SS: Start-Part 10


Khushi once again tried calling him but it went to voicemail.For the third time straight. Her heart leaping out of her chest as she hold the phone closer to her ears barely managing despite her shivering fingers. Another one clutching the mangalsutra around her neck as she paced nervously across the hall. She tried to remain clam in a situation like this but to no avail. Her devi maiyaa will help, that she was sure of. She panicked a bit when the call again went unanswered and fears ripples through her like continuous waves.


What if there is some serious injury to Anjali di? What will she answer to all the family members..above all to Arnav jee?


With that thought khushi jumped to action. She has to take the charge else it will be too late. Clearing her brain off all the negative thoughts, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves to settle herself first and realized the only person who can help in this situation now. Taking another moment for herself, she pulled up the contacts and quickly find Happyji’s number and punched it before rattling off Raizada Mansion’s address in the next breath.






“There’s a fracture on your left ankle. A comminuted fracture as the bone is broken into more than two pieces. Also there is swelling around the area”, The doctor said pointing to the tender skin that was now bruised and swelled to twice its size. Anjali gasped in sudden jolt of pain as the shudder rippled through her entire being and found khushi closing the remaining distance to stand by her side.



“Given that this same area has already suffered a couple injuries and fracture before,as you mentioned, it will take quite some time to heal and this makes the case somewhat complex as the bones areΒ  very weak in itself”


Pointing to the couple x-rays in hand, the doctor stated, engrossed in some serious thoughts as he kept examining it from various angles.


Khushi edged closer to Anjali before taking her hands in herself,giving her the strength the best she could. Her heart going out for the Di and the unfortunate accident she had to face.


“But don’t worry, we will come up with the best solution we can given your medical history. I have given you medication that will take care of the pain and swelling. Only when the swelling reduces we’ll be in a position to decide if a plaster will suffice or not. The other option is internal fixation, to align those bones with screws or metal plates, but that is generally we don’t prefer for obvious reasons ”

The good Doctor got up from the seat, carefully examining the twisted ankle once more and wrote some prescription. Passing a warm smile to the two ladies and assuring them further for another visit in the evening, he made his way out of the room.



Khushi released a pent up breath composing herself and only when she was sure she was calm enough she faced Anjali di carefully placing a small reassuring smile on her lips.



“Di, sab theek hoga. Aap tension mat lijiye”, She squeezed Anjali’s hand before sitting down on the hospital bed, careful not to touch the ankle and was instantly relaxed when Anjali smiled back too in response too.


“Hum theek hain khushiji, aur aapka shukriya jo aap time se le aaye..hum bas..vo..chotey ko mat batana, khamkha pareshan ho jaenge vo”


khushi glanced down at Anjali who was smiling weekly clearly trying to mask her pain behind that and her thoughts wandered to Arnav ji at the mention of his name. She had tried his phone once again while they were on the way to hospital but finally dropped him a text telling him in brief of what had happened along with the hospital’s address. He Must be busy in meetings or something. Her heart warmed at the love between these two siblings, Di doesn’t want him to get disturb because of her but Arnavji would definitely be angry if she kept him in dark about Di.


She came back from trance after few minutes to realize Anjali had dozed somewhere in mid and adjusted the thin sheet around her form, carefully avoiding the leg. Di was the most selfless human being she had ever met and she was glad she is now related to her in someway. She glanced down at her who was now sleeping peacefully and her face finally got rid of those pained expressions as she fell deeper in slumber. It was then that khushi released a sigh of relief and squared her strained shoulders. It was really a panicked moment for her and at first she didn’t know know to react. Mamaji along with Mami and Naniji were on a spiritual tour over south covering all the sacred Dhams and had taken Rakesh along them. The other driver, Subhash was on leave and had gone to his village as his mother was ill. Akash was on a business trip to Atlanta and was scheduled to return next month. Though it was all manageable for few days as the other house helps were there,but then you really cant be prepared when tragedies stuck at the worse. And this was one of a kind. Though Di always takes great care while ascending descending the stairs, but she must have overlooked the spilled oil on the stairs and thus before she could realized whats happening she lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs. Khushi shivered once again as she relived those horrible moments in her memory. Di’s scream still echoing in her ears as she realized the fear paralyzing her that moment when she heard her gasping in pain. The puja was over and they were busy gathering stuff back when this happened. Khushi immobilized at first sprang to action as she along with the help of Om Prakash took Anjali di to a nearby sofa. The next thing she did was called him immediately. Even after calling him couple more times when the phone went unanswered she panicked not knowing whom to contact for help. It must be the fear numbing her mind that made her reacting like this. After calming her nerves down first, she called Happiji who owned a garage and she knew there always were cars available for rent at any times and thanked her luck when Happyji sent a cab along with a driver within 10 minutes as he was in the nearby area when she contacted him. Glancing down at Di, she felt relief coursing through her veins that Di is okay now but was still unsure of Arnav ji’s reaction. To convince him that everything will be alright, was going to be a very tough task, that she was sure of.




Arnav paced nervously outside the hospital room. His fists clenching unclentching as the need to make everything alright rose inside him. The fact that Di was yet again on the receiving end as life chose to prank with her had a bile rising up his throat. He was not this emotional in real life. Far from it. But He really cant help himself where his Di was concerned. The fact that he promised himself he’ll always take care of Di, that she won’t have to face any troubles again in her life,Β  that he’ll make her life so much easier that the world would envy her and look what happened, He failed. Yet Again. His nails digging in the inside of his flesh reminded him of the harsh truth he came across. He dont deserve Di. Not after failing repeatedly. Rage, frustration, anger, helplessness all mingled into one and coursed inside him making him as dangerous as a thunderstorm. The clouds of darkness and uncertainty loomed over him as he began questioning his worth. He was of no good. His self belief slowly shredding into pieces as he got entangled into this self woven web of toxic thoughts. And thus he visibly flinched in the slightest when khushi pressed her arm over his shoulder lightly in a reassuring squeeze.


“Arnavji dont worry. Di is alright. They are waiting for these medicines to show effect. She’ll be home tomorrow”


He merely nodded not entirely paying attention to what khushi said as he was busy fighting his inner demons and continued pacing. she couldn’t guess but he was this close to break down and he don’t want any audience for that. Not even her. Khushi, whom he knew he should thank for helping out di like this but right at that moment he has some other battles to fight first up his sleeve. He swallowed a lump in his throat as he yet again tried distracting his mind from the memories that were mocking him. Certainly not the good ones. Those who chose to crawl out the closet at the oddest of times and pull him back to the time he wanted to wipe off from his life.



“Aap ghar jaiye..hum ruke hain yahan”



Oh, and that certainly caught his attention. and not in a good way. There are times like this when Raizada reacts like a complete freak and this was a indication of one such.When his mind clearly knew it isn’t the way he should react but couldn’t help the way.


“I am staying here”


He responded curtly looking at the room where his Di was resting. Thats the least he could do for Di. Though it won’t be helpful in any way but atleast being this close to Di would keep his mind sane. For the time being.


“Arnav ji aap jaiye na..hum sambhal lenge”

Khushi literally pushed Arnav towards the exit seeing how he was continuously pacing the area ever since he arrived here. She knew he was deeply disturbed by the chain of events which was completely logical given how close he was to Di but this won’t do any good. Di wont feel better this way knowing her brother was fretting over her like this and so her resolved got stronger but she was unaware that she has stepped over his achilles heel along it.


“Don’t tell me what to Do. She is my sister and I know better for her”

He snapped in a way that stopped khushi dead in her track as she stood staring at him completely numb. The way his nostrils were firing he was resembling like a raging bull and khushi could sympathize with him for the way he felt over his Di. But then she replayed his words all over again and felt her own temper raising at that. Despite knowing that this is the last thing he would want in this second but then so does she.



“Vo hamari bhi Di hain or aap maane ya na maane..par ye hamari bhi family hai..humara bhi utna hi hak hai Di par jitna aapka”


she stormed off from there before punching him straight in his guts just by the sheer force of her words and Raizada knew there n then that he has overstepped this time as he glanced at her retreating back. The sinking feeling settling in the pit of his stomach told him blatantly so.



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75 thoughts on “SS: Start-Part 10

  1. Awesome update. This twist in the tale is interesting. So now the ball is shin in arnav’s court. He has made khushi upset with his words once again n now there is this big task fir him ahead , apologizing to her πŸ˜‰
    Raizada k liye yeh mushkil hoga , bt will be waiting to see what arnav has up his sleeves to get khushi’s forgiveness πŸ™‚

    I got the email this time πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the help πŸ™‚

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  2. Khushi has handled the situation better , she has a good presence of mind . Arnav deliberately avoided khushi’s calls , his avoidance cost him delay of his sister’s injury . Why does he blame himself .Its not like he has abandoned his sister , Anjali was very much home , unfortunately she has injured her leg . Khushi gave it back as good as she got .

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