Arhi Tiny Tale: YES-Last part


Arnav leaned back supporting himself on his palms as he crossed his legs at the ankles and closed his eyes in contentment. He felt a serene calmness embracing him in its arms and automatically his lips tilted upwards in an upcoming smile. It comes easily these days.Doesn’t it? In that divine state he felt his soul light as a feather and found all the memories twirling around him. The good ones to be exact. Among all of them, his mind sub consciously picked his favorite one. He didn’t knew what the connection was to that particular memory but this is something he has been imagining since forever.Them on the beach.The same memory that for the first time made him realize the treasure he had with him. Something his rational mind would have overlooked otherwise. obviously, Why wouldn’t it? They were just friends to begin with. Right?


Khushi came as a blessing in his distorted life at a very crucial time. He knew he owes god for this one and will forever be grateful for going to that party that day. His faith and trust were on an all time low as he had suffered major blow to the feeling of love he had started experiencing then. Or so he had thought. It wasn’t pure love that time.Maybe it wasn’t love at all,but that incident seriously punctured his self esteem and self belief to a major extent. He had vowed to never ever let his guard down again that way, to be on the vulnerable side again, to give up the control to someone who can terribly impact the aftermaths with a snap of their fingers.


And then khushi happened.


Life has been a beautiful journey since then for she has provided stability in his life that he didn’t knew he was missing. She really is the epitome of happiness in his life. Just like her name. His constant flame of hope that shines on its own even on the most darkest of days. He draw his strength from her. Albeit this is kinda hard to believe given the stature he has in the professional world,for a man who is successfully running Multi-billionaire empire on his own, the truth of his success all revolves around this wonder woman.


His proposal and her reply, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Now could it?


Yes, Forever!


Two simple words binding them for eternity. Thats what she had said on their official marriage ceremony. Will you be mine,khushi?”,he had asked poring all his love in that sentence staring into her eyes that were already shimmering with happy tears. He knew her answer before she said it. Yes,forever it was.Β  Nothing could top these two words which are not merely the words but the world for him. They had tied the knot on the beach with close family members only. They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place than that. Those first imaginations of them strolling on a beach together is still fresh in his mind. The first time he imagined that scene, he had known khushi for couple months only. The instant connection he had formed with khushi helped him out to see the world through her eyes. He didn’t knew his heart was developing its own connection with her that he was himself taken aback when he realized its not just friendship he was looking for. He had shoved that thought back from where it had arrived. But the months that followed his feelings only grew stronger and stronger and he couldn’t believe his luck when khushi responded with a Yes. He couldn’t even imagine his life without khushi by then. Though later on,he did a proper getting-down-on-knees-with-a-ring thing,Β  without the fear of rejection this time. He still pat his back for taking his chances though.



The beach had always played a constant part in his life. The thin line between his figments of imagination and reality got blurred and what they experienced was divine beyond anything. He proposed her on a beach like he had always visualize he would do. They got married on a beach. Their honeymoon. And the vacations that followed. And each time was perfect than the last.



All those times he had spent, with khushi by his side, strolling leisurely, talking about anything and everything under the sun, the cool breeze playing with her locks, the wet sand giving that sense of calmness and the waves racing off each other to greet them was all magical to say the least. Nothing, he reminded himself, no other thing or location would top that feeling. Ever.



and then he heard giggles.



His eyes opened on its own accord and a beautiful smile settled on his lips. He realized he was wrong about earlier. This scene, infront of him is more beautiful than everything he ever had the luck of experiencing. He saw his daughter running towards him with open arms,taking careful steps. His arms opened wider to embrace the bundle of sunshine that has stepped in his life as a blessing. A tiny version of khushi she was. His life has been changed for the better ever since his little girl stepped in his life two years ago. The joys of fatherhood and the reward of a smile from his baby girl, is something he would chose over his business empire,hands down. she crashed in his embrace and hugged him tightly with her tiny chubby hands before showing him the treasure she had found.



“Good job darling”,Arnav grinned in amusement at the tiny shell and different color pebbles she was showing him which made the kid chuckle harder.He ruffled her soft hair before planting a kiss on her cheeks.


A serene smile settled on khushi’s lips as she joined the father daughter moment. This was all beyond perfect. With her family on this beach, the wind, the ocean, the sand, everything was nothing less than a heaven. Their private heaven it was. She bent down and placed a soft kiss on her daughters forehead before leaning towards Arnav and kissing his stubbled cheeks from behind. She realized the exact moment his cheeks widened in a smile before he turned sideways to kiss her back and offering his hand. Entangling her fingers with his, she settled down on the wet sand and filled her lungs with a chilly breeze, to savor the moment for eternity. Arnav placed the shell on the top of the castle he helped preparing for his daughter before arranging the pebbles around it. Their daughter jumped up and clapped in excitement as the last piece complete the look, like a crown on castle. He arched his brow smugly and khushi shook her head before leaning towards him and placing her forehead on his shoulder. This was their hamesha!


They had named her Nitya, meaning eternal. A symbol of their infinite, endless love. ❀


Nitya as I imagined:


the beauty of this pic:


Or this one:


Sorry, I really cant help but post these pics that helped me imagine this update in the first place πŸ™‚ and though the length is way more for a normal tiny tale but please bear. And for those who constantly complains that all my stories have only baby girls and not baby boys for Arshi, main un sabhi se kehna chahti hu ki I am not biased., Its just that um…Ok.Maybe I am πŸ˜€ sorry, but please let me know if this was good or not ❀ and stay blessed you awesome people !!

84 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tale: YES-Last part

  1. Hey tomato
    It’s so lovely, the bliss what Arnav was feeling was so palpable in ur writing, so one could feel it.
    It was blissful update.
    Beautifully written.
    Thank u so much.
    Be blessed dear.


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