FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 7

khushi was in a very bright n chirpy mood. Humming a song under her breath n eating her favorite chocolate bar that she had just snatched from jay on her way to the lift, she couldn’t ask for a better start of the day.


She took the elevators n punched 17 on the panel.


That little action always gives her a sense of thrill n satisfaction. She wont be lying to admit that she enjoyed the looks she got from her lift mates, whenever she punched the floor no 17.


The famous PRESIDENTIAL floor !


Where she works under ASR.A nightmare for other employees.

Most of the employees dreaded to visit that floor..more specifically,to face the ASR !

such was his aura.she remembered when she had just joined the Company, she got loads of advices and some warnings on what to do n what not to do in front of ASR.

Ofcourse, she’s very thankful to those well wishers till date.

Quoting ASR as a difficult person,would definitely be an understatement of the century.

He definitely had given a whole new meaning to that word.

And she herself had a hard time dealing with her boss initially.

But over the time, in the last 7 months that she had worked under him, she came across various new shades n aspects of his difficult yet different personality.

The small small things that define him, his habits, his actions and the way he’l react, she gradually came across all,some she discovered herself in that short span of time.

for instance,

The gritting of his teeths n his lips when set in a straight line, is an indication of an upcoming storm, even before he opened his mouth.


The way He wrinkled his nose n rub that particular scar just under his left eye brow indicates that he’s deep, deep in thoughts.

A direct icy n steely glare from his narrowed eyes was an indication that she should just zip up her lips at that moment itself.


The way he just arched his right eye brow a lil upward in amusement ,with a slight tilting of his neck,was his way of appreciating her work


N then, his favorite of all..slamming anything, within reaching distance of his hands..be it folder,file mug,door..any slammable object..his way of exploding.



Sure,action speaks louder than words, this phrase was definitely made exclusively keeping him in mind.




But then,instead of all these, khushi loved her job immensely, loved working under him, loved facing new challenges thrown at her everyday..cuz the satisfaction of accomplishing every challenge successfully to get that particular amused expression on his face with an ‘arched eyebrow’ was definitely equivalent to winning an Oscar award.


Till now, in her virtual piggy bag, she had quite reasonable numbers of ‘arched eyebrows, followed by tones of angry glares’


Her own Treasure!


The ding brought her back to present from her dream world, indicating she had reached her destined floor. The doors opened slowly and she spotted the object of her thoughts at the other end of the foyer.



He was buzy with his second girlfriend.

eh,his blackberry.



Her mind chose to be in the state of inertia n likewise, she continued thinking about him,thereby gazing him from top to bottom.



He was looking stunning,in a charcoal suit and a crisp white shirt underneath.with a thin silk black tie hanging down the front of his broad chest. A lock of hair just escaped from his perfectly gelled hair n was dangling on his forehead. The stubble covering his square chiseled jaw was doing nothing to conceal the handsome features beneath it..and a small oh-to-die-for grin was lingering on his face


This man is so perfect,she thought dazedly.




Yes,she had heard all these kind of things loads of times from her co-workers,and she never paid much attention to that..but now,it looked like she was observing him in a new light altogether.


He was undoubtedly the epitome of male perfection..if not a successful businessman, he could always be a supermodel.


hey, devi maiyaa,how could soemone look so…so…errrm


devilishly handsome n heart breakingly beautiful?


almost Eatable!!!


She sighed heavily, a dreamy expression plastered on her face n goofy lil smile lingering on her lips.

As if sensing her presence, he glanced up from his blackberry at that exact moment.


And the oh-to-die-for smile got converted to a m-gonna-kill-you frown !


Almost instantly !


She jerked back to present,her mouth forming an 0, and the previous night’s incidents started playing in front of her eyes.


Birthday party !





His room !

Mini pool !


Towel !


Oh shit !


His towel..hawww’she forgot to bring it today.



But the look on his face, clearly saying that he dint forget even a single incident.


He folded his arms n narrowed his eyes piercingly, waiting for her to cover the remaining distance.


Khushi kuch kar..he’s gonna explode anytime sooon.

She thought in her panicked mode, biting her nails n covering the distance in small baby steps, waiting for some miracle to happen.


n before she could do anything, her red Gucci pumps, which seemed to have suddenly developed a mind of their own, started traveling towards the direction of ladies room.


She glanced at her watch, 8:55 am.


still 5 minutes for the day to start officially’yes,nothing wrong!

She quickly entered n locked it, though she was sure,a ladies room would be the last place where ASR wanna enter,but still why to risk her life.


After a few minutes,all she could heard was loud pacing n cursing from other side of the door.



then she heard the footsteps walking away laving behind a faint what the !


And fynally a loud SLAMMING of his cabin door.



She released her breath, that was unconsciously on hold for very long



Lion is back in the den..phew !





Khushi was standing outside his cabin door,with a coffee mug in one hand and Economic Times in the other, and her mind was bizzy in giving herself a pep talk about courage n bravery.


Yes,Courage n bravery was what she needed at that moment to enter the Devil’s den.


Hey devi maiyaa..i don’t wanna die young..m not even married!

She closed her eyes, sending a brief prayer to her almighty n released a breath.


Okay khushi,


Devi maiyaa will not send some angel every time you are in trouble.







Arnav was facing out of the floor to ceiling window. No one could make out his actual mood from that calm position but the fact was that he was holding his temper by a very thin thread. That girl very well knows how to rub him the wrong way.So,when there was a knock at his door, the words flowed out of his mouth, almost effortlessly,


He yelled at the top of his voice n turned abruptly to came across akash,who was holding his paper n coffee in both the hands,with an amused expression on his face

sorry bhai..umm’ m not khushi jee'”
He replied grinning n shrugging his shoulders.

Arnav looked around n with still no sign of her,asked in a stern voice

khushi kahan hai?”

bhai,relax ! she’s in the conference room..setting it for the meeting..n don’t worry, she has taken care of everything so effectively and that too at such a short notice..”


All in return akash got was a angry glare from him

Common bhai, don’t be soo hard on her always..you know na, she’s the best in her work!

Oh, the lastest member of khushi kumari Gupta’s fanclub’.huh

He rolled his eyes heavenly

Anyways bhai, this is the Mehta’s file you were asking for, see you in the meeting”


“n yes, membership is free..you can join too ”
With a wink, akash strolled out of the room, whistling all the way.

Leaving behind a stunned ASR,



Did I said that out loud?

what the..


Khushi was preparing the conference room for the upcoming meeting, placing the copies of file on the huge,oval shaped,wooden conference table, in front of each seat, along with some light refreshments.

Perfect !

This particular meeting with Mr Mehta got preponed just at the last minute and she was glad that her work was upto date even before the deadline. The Xeroxes were ready n the presentation was already drafted, just some finishing touches were required that she had done in this morning.

At exactly 10:00 am, Arnav Singh Raizada entered the conference hall along with Akash n 3 other people, clad in business suits.

He glared at khushi who was suddenly very interested in counting the buttons of her shirt.Shaking his head he moved towards the main chair n after initial introduction, the meeting started.

They all walked out of the room after the successful meeting that lasted for a good 45 minutes with positive outcomes.



Thank you Mr Raizada.. we are very excited n looking forward to work with you”


“Same here Mr Mehta, the feeling is mutual”

Arnav replied, shaking hands with the person.


N I must appreciate, a very well organized meeting that was.. m very happy with the outcomes, I wasn’t expecting you to be well prepared n up to date, as it was preponed almost a week in advance”



oh,then I must admit, the credit goes to Ms. Gupta for all this”

Arnav replied casually, shrugging his shoulders.


Khushi’s ears jumped to attention at the sudden mention of her name and she glanced up to saw  the beaming face of Mr. Mehta.



Mr Mehta or more specifically Neel Mehta, was the owner n CEO of Mehta n sons at a very younger age of 30. With 6’2″ height n a face that could give any male model a run for their money, he was no where less that ASR in the physique department but was very rich n wealthy in the smiling department.





That perfect killing smile on his chiseled face could make females fall at his feet n he seemed to be well aware of that fact too and loved to enjoy it immensely


ahh..Ms Gupta..heard a lot about you..wish I could have a perfect assistant like you“, Neel replied enthusiastically showering khushi with a killer n vibrant smile n



thankyou Mr Mehta for the compliment but its my job”

Khushi replied with a innocent grin on her face.


Mr. Mehta??? It sounds like m some retired Old n grumpy guy..

Neel replied adding dramatic effects in his voice plastering a horrible expression on his face which made khushi laughed out loudly, still shaking khushi’s hand.


Ms. Gupta too sounded like im some strict retired old school teacher”

she chuckled joining him in the light banter.




Oh,so she felt like an old school teacher whenever I call her..how dare she!



okay, I’ll call you khushi but  you’ll have to call me Neel !

DEAL ? “

she nodded, shaking his hands, finalizing their just made agreement and both of them chuckled together.

Totally unaware of the pair of hawk eyes that were glaring with an intensity that could melt iron !

Neel Deal ?

so what its rhyming..What’s so funny..Why is she laughing so much..its not the joke of the century..I m not laughing!

He thought mentally, gritting his teeths, his eyes still glued at their joined hands,he felt himself like an outsider interrupting the reunion of two long lost childhood buddies.

What da..!

I m her BOSS  n not him !

Though, some where in his mind he knew, the above was the lamest explanation he had ever come up with.

He saw neel,taking out his phone n punching something on it.

Wait..are they exchanging numbers..that fast???
He narrowed his eyes at both of them,khushi was still saying something to him


He knew Neel was a charmer among ladies n could swoon any female off her feet within minutes of interacting.

very absurdly and from nowhere, a virtual image of khushi grinning gleefully in the arms of Neel,with a very Happie Choco,peacefully settled on neel’s lap, wagging its tail escatedly, as if approving their relationship,crepted in his mind, thereby horrifying him further.

Now that unexpected thought was very very unsettling for ASR which he himself couldn’t explained why and without thinking further,he jumped in between,

Ms Gupta..have you attested the letter from accounts department..i told you yesterday”




Arnav asked in a steely voice,his eyes locked on hers, not doing anything to hide his displeasure.




Due to the sudden interruption, neel released her hands and She replied in a calm voice with a hint of satisfaction,



Yes sir, its already on your desk”



Neel glanced at his watch,widening his eyes,

oh,its very late, Thankyou Mr Raizada ..we’ll meet around next week regarding this project..oh n I just forget..Today’s the launch of our new fashion house, so theres a grand party and YOU people have to come !”


 Arnav dint failed to noticed that ‘YOU PEOPLE” was directed more towards his assistant who nodded her head obediently with a blush lingering on her face,rather that him



But as much as he wanted to deny that offer, his professional side overtook his angry side and he just nodded replied with a shake.


kay, Great then. Will see you in the evening”

With that Neel n his associates started moving with Arnav walking them towards the elevator door.


Khushi sat on her chair n kept reading the file on her lap, when she felt his footsteps moving towards her desk,

She could felt his steely gaze on her.


NO,don’t you dare look up khushi kumari gupta if you wanna be alive,

She thought mentally n fought the very strong urge to look up with all ounces of control she could manage,and started scribbling something on the file at her hand..just to show how deeply immersed she was in the file.


Few seconds later, all she heard was a loud, very loud SLAMMING of his cabin door that echoed the whole floor


She closed the file n glanced towards his cabin n released her breath prayed,

Hey devi maiyaa..a bade wala thank to the one who invented the doors!


And happily went back to finish her pending works.








By 4:00 pm, she had completed all her major pending tasks and was waiting for Arnav who was on the round. She was hell tired from continuously sitting on her chair from last 3 hours, she stretched on her seat, stretching her hands fully as much as she can with 180 degree angle between the two,her breasts jutted out, her head leaning back on the chair armrest, she yawned like a chiseled cat as if she hadn’t slept in last 6 months.



Now,that made a very..errm sexy..yes,sinfully sexy sight for a certain Raizada, who chose to enter at that point of time, talking on his blackberry.


And the frown of minutes ago, got slowly replaced by a stunned expression ! !



The hard expressions leaving his face slowly and started traveling somewhere else.


SOUTH, to be more specifically !


Khushi fell from her seat n jerk back to present when she heard someone clearing his throat.


Oh shit !

Why devi maiya..why always you choose him to be the sole spectator of these incidents..hain?

She complained to her goddess mentally



She sat up and quickly grabbing a pen replied in the best voice she could manage,

v..vo sir,I was waiting for you.. I need your signatures over here”



He nodded with an expressionless face and started moving towards his cabin when she interrupted again,

sir,i guess there’s a delivery for you”

Khushi informed him smilingly, pointing towards the elevator door, from where a delivery boy was approaching them with a huge bouquet of  purple n pink orchids.




N for the first time that day, he smiled..though internally !


He loved gardening n tending to plants. It was his way of releasing the pent up tensions. Though he preferred flowers more in the garden rather than in a bouquet,but they still hold the powers to made him smile.


His eyes twinkled with joy on holding the huuugggeee bouquet n he search for the note, mentally thanking that person already for that wonderful gesture.


After reading the note, the eyes that were shimmering with unsaid joy were now throwing daggers at the creature in front of him.


The soothing orchids were now nothing more than thorny orchids !


He pushed the bouquet into khushi’s hand who was observing him with an questioning expressions on her face,



He replied through gritted teeths n strolled out.


Seconds later, all she heard was a LOUD SLAMMING of his cabin door for the nth times that day.




The poor cabin door was this much close to lodging a domestic violence complaint against a certain Raizada who was now pacing furiously at the other side !



Certainly, The phrase, “Do or die” should be rephrased as ‘Door die’,


solely keeping Raizada Doors  in mind.

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