Chapter #26- MYM

Arnav grabbed Khushi’s hand tightly in his rough, broad one and led her across the living room. Raw desires coursing through his veins before traveling upwards embracing every cell in his body in its flames. Khushi was having a hard time keeping up with his monstrous speed all the while wearing that heavy attire. Damn! She would have rolled her eyes seeing his desperate self-getting all worked up but she could only sympathize as it was exactly the way she was feeling at that moment. And she wasn’t complaining. She had absolutely no memory of how they reached Raizada mansion, everything was a blur. A beautiful hazy blur where she was floating on clouds and bathing in sunshine. Where some unknown warmth was slowly inching upwards her cold body and she felt alive all of a sudden. She could feel the sexual tension thick enough to slice with a knife hovering over them. The entire ride home, Arnav held her hand tightly in his possessive grip while other was on the steering wheel. Afraid she might vanish in thin air if he let go. He need to hold her hand to convince that it was real. All that was happening between them was real.  As if he couldn’t help touching her, couldn’t get enough of her. Khushi, on the other hand, had reveled in that minimal yet soul shattering touch during the entire way home, she could feel that tremendously powerful jolt of electricity coursing through her entire being, making her heart thumping loudly against her chest in an attempt to break free.

“Arnav ji…slow down…”

She finally mumbled in a low voice tugging her hand back, when she realized Raizada was not in a mood to slow down before finishing his marathon to their bedroom upstairs. He turned to look at her with slight apologetic expressions when he realized she was struggling with the weight of the lehenga to keep up with him. Those apologetic expressions fade away quickly, giving way to lusty ones when he glanced her way and realized why exactly he was running a marathon of his own in the first place. The next thing she knew, she was being hauled over his shoulder like a sack of potato.

Devi maiya..Is he real and not some Alpha fictional character in those romance novel she had read throughout her teens!

Her mouth was open wide in shock at the sudden change in her scenario. A delicious one at that. She had a front seat view of a round firm ass wrapped around in the fabric of his pants like a second skin and held up in air with invisible strings. Naturally, the protests died a natural death as she was now busy salivating over his pert bottoms. Oh, boy! Her husband really was sexy as sin, his hips flexing oh so beautifully as he ascended the stairs and the lucky trouser that was clinging to him like a second skin was adding its own two cent in accentuating his incredible assets. She felt a blush creeping up her face at the x rated thoughts and thanked her heavens that shes not facing him at the moment.

He closed the door with his foot and finally, placed her on her feet gently, once inside their bedroom. khushi clutched his shoulders to regain her balance else she would have  ended up on her ass. Finally after having a moment to herself and regaining her breath under control, she dared to lift her lashes only to find him watching her intently with a hunger enough to eat her alive.

“Khushi, if you want me to stop, say it now”

He said cupping her cheeks while caressing it with the underside of his thumb, stroking her petal soft skin

“Cause god help me, I am this close to ravishing you”

He growled in a husky voice, pinching his fingers together, his face inches above from hers, his thumb caressing her lower lip and his mouth between the hollow of her neck inhaling her scent that was driving him mad since hours. She found it incredibly impossible to form a simple response when she felt million tingles running across her body as he began to caress her bare skin with his rough stubble. The friction caused her to shiver violently under his expert touch. She nodded firmly and Arnav had to physically restrain himself from jumping on her to claim her that very second. He tightened his hold on her, bringing her closer, if that was even possible, given they were practically plastered to each other already. His eyes met hers once again and then he gave her his precious smile that had her melting into him. As if that was the acknowledgement he was looking for, his eyes shone with a glint of their own and next thing she knew, his mouth came crashing down on hers. Kissing her deep, wet, urgent. She too participated in the kiss by standing on her tiptoes trying to reduce their height difference. One hand twisted into her hair, the other one holding the back of her head in place, angling her in exactly the way he wanted as he ravished her lips. The kiss was sweet like warm chocolates and angry like punishments. It reminded her of sunshines after a rainy day and the white flakes of the first snowfall. It was needy and urgent and gentle and slow. It was like a walk on the beach shore and the smell of mud after rain. It was every single emotions twirling inside her, dancing to the lazy tune of something magical. Tearing his mouth, his lips trailed a path across her face, to her neck and downwards, blowing small tingling kisses all over with an urgency to mark all her bare skin as soon as possible. Her body was on fire to say the least as she found herself drowning in the pleasure he promised earlier. There was no damn place on earth she would rather be, other than this. With him. In his arms. This is where she belongs. She knew this, her heart knew this. This connection that she was feeling for him, was so carnal and pure that couldn’t be compared to any other feeling in the world. She wanted it. She crave it. Nothing else matters. There was no doubt about it and with this thought she let herself go. Gripping his hair, she pulled him back from where he was nibbling on her neck and captured his skillful lips, pouring her heart in it, to show him what she couldn’t say with words. He got startled for a second before she felt him smiling and taking over the kiss. He dominated and she surrendered. He lead and she followed. This was always going to be the way between them and it felt just so right. It wasn’t about being the weaker one, it was about giving yourself to the one you trust to take care of yourself. Without warning he bite her lip seeking entry again into the mouth. His hand sliding all over her bare back, tugging the strings holding her blouse in place. Before she could process what was happening, it was on the floor. Next on the target, his hands slid down her waist expertly finding that zipper the designer had placed hidden, to hold the lehnega in place and that too came down with his one efficient pull.

So she was standing in the room in just her panties while he was still dressed good enough to address a gathering. Great. She placed her hand covering her breasts feeling incredibly shy under his potent glare that was baring her soul and she blushed crimson.  She felt him kissing her nose tenderly once again before biting her earlobe erotically.

He picked her up suddenly, that erupted a squeal from her before placing her on the bed. He’ll have numerous times to love and explore her body again but for now, the growing need that was gearing up tremendously has to be tamed before it gets out of control and he ends up being rough with her. There was no way he could think about anything else right now. It was taking everything in his power to not rush things up but that seems like a daunting task for him at that moment. Without further delaying, he started undressing, throwing off his suit, then shirt, giving Khushi a peek who was now watching him curiously perched up on her elbows. Getting rid of his shoes, he shove his trousers and boxers down his hips in one swift motion and then stand, proudly displaying his stark naked and picturesque form to his naive and innocent wife. His dear caught in a headlight wife, to be more precise. Her eyes widened with shock ever so slightly as they trailed down his perfectly chiseled body inch by inch and she gasped in surprise or horror, or both, when they landed on his proud member, standing for full attention, pointing towards her. The length and girth of it, had her gulping down the lump in her throat. He laughed and said something and it was then she realized she had been caught oogling him with her eyes. When their gaze connected again, he must have read her invisible fears as his face softened,

“Might hurt a little but I’ll be careful. Don’t worry Khushi. Trust me, okay? “

 Her nose stung with unshed tears at his assurance. Why these stupid tears have to show their presence now and why he has to say something sweet and heart-warming like that to melt away all her lingering fears. She nodded blinking back fervently, giving up all her apprehensions, holding out her hands for him. He took her outstretched palm, kissing the inside of it and it happened. His mouth came crashing down on hers, pining her soft form on the mattress, raising her hands above her head, holding her captive. His mouth trailed down her body nipping, licking, sucking, biting every inch of skin he came across. Fondling her twin assets in his hand, he continued ravishing her soft supple skin, that was turning a soft shade of crimson just with a slight rub of his stubble. He was afraid she would be left with skin burns if he went even slightly out of control and control was what he was lacking the most in that moment. He placed a kiss on her flat stomach before circling her naval with his tongue. All air seemed to be whooshed out of her lungs when he went downwards, placing a tender kiss on the juncture of her thighs. Her legs automatically gets tightened around his head at the pleasure that coursed through her veins. That was by far the most erotic thing she had seen in her life. Seen, because, till now she couldn’t even imagine a possibility that these things might even exists in real world even. Him between her legs, pleasuring her body as if he would die if he wouldn’t. She didn’t realize when her flimsy panties get ripped off her body with a slightest tug and then he was on attack. Like a primal hungry male, feasting after days. She felt herself spinning off to another place where everything around her ceased to exist. Where only this man mattered. He had lit up her entire body into flames that was spreading into her veins like the way fire spreads within a jungle. She wrapped her hands into his hair pulling them as she travelled to her threshold of pleasure and yet when she reached there he changed his tactics and pulled her back. She was panting badly by the time he teased her for the fourth time, a frustrated growl that escaped her lips had his body shaking in laughter. Then giving up, he sucked her with just the adequate amount of pressure that he knew would push her over the edge. And it did. As if that was what she was waiting for, a rocking orgasm travelled through her body at a lightning fast speed that had her shaking to her very core. Her head fell back and she lay spent as she shimmered in the afterglow of her first ever soul shattering orgasm that was still running through her form. He cupped her cheeks and kissed her tenderly like he was holding a fragile doll in his arms.

“you okay? we can stop if its too much for you”

He asked with concern laced in his eyes and her heart jumped to her throat. No way could she deny him. She smiled confidently, her cheeks glowing in a crimson shade and she nodded her head before grabbing his face and kissing him back. There’s so much she wanted to do to him, there’s everything she’ll do to him to make him happy, to please him, the intensity of her feelings left her astonished as she felt herself falling ever so deeply for this man. He was visibly and painfully hard and despite that he was concerned about her, she realized giving away yet another piece of her heart to this man.

“Arnav ji, I am okay”

She whispered looking straight into his eyes holding his face in her hands. He smiled like a child who got his candy and leaned into his touch before kissing her palm resting on his cheek. He lowered himself, adjusting his shaft around her entrance, sliding in an inch, all the while looking into her eyes for any kind of displeasure she might be feeling. Entering her slowly, inches after inches, he then gave her time to adjust to his length all the while blowing soft kisses on her face n forehead, when her breath returned to somewhat normal, their gaze connected again in a silent promise, his hands intertwined with hers. Blowing a breath, he then slammed into her in one final movement, breaking her hindrance. She moaned at the slightest pain she felt which he effectively captured in his mouth, kissing it away and then set a pace good enough to drive her insane. The pain ebbed away giving way to the hidden pleasure as they both travelled together in that faraway land where every other thing seemed inferior to what they have found in each other. With each stroke, he tilted her world off its axis, slamming into her as if it was one place he had find his solace. The desire was building and running in their veins as it was the most beautiful combination of pain and pleasure they were experiencing together. Her nails digging into his back was a proof enough of that. He felt her tightening around him as she reached the cliff of her pleasure, her back arched on its own as she tried to grab the lingering release. He bit down on her breast and as if it was his permission she was looking for, she came screaming down his name. Four more strokes and he followed her, exploding inside her while spilling his contents into her.

His forehead pressed against hers as he sprawled on top of her, both of them trying their best to catch their errant breath. They lay spent in the peaceful bliss, still very much connected to each other. She tried hard to open her lashes fighting off the dizziness that had surrounded her mind after experiencing once in a lifetime experience, when she felt him caressing her cheeks with the back of his hand blowing soft kisses on her nose and forehead.

“You okay?”

She nodded again her eyes drifting close, her lids heavy with sleep, kissing his hand residing on her cheek now. She felt him placing a wet kiss on her mouth before pulling back. He chuckled when she groaned in displeasure at the loss of his contact and his body heat but still didn’t make an effort to open her eyes. She felt herself drifting and sliding into another space, where there was nothing but peace, joy, happiness and eternity. Where there was no one but him standing at a far end, holding out his hands for her, the path clearly illuminated with millions of lights and she felt herself running towards him. It was one blissful experience and she prayed god to never end this dream. Through the fogginess of her mind, she felt him cleaning her with a warm wash cloth, her lips automatically lifted upwards in a small smile. Behind her lashes she now visualized both of them floating on clouds, travelling to distant land, hand in hand, eerily calm and peace surrounding them as they travel spaces beyond. Meanwhile her brain registered the bed dipping and then she was being pulled towards him with his hand as he wrapped his arms around her small form and tucked her under his chin. She smiled in her sleep that was engulfing her into it despite her attempts to avoid it and cuddled deeper into his bare chest. She now visualized them walking barefoot on the shore with white sand kissing their feet and crazy wind dancing around them. He exhaled a deep breath tightening his hold on her as her lips automatically kissed him on his chest. She was now in a pristine white princess gown, a white bouquet in her hand, Arnav in a tux standing infront looking at her with smiling eyes, place beautifully decorated with white flowers ,all glowing, radiant. exactly the way she was feeling. Their hands intertwined, everything was dreamy and magical.

Khushi was sure she had lost her ability to figure out things as the dream was overtaking her and she felt everything was happening for real. Slumber was slowly engulfing her in its embrace, her mind was heavy with sleep and she was standing on the edge tripping into that dreamy state. She sighed in content, for the first time pushing away all her worries, expectations and fears. It must be her physically tired body and exhausted brain playing mind games with her. For the first time she didn’t wanted to jump to conclusions if its reality and if it’s a dream, then she never wanted to come out of it.

Words floated in air around her, some sweet nothings, few lingering kisses, then a faint I love you. Her heart skipped a beat. It could be the one holding her hand in her dream or it could be the one holding her body possessively in real. Butterflies fluttered in her chest, she just need a minute more to figure this out. Please. One more minute. She tried opening her lashes fighting against the slumber forcing down on her ,with all her might but her mushy brain was too tired for that fight and despite her reluctance she drifted off to the dreamland with a smile on her face.


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  1. And what a way to look forward to a Very Happy New Year. That was truly an explosive update, but a very welcome one. Simply loved it. Looking forward to more bombastic updates in 2021.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

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