Chapter 25- MYM

The launch of AR’s bridal collection turned out to be an extravagant and lavish affair. It got heaps of appraisals from all the renowned fashion experts and media personals keeping a close eye on the larger than life event. The dreamy collection was an instant hit, with models showcasing each exquisite piece of lehenga in hues of maroon, red, burgundy and purple, with motifs, sequins, velvet, zardaari work intricately done on these ensembles. But the one thing that grabbed interest and eye balls more than those beautiful piece of art was the showstopper herself. A Certain female Raizada in this case.

Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was dressed in a classy and elegant piece in combination of golden and bottle green color. The whole ensemble was heavily designed with same shade green and gold embroidered patches and sequins butte work, paired with a short sleeveless and backless blouse with sequins and patchwork. Her look was paired with matching elegant kundan jewelry and her otherwise straight hair were waving down her back in soft loose curls.

To say she was indeed the showstopper, not only of the event, but of the entire evening probably won’t be wrong. The way she carried that elegant ensemble which seems to have been designed solely keeping her in mind and walked the ramp oozing confidence that comes naturally to her. Pairing it with that dazzling smile of hers and that captured the heart of the audience completely. But when they realized who exactly this showstopper was, the crowd, especially the media went berserk after her, and in a good way. They were completely smitten by this lady who outshone everyone, Arnav realized with a small smile, one that lingered on his face for most of the evening. It took him fair amount of time to wrap his mind around the fact that it was Khushi, that lavanya informed him will be their showstopper for the event. He, obviously, never saw that coming. So indeed it came as a shock to him. The shock quotient doubled when Lavanya informed that Khushi has already agreed to it. He was still doubtful of the fact whether Khushi has agreed willfully or it was a result of Lavanya’s endless pestering, as he knew her very well. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a very excellent decision, to say the least.

Excellent decision indeed. He released a slow frustrated breath for the millionth time that evening as he waited desperately for this party to get over with. Yes, he should have been happy with the embarking success of his event and he was but it was a bit difficult when he had to deal with a case of permanent hard-on throughout the evening with no relief in sight for him. If anything, it has left him utterly frustrated with every minute that was passing.


It all started when he spotted Lavanya running like crazy in the backstage, checking on the models, their attires, makeup and every minute details, an hour before the event was scheduled to start. Of course last minute pressures and with a brand like AR, the expectations were sky high. So, when she saw him entering the backstage, Lavanya pushed a heavy embroidered dupatta in his hands muttering something about passing it onto Khushi who was waiting in the green room before she fled away to attend another model waiting for her. Shaking his head, he located the green room at the far corner and softly knock on the door. He heard soft footsteps from other side of the door before it opened and taking his cue, he went inside.

That was the exact moment he should have walked out without a backward glance after handing her the dupatta.  But fate seemed to be on the other side when he came across this view that took his breath away. Khushi, facing the mirror and quite oblivious of his presence was mumbling something about how late she’s been running and how nervous she’s feeling at that moment. He could see her fingers shivering slightly as she tried putting her earrings and the matching set on. He stood there completely mesmerized, his eyes flared with something unknown as he scanned her from head to toe, painfully slow, taking his sweet time and by the time his gaze reached toe, Raizada had officially lost the power of speech and response. To say he was awestruck couldn’t possibly begin to cover what he felt at that moment, but more surprising was the way his hard on stirred violently to life without a warning.

Is this the same woman I have been sleeping with past these months?..errm,okay, not exactly sleeping.. Sharing a bed with? He asked himself mentally feeling a surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins. He realized his blood was now flowing at a lightning speed to his nether regions making him painfully aware of the wood straining to the fabric of his pants. An unfamiliar sensation engulfed him, wrapping his mind in its embrace as he saw how her attire was wrapped around her like a second skin, highlighting all her beautiful curves in all the right places. Curves any male would kill for just to have a glimpse of. And Arnav Raizada definitely was one primal male here.  

Still clutching the dupatta in his hands he came out of his reverie and realised khushi was still mumbling something in her nervousness, obviously mistaking him for lavanya while trying hard to reach behind her back to tie those two strings of her blouse. Her words caught his attention when she whispered to herself about how short the choli was and doubt that she can pull the look, it was then he noticed there indeed were only two strings in the name of a back.


His legs slowly moved towards her on their own accord. Lifting his fingers, he took the strings in his hands, his thumb lightly stroking her peachy skin. That touch. That small, simple, minimal yet powerful enough to send a jolt of electric current running through her entire form and he felt a gasp escaping her mouth. He saw her eyes widening as their gazes connected through the mirror and her mouth widened in shock. No words came out as he saw her pink bow shaped lips trembling ever so slightly, he would have missed it had he not been watching her so closely. So, it wasn’t only him that was affected here. The revelation send a surge of male satisfaction coursed through him. He chose to ignore her panicked reaction and shifted his attention to her pale, milky skin beneath his fingers instead.  

Without saying a word, he took his time in tying those strings, and then those skillful fingers traversed the entire bare expanse of her soft skin. He could swear on his life he hadn’t seen anything so pure and so stainless, so soft and innocent in his entire goddamn life. It ignited a raw masculine sexual desire inside him that was spreading like a wildfire. Desire, that was ready to engulfed both of them in its embrace.

He noticed how her body trembled ever so slightly and how her breathing pattern had increased, almost to the point of panting, the rise and fall of the generous swells of her breasts enclosed in the attire raised a hunger, so primal and raw that it was overwhelming and the intensity of it, left him stunned. Acting on his instincts, he turned her sideways ever and his lips twitched when he realized she had closed her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed with a crimson color and it wasn’t the blusher, he knew for sure. She is feeling it too. HOLY FUCKING GOD!! And as caveman as it sound, this revelation made him want to thump his chest in front of the whole fucking world.

Arnav was not in a state to think sane fully and so for the first time, he went ahead with his instincts, choosing what his head was saying at that moment. And it certainly wasn’t the head on the top. Tightening his arms around her waist, he pulled her towards him in one swift motion and her eyes opened on their own, her gaze meeting his steely ones. Her panting grew louder, her heart thumping inside her chest as if it would explode any second and the dull throbbing between her slender legs was now converted to a full-fledged one.  

She tightly shut her eyes again to suppress this ache of longing that was multiplying by each passing second. She fought hard to gain any semblance of control but she came empty handed.  She peaked at him from beneath her lashes and found his brown eyes staring directly into her with an almost deadly passion floating in them, his orbs turned a shade darker than normal, making him a bit more mystifying to her. His gaze held the power to bare her soul as she felt a tremor building inside her body rising upwards with a speed that shook her core. She slicked her tongue across her bottom lip and that slight gesture seemed to be the final nail in the coffin somehow.

“I NEED TO KISS YOU NOW”, he stated holding her gaze as if it was the only thing he needed at that moment, more than his next breath. His lips hovering inches from hers as if waiting for her approval. His masculine cologne and her soft vanilla scent mixed in air created the most dreadful combination that charged the air already thick with the sexual tension. She blinked in approval and he pulled her into him and closing the distance he placed a feather light kiss on her forehead.

A teasing kiss, that did nothing to calm her raging desires, instead, it lit a fire inside her that was impossible for her to suppress without any help from his side. He descended downwards placing small kisses all over her face, leaving a burning trail wherever his lips touched her skin. Her face was on legit fire. The bridge of her nose, her cheeks, her lower jaw, her chin and with each kiss she felt like dying with the amount of need that was bubbling inside her. He leaned back, His eyes dipped to her plum lips before holding her gaze again as if to warn her for whats coming.

Her bow shaped lips were pulling him with a magnetic force he couldn’t fight against and when she licked her lip with the corner of her tongue in a nervous gesture, Arnav was gone, completely. Khushi closed her lashes softly shying under his penetrating gaze and hold her breath. Ready. She was more than ready. The dull throbbing between her legs was not a full on raging wildfire that was spreading to every inch of her body. He tightened his hold, pulling her into him as if it was remotely possible, their chest glued to each other and Khushi couldn’t stand it anymore. She would beg him if he didn’t kiss her this very second. His lips twitched upwards on seeing her writhing with the same amount of desire that’s engulfing him before it was replaced with the raw desire. Holding her tight in the security of his arms, he leaned towards her waiting lips to claim them


They both jumped out of their skin at the sudden voice that had interrupted them, thus crashing them back to the fearsome reality.

“God.. Raizada, dont you dare spoil her lipstick! We are going live in 5 minutes”

Lavanya frowned looking at her smartwatch to check the time before shooting him a deadly look.  Her mouth hung even wide when she saw the dupatta that she had done intricate embroidery herself, was lying on the floor, discarded.


Shaking her head, she shove off one certain Raizada who was visibly cursing some F word under his breath while shooting her with deathly glares of his own as if she had done some horrendous crime of non-pardonable nature.

Lavanya huffed a breath while picking the dupatta and draping it around Khushi who seemed to be resembling exactly like a dear caught in headlights. She wanted nothing more than the earth to open up and swallow her whole. Had it not been the fact that her hands were shaking, one could have easily mistaken her for a mannequin.

Rubbing a hand across his face in frustration, Arnav turned his back from both. Not wanting lavanya to witness his evidence of desire tenting his pants currently, he left the room muttering numerous what the’s under his breath. As soon as the door closed behind him, Lavanya turned back towards Khushi and magically her expressions took a 360 degree while her lips split into a giggle,


Lavanya giggled while Khushi passed her an equally frowning look, placing a hand on her heart, controlling her errant breathing, while her mind was busy imagining, what would have happened had lavanyaji interrupted them, 5 minutes later.

The question lingered in air, still unanswered!

So, here Raizada was, with a drink in his hand, utterly frustrated when he realized it was still time for the after party to get over. No doubt the event had been successful, followed by media interactions, where they had released media bytes about their designs, range and its availability throughout the stores across India, which was then followed by series of interviews given to different media houses

 Standing at a distance, he could see Khushi chatting to a group of reporters, looking exactly like an angel descended from heaven, talking animatedly to them, showering her gifted smile every now and then. He could bet his money they were all completely smitten by her charm. She certainly was unaware of the innocent sexuality that she possesses. She was busy talking to the media smoothly as if she was completely unaffected by their small cosy mishap earlier and here he was, some three hours and 2 drinks later, still moving with a permanent reminder .He could barely manage business talks with his peers tonight. His gaze would follow khushi every now and then seeking her presence wherever she was in the room, in the end excusing himself citing some reasons to them. During the whole time, he couldn’t help his eyes from drifting towards her direction, as if they had mind of their own and he couldn’t quite control the surge of powerful rage that had gripped him as he’d seen her getting familiar with other men. Men who’d wanted her and weren’t quite making greater efforts in hiding the fact. Even those who came with a partner, couldn’t help checking her out. He marveled at the powerful jealousy that coursed through his entire being at the scenario he witnessed. Every woman in the room was jealous of her and every man in the room wants to have her. The thought itself infuriated him and he realized he wouldn’t mind breaking their jaws if need be. The primal male reared its head inside him and it added angry distress to his already gloomy and edgy mood. The sudden urge to tell the whole world to keep their fucking gazes off something that’s his, reached its threshold and he could barely suppress his new caveman side from rearing its ugly head.  The one that wanted to stamp her and mark her as his own. The one that might not shy from peeing a circle around her just to show the world how off limits she was. And then he saw Khushi in conversation with one of his business acquaintance who was now shaking her hand and was bending down to kiss her hand. Arnav saw green. And red and all possible combinations used to define a person’s barely contained temper.

In less than a few strides, Arnav Raizada was where he should have been since the very start. By her side. He thought he should give her the space she must be needing post their near kiss in the green room. .


 His hard etched jaw wasn’t helping a bit in concealing his inner rage, he still managed to utter in a perfectly calm manner,

“Sorry to interrupt gentleman, but I need to have my lovely wife back”

Though he was looking least bit sorry, the hidden message was very well received by other man along with Arnav’s leveled gaze as bidding his greeting, the guy slipped away swiftly.

Without waiting for his departure, Raizada enclosed her tiny wrist in his big, rough ones and almost dragged her into a secluded corner.


He declared in a dangerously calm voice, keeping in mind he was feeling anything but calmness at that particular moment. His sudden declaration about going home, ditching their’ own event, did raise her brows in confusion, and then suddenly her confusion changed to nervousness as reality seemed to dawned upon her,

“Did I say something wrong in the media..?? oh god..I knew I would mess up..Is that why…?…”

She whispered nervously, holding her breath, her eyes pooling with worry while her hands nervously clutched the hem of the dupatta, almost afraid to hear his response    

“NO. No, You didn’t”

He drawled grimly and she released the breath she was holding from so long, and now that she realized this wasn’t the reason, her body relaxed a bit

“but Arnavji, Why so suddenly. Lavanyaji wants me to meet few of her friends and I promised I would..we cant…”

That was it. Remembering very well what Lavanya’s ALL MALE’ friend circle comprises of as he’d seen her hanging out with them on numerous events. No way in hell he would let his wife near another source of testosterone for the remaining night, except him.

With jealousy and anger dancing together to their melodious tune in his head he couldn’t think straight

And then it happened.

In one swift motion, he pulled her tightly into his embrace. He spared a look at her, his honey brown piercing her black ones, as if sending a secret message, as if not asking this time, rather sowing his dominance, as if marking his territory right then was of utmost importance to his existence. Their close proximity send millions of tingles throughout her body that left her trembling to the very core and before she could respond, which itself was a highly impossible task, given her fragile state and without wasting any more time than he already had, Raizada dive straight to the bull’s eye and his lips came down crashing over hers.

 Her whole world came to a standstill and time stopped moving for her, as she found herself spinning off to some other land. His fingers twisted in her hair while the other hand grasped both her wrists in an almost merciless manner behind her back. The message couldn’t have been clearer had it been spelled out. It wasn’t the lover’s kiss. Not a delicate one. It was a punishing one, dipped in honey and sprinkled with emotions. It was almost a kiss to mark her as his. His lips were hard, hot and urgent pushing against hers demanding an entry into her mouth and she parted with pleasure. Arnav deepened the kiss and Khushi felt fire crackers bursting inside her from her toe to her head and then shattering into tiny million pieces inside her. Nothing mattered then except the feel of his body crushing hers. Nothing matters then except the feel of his tongue claiming her in the most primal way. She felt her sensitive nipples turning to pebbles almost to the point of pain that she was ready to beg him to touch them. The ache that was growing from the pit of her stomach, override any kind of embarrassment she might have felt once upon a time. She writhed like a fish out of water, in his hold, being restrained with the ability to touch him almost felt like misery to her, just like a sullen child who had just been denied of his favorite candy in a candy shop. Her body’s reaction to his touch shocked herself as she realized that she wanted nothing more than to melt against his touch there and then. He sucked her lower lip with the ferocity of a hungry animal looking for his next meal, it instantly had her heart jumped inside her chest multiple times. She thanked him mentally for holding her in place tight else she would have been nothing more than a puddle of mass on the floor. Thanks to her wobbly and jellylike legs.

 As if he could hear her silent plea, he released her wrists from his ironclad hold. She grabbed the opportunity with both hands as she sunk her fingers into his thick, jet black manes. She fisted them in her hold and pulled them tightly in order to suppress the tremor that had her shivering from head to toe. The low animalistic groan that had erupted from the back of his throat was the indication that he indeed liked that. He bite her lip as if punishing her for her dare act and then sucked it to soothe the pain with a lick of his tongue. It stole her breath from her lungs and her mouth ran dry as waves after waves of carnal desires drowned her entire self. Desires that were nowhere innocent and decent and then she got what she was dreaming from the moment he touched her. His big, rough hands travelled upwards her body, leaving a burning sensation wherever they touched her bare skin and thanks to her almost bare back, it was quite more than enough. Her heart skipped a beat when one of his hand dominatingly settled on one achingly sensitive swell, palming and weighing its heaviness through the soft silky attire of her blouse and she realized she could happily die and go to heaven now. Her back arched on its own, pushing forward her swell of breasts more to him and his skillful fingers. Locking her hands around his neck and raising on her toes she kissed him back with matching passion and breathless fervor. She had no idea how to deal with the fire he had ignited in herself. Pulling him towards her, she continued sucking his tongue with the passion of someone experienced in this game of pleasure, remembering the way he had done minutes earlier. She gasped in pain that was followed by pleasure when he gave her aching breast a tight squeeze, reminding her who’s the dominating one here. She pressed her other breast on his rock hard chest that she felt was devoid of his attention and felt him smirking in the kiss. It helped cause he then shifted his attention to the other one, now caressing and fondling it with the same attention he showered on its twin. As if, he couldn’t get enough, his other hand, that was till now ravishing her bare back, slid dangerously lower and settled on her bottom cheeks, caressing, appreciating and checking its roundness. He pulled herself towards him with one swift motion and she gasped, her eyes opening in surprise as she came in contact with him and the rigid heat of his hardness. Her heart jumped up in her throat because she was definitely naive in this department while Arnav, given his past must have had enough of experience. There wasn’t a question of whether she wants or not. She couldn’t in her wildest dream could say no now, she wants this as much as him. Just the thought that she might not live up to his expectations panicked her. While oblivious of her dismay, Arnav kept ravishing her mouth, his hands busy in exploring her body, hauling her up to deepen his kiss, that made her squirm violently in an effort to remain quiet.   

He suddenly pulled back from the kiss and she moaned in despair and displeasure. Her fingers delved into his hair to pull him back when he smirked seeing her desperate self and hold her at a distance.

“I want you now more than my next breath but if we continued this further I won’t be able to stop. We are getting out of here”

She flushed a shade of crimson, before nodding cause that was the only thing she could managed.

“you okay?..”

He asked with concern and she silently nodded again, this time with a small smile too. Trying hard to catch her breath along with her words.

“You’ll say your goodbyes to Lavanya and then we will be out of here, fine..?”

He stated like she was a five year old only the thing was she wasn’t exactly behaving like a five year old. She nodded her head in agreement more confidently this time else he would think she had gone paralytic in her senses. The small smile that he bestowed upon her on that response rocked her world.


He muttered before adjusting himself, hiding his rock hard erection carefully in his trouser. Severe case of blue balls for Raizada, Khushi realized and smiled internally, feeling a bit excited about the fact that it was indeed because of her and not by some glamorous model in skimpy bikini.

He raked his fingers in his hair to brush his wayward hair before smoothing out her curls down the length of her shoulders. When all was set as earlier, he pecked her lips briefly as if he need to remember the taste once more.


She nodded in agreement and he linked her fingers with his own before moving out of their cozy make out corner.

As they were making their way out of the room, Khushi sensed, nothing will ever remain same, after this night!

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  1. Sorry I just read the whole thing through without stopping to comment. Totally engrossing, so glad you opened up this story. I am going back and re reading this and will comment. I must admit I was a little confused initially but then the whole story panned out beautifully. Please please update fast. So looking forward

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  2. Welcome back… its been so long…
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