FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 6

Yes Aman, arrange a meeting with Mr Mehta tomorrow itself

No,no.. it want it by tomorrow..h..hello…aman,hello.. can u hear me?


Damn this Network!

A visibly fumed Arnav Singh Raizada,muttered some profanities under his breath, staring at the innocent blackberry,with a m-gonna-eat-you-up expression plastered over his face n huffingly strolled out of the pool area.


Khushi entered the now silent n cold room.Doing a quick scan,she spotted the attached washroom n slowly made her way towards it,glancing across the room n appreciating the beauty alongside.

Not even a single item was out of its place, except a fluffy white towel,that too was folded neatly n placed on the bed.

Not even a single speck of dust could be spotted there!

She felt like she had entered in a expensive suite of some 5 star hotel.

The room was undoubtedly perfect.

PERFECT to the very core!

The exquisite furniture, the dressing table almost twice in size as compared to hers, the giant LCD dominating the room,the king size bed,the extra large walkin closets and French doors leading to a pool, were giving it a royal kinda look.

The room was undoubtedly royal n grand but somethin bugged in her extra curious mind. It certainly was lacking the feel of a married couple’s room.

she scanned the room again.

Her brows now bunched up in confusion. Not even a single picture of Anjali n shyam ji.

Strange !

She remembered her own bedroom. There was hardly any space on the front wall, facing her bed cuz it was packed with zillions of pictures n collages..some of her dad, her mom,their family pic, then some of her best buddies from school, few from college, some of Salmaan’s n yes n loads of hers n Choco’s together.

she always wakes up n stared at them smilingly, first thing in the morning.

But here in this room,all that was present were few pieces of abstract art that were hardly making any sense to her.

Khushi ki bachchi, dats none of your business..may be dats how they prefer.
She scolded herself mentally.

but then her face lit up with a smile on spotting various pictures of Avni placed together on the night stand, beside the bed.

Aww…how sweet !

n then she made her way to the washroom,humming a song, alongside showing her dance skills in the empty room.

Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar..

hookah baar…”


Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar…

hoookah baar…”

Khushi exited the washroom after cleaning her dress,in the same playful mood, humming the same catchy song she had once listen in the morning.

Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar…


However this tym, the hooo was followed by a loud shrieking n a horrible


Her mouth opened wide in shock, her jaw literally sort of touching the floor n her eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Courtesy, the scene in front of her !

There she saw, a weird looking creature, sitting on the center of the king size bed.

She rubbed her eyes n narrowed them even more to focus her gaze.

Looked at it again

gasped in horror..some more!

and shrieked again.

Cuz, that weird looking creature was none other than Her chaand-ka-tukda,

her lovely Choco,that had magically turned into an

Errm…quite an UGLY Choco !

Hey devi maiya !


Anjali spotted arnav,pacing in the hall, talking into his earpiece.

Oops..chotey aur yahan??
She asked herself in confusion.

Uff..he’ll not let me succeed in my plans.he may be one of the most shrewd businessman, but when its the matter of these things, he is as smart as a log of wood.

She rolled her eyes n marched towards her brother.

Chotey,what you doing here? U said u have to attend an urgent call

Anjali asked after making the most innocent face ever possible on the face of earth.

Di,vo dere was some network problem..”

Chotey, its so much noice over here..you will get disturb..go to your room..m sure, u’ll get proper signals now

Anjali replied, her voice up by few notches now, to justify her claim.

Arnav glanced around the room in suspicion,questioning himself as to why Di is shouting when he could listen everything quite clearly.

Did she spend more than reasonable time with khushi?

No di, its perfectly Okay !
He replied casually shrugging his shoulders.

No, its NOT okay!
not for someone, whom I have sent upstairs,so that you both can indulge in some actions.

Besides, I so want to buy that Rs 71k lehenga, I had spotted in that mall, to wear in your wedding.

And I’m so not letting you spoil my plans !

She rolled her eyes mentally n tapped her feet to decide on her next course of action.

A rather thick headed brother she has got !

Next instant her eyes lit up like 1000 watt bulbs,

Chotey,the decoration is so lovely..haina? “Anjali replied,flashing a smile n waving her hand in the general direction of the hall.

Arnav turned to glance at the room, n the next instant,

The soft drink,that was firmly placed in Anjali’s hand, landed magically on his shirt n started traveling its journey downwards..dripping him altogether.

Eh,yes…Magically !

Hawww..chotey, m soo sorry..vo hamara dhyaan pata nahi kahan...”

She gasped in shock n turned to chotey,with a childlike innocence plastered all over her face.

Anjali,u could be the next Aishwarya Rai..U should definitely try your hand in bollywood.

She patted herself mentally,for her superb acting skills.

Di,don’t panic, its okay..I mean..its just a shirt !


she literally pushed a very confused Arnav Singh Raizada, upstairs..whose mind was flooding with questions on the sudden weird behavior of his Di.

and the sensible part of mind came up with the only answer possible,

Khushi kumari Gupta’s traits are more contagious than bird or swine flu!

Indeed !


Chocccooo…get up…move your lazy ass…

A horror faced,panic stricken khushi yelled at the creature that was buzy in rubbing itself on the fluffy white towel, quite enjoying himself,perfectly unaware of the rest of the world.

Move..its not our home

Hey devi maiya,what will Anjali ji think !

She bite her nails in panic,staring at the king size bed, that was now a mini pool in itself.

She knew, its Choco’s favorite habbit.he loved doing stretching n rubbing on his towel,on her bed,after taking bath everyday.

But that creature was hardly aware, that the above rule is only applicable to their home n their bed.

Definitely not when the home n bed belongs to a certain Devil Raizada.

She tried to yank the towel off him,which in turn made him more alert n he hold the towel in a death like grip,securing it safe between his sharp teeths now,

Unable to understand,why his momma cum maalkin is not cuddling him,the way she do always.

Leaaavvveee it dammit…

she raised her voice at the stubborn dog who was now hell bent on behaving ASRish today.

Choco left the death like grip on the towel instantly, as a result,she jerked backward with a force n thereby collided with a hard,solid wall.

She wriggled somewhat in her current position n her brows bunched up in confusion.

Devi maiyaa, from when do walls started having, what seems like

Manly abs ?

And That too ..1..2..3..4..5..6
Yeah, 6 !

she mentally counted ,after feeling them

n then the reality dawned onto her!

Besides, Choco barking at something over her shoulder,confirmed her suspicion.

Certainly, the dog was not stupid enough to bark on an innocent wall.

Devi maiyaa helllppp !

Her heart jumped up to her throat..n briefly closing her eyes,she turned around to came face to face with the live 400 volt hypertension wire !

His eyes blazing anger, his nostrils fuming, his teeths gritted n set in a straight like was enough to explain that he was bordering on explosion, but then Arnav Singh Raizada thought of approaching this situation in a different manner.

Taking a deep, very deep breath to calm his anger, he closed his eyes briefly, opening them again, he looked directly into hers, crossing his arms across his chest, he asked her in a surprisingly calm tone,

I think I owe an explanation, as to what’s thie HELL is going on in MY room ?

Arching an eyebrow towards the bed, where choco that had just decided to act as a silent spectator, was now watching the action movie going on infront of him.

TOO lazy to bark now!

A king size bed n a action thriller!
What more a dog can ask for?

Arnav was Hoping against hope that maybe she could give him an actual, valid explanation about the mess going on !


Her eyebrows bunched up further at the latest question cum revelation.

But then reality crashed down onto her,for the second time rather!

She now glanced at the room again n everything seems to be falling into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Oh, how did she missed dat !

The beyond perfect, dark n grey room !

The senseless abstract arts !

The same taste in luxurious material,as in his cabin.

Oh shit..every damn thing was screaming Arnav Singh Raizada from the very beginning, with a bright neon flash sign!

She gasped in horror

His bed !

Gasped some more,

His towel !

Devi maiyaa..I am coming !

shall i commit suicide by jumping into his pool?

why is earth not opening to swallow me?

however,her train of thoughts came to an abrupt halt when the devil came forward n grabbed her arms in a deathly grip, his eyes blazing anger,his hot breath coming onto her face and his ears emitting steam.

This was ASR at its worst.

and she could clearly saw, a neon sign flashing DANGER, howering over his head.

He opened his mouth n she closed her eyes,with her heart pounding loud in her chest,waiting for the volcano to erupt!

n then it was followed by a shrill

Tring tring…

The innocent blackberry too thought of playing a guest role in this rather interesting action movie going on.

she quickly opened her eyes at the ray of hope,shimmered over her,from out of nowhere.

she never had been so happy in her entire life.

Not even when she was born.

not even when she finished up 4th in a 400 m race,thats a different matter altogether that only 8 students participated.

ASR was momentarily torn between the situation,
To YELL or to attend the CALL !

ofcourse,the later won !

he gritted between his teeths, glaring her with a hard,stealy n icy gaze and then punched the green button on his black berry !

khushi couldnt have asked for a more better opportunity to escape.

Choco…bhaaag !!!!!!

she ducked n picked up the towel,lying on the floor n then both the mother son duo, made their way to wards the door.


sir,i’ll return the towel after washing and drycleaning !!!

those were the last words that were now echoing in the otherwise silent room, with an equally shocked ASR standing in between.

watching to n fro,with a stunned expression 

towards the door

then to his dripping shirt

n then to his mini pool cum bed!
What the HELL did just happened?


The dinner was still a very nosy affair, with everyone chatting around n enjoying themselves.

Yes, including khushi n Choco too !

Ofcourse,they were safe in the presence of others.

Except a certain Raizada, who mysteriously refused to smile for the rest of the evening,with his lips spread into a straight line,showing his displeasure, and he was quite bizy in drilling holes into a mother-son pair, with his hard stare, throughout the dinner.

Clearly telling Anjali that her masterplan had pathetically failed !

The 71k lehenga could wait for sometime !


With Akash offering to drop them home, khushi couldnt have asked for more !

The volcano can wait to erupt till next morning.

Sitting on the passenger seat, with choco on her lap, she twirled a lock of hair, closed her eyes n sighed heavily.

The adventurous day had fynally came to an end.

That day she went home,

after gaining loads of love from Raizada family !

after making so many new friends

and after taking a certain someone’s TOWEL,stuffed deep in her bag !

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