Arhi Tiny Tales-Yes!



It was on the tip of her tongue. Always had been since last few months.She wouldn’t think twice before saying it, that she was sure of. It was already difficult for her to conceal her feelings any longer but the tiny bits of hints she has been dropping along doesn’t seem to help her out of this situation instead. The fact that he needs time, always seems to compelled her to push her feelings for some later stages.When? she wasn’t sure herself. If? this was something she needs answer of.



She met Arnav via common friends at some party. That day, the first time she saw him, he stood out there like a sore thumb,completely. It was the last place he had wanted to be then and he wasn’t even trying hard to mask that fact. A general Hi had started the journey and later,after sharing a drink or two, when they escaped to the gardens far from the hustle bustle of the masses, she realized he was nursing a broken heart. It made sense then. His sorrow. His aloofness. Everything about him. But still to some level, he opened up during the course of their conversation. He needed someone to share the silence with and khushi happily provided one.



That couple hours they spend underneath the blanket of stars embarked a very lovely journey afterwards. It lead to exchange of numbers which started with couple texts, to meetings, to lunches, to movies and amidst all this, after seven months now,khushi was the first one to realize that it wasn’t just friendship anymore. At least not for her. She fell for him somewhere down the line which she didn’t saw coming for herself plus the fact that she had absolutely no clue about him,added more to the mess. He had given up on relationships, he used to claim this initially when they had started talking, that he can’t trust another person with his heart now was something khushi was very well aware of. Though over the last few months she had witnessed Arnav coming out of his shell more with each passing day. That he trust her with his secrets and feelings was a proof enough. That he learned to display emotions steadily was something she consider as her feat.Arnav still wasnt good with words though. Nor was he an outright romantic person. Far from it. He might felt something for you but then that too you have to guess on your own.But still it wasn’t enough for her to confide her feelings that wasn’t invited in the first place. It was all going fine, why did she had to go & fall for him? arghhh!!!


She sighed mentally cursing herself as she lay on her bed. Sleep wasn’t something she’s going to get today. Switching on the lamp she grabbed Arnav’s Macbook lying on her nightstand. Pulling her earphones from the drawer she fired on his laptop. Khushi wasn’t feeling well, she had blamed it on the seasonal bug but she knew the reason was far from it and she had a hard time convincing Arnav who had come to visit her in the evening that it was nothing a good sleep won’t cure. Though he had doubt about her statement, he obliged finally And on second thoughts, gave her his laptop that he has specially loaded with Salman’s movies for her sake, much to his displeasure. The shock that must have been evident in her eyes compelled him to shift on his feet trying to wave it off as nothing but he failed there too. He still wasn’t good taking compliments,right. She smiled at the memory.


Her brows hunched together as she got the error prompt about incorrect password. Um?


Wasn’t that 1234? Or he changed it recently?


She tried again but the machine remain locked. She grabbed her phone to text Arnav asking about the new password, when she clicked on the ‘hint’.



“Will you marry me?” The security question popped on the screen.



With heart in her throat, butterflies in her stomach and adrenaline in her veins, her fingers hovered upon the keyboard. With bated breath she took her chance & typed.



It unlocked with a YES!



52 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales-Yes!

  1. I loved this update dear…………

    Its like a dream come true for any girl………….. Hope so someone asks me this way……… But jokes apart, I think the idea of this tiny tale is too unique, different & romantic…………..

    Dear, I love Arnav-Khushi stories that are set in different setting other than the serial……….But this has to be my favourite…………..

    Thanks a ton dear……..

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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