FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 9

To say,Arnav Singh Raizada was in shock

Would probably be an understatement of the CENTURY !

5 minutes in that exact same position n he was still too shocked to react.

With Khushi kumari Gupta’s hands across his neck ,her slow n steady breath fanning his chest through the open buttons of his shirt, caused an adrenaline to ran throughout his body.

Thereby, turning him ON !

WTH Raizada ??
For God’s sake,U are not a f*cking teenager !!

He frowned mentally, at his treacherous body’s reactions.

He breathed  in and out,slowly,controlling his rapidly beating heart with loads of effort and tried to gain the control of the situation.

It wasn’t the first time,that ASR was facing such kind of situation. There were numerous times in the past, when women threw themselves at him, specially in their drunkard state, but never once he remembered behaving like that.

Cuz Of course, how much a player he was in his past,he never took advantage of them in their drunkard state.

It was highly against his morals..in fact that just turned him off, always !

So,Arnav Singh Raizada was finding it VERY hard to believe that just how very HARD he was,RIGHT NOW!

Alcohol to be blamed..completely for all this mess!

This girl definitely knew how to push all his wrong buttons..even in sane state,insane state, conscious,sub conscious,unconscious..any DAMN possible states.


He let out a deep breath again n noticed one more strange thing.

In the past,when women thew themselves at him,they garbled stuff like they love him or often, plead him to make love to them, before passing out.

It was a very first time for Raizada,when a woman had passed out in his arms, after mumbling her pet’s name.

Seriously Raizada ?
A dog,of all the things?

The same voice raised again, now mocking over him and poking his pride.

He growled again mentally.
That stupid creature always seems to have an edge over him..huh !

N with that thought,he looked around in confusion.

by the way,why is the apartment so silent?

Where the hell that bloody dog is?

pushing the thoughts of his enemy outta his mind,he brought his attention back to the limp body of khushi in his arms,who was clutching his neck like he’s some sort of her teddy bear,

He smirked a little at that completely wayward n awkward thought.

Teddy bear of those kinds,that girls hold close while sleeping,

Teddy bear Of those kinds,with whom girls share their deepest secrets n their crushes.

However,the last thought caused the smirk to wiped off his lovely face,thereby giving back the place to that reserved n well deserved frown!

He detached her arms from his neck, bent down,scooped her up in his arms and started walking towards what he guessed as her bedroom.

He placed her carefully on the bed, as if she’s a fragile doll. Glanced at her sleeping form one last time,

before he went in search of that very last creature,he would ever desired to see.


He was back in her bedroom after searching her whole apartment, even checking her kitchen n washroom, still no sign of HIM.

Not that,he was dying to meet him but where could he had gone.

He couldn’t leave khushi like that..in this state.

and on top of that,there’s no clue of that DOG!

He was still in thoughts,scratching his stubble,when he remembered, khushi had once told him,that her neighbor next door takes care of choco in her absence.

A bit relieved by that memory, he sat on the couch with a thud..out of exhaustion.

NO BLOODY WAY, he’s gonna bring him back here!


Yes,Let him spend a night away from home..that will serve him good for messing with raizada.
He thought in his mind,with a finality.


Ten minutes later, Arnav Singh Raizada was standing outside Mrs. Desai’s apartment, Khushi’s neighbor. Preparing a speech on how to proceed further. his hand,hanged midway in air..repeatedly going to that door bell,only to be pulled back again.

RAIZADA, Just get over with it.
Remember,You are not here for that dog..khushi said something about the old lady’s health..RIGHT!

and by convincing himself, he push the button. An old lady emerged from the door minutes later and greeted him with a questioning smile,

‘Yes, son?”

“Errm…hello…vo…Khushi’s pet…”
he replied leaving the sentence midway, glancing inside the door from his position to get any trace of him.

she smiled a heart warming smile before replying,
aaahhh…choco!…just wait beta…“, and went inside.


Choco was very exited at the prospect of finally going back to home and he ran towards the door,excitedly, where he knew his momma cum maalkin must be standing there, ready to take him in her lap and then they both will head back to their home.

However, Choco who was just ready to pounce, had to applied his emergency breaks...just at the last moment.

Cuz,There wasn’t her sweet maalkin at the door, in fact..there was that very person,who currently ranked #1 on his list of all time suspects.

Yes,he had seen him yelling at his maalkin various times !

Just How dare he?

And with that thought, Choco greeted him in the only possible.

He barked at him twice and then without waiting for the devil,ran towards the open door of his apartment.


A frustrated Arnav Singh Raizada entered the bedroom again, muttering some profanities under his breath about just how ill mannered that dog is.

He saw Choco Sitting on the bed, beside khushi and with the Expressions on his face, he could easily deduce that the dog’s now in his full bodyguard mode.

His ears on alert, n he was growling lowly, watching Arnav with hawk eyes.

Arnav rolled his eyes at  his antics.

the bloody sceptic dog…huh!

He looked at khushi n glanced across the room,for a comforter.

On spotting one at the corner, he grabbed that one n had just moved ahead towards khushi to cover her when Choco suddenly stood up on d bed.

His lowly growling now turned to full fledged barking.

All dedicated to one person. on this whole planet
Arnav Singh Raizada !

Aaarrgghhh…NOT AGAIN !

Why can’t dis foolish creature, mind its own business for a change?

He gritted his teeths n growled mentally.

And for the first time,Arnav Singh Raizada wished to have known one more foreign language.

Eh yes !
A dog’s lingo.

Life would have been so easier then.

He released a breath n tried to deal this situation in another way.

He snapped his fingers in front of Choco,flashed the comforter in air then pointed towards khushi and then shrugged his shoulders in a gesture, as if seeking Choco’s permission for going ahead.

He rolled his eyes when Choco started wagging its tail.

As if giving him green signal.

The scenario was looking similar to the one, where a guy has to take brother’s permission first before asking the girl out on a date.

After covering her up, he settled back on the couch..rolled his sleeves n loosened his tie.

All’s settled..Shall he leave now?
He questioned himself.

But quickly dismissed the idea of leaving a drunkard khushi,deep in sleep,in d hands of a DOG.

What if any thief or burglar try to  enter, after he leave.

That stupid dog definitely can’t dial 100 n call the police.


He convinced himself to stay,shifting the blame on the inabilities of a dog to call the police n settled on the couch and closed his eyes.

That night, only one, out of three got peaaacefulll sleep !

No price 4 guessing who the other two were.







The continuous thumping voice, coming from somewhere was making it very very hard to sleep.

She waited few minutes, for the voice to fade away but it just grew LOUDER!

she tried to open her eyes..but failed. Her lids were so heavy as if she’s been sleep deprived from ages.

She tried to get up slowly, but dint had enough strength n fall down back on the bed.

The voices grew more louder n consistent !

She held her head as the reality dawned onto her. It was coming from her own head.

As if, somebody was constantly hammering her head.

The ache was going out of control n she yelled in pain,with eyes still closed,still holding her head,

“Hey Devi maiya…save me…I M GOING TO DIE!!!
somebody has put an atom bomb over HERE

She screamed to no one in particular, pointing towards her head.

I don’t wanna die,m not even married..HELL, even CHOCO’s not married..i have to find him a suitable bride first..i cannot leave him like this..i have so much responsibility on my…..”

Her endless ramblings however interrupted by a deep husky and still groggy from sleep voice,

“Its not an Atom bomb..just a bad case of HANGOVER! ”

That sexy familiar voice, instantly made her ears alert.

M i already DEAD kya?
is this heaven?
or may be HELL!?

she thought mentally and this time opened his eyes a lil, with a lots of effort.

This Heaven or Hell is similar to my apartment.

she thought glancing at the ceiling and the side walls.

she get up a Lil to saw, another form on the couch.

She rubbed her eyes a Lil and opened them again.

the sight was still same, that send a chill down her spine.

The person on couch was none other than Arnav Singh Raizada, her BOSS!

His coat on table,his shirt sleeves rolled up till mid arms, his tie loosened, his hair completely ruffled n that dark morning stubble was giving him a complete boyish look.

“HANGOVER????…but i wasn’t dru…”
she started defending herself but then thought better of it,when in return he just glared her piercingly.

Next instant, she growled again..all courtesy,another bout of head ache that  made its appearance.

“aaarrrggghhh…my head.Its gonna BURST anytime..
she yelled in irritation, just on the verge of crying.

“Where’s the medicine box? ”

“hun? “
she asked dumbfoundedly,watching him with her now slight wet lashes.

“where do you keep medicines, khushi? “

She pointed towards a shelf n again closed her eyes.

He returned after a minute and handed her two aspirin tablets, along with a glass of water.

She was again showered with an glare, when she made yuckiest of expressions possible, watching those tablets with horrible eyes.

but not messing with him again, she took them,drank the whole glass of water,handed the glass back to him and ruffled the back of  lazy choco, who was beside her,quietly watching the exchange with sleepy eyes.

she glanced at the wall clock n screamed loudly ,thereby sending both choco n arnav on alert.

“hawww…devi maiyaa…its 10’o clock already..my boss’s gonna eat me up..”

seconds later, she covered her mouth..realizing her slip of tongue when he crossed his arms n raised his eye-brows.

she grinned nervously..mumbling some “errmms and vo’s“, when he opened his mouth again,

I don’t want a secretary in office,having a hard time dealing with her own hangover. Take the day off n take some rest. Your head ache will be over in few hours..Kay?”

she just nodded meekly, given no choice.

“I should leave now..!!”
where’s my phone?, he mumbled to himself after checking his trouser’s pocket and looked around the room for any sign of his blackberry.

“Where’s your phone? Give me a call..I must’ve dropped mine here only”

She just Shrugged her shoulders in response,

“I don’t know. umm..may be in my bag..wheres that?
Saying that she pointed towards her bag that was placed on the table beside the couch.

He grabbed her bag,after shuffling through its content got hold of her cellphone n started punching his number alongside looking around the room.

Few seconds later, they both heard a very faint ringing of his phone that was coming from beside the bed.

Oh, I must have dropped it while placing her on the bed last night.

He dropped onto his knees n grabbed his still ringing blackberry from under the bed.

He has about to disconnect the call, when he glanced at his screen, that showed

Angel khushi calling…

Hun..Angel Khushi?
What the!!

He clearly remembered saving her number with “Miss Gupta“, his brows bunched up in confusion,

Even till last night…
n with that he got a flashback of last night’s incident, where she asked for his phone in her drunkard state and had punched something.

He gazed at khushi piercingly,who was watching him with curiosity.

shaking his head n rolling his eyes, he was about to return her cell phone..when he thought of checking one more thing.

He dialed her number from his blackberry,

calling Angel Khushi …

and checked her screen,that was flashing

Devil Raizada calling…

just what he was expecting !

He came towards the bed,flashed the screen on her face n arched his eye brows,

“Devil Raizada…ehaan..?”

“v..vo..i.m.really.so.so.sorry.i.dint.know.when.n.how.it.got.saved.like.this…“her face lost its color n she mumbled incoherently biting her nails


“Sorry sir”
this time came a short n clear reply.

Mumbling a whatever under his breath,he glanced at his watch,

“I’ve gotta go..you take some rest.I want you back tomorrow on your desk..FIT n FINE..is that clear?”

Saying that He walked towards the couch, picked his coat n started walking towards the doors,turned on his heels, just before exiting the room,

“and yes khushi..No more PINK DRINKS from now on.EVER.!! “

with that Arnav Singh Raizada left the room, before displaying a ghost of a smirk.

leaving a stunned khushi behind..who was trying to grasp the whole scenario.

Did Arnav Singh Raizada spend the night here…umm lukin’ after me..hain?

What da..Devi maiya!!??

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