Arhi Tiny Tale-Dear diary

(should be read as a sequel of Dear khushi)


Dear Diary!

Let me just start by thanking you for giving me a beautiful insight in your world. Through her eyes. It’s a rather fascinating journey so far and though I understand her and love her with each and every fiber of my being, this journey wouldn’t have been this lovely without this treasure right infront of me.

Ahem. It bad to go through other’s stuff. This would definitely tagged me as a nosy husband that I am going through her diary without her permission,of course..I know I know. Maybe I am a lil guilty of invading her personal space like this and I will definitely make up to her in other ways,of course. But I would give up all my wealth just to go through something like this all over again. This is not just some random scribblings. May be for her. but for me its a rare glimpse in her world. Her beautiful world. Its like looking through all these memories all over again through her eyes.


May be, just maybe, she wanted me to find it and if that is the case I couldn’t thank her enough. My wife of seven years has been the best thing to have ever happened to me ever since I started existing on this planet. She has turned me into a better human being to say the least without ever trying hard..she gave me the biggest blessing of my life. Our daughter. Her birth embarked another journey of me alongside hers. A journey to fatherhood. One I’ll forever be grateful to. she has been with me every step of the way. Through thick & thin. In sickness & health. In happiness & hard times. My soulmate that she is and over the years the kind of love, trust and understanding that we have developed is unbreakable to say the least. But then going through all these memories penned down by hers revealing the exact kind of emotions she was going through couldn’t have been more eye-opener.


Yes, I was an asshole to her in the beginning and my heart skipped a beat in panic when I read that she was this close to backing out and leave the city to go back to Lucknow. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself had that happened. But she didn’t. My beautiful,strong, determined khushi stayed and took all the challenges I had immaturely thrown her way in a fit to pull her down. Well, thats my good luck I would say.


She might not know but I was going through the same transformation. I hadn’t named it ‘acidity’ though. Trust only khushi to come up with such weird names. But I wasn’t able to deal with all the restlessness that came along with whole other sets of feelings that time. The fact that only her presence was able to calm me down those days said a lot about how strong those feelings were. I tried everything in my power to cure it away. Ofcourse, a typical ASR move.I wouldn’t brag again about my luck but then,defying all odds. We fell in love.


I don’t know what I would have done without her being my side. I wanted to be a better person.Just for her. Just for our daughter. I want my daughter to be like her mom. Strong, determined, kind and full of life. She might not know this but I panic sometimes. What if some other asshole out there will behave with my daughter that same way I had with her mom. I wanted to save her from all the evil of the world. These are my inner fears that khushi is not aware of. or maybe she is. She read me like an open book. Words are not needed but I couldn’t hide the vulnerability in my eyes at times like this when I hold my precious bundle of joy in hand. I want to protect and keep my family in a safe cocoon away from all big bad wolves. This is my own paradise and I am not ready to share it with others. May be someday I’ll have to but I’ll just pray my daughter will end up with someone who will treat her like a treasure.but that guy had to take the second place as her father will always be the first in queue  Yes,I do believe in prayers now.


shh..don’t tell her..its between you & me! Do embrace more of these remarkable memories meanwhile until you hear from me next time

From a grateful & snooping husband

~ASR 🙂

32 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tale-Dear diary

  1. It was so beautiful Arnav trying to read Khushi’s diary and wanted to relive those memories which happened from the day she came into his life. Loved it.


  2. ASR being snoopy and nosy, the every same things he got irked when his Di did. Oh how much he has changed. So much that he didn’t have problems wording his emotions and feelings for khushi and being thankful for her feelings.

    What goes around, comes around. His fear and nervousness on thoughts of his daughter meeting a monster like him of past tells a lot about his guilt of hurting khushi and it still pains. Well now that he is changed he is going to make it up to khushi and make sure his daughter is safe.

    Loved it.

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  3. That was another beautiful attempt which turned out to be amazing. Really liked it a lot. Never thought, Arnav can spy on his wife. Well not spying exactly. But still curious much.

    It felt nice to get to know Arnav’s POV too.


  4. Rotten,

    How gorgeou was this! I love the snooping husband! Where did he pen down those thoughts though? And, did Khushi leave the diary around for him to find? And they have a daughter, how awesome! ASR is obviously a changed man now! He can no longer fathom what he would do if someone did to his daughter what he did to Khushi! Ha, divine redemption – kya bole ab?! Love this man and his beautiful family! And you for giving us another spectacular glimpse into the twilight mind of Arnav Singh Raizada! We can just never get enough! Beautiful. Take a bow!



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