make up for all the lost hugs he had missed out on while growing up. A bit tighter than he would prefer, that he would have to physically peel her off. She smiled at her silly train of thoughts and sighed looking at the clock again, for nth time that day. Arnavji..come soon na!

She waited. Waited the entire day praying for it to pass soon. Waited to go back to him where she actually belonged. Waited to have that talk. It was the first ray of hope coming from him when he offered that rare chance to her. It might be tremendously difficult for him but he was atleast willing to try. Willing to try and to move forward.  Doesn’t matter if he was doing it for her sake but some progress it was. She was eternally hopeful that there would be no turning back from this point onwards and was so in awe at the amount of strength he was displaying and not just in the physical sense of the word. He just needed the reassurance the its not him that is at fault here. It wasn’t his mistake that he was born to such an immoral person. It certainly wasn’t his fault that he turned out to be the person that he is today, someone who doesn’t have an ounce of faith in simple blessings of life like love and companionship. If anyone who was at fault here certainly was Arnavji’s father and he was gone. Long ago. Carrying his demons on back till date was nothing but giving that vile person a chance to live again. And that man certainly wasn’t worthy of even a slightest thought, let alone control someone’s life in a way like that. Yes, she would definitely make him see sense of everything wrong thats going on. Yes, He has to listen. He will listen.

And with this new found steely resolution, she couldn’t quite contain the bubble of mixed up anxiety and excitement from bursting inside her.

Only, he never came.

She dialed his number, for the fifth time and it again went straight to voicemail. Khushi waited till 10 in the night and kept calling him repeatedly but to no avail. There was dead silence from his end. Neither he was picking her calls nor was he reverting her messages back. Devi maiya, hope he is alright. Please keep him safe. Is he in some kind of problem?  Has anything happened to him? NO. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest as her mind jumped to various conclusions, each worse than the previous one. She tried calling him once again, clutching the phone in her hand while pacing the length of her room frantically, only to hear that dreadful ringtone before getting disconnected. Devi maiya, raksha karna. She pleaded her deity to keep him safe and sound and out of trouble.

Arnavji where are you?

She started trembling with the tension now knotting up her entire being and the dread was causing the bile to rise up her throat. She opened her contact list and search the Raizada mansion landline with shaky fingers and sighed a bit in relief when Anjali picked the phone on the second ring.

“Di, Is Arnav ji okay? “

Anjali sounded confused while answering,

“Khushi ji? Chotey?..han khushi ji..chotey is absolutely fine. Why do you ask? “

 She released a sigh of relief.

“Is he still in office?”

 “Han Khushiji. Chotey isn’t home yet. Infact I was on a call with him just 5 minutes back. I wanted to ask when you guys were coming home. He only told me that you will stay for few more days. How is your babuji’s health now? I hope he will feel better soon”

“Few more days?”

She whispered back in question, almost to herself not making sense of what Anjali was saying. Anjali continued from the other end but Khushi could barely register anything as her mind was puzzled beyond measures. Arnavji was supposed to pick her today but he wasn’t even answering her calls. That’s just so strange and wasn’t making any sense and why he said she’ll stay here for few days more. They never discussed anything like that. And didn’t Di just mention that she was on a call with him 5 minutes back? Here she was calling him like a maniac from last one hour, dropped him numerous texts but he wasn’t even acknowledging it in the first place. What the hell was going on?

She suddenly remembered that Anjali was still on the phone,

“umm..vo..han di..babuji theek hain. Di, v..vo, something urgent came up. Can I call you later?”

Bidding her byes, she disconnected the call and redialed his number with her mind buzzing with lots of questions. It ringed and ringed and finally went unanswered. again.

Arnavji, what happened? Please call me back soon, I am worried.

She dropped him a text and waited impatiently for her phone to ping back with some reply of any sort. Next 5 minutes went like this until she couldn’t wait again and dialed his number again.

  And to her utter shock, His phone was now switched off.

 Tossing her phone away on bed she sat down with a thud while her worry was growing tenfolds. She wrapped her arms around her petite frame and massaged her throbbing temples, she could sense a migraine building up in the back of her head. No. Not now please, she pleaded. She had her hands full with enough to stress about. One less thing would do.

 She tried recalling yesterday’s incidents and everything that happened before he dropped her here. Anything that would give her a slightest clue of his sudden change of behavior and put her mind at ease. The more she tried thinking the more mess it was creating in her already puzzled head. She couldn’t quite make any sense of his sudden cold and detached behavior towards her. Why. What happened overnight?

And in that moment it suddenly dawned on her. In her hurry to reach Arnavji, she forgot to put those pregnancy test sticks away. They would still be sitting prettily on the bathroom island in front of that mirror. And there was absolutely negative chance in hell that he would have missed seeing them.

And as she closed her eyes at that blatant mistake of hers, she could almost imagine the expressions that must have adored his face and thoughts swirling in his mind when he would have found them. Shock, confusion, betrayal, hurt?

Three strange looking sticks on the bathroom counter, all indicating just one thing. His absolute worst fears.

That she was pregnant with his child. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!


Hello Readers, some wise words:

What is a love story without some unnecessary angst? ~ Anonymous

and that Anonymous would be me 😉 I like my coffee black and my stories with a pinch of angst 😀 Please leave your thoughts on this one. Waiting waiting ❤ Next one might be soooon too.

36 thoughts on “Chapter #32- MYM

  1. At least the news is out and open… it is a fact … how is it a betrayal… both are equally responsible and how on earth would have Khushi known his reservations regarding fathering a kid..

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  2. Imagine my luck that i refreshed my feed and saw your update.. so happy that you posted this… you could feel khushi’s anxiety and excitement,,,.. that nervousness of what is to happen,,…

    But meany arnav never came and now he knows too.. I was irritated by him not coming..i can sense how you are directing the focus to his thoughts..

    Great update as always

    Liked by 1 person

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