Arhi Tiny Tales: YES (part 2)

Arnav impatiently paced the length and breadth of his spacious cabin yet again.His restless mind going back to that one place only which seems to be his undoing at the moment. He spared a glance at the laptop placed on his mahogany desk and cursed yet again for the stupid idea he had thought would work.What she must have been thinking about him? Did she tried opening that laptop even? He wasn’t sure about that in the first place.


He shook his head in irritation, directed solely at himself. What was he thinking? Why couldn’t he just outright express his feeling like others. His vulnerable heart was still afraid of rejection but then he would have gotten answers in that case unlike now. Is it a rejection yet again? this time wrapped in glossy paper of silence from her side.Her polite way of declining his proposal. He remember the first time he got rejected and felt lucky that somehow god had been extremely kind in sending khushi in his life just at the right time. She gave him hope, taught him to live,love,express. though he’s still a novice for most parts but he’s taking steps. Baby steps. And he would excel in it, with khushi by his side,that he was sure of. That’s what he had projected in his mind. The very idea of a life without khushi seems impossible. Time & again,he had imagined themselves strolling leisurely on a beach, hand in hands enjoying each others company,engrossed in their private sanctuary in some faraway land and had experienced goosebumps on that imagination alone like nothing else.She always was the romantic kinds which he was not but he had never failed to notice the glint in her eyes when she so passionately talked about love. That it slowly and eventually rubbed onto him as well.


He started hoping again,

He started feeling again,

He started believing again.


But then he might just prepare himself for yet another heartache. He wasn’t sure he would be able to survive this time. Khushi had returned his laptop this morning, handed it over to his PA before he even arrived at work. This was so unlike khushi. He hadn’t got a call from her, no text,nothing. He wasn’t sure where he stands now. The dark clouds of uncertainty effectively blocked the ray of hope he was bathing into till then. But now the sense of despair, the sunken feeling, the upcoming heartache..he could sense all of them getting ready to knock on his door yet again.


Taking a sharp breath,he put a stop on all those toxic thoughts currently entangling him in its trap. Scrubbing his face, he stopped for a moment and glanced at the laptop again. And in the next, found himself powering it on. What he was looking for, he wasn’t sure himself? but a tiny bit of hope propelled him forward to do just that.


With sunken heart, he typed YES, the password that he had foolishly set. Though it was the right way to bare his feelings without the fear of outright rejection on the face.Thought it would give her time to ponder upon his proposal. Thought she would call him that very moment. He was waiting anxiously the entire night. With his phone fully charged. He couldn’t count how many times he checked that damn thing last night.He kept tossing and turning waiting for her call,text or anything from her side. Such a bad idea though it turned out to be and he would be damned it this proposal-gate put a dent on their friendship. He couldn’t afford to loose her now. He would heal himself this time on his own and settle for her friendship,if they cant be together forever in the long run. Though the idea in itself dampened his already sunken spirits.


His brows furrowed when the password got rejected.



What? With curiosity, his fingers clicked on the hint icon and his heart skipped a bit.



Raizada,the answer is YES. Only if you offer me this, ……??? Stated the hint box.



He literally felt blood pulsing through his veins as another wave of adrenaline coursed through him reading that YES on the screen. She needed one thing from him and without skipping a single second Raizada jumped to decode the greatest gift life had showered upon him now.


He tried LOVE. Rejected. Isnt that obvious Raizada, Why would you propose if you arn’t in love with her?


TRUST. He do trust her, more than his next breath.Right? Rejected.


UNDERSTANDING. Yeah.This is it. Rejected.


HONESTY. He has been fully honest with her? except those feelings he had been hiding till now,but now they are in open.Rejected.




He scratched his head and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath he calmed his over excited nerves that was fogging his brain. With the serene silence now blanketing him,his eyes closed, his mind lost in that same heavenly place he always imagined themselves to be, on the same beach traversing the journey together..hand in hand. Their foot imprints marking each step they traveled as each other’s soul-mate.He watched them taking each step slowly, steadily till he could only make out two silhouette before they got blurred & vanished into surroundings. He glanced down at the two sets of footprints imprinted firmly on the wet send and yet again traversed the path with his gaze, as far as it allowed. They seemed never ending..till eternity. He opened his eyes that very instant. He couldn’t name how but his mind knew the answer now. His lips tilted upwards in a slow smile as he carefully typed it in the box and laughed out as a sense of calmness embraced him.


The screen got unlocked on FOREVER!



Thankyou all for your awesome response on YES & for encouraging me to write a sequel. Hope it isn’t a letdown πŸ™‚ Please leave your reviews! ❀

74 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales: YES (part 2)

  1. the absolute rotten touch in 2nd part…….i was roaming around the IF and then saw YES part 2 updated..didnt see it so here i am…..

    khushi too learn the special password communication,,lol..but her hint confused highly excited Raizada a little…..cute….but then again…..without the hamesha waala touch in it..any Arshi story seems to be incomplete…

    kyun ki at the end…arnav khushi hamesha…..forever…
    loved it and love u…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. will be busy in xams wiriter ji….hope the university give us less problematic and more theory question….
      rotten ji u discontinued the story a little bit of sunshine???? pls pretty…the precap itself seems so interesting..waiting for it….
      TC writter ji…
      by lechu

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thankyou so much lechu ❀ n gud luck for exams. I have a different plan for Lil bit of sunshine. Gonna work on it but for that first have to complete either of the story start/compatibility! πŸ™‚


  2. Wow..

    You did it rotten…

    This restless Arnav is treat to read…

    Heis jus clueless about Khushi ‘s love..

    He would have found out,if he hadn’t have previous heart break…

    Poor Arnie…

    Plz give us part 3 in Arhi spl…
    Face to face…eyes to eyes..

    Pretty pls…pls rotten…
    YES seems incomplete without their personal meet..

    I expected Arhi meet in part 2..:(

    Liked by 1 person

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