Arhi Tiny Tales-Arranged


Khushi smiled nervously taking her time before glancing up at the man sitting opposite her. Arnav Singh Raizada. She wiped off her sweating palms on the front of her skirt trying to pose as calm as she could, effectively hiding the undercurrents going inside her. Her mind was not here. How would it be when she could hardly wrap it around this theory of Arranged marriages.Irony was that for someone like khushi who was completely alien to this concept was now sitting in a coffee shop to meet the perspective ‘Arranged groom’ her family had selected for her. Lots of Ifs & Buts bouncing off like a ping pong ball inside her brain which was reduced to a mess itself. How can someone decide to marry a complete stranger on the basis of one or two meetings. Ofcourse, they would act perfectly for that short duration like she is doing right now. Of course they can pose as the ideal soul mate for a duration of couple hours. Its possible right? Who wouldn’t?

He might be not understanding in real life. He might have short temper. He might not give her space or listen to her side in cases of arguments. He might turn out to be arrogant given the money and status he has. He might not respect her parents. Somewhere she knew its just her fears. Irrational fears to be more precise and she didn’t knew where they were coming from. Fears every girl goes through when thrown in a situation like this. The sane part of her brain advised her to take a deep breath which she did. Releasing it slowly she darted a glance at him again and decided to push away those thoughts along with the toxic web they had created in her mind. Her nervousness fading away to give path to something other..steely determination you could say. Now that the palette was clear, she was sure after this meeting, she could come out drawing something that would atleast make some sense.

And some two hours later, khushi had a lot to ponder upon but the good part was, those  fears were nowhere to be seen and now that she started thinking about it all over again she realized she was so wrong in being judgmental about him without even giving him the chance to begin with.

She didn’t failed to notice how warmth and love flickered though his orbs when he got a call from his Di in between their meeting. That short phone call she overheard while trying her best to remain nonchalant while trying to study the menu in her hand was enough to give her a glimpse of an adoring brother that he certainly was.

The way he smiled and thanked the waiter who nervously served them coffee with shivering hands shown her yet another of his hidden side,given the stature he had. Ofcourse he was well known personality as the head chef himself came to greet him and assure him with the best of their services.

The way he intently listened to her thoughts with piqued interest checked yet another box in her invisible list and the way he waved off his accomplishments like nothing when she mentioned peeled yet another of his layer.

finally as they were making their way out of the coffee shop, the way he reacted quickly to catch a giggling toddler who escaped from the clutches of his mother into the fast moving traffic said the remaining. The flushed mother apologized and thanked him while khushi didn’t failed to notice the way he lovingly ruffled the baby’s hair before passing a warm smile.

For khushi, Arranged didn’t seem like a taboo word anymore.


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