Chapter #28- MYM

It had been a blissful one month for both Arnav and Khushi

Blissful would have been too small a word to cover for what a magical time it had been for Khushi Raizada specifically. Almost a month since they had covered a new milestone in their married life and then travelled the journey afterwards, hand in hand, sans the contract. Almost one month when they had made love for the very first time and Arnav did react sensibly the morning after as opposed to her lingering fears and apprehensions. She, for once, listened to her heart that wanted to be with him, no matter what. Now, as she realized, there couldn’t have been a better way out of it. She couldn’t have asked more from the man ruling and commanding her life as much as creating havoc on her senses, on a good note. Nothing short of fairy tale it was He was controlling and demanding almost to a fault. In the bedroom as much as in the boardroom. But the joy of having him all to herself was sometimes too much for Khushi to handle. Waking up to his jaw dropping smile and toe curling kisses every single morning often stopped Khushi’s heart in its track. His morning stubble. Oh, don’t ask about that. It should have a separate fan base on its own. Not that she is will to share with the world as to what power it can hold when you are trapped beneath it at the mercy of lord Raizada, but she would happily stay there for the rest of her life. He would steal a kiss here, a peck there, the lazy caress, the softest touches, the whisper nothings, the sweet endearments and Khushi would instantly burn from within. Every single time. They were progressing by leaps and bounds to say the least.

 While the intimacy had been more than perfect for what little time they had managed to get together, they still had miles to cover on emotional front. As much he was a sharp business man polished like a diamond in the rough courtesy his experience and immense talent, a dominating yet generous lover where Khushi was concerned, he was a novice when it comes to expressing the emotions. Sometimes a tough nut to crack. There were times when she had to guess the reasons of his foul mood all by herself without any help from his side. Often times, she would be subjected to the same tough exterior he displayed on the front for the entire world to see much to her displeasure. Or those times she found his guards up effectively as a way to push her away and keep her out. But Khushi could feel it, sense it every single time. It broke her heart to see him like that. On such unfortunate days, Khushi could feel him pouring all his bubbling rage in the kisses he would steal and in the way he would make love, while still keeping it all to himself. And Khushi would pour her heart out to him, inviting him in, taking away all his frustration and anger in whatever way she can. And he would relax. Release it all. Slowly lower his guards inch by inch and that was progress for Khushi. They need some serious work on the communication front but she would rather take baby steps with him at a pace, he is comfortable with rather than hurrying it out and cower him back to his shell.

And then there were times, when he would shower that charming smile, reserved completely for her. When he remembers the minute details about her and surprised her by bringing that up at most accurate of times. When he visited her father along with hers regularly. When he freaked out completely, at times she fell ill. When he groaned in displeasure at times she raved about the acting skills of Salman khan but do let her watch those silly movies just cause she liked it. When he narrowed his eyes at her showering her with death glares while disapproving something or when his jaw etched in stone when he is like freaking out at her. When he took her out for shopping. For lunches and dinners. And then there were times when he made love with her. Every single night. Sometimes leisurely slow, sweet, passionate, at times rough, demanding, generous, exciting. But each time incomparable, worshipping every inch of her skin like she was some Greek goddess. The list could go on and on and on and she would still had something to add more to it.

Khushi thought she had loved him before. But that wasn’t true. That word couldn’t even cover an ounce of feelings what she now had for him. It wasn’t plain love. It was a pure life changing experience for her. How could you still fall for someone a bit more every day, whom you already loved? How their thought still crosses your mind even when you are deeply indulged in some work. How just a sight of them can make your day? How can waking up next to them wrapped up around you seems like the biggest blessing you could ask for? How can their mood affect yours directly? No. it wasn’t just love. It was connection to one’s soul. Deep, pure and sacred.

There were times, when it was on the tip of her tongue to just confess her feelings for him. At times it felt like a burden that she should just get rid of immediately. At times when he hold her fragile body close after their exhausted love making, holding back became too impossible a task for her to do. He hadn’t said he loved her. But then, what he does for her wasn’t less than loving someone or was it? She didn’t need those words. His actions were enough for her and she could see, he was trying. Was letting her in in what used to be a No Entry’ zone and she was content with her present situation. She handed it over to him, to set the pace of this relationship and she knew, it was indeed in safe hands.

Moreover, there was this issue that she knew they need to deal with, someday, hopefully. His past. A closed chapter for him that he didn’t want to ever revisit again. She knew his past was rough that must have left its imprints on him till date but then everybody has one, right. Good or bad. Shoving it in the back wasn’t a way of dealing with the demons. It was a coward’s way out and Arnav Singh Raizada was anything but that.

 This was something in their favor as she herself need time. To sort things out. To deal with his fears, his insecurities first. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere. They are now together in the long run. They are already man and wife. They are compatible and perfect and people do change over time. Don’t they? Maybe he’ll grow out of his fears and open up more. Maybe he’ll share his past himself when he’ll be more comfortable. May be they’ll together find a way to deal with it. A child right at this stage will only mess up the clutter more and they wouldn’t want to subject an innocent life to that. If, anytime, at any stage of life, they’ll have a child, he or she will be welcomed truly and heartily and not being imposed upon. But then, its not about what she wants’. Life has its own way of surprising people at unexpected turn of events and if what she was fearing happened to be true afterall, if she really is carrying a child in her belly right now, then she had to act fast. Fine, he doesn’t want to talk about it. She will.  He wouldn’t kill her for that ,right? Plus, she had to take a pregnancy test now. Its been a month afterall, and high time its needed to put a stop on her lingering doubts, for once n all.

Mentally, making a note of that, Khushi adjusted the pleats of her saree before switching off the lights, picking up her purse and made her way downstairs, where Arnav was waiting for her. It was AR Group’s annual party and she was finally ready after full one and a half hours. Makeup, hairdo and then the saree. Things you have to do to look extra special for being the CEO’s wife, she smiled to herself

The shine in his eyes as he caught sight of her told her that all the trouble was indeed, worth it. His eyes shining with a feral glint silently approved her look before grabbing her by waist, He pulled her towards him and inhaled her scent and kissed her deeply. As he descended downwards planting feather light kisses, his ticklish stubble brushing on that sensitive spot on her neck almost made her horny and she was this close to begging him to take her. This was not good.

“You spoiled my lipstick”

She moved her head sideways just in time escaping by a tiny inch when he tried capturing her now bit swollen lips again. The kiss landing on the corner of her mouth and still managed to make her insides tingle. Not wasting that opportunity either, Arnav nibbled the area while inhaling her maddening scent and grunted in what could be termed as shock or displeasure or both when his hands travel across the wide expense of her back and felt nothing but two strings holding the blouse together.

“Fuck man. Are you trying to kill me Mrs. Raizada?”, he muttered under his breath while feeling her soft pale skin with his fingertips, his forehead touching hers, their breath mingled together and fanning their faces.

“Maybe I am”,  

She chuckled before ducking and escaping from his hold,

“You have to pay for it later”

“We’ll see about that. Chalo ab. We are getting late”


For the next two hours, she had met more number of people than she had in the entire duration of their marriage. High profile socialites, famous names in fashion world, his close business associates and people from all sections of media. For the whole duration, Arnav had not once left her hand. It was enclosed tightly in his big one, effectively tucking her at his side, his palm resting on the small of her back and she could feel her skin burning from where his fingers were touching her skin. They moved from groups to groups where Arnav would introduce Khushi first before carrying on to small business talks and then moving on to the next one. Though the majority of the conversations were plain business and at times going out of her head, he had managed to keep her involved every now and then and she would smiled inwardly at that sweet gesture. Or he would be deep in conversation with someone with Khushi by his side and his thumb would suddenly stroke her skin as if to assure her of his presence constantly so she would not feel out of place. .As if she could forget that thing even for a single second. She could feel a burning trail everywhere his fingers were trailing on her back as if he was on a mission to mark his territory for all to see. His fingers would sometimes brush the lock on her face before placing it behind her ear, the way he would just glance at her during mid conversation to ask her if she is fine just by a tilt of his head and a twitch of his brow before joining the conversation back, almost smoothly every time leaving Khushi spellbound to say the least. She was constantly aware of his presence and the desire was now coursing through her veins, building slowly over the course of last two hours. Arnav Singh Raizada was in his finest element and she was hyper aware of everything he was doing now. He would pull her close and steal a kiss on her cheek or forehead, whenever he need to relax from all the business talks. As if it was his own way of unwinding. His thumb slowly caressing her bare skin was a reason enough why she zoned out from the conversations half of the time. But then, despite entertaining peoples, he managed to throw her a charming smile or a devilish smirk every now and then, and it made her want to eat him up for dinner. The fact that he was aware of the effect it was having on her was why he was enjoying this game. She tried at times to escape from his hold to teach him a lesson but to no avail.


 A lusty, deep womanly voice that addressed her husband, almost purring like a cat, caught her attention and she noticed a woman, dressed up in a way too revealing, body hugging red evening gown, with manicured nails and expensive jewelry, walking towards them. Khushi didn’t miss the look in the other woman’s eyes who was now looking at her husband in an almost inappropriate way given Khushi was standing right next to him. She was literally ravishing him with her eyes and Khushi was sure she would do just that if given a go ahead.

 Khushi hated her instantly when the said woman lurched forward to embrace Arnav in a tight, uncomfortable hug before kissing him on his cheeks. Uncomfortable as far as Khushi was concerned. And that was not the air kiss that she had seen people doing so since last 2 hours. The very fact that she purposely chose to ignore Khushi’s presence beside him, added one more reason for Khushi to detest that woman. However, when Arnav greeted her politely and took a step back the next second, Khushi was busy making a mental note that he would get an extra kiss later that night just for that move. Why she hugged him like they were long lost buddies? Khushi pondered over. The hug was a bit too friendly from her side. Maybe they had a fling or something in the past and Khushi did not like that thought either.  Clearing her throat, she managed to plaster a cool smile for this evil woman when in real she wanted to strangle her more than her next breath. That did work. Evil woman eventually shifted her focus away from Arnav and noticed Khushi before eyeing her from top to bottom with a disapproving glare before giving her a small smile in return. Khushi noticed that smile was as fake as her boobs falling out of her dress. She doesn’t want to but it did surge her anger. Whoever this evil woman was, she just made a place in her bad books. Before she could said anything, Arnav came for the rescue.

“Khushi, this is Alyssa and Alyssa this is Khushi, my wife”

Khushi relaxed a bit when she noticed the woman face fell for a second before the fake smile was back on place. Intact as ever. Arnav didn’t notice anything as he was busy tucking his wife back to his side, close to him under his arms but Khushi who was busy watching her didn’t miss her reactions which were nowhere happy or polite. She could almost see Alyssa’s lips curling in disgust, just a tiny bit before she shook Khushi’s hands while reciting a ‘nice meeting you” pleasantry which was nowhere pleasant, and the smile that accompanied it was the fakest one Khushi ever had the luck of receiving. She could clearly see the woman doesn’t like her either and she couldn’t thanked her stars enough when Arnav courteously excused them as they were to have their dinner. Phew.

They had dinner together alone at designated tables which was kind of a relief as Khushi so wanted to have some time alone with him after they have been paraded around like newlyweds on their reception which was good, but exhausting. She was tired and needed freshening up. she got up from her seat, grabbing her clutch when he arched his eyebrows asking where she was going. Leaning down she whispered close to his ear that she needed to use the restroom so he could listen before he turned her face and kissed the corner of her mouth. Come back soon, he whispered back before reluctantly letting her go and her legs turned to jelly. Lord, really? Is this man for real? Rolling her eyes before giving him a small smile, she made her way to that direction which feeling his gaze on her all the way.  

After freshening up, she retouched her makeup a minimal bit, readjusted her saree pleats in that perfect manner and tied the strings which came loose on the back again. Perfect. She smiled looking at herself in the mirror. Though she was amongst the minority who had donned saree for this event as the majority were in some high end evening gowns but then, it doesn’t matter as it was his opinion she cared for. And He had liked her. He had complimented her on her attire thrice the evening but never forgot to mention the scarcity of that thing in the name of a blouse at the back. Smiling at the memory still shaking her head she turned around to go out when she realized she had a guest waiting for her. Unwanted one.

Alyssa was leaning against the wall, with her arms crossed across her chest and her face was etched with an even more devilish smile lingering there. Oh. That’s some bad news coming. If Alyssa was trying to rile her up, she was succeeding but Khushi would be damned if she let her win in some sort of nasty games she’s trying to play with her. Alyssa might have shared a past with her husband but that doesn’t matter anymore. She isn’t insecure. Everybody has a past and she trust Arnavji that he would never betray her and their marriage now that they are finally making some progress on that front. Khushi gather her thoughts before passing a small smile then sliding past Alyssa. She made her way to the door slowly, she could make a graceful exit without the shit she was sure Alyssa must have been waiting to hurl on her


Khushi stopping dead in her tracks at the voice that was spitting venom, her own ears not quite believing what she just heard,

“Excuse me?”


Alyssa smugly said, observing her nails, blowing air over them while her cold voice stabs numerous holes in Khushi’s body.

Definitely an old ex. Venomous ex. Her doubts were answered. Not wanting to give an upper hand to the woman standing in front of her, Khushi quickly wore her smile back on her own face, effectively wiping traits of the shock she felt at her initial accusation and took her own sweet time in replying all the while widening the killer smile on her face which she knew was showing its effect.

“and yet, I have his ring on my finger, I am the wife and you are?”

Khushi air quoted the word wife while lifting her hand, showing off the glowing solitaire sitting proudly on her ring finger, a gift she got from him last month. She was almost scared to wear that ring in fear that she might lose it but today she was glad she didn’t forget to slip it in before coming here. This was the first time, she felt really proud to carry and showoff this little treasure on her finger cause the smug look was now wiped off Alyssa’s face who was now looking at her with faltered confidence, but then she made her comeback again.

“ASR is not the committing kind and never could be for long. You are so gonna regret this in the end”

She hurled off the words in a nastier way like a woman hell bound on taking revenge.

“Really? Commitment phobic? hmmm..bythe way, Next month we will be celebrating our one year marriage anniversary. We will make sure you got to read all the juicy stuff of the grand party we will be throwing on the page 3”

Khushi’s heart was thumping loudly. Yes, the last line she just said was completely made up and she was amazed at the confident way she delivered it. HELL! It was the nail in the coffin. She could see Alyssa seething with fury, clenching and unclenching her fists. Not wanting to entertain this evil woman anymore, Khushi slipped into her mask again, wearing that non-chalant look before replying,

“Now if you please excuse me, my husband must be looking for me. Good luck. I wish you get peace in your life”

She made sure to sound genuine before turning around, a sense of victory embracing her at the efficient way she tackled his jealous ex. Not bad, Mrs Raizada. She patted herself mentally before muffling a low chuckle daring to escape.

She was about to turn the corner when Alyssa slide past her blocking her exit before making a snide and cutting remark.

“Enjoy your marriage till it lasts, but darling take my advice, make sure you don’t get pregnant. Cause if you did, you will vanish from his life even before you blink. Why do you think we didn’t work out? I got pregnant and he hate kids. You know that, don’t you? Wanna know what he suggested to me? ABORTION”

Khushi gasped in shock. It was more than she could take. Her confidence faltered in seconds as her words becoming clearer. ABORTION !!

“Trust me if you ever get pregnant, that man wouldn’t even touch you with a ten foot pole. He who treat kids as burden isn’t worth anyone’s time. Its all about what he wants and his physical needs. Good luck with your life”

Saying that with an almost straight face, deprived of any smug or nasty expressions, Alyssa walked off, leaving a shivering Khushi behind whose world had just turned upside down.

It was then she realized that they hadn’t used protection the first night and her periods were late by 5 days already. Devi maiya!

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