FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 27


someone growled



Bhoww bhoww…bhoww bhoww
someone barked in equal measures



and someone just shook her head before snuggling deeper into the comforter and sighed loudly.


Now thats how it was in the Gupta household since the evening !


A moment of silence followed,that had her brows wriggling to herself as she wondered
and waited with bated breath for the next round of the supposedly unique clash of titans
going around in the kitchen. When she heard nothing but voices of someone shuffling
around,her heart hoped for that miraculous moment of harmony and understanding between the two alphas currently dominating her life. Her heart fluttered with some more hopes as she slowly, very delicately tried craning her neck to get a good view of whatever was happening in the kitchen in her absence. She dreamily imagined Arnav patting choco lovingly on his back with a very elated and exited choco licking his feets and wagging its tail in response to show his faith and loyalty to his new Master. Only If her phone would have been within her reach she would surely try to capture that kodak moment for sure,if any, as this was certainly one of those moments khushi never thought she would ever get the chance to witness once in her life for both Arnav and Choco seems to be at a loggerheads ever since they both knew about other’s existence in this pretty world.


She strained her neck some more, already hanging on the edge of the bed relying heavily on her immaculate balancing skills,eager to be a part of the supposedly romantic union that must have been going on between those two,when suddenly Arnav’s highly pitched voice reached her ears,


and she flopped back on her bed, like an inflated balloon and closed her eyes. Ab is pyaar ko kya naam doon, she asked herself and her Devi Maiyya while sending prayers to her,asking
Would she ever be alive to witness such a day where Arnav and Choco would behave sensibly around each other.


Shaking her head, she picked the remote and increase the volume further thus effectively muting the barking,growling and cursing that followed soonafter.




Arnav strolled angrily from the kitchen muttering profanities under his breath like an expert sailor. No one would have guessed its the same sophisticated Arnav Singh Raizada that the world talks and raves about, but then who would blame him given the company he’s forced to deal with. That son of a bitch or whatever his name was, was wandering around him like a supervisor.  How he would love to kick that dog’s ass in person given the barks and suspicious glares that dog has been giving him like he is some kind of burglar in their house.


Like for Heaven’s sake Cant that dog decide for once what he wants in his life ? He thought angrily about the incident in the kitchen. As much as Raizada would love to duct tape choco’s mouth and wouldn’t ever allow that creature around him, He couldn’t quite refused khushi’s request when she so innocently asked him to give choco his food. The way she twitched her nose, that red,cute as a button nose while pleading with her eyes, knowing very well about the blazing chemistry between him and choco and Raizada felt his insides melting there and then.


Wait. Did he just used ‘cute as a button’ phrase to describe her nose. Get a grip..Get a grip!


And the way her eyes shone with joy when he didn’t argued back just sealed the deal for him. How he would love to see that smile on her face when she was suffering from flu. Poor thing. So, despite the fact that he doesn’t particularly like Choco, far from it,Raizada wasn’t actually cruel enough to deny the creature its food.


“But tell him to behave “,


He warned in a low voice glaring at the choco who was cozily snuggled up with his malkin in her blanket and a miniscule part of Raizada actually realized then that he was envious of this dog somewhere down the line. The realization sounded horribly weird and funny to his own ears that he found himself irked and speechless-ed at the same time. Now Who would have thought Raizada to be insecure of a dog. That’s some feat!


stupid dog!


He cursed as he began searching the kitchen cabinets for the food, pissed with himself as fuck. Grabbing the packet from the top right corner he turned around looking for something to pour it into only to find choco standing behind him with his bowl in between his teeth and wagging his tail to and fro. A customized bowl with choco engraved on it.


Not THAT stupid!


His mind corrected him as he glared down at the dog who was now staring at him with innocent eyes now, switching his glances to n fro between Arnav and the Pedigree packet in his hand and at that moment Arnav literally felt like punching in triumph. Quirking his brow at the dog, he silently passed the ‘Take that’ message and felt like beating his chest like a wild chimpanzee. Tossing away the weird idea he glared down again at choco who was now standing submissively infront of him and wagging his tail.Now was that an olive branch? Seems like it is! And Raizada, the referee, declared himself the winner hands down and began to pour the food in the bowl.


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the Alpha of them all?


He wont lie but the idea of posting this very status on FB did popped in his mind for that tiniest of second that had him startled for the next few minutes. He shook his head hard to get rid of those weird as hell thoughts and started making his way out of the kitchen when he heard Choco growling in his direction with an angry glare while protecting his bowl of food from him.


Fucking Treacherous!


You can stuff your food and your olive branch up there..he scoffed at that irritating creature before storming out of the kitchen to complain to khushi about how she needs to teach that dog a thing or two about social behavior. And courtesy,of course.


but all his metal rants came to a skidded stop when he reached the bedroom where khushi was lying and all the complaints about how she has spoiled that bloody dog like anything, effectively took a back seat in the Mercedes.


There she was, lying in the bed, surrounded by pillows and cushions, her thick gorgeous  black hair spreading on the white sheet like a colors on a canvas painting. The tweety tee she was wearing must have seen some better days and the pajama bottoms with faded brown hearts all over which must have seen a brighter shade of red in its youth days, Raizada deduced as he kept staring at her intently. All his complaints about choco vanished off in that instant for he actually thanked him for giving him a moment of privacy with her. Not that Raizada would ever acknowledge it openly. He should have poured the whole packet for him, it would keep his mouth something to do other than barking.Damn. Kicking off the thoughts about choco, Raizada decided to give his attention to the beauty infront of him and swiftly removed the remote from her hand that was about to slip between her fingers and shut off the television.



The pin drop silence in the room actually gave him a moment to finally acknowledge something he has been postponing from so many days . Raizada couldnt help but his lips turned upwards when he heard her soft snores so much so that his heart or whatever that part of his body was that was producing those mushy feelings these days, went in all awwww and the awww-rization was so strong that he didn’t even try denying it to himself. Even in an attire as simple as that he realized his heart jumped up to its full pace and then some more and felt that sudden pang of mixed emotions running inside his veins. The sudden urge of holding her, comforting her, putting her to sleep, feeding her and doing all those other things as well, was so strong that it left him speechless-ed for a while and it was certainly a first for a man like him.For the first time in his life, Raizada chose to be honest with himself and he didn’t try making excuses for this behavior as he stared down at her sleeping form, devoid of any makeup but a natural blush around her cheeks was what set this woman aside from the rest of the crowd. He sat down beside her as gently as ever trying his best not to disturb her sleep. He touched her hand that was hanging out of bed, ever so slowly and gently placed it on her stomach all the while looking out her face to make sure she’s sleeping calmly, as she twitched her cute as a button nose.His lips twitched at that. The pull he felt towards her was so strong that he did everything in him to not touch her anymore lest he couldn’t control himself. It wasn’t like Raizada to sit and watch a woman in awe like some child entering a candy shop for the first time but at that moment he felt everything like that. With this The few questions came back to bug him even more. Why was he here in the first place? Why he felt jealousy coursing through him when he got to know about khushi’s health via Neel. Why he felt betrayed at that moment was the funniest of all? Why Neel’s presence irked him in more ways than one? Why he felt like spending more time in office these days to do silly things like dictating her a letter for god’s sake? and Why He even felt envious of Choco getting all the unchecked affection from her.Damn.The last one was weirdest of all and doesn’t even belong with the rest in the same category,but there it was.  The questions were piling up and piling up fast they were.


Oh. And the last question. Why he lied about the flat tire when it was him that had send the driver back after dropping off at her building. Its high time for Raizada to figure out thnigs before they go out of hand.



Hello Readers!

Sorry for this lame attempt but I need to get my WMB shoes on. hard to write after so long but will try now to be constant with updates. Thanks for your support and patience like always! 🙂





104 thoughts on “FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 27

  1. hahahah……….the duel between Arnav n Choco was hilarious………i think Choco will become his ally now that Arnav offered him food………….hope so, cause with Neel around n Khushi hell bent on siding with Neel despite loving ARnav, Arnav does need a strong ally in Choco.

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  2. Welcome back.
    Fantastic update and it is not a lame one. Its enough that you rae trying your best to continue and update the story.
    I wonder about the day when choco becomes number one fan of Arnav, lolz that be funny but sweet.
    Thinking is good for ASR and i hope he reach to some conclusion soon, prehaps his sister can help.
    Looking forward to read more.

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