SS: A Little bit of sunshine-Prologue

He leaned back on the leather seat of his luxurious car and closed his eyes after giving instructions to the driver. Takeovers are always so hectic and requires a whole lot of indulgence at various level. Though he had a skilled team of professionals to make sure everything goes smoothly at each n every phase, be it meetings, financial transactions, follow ups, on site trips but him being Raizada, he personally keep tabs on everything
from the word go. His life journey from rags to riches wasn’t for anything, if not for taking things to perfection. A man with Midas touch, was what the media has described him as. Among other things like Shrewd, ruthless, heartless, fierce competitor and what not.

Sighing, he pressed his throbbing temple, sign of a lingering headache since he stepped out of his private jet after a very long and extended trip to Atlanta. And as much as he loved working, there are times when he looks forward to some peace of his own. Without the chaos of work, executives, lawyers, hostile takeovers, stock markets, media attention etc. Loosening his tie, he looked out of the window at the scenic beauty leaving behind. His mind and body craving for only one thing at that moment.




Her heart stopped the moment she spotted him. as he made his way towards her in a swift motion. Arnav Raizada always had that effect on her and its no way diminishing even after being together for more than a year.Β  she felt strange sensation curling deep inside the pit of her stomach as a blush slowly began creeping on her cheeks thus coloring her into its unique shade of crimson. She noticed the tiredness in his eyes, yet the glint and desire in them was powerful enough to shake her to the core. He want her. It was as clear as crystal and that small fact was enough for a shiver to ran through her body and she fought hard to keep her in balance.

As if mirroring her emotions, he discarded the laptop bag sideways not caring where it landed as he effortlessly closed the distance between them in one swift motion. His eyes drifted lower, taking in her appearance as if he hadnt seen her in ages where as in reality it was just 10 days and she felt her heart swelling under his appreciative gaze. Those spectacular dark eyes fixed on her, ravishing her, having their fill and she tried hard not to fidget in front of him. Her body wanted nothing but him, but the man infront was in no hurry it seems.

and then she moaned when it became hard to keep the blazing sexual tension lingering in air at distance and it seemed to work as his trance got broken.

‘i need this more than my next breath“, he drawled softly and she couldn’t agree more, unable to reply as the lust inducing daze was strong enough to left her unbalanced. But then her reply wasnt something he was looking for as he closed the remaining distance before colliding his lips with her soft ones. His muscular body effectively shadowing her small petite form as his desire took over fervently and he pulled her body into him as the need to feel her against him surpassed every set limits.Β  She was transported to heaven when his long skilled fingers traveled her body with a possessiveness, raveling her soft supple skin which caused her breath to hitch in her throat. The pool of desire fervently collecting in the pit of her stomach as she surrendered to his domination. Something which comes to him as his second nature. But she wasnt the one complaining as she herself was aware of the immensely powerful a hold he has over her. he would only say a word in that utterly sexy voice of his and her insides would turn to jelly.

Amidst her dizzy state, she realized he was carrying her upstairs, their clothes now nothing but a pile of mess on the floor and she clinged tightly to his supremely god gifted body. Before she knew, she was being disposed on the king size bed and moaned when the cool white satin sheets hit her bare back. In a moment he was on top of her and claimed her lips again in a possessive kiss that sucked the damn breath out of her. She could very
well read that primitive male energy oozing out of him in waves and she surrendered to his every look, every touch. She knew how much he craved control in bedroom and she was happy to submit to him. A quiver of desire ran through her as he sucked hard at the soft milky skin at her nape as if to mark her was the only thing he would settle to at that moment and she couldnt help but bathe in the river of passion and desire she was floating into. He took her to that height of pleasure using his skilled fingers, his mouth, his lips only to bring her back and she writhed underneath him like a fish out of water. He worshiped her body entire night, sucking, nipping, kissing, pecking everything damn thing he could do and she felt like she was floating, like a bird who was free after being held in a cage for so long. She climaxed multiple times as he claimed her again and again and again.

she didnt remember when and how she drifted into a deep slumber after a whole restless week.


she yawned and stretched her body lazily. even lying in her bed she could feel her body aching in place where he had been active for most of the night. She would be sore for next few days but she wasn’t complaining. She felt Content. Satisfied. Loved.


It was enough for her to clear the haze that has been surrounding her since he stepped inside his villa, yesterday. Opening her eyes she reached for his side of the bed. Something she had done every time they make love.

only to find it empty. He wasnt there. He was never there. Not once. Still her heart hoped he would have. The coolness of the sheet telling her that he was long gone. Raizada never stayed the night. Never hold her after their ferocious sessions of lovemaking. A pain so sharp pieced though her heart as she blinked her lashes to keep those tears in limits. Turning towards the nightstand she knew what she would find there. A bundle of
notes and it stabbed her soul some more. It all sounded so dirty now. What they shared yesterday was a pure blissful sacred experience. They always were. But the mornings after are a harsh slap of reality that made her feel disgusted at her own traitorous feelings. But, Feelings, emotions weren’t supposed to be involved. Right?Β  At least for him.

and why would he feel something for her, when she was just his dirty little secret he intended to hide from the world. His mistress that she was!


56 thoughts on “SS: A Little bit of sunshine-Prologue

  1. Very Interesting start but sad for Khushi. ASR has to become Arnav to love and cherish Khushi forever not just physical encounters. Waiting to see where this wonderful journey takes us. You’re one amazing writer:).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Rotten,

    I say, damn it, yeh tumne kya kiya? He cannot do that – Arnav Singh Raizada treating any woman like that is terrible. Of course she has to be Khushi, hmm? But seriously, this is sad stuff. And intensely passionate stuff as well! Hmm….let’s see where you take us with this one. I am in the middle of a crazy work day and reading and commenting on Arnav and Khushi…so you can well imagine this madness! Sigh! Will never leave, I guess! πŸ™‚



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha..don’t come swooning on my Raizada jab main usse redemption krwaungi .. πŸ˜€ btw thanks for taking out time from ur busy day to drop such a lovely feedback. I too posted this in my office hrs ..hi 5 πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

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