Arhi Tiny Tales-Dear Khushi!

Dear Khushi!

This might be the first time you are hearing from me ever since we started conversing this way. It always has been the other way round. Isn’t it? You continued writing to me without getting a single response from my side.But Isn’t that the beauty of our relation? It surely is. But this time I wanted you to know that all your secrets are safe with me and I’ll cherish them forever.

I have been with you through this journey..a silent partner you may say. I have seen you confiding your deepest fears..your tears that you have shed while writing so many times. Those are all preserved with me deep in my heart & soul. We have seen some really tough times together. Haven’t we? like the first time you stepped in Delhi. I remember you were so nervous in a new city full of unknown people but you decided to stay strong and strong you were. Or remember that time when you were almost furious that the same arrogant man you met in Lucknow turned out to be your new boss? The same Arnav Singh Raizada.Oh I am sure you’ll remember the very first time you confided that you felt something strange for that same man. Acidity, thats what you had decided to name it, right and I had stayed mum ,letting those feelings evolve for you themselves. You might not remember how and when you started admiring that same person you used to hate at one point of time. Of course you didn’t knew the other side of the coin then. But I had seen.See it all. through your eyes, through your thoughts. I was there to witness this miraculous transformation since you were strangers till present, a lovely & adorable married couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I might have blushed reading your antics a time or two. The way a man with scarred past grew out of his shell to take a chance at life again,with you at his side is nothing short of a miracle. The way his love kept growing for you every single day, I might have felt envy as well. The way he took care of you through out your pregnancy had your emotions on an all time high through out.Trust me, you had cried out of happiness just enough to fill a damn canal and the way he hold your new born without keeping his emotions in check would always remain my  most cherished moment out of all. I know I couldn’t pick a single moment of all, they all are beautiful for me, but this just tops everything. Isn’t it?

These moments are all safe, secured and cherished by me.Every.Single.One. May be some day when you’ll be free or bored, you might feel like coming and reveling in these beautiful memories all over again and I promise we’ll live these memories together. Make sure you continue making newer ones and keep confiding in me and as you know, I will be always there. You know where!


Take Care

Your Diary!


33 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales-Dear Khushi!

  1. lovely. Obviously, who else she would go to confide her feelings. Lovely concept. quite a different take. really liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

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