FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 8

Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi kumari Gupta,both arrived at the venue,




The journey from khushi’s home to the party venue was a complete normal one,

with both arnav n khushi having totally different definition of the word ‘NORMAL’

In that normal journey,Arnav had barely spoken a word,just occasional humming n nodding.

where as,for khushi,through out the journey she was arguing about how could some one be so quiet n boring at the same time.

its a different matter altogether that,she was having all these arguments mentally with herself.

yes,after her various initial attempts to start a healthy conversation got crushed brutally,just by his single glare

a conversation that varied from,

wow,watte lovely weather


do you watch salmaan’s movie?

so,when she got a cold n angry glare,instead of some exited answers that she was expecting..she eventually decided to shut up.

n the rest of the journey was covered,with khushi mumbling something under her breath,every now n then and with Arnav, showering her with his lovely frown, once in a while.


They both entered the party lawn. The launch was a very lavishing and successful affair,with almost all high profile people and celebrities from various domains were there to grace the event with their presence.

Arnav spotted few of his business clients and they both made their way towards them.

They were just discussing something after exchanging initial pleasantries, when the host of the evening made his entry from behind.

Neel Mehta,as usual looking devilishly handsome in a pin strip black suit,with a pristine crisp white shirt underneath n a wide grin plastered on his face,

Raizada !!
lovely having you here..thanks for coming man
“, Neel said excitedly shaking arnav’s hand n patted his back with the other.

Pleasure’s mine..by the way, Congratulations!
Arnav replied looking around n admiring the glitzy event.

Thanks man !! aaahhh, khushi my dear,you lukin’ soo amazing“,
Neel replied,glancing at khushi from top to bottom, who was dressed in a modest knee length,black shift dress with mega sleeves,paired with black pumps.

his eyes shimmered with joy & he embraced khushi in what looked like a friendly hug.

But certainly,it dint looked the same to a certain someone,who was standing their n was buzy in more important tasks, for instance FUMING!

What the!?!
They last met few hours back only.Why is he behaving as if seeing her after ages.

“By the way,Did you like the flowers?

Neel asked her with a child like excitement.

she just smiled warmly n nodded her head,
Thanks..they were very lovely !

Not more than you!
He winked at her n as a result khushi bushed a crimson shade of red!


somebody else was also seeing

But a dangerous shade of red.

Not more than you?
HELL!! such a cheesy line, who in the world uses that for wooing now a days!

unknowingly his jaw clenched in anger,his lips set in a straight line, his frown just short of making its remarkable appearance and the blushing face of khushi was acting as the fuel in the fire.

The above incident just gave him yet another reason to despise these Business parties!

Why are you so affected Raizada?
Are you feeling J, by any chance?

A voice raised in the back of his mind.

WTH..why would i feel J, that too for her..she’s my assistant n as her employer,its my responsibility to protect her.

oh,yes..Dats why!

He mentally punched in air,a sign of victory after presenting himself with that self-created-brilliant-excuse in record time and immediately shut that raised voice.

for now,atleast!

and he did a lil salsa step mentally too, when Neel excused himself to attend some other guests.

So,after that for the next hour n half,Both Arnav n khushi were busy, sometimes interacting with other people, sometimes eating or otherwise enjoying the events going on.

They were talking to Mr. Singhania,one of their very old Business client who was there with his wife,when arnav turned to khushi,
“Ms Gupta, we need to meet with some other clients..will you be okay? i’ll be back in few minutes”
Arnav turned to khushi who was chatting with Mrs. Singhania and smiling.

sure sir,please !
she assured him. Nodding his head,he & Mr. Singhania made his way to the other side of the Lawn.


After helping themselves with another round of refreshments,khushi was still talking,when she spotted Mrs Singhania looking over her shoulders at something with a very amused expression on her face.

or rather someone!

Curiousity killed the cat n khushi too turned around to look at the line of sight of Mrs. Singhania.

There she saw a woman,scantily dressed in a tight red,off the shoulder gown.The slit of the gown was way tooo high for it to be called as a decent one.

Her dress was doing a very poor job of covering her enormous bust,that was visibly more than her total body weight n was made to  pushed up to such an extent,that if she could just tilt her head a lil down, she could literally kiss it.

The amusing part was that, the woman with above mentioned description was embracing Arnav Singh Raizada in a hug,as if her life’s dependent on that!

Khushi kumari Gupta’s jaw was just short of touching the floor n her already shocked eyes were bulging more out of their sockets.

Hey devi maiyaa!!
such a shameless girl..why is she clinging to Arnav sir like a cello tape!

she gazed her from Top to bottom.
Her over inflated n over pouted lips were painted RED as if she has just arrived to the party after drinking somebody’s blood.

huh,vaise bhi she’s not looking anything less than a vampire!

she frowned mentally.

Her obvious silicon implants were spilling out of her dress.

Hey devi maiya,it seems she might even fall down on her front due to their enormous weight !…will serve her good.
she thought mentally n chuckled when she visualized such an image in her mind.

She eyed that slit suspiciously, that started from upper thigh, leaving nothing more to a viewer’s imagination.

pakka,she must have done it with a scissor..she must be knewing in advance that arnav sir will be here.

and for the first time in her life,Khushi kumari Gupta came across a rather new n alien sets of emotions, that consists of rage, anger n frustration !

Emotions,she dint even knew existed before today.

In a fit of rage,unknowingly she picked up a pink color drink from a waiter’s tray n gulped it down instantly..she closed her eyes at the burning sensation in her throat and started making faces at the ugly taste of it.

but still,some how that pinky drink or formally speaking Veuve Clicquot, one of the top, Pink Champagne brand managed to tame her varying emotions after traveling down her throat

she looked at the lady vampire again,who was still glued to her Boss, like a parasitic twin, animatedly talking n flashing her red painted nails.

Why is sir not doing anything..umm..like throw her away, for instance.

her eyes bulged out more when saw that lady vampire, placing her hand on his broad chest.

This time she grabbed a red colored drink.

she looked at her boss, who was flashing his once-in-a-lifetime grin !

huh..he never smiled like that in front of me.

Why are you so affected Khushi?
Are you feeling J, by any chance?

The same voice raised in the back of her mind now.

haawww..why would i feel J, that too for Arnav sir.!
its just m his loyal employee.There are loads of press reporters here n all this is NOT good for his n this company’s image.

oh,yes..Dats why!

she too punched the air mentally,a sign of her victory this time and immediately shut that raised voice.

So,among all other people in the party, a rather UNINVITED guest had made its entry too, slowly n steadily!

The guest being,a Green Eyed Monster that was clearly paying its full attention to two most hopeless people there!

Khushi was in somewhat a stable state, by the time she finished her third colorful drink, with dizziness, filling her mind slowly, she felt so lightweight, as if floating in the air.

she chuckled at the glitz n rhythmic music around her n entered in full KKG mode after spotting the dance floor and made her way towards that.

Arnav excused himself from the clinging super model,that had worked with Raizada House in a previous project n glanced around the hall,in search of his assistant…till he spotted her grooving on the floor, carelessly and happily buzy in her own world, totally unaware of the lustful looks other men were giving her.

Needless to say,that was enough to set his temper on fire.

He gritted his teeths and with eyes showing nothing but anger, he furiously covered the distance and in one swift motion,yanked her off the dance floor.

Dragging her to a corner,he yelled at her through gritted teeths,

Just What the HELL do you think you are doing?

In response,she just chuckled n replied,
Danncciinggg..! uhh..lemme go..i wanna dance..
she replied trying to yank her wrist that was held in his vice like grip.

ASR was shocked to say the least cuz when he was expecting her to start shivering n stuttering at his deathly tone, she was telling him that she wanna dance.

he eyed her suspiciously,with a what the look plastered on his face, moving his head a lil further sniffed something that smelled like alcohol.

what you had for drink??
he asked her in confusion.

She glanced around the room and spotting that same pink colored drink in another lady’s hand, squealed in a child like manner,

That pinky drink!

He looked at it and then back at her n literally rolled his eyes

a drunk khushi was the last thing he wanted now!

Thats Champagne, Ms. Gupta and you are DRUNK,for your information !
he folded his arms, shaking his head.

Her mouth formed a beautiful O,covering her mouth with her hand, she hiccuped
Hey devi maiyaa..ye kya ho gya!!!

but still covering her panic, she replied helding her head high,
aa..aaai…I know its champagne, i just wanna try it…its good!

whereas internally,
Devi maiyaa,hume maaf karna..it was looking so colorful..but it tasted so yuckkk..i swear i’ll never touch it again in my life!

she replied proudly, pouting her lips, though her head was lightly spinning n she was now seeing three Arnav singh Raizada’s instead of one,

1 ke saath 2 FREE!!!

and then she giggled like a child at the thought about how this planet will deal with 3 Devil Raizadaz all at once.


He rolled his eyes n grabbing her wrist dragged her out of the hall.


After buckling her safely in the passenger seat of his SUV, he started the engine n made his way to her apartment.

Khushi was happily buzy in mumbling some famous item songs and showing her singing talent to none other than the BY DEFAULT spectator of all her crazy antics these days.


who was just hmph-ing n rolling his eyes, occasionally snapping at her whenever her pitch went higher.

ofcourse, Alcohol to be blamed only!

The till now discarded n innocent blackberry buzzed to life with a shrill ring, marking its presence in the only way possible.

Arnav replied answering the call
“hmm..yes aman ! ”


“Fine..yeah..just remind me tomorrow. CALL me at around 12”


Now,the above word reminded khushi of a very famous item song of his fav actor and the next instant she started singing it v loudly,

“chipkaaale saiyaaan fevi calll se…”
alongside drumming her window screen with her fingers.

He growled at her at the top of his voice and instantly,there was pindrop silence in the car.

“NOT YOU DAMMIT, say what were you saying
He replied on the bluetooth device.

why cant sir just decide at once that he wanna listen my song or not!
but khushi just shrugged her sholders and continued showing her immense talent again,

“Mere photo ko seenay se aaj chipkaaa…

however,she got interrupted when Arnav Singh Raizada furiously turned in his seat,pointing at her with his finger n yelled again,


Irrespective of the fact that she was drunk, but still there was some ounces of sanity left in her mind that was alerting her from this danger n eventually she decided to keep quiet.

Needless to say, the rest of the journey was a very silent affair.


He pulled his SUV to a halt, in front of her building. Moving out of the vehicle he opened her side of the door like some professional chauffeur n waited patiently for the royal queen to step out.

Ms Gupta, you are DRUNK!
he replied glaring at her with his sternest of gaze,when he saw khushi making an pathetic attempt of walking straight, all by herself.

Right statement, wrong timing !

Eh, yes !
That simple statement from Arnav just acted as a catalyst in her already exited n hyper state of mind n as a result she blasted !

She turned towards him n replied in a high voice ,alongside narrowing her eyes at him

In response,He just crossed his arms across his chest,arched his eye brows n tilted his neck, with an ‘oh really‘ expression plastered on his face.

xeroxing the famous Raizada’s expression,khushi too folded her arms,pouted her lips n manually raised her left eye brow ,with the help of her index finger,

See, mine is higher than yours !


He rolled his eyes heavenly.

Ms. Gupta…

He had just started saying something, when he again got interrupted by her,

N what is this Ms Gupta..Ms Gupta?? !”

“My name is KHUSHI







Khussshhhiieee !
Is that clear ? “

She gazed him piercingly n pronounced her name, poking him on his chest after each letter,to made herself more clear.

He just raised his hands in surrender n replied with an mere “okay ”

Cuz by then, arnav Singh Raizada had come to terms with the fact,

Never to mess up with some one who’s heavily drunk !

Definitely Not when its a woman !

And Specially not when they belongs to a very specific category.

The kkg Category !

kind of women,who are tough to handle in their sane state itself.
Forget about the drunkard one.

He shook his head n Hmph-ed in response,when she started again,

“Okay,Gimme your girlfriend ! ”

“Excuse me? “
He replied at the rather awkward demand bombarded at himself.

This time she rolled her eyes,
Offo..your phone ! Gimme your phone

Has she lost it completely?

Khushi kumari Gupta + alcohol,
That combination is more lethal than an atomic bomb.

He removed his blackberry from his trouser’s pocket n placed it on her outstretched palm.

She grabbed it, punched something for a minute n then returned it to him.

Okay..bye bye..thank you 4 the lift…it was awesome..I M awesome..these stars are awesome!!
Pointing towards the sky,she garbled incoherently,anything that came to her mouth n grabbing her bag started making her way towards her apartment,when in the next instant,she found herself being scooped up by a pair of strong muscular arms.

She squealed loudly at the sudden action.

Will you please shut up or atleast Lower your voice..somebody will think that I’m kidnapping you“,
He replied gritting his teeths n walking effortlessly as if she weighed nothing.

She started giggling wildly as if she had just heard the joke of the century and replied lazily,

“You are so stupid..kidnappers don’t dressed up in an Armani suit..plus they normally have a big cut on their face..u don’t have that too!

For the first time in his life, Arnav Singh Raizada was involved in a very strange, weird n awkward kinda conversation, under the roof of stars, with his assistant in his arms,who was explaining him why he can’t be a professional kidnapper ever in his life.

The yet more weirdest n strangest of fact was that, he was starting to enjoy that.

Unknowingly, the corners of his mouth started lifting in what you could called as a grin.

He smirked,shaking his head lightly at her antics and after plastering an innocent n sadistic expression on his face, replied in a voice, dripping with sarcasm.

Oh shit ! So m not eligible enough to be a kidnapper..tsk tsk..my career is finished now !

Opening her eyes with loads of efforts,that were now slowly drooping low, she replied in a equally sympathetic tone,
Don’t loose heart, we’l think of something..”

She then observed his face with so much dedication as if her life’s dependent on finding a cut on that beautiful,chiseled face.

She clapped her hands after spotting that famous n mysterious oh-to-die-for scar,just under his left eye brow,

This will do..whoohoo
She replied with a proud smile n in an attempt to touch that scar,poked into his eyes,

By mistake !

He yelled n fumed n growled.

Yes,all these together.

n replied in a dangerously deathly voice,

“If you dint shut your mouth n control your hands NOW, I swear I’ll throw you down”
He snapped at her,with one eye closed,alongside ascending the stairs,

Needless to say, there was pin drop silence for the rest of the journey.

Where are the keys?
He asked her,slowly lowering her n placing her on her feets and jerked her a little to gain her wayward attention.

She chewed her lips, as if deep in thoughts n then replied after a span of few seconds,

“Keys?? Umm..yes.
They are on the keyboard !

And then she laughed whole heartedly holding her stomach at her innovative,created on-the-spot JOKE !

though its a different matter that calling it a Joke would itself be a Joke on Joke’s part !

After laughing for what seemed like ages and wiping her tears that arised due to excessive laughing, she opened her eyes to came across a face decorated with a lovely n a very wide frown.

Arnav singh raizada, with his arms across his chest and with eyes blazing fire,was glaring at her with an intensity that could melt steel within seconds !

No price for guessing.
Her laughter died,


In my bag
Without further risking her life,she replied meekly,avoiding those eyes, twisting her fingers together.

Glaring at her for the last time,he grabbed her bag n again, for the first time in his life, Arnav Singh Raizada entered in a foreign territory.

Eh yes,in a woman’s bag !

He fynally got hold of her keys in that bag, after passing through various hurdles.for instance,

Lip gloss, face wipes, a packet of chana,some chocolate bars n a pepper spray !

He rolled his eyes at the mini kitchen in front of him in the form of her bag,

keeping her in place by one hand and opening her apartment door with the other,he ushered her inside.

Holding her by her waist n deciding on how to handle the situation of front of him, he was left stumped, when unknowingly she yawned due to the sheer exhaustion n with still closed eyes, threw her arms across his neck and nestled her face on his broad chest.

He gasped and suddenly a liquid adrenaline ran through his entire body at her innocent gesture, causing him to shiver through out.
and his treacherous heart started racing miles per minute

It was the same reaction he had instilled in various women in his past..

just by his single touch.

But was now experiencing himself for the first time ever,being at the receiving end.

but then,Why should girls have all the FUN?

she just mumbled someting, that sounded vaguely similar to “Choco“,


Leaving behind a very stunned n a very HARD Raizada !

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