FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 5

The awe-some threesome entered the Raizada Mansion after a very un-eventful journey.

with an alert Choco leading ahead of both Arnav n Khushi.

Sniffing all the way for any probable sign of danger.

Just like a dog on a mission from anti bomb squad.

Glancing back over his shoulders,after every few seconds to check the safety of his momma cum maalkin and occasionally barking once or twice in his direction, to indirectly tell him that he was being watched.

With Khushi being bizy in observing the mesmerizing beauty of Raizada Mansion that was decorated like some grand palace to host the birthday of their princess.

and with arnav being bizy in cursing his fate for being trapped in this totally unwanted what the kind of situation.

Not that he believed in one.

But still,somebody had to take the blame for him being in this situation.

The stupid dog now pricking in his eyes like a thorn, who was now trailing ahead of them wagging his tail like a king walking in his territory.

He rolled his eyes.

Like mother, like son !

Unique samples.

They crossed the main doors and entered the hall.

To say it was beautiful would probably be an understatement of the century.

The whole mansion was Decorated with tiny fairy lights,white n pink balloons scattered everywhere in the grand hall.

Pink n royal purple colored Gossamer was being draped throughout the room, giving it a royal castle look.

The whole place was giving a feel of some magical land from a fairy tale.

Her heart swelled with joy.

It was indeed some place she frequently visited in her dreams.

And then she spotted the center of attraction.

Avni !

The cute lil princess was looking heart breakingly beautiful in a purple n pink ruffled knee length frock, with a lil crown over her head,a magical wand in one hand n a ball in another hand to complete her fairy look.

and that heart stopping smile on her face could probably melt any stone.


The above word reminded her of a certain someone n she spared a glance at her stoney boss.

His eyes were also now shimmering with joy n happiness on looking at his princess.

Anjali spotted the three of them entering n her face immediately shimmered with a 1000 watt smile.

Taking Avni in her arms she made her way towards them,

What took you people so long..hun?
Anjali questioned strictly, with a mock anger adoring her face.

In response, Arnav just glared at khushi piercingly n crossing his arms across his chest, signaled her to respond to this particular question

khushi just flashed a nervous grin and trying to come up with some excuse, when Avni started giggling,squealing n hopping in her mothers lap.

Avni threw the ball from her hand, n like an obedient dog, Choco instantly comes in action,went runningly,grabbed the ball in his mouth n gave it back to Avni thereby wagging his tail n licking her tiny feets.

Avni started giggling happily at this action and hopped up n down more in excitement.

Anjali looked at the dog lovingly and said,

Aww..and who we have here now. what’s his name khushiji?

Di,he’s Choco“,
Khushi bend n picked up Choco, lovingly scratching him behind his ears, she introduced him to both of them.

Avni’s joy was boundless on seeing the new creature, Happily expressing by mumbling something incoherent n touching the dog,totally fearless.

Anjali aww-ed in response,
Choco is so lovely..Haina chotey?
gleefully asking his brother who was standing n watching this whole conversation with a stern expression.

Lovely dog?
My foot !

He growled mentally.

If only he would have given a chance,he could write an entire thesis on how much he detest that particular creature.

He opened his mouth to explode n convey some of his thoughts into words but soon Anjali interrupted,

Aaiye khushi ji, aapko baki sab se milwate hain”,
saying that Anjali dragged khushi away n took her to the place where other family members were standing.


Khushi was standing in one corner,finally having a moment to herself n happily observing the family.

She was elated to say the very least. The Raizadas were very friendly n so down to earth.

Going by the experience she had, of knowing a certain devilish Raizada, she was pleasantly surprised to meet them all who welcomed her with opened arms n more opened hearts.

She instantly liked all of them..Nani, Mama and errm..mami too welcomed her whole heartedly. She discovered that the head of the family nani was indeed the most jolly n open hearted person she had ever met. She had an charm n persona of her own.nani might be the most elderly there but a complete child at heart.

She looked at the oh-so-much-in-love couple, Anjali n Shyam n a smile automatically made its way on her lips.

Shyam was whispering something in anjali’s ears n she was inturn blushing a deeper shade of red n smaking lightly on his arms.

Simply the couple made in heaven.
She shook her head, smiling mentally.

Their love for each other could be seen shimmering in their eyes. Shyam was the most caring husband n the most doting father one could expect, he instantly made her  comfortable in his company n seconds later,both khushi n shyam were chatting like long lost siblings with their light banters n teasings dedicated towards Anjali.

She glanced at another couple Mamaji n mamiji n couldn’t help but a chuckle escaped her mouth.

Another lovely yet complete opposite couple. The tip top fashion conscious in her own way mamiji n the very humble,caring n soft spoken Mamaji.

N then there was Akash.Though he himself was the COO of the organization, but he always treats her like a close buddy. They just mingled like best pals, with each other whenever akash had to made a visit to arnav.

Today also akash acted like a perfect dost cum host, introducing her to everyone,even the Prakash brothers.

Ah, sucha wonderful family..just like her own.

Smiling lazily she glanced across-ed the room and her gaze fell on Arnav Singh Raizada,standing few feets apart from her n was as expected behaving in his character now.

A scowl adorning his chiseled face n he was growling at one of the prakash brothers she had just met,who was holding a tray of jalebi n a horrible expression plastered on his face, as if he was just been caught for murdering someone.

She shook her head at the scene,

Devi Maiyaa,Is he an adopted child?

I mean like seriously, look at Anjali Di or akash n then look at him.
She shook her head n before she could attempt the question ‘state 10 differences between Devil Raizada n his siblings“, she was again grabbed forward by an exited Anjali for the cake cutting ceremony n she mingled with the crowd once again.


Arnav was leaning on the banister of the stairs,his legs loosely crossed at the ankles n he was bizy in checking his blackberry for the mails. Occasionally scanning the room to saw the laughing n glowing faces of his family members.

Oh,he loved seeing them happy.

How much he hated his business parties n attend them just for the sake, but he just loved these familiar occasions which always tied his family in a yet strong bond of love. Subconsciously, his gaze traveled more n landed on a very amusing scene.

There he saw at few distance from him,khushi holding Avni in her hands n talking to her in a childish lingo.

Throwing her in the air,catching her back n making her giggle.

Laughing  herself like some innocent child n joining Avni in the process,tickling her here n dere. Her laughter sounded like some string of pearls tinkling together. The shimmering joy glowing in her eyes was so unadulterated n so pure that unknowingly the corners of his mouth started twitching n a smile made its way on his lips.

He couldn’t explain why, but a feeling of contentment settled in his heart.

The scene was so mesmerizing that he couldn’t avert his eyes.

Hell, even if he wanted to.

An unknown bliss started settling in his heart at that beautiful display of pure emotions going on, without the care of rest of the world.

Pure innocent unadulterated emotions !

Hard to tell, whose the child here !
He thought mentally n shook his head,grinning lightly.

Now,that would make a very amusing sight for anybody who knows him professionally.

Because ASR never smiled!

hell, definitely not, when the object of his attention happened to be his crazy assistant.

He had seen her mingling instantly with his family members and without a ounce of doubt he could tell, they all loved her.

even at one point he had noticed her talking animatedly n laughing whole heartedly with all the prakash brothers, who were all acting shy n smiling coyly as if they were talking to their perspective future bride.

It won’t be wrong to admit,she definitely was one of a kind.

The kind,who spread happiness..unknowingly, without putting much of an effort.

she could turn any dullest environment upside down n lively within seconds.

Oh yes !
Being her boss from the past 7 months, he was now quite aware of that fact.

She never failed to render him speechless.

She had the audacity to stand proudly in front of him when she’s right.

From when do you start observing her so sincerely ASR?
The devilish n sane part of his mind questioned him abruptly.

But the part that prefers drooling over answering that particular question overtook n ASR continued to float in his dreamland.

The blackberry forgotten in his hands now.

Watching Avni giggling in her arms was such a blissful scene and his heart started bursting with a shimmer of joy n glee.

The smirk turned to a loop side grin

And the loopside grin turned to a full fledged smile

All this just in a matter of few seconds

Still in his dazed state,unknowingly words started escaping his mouth.

ah,perfect..so beautiful ..

Which one chotey?
The lil one, the big one or BOTH?

hun..BOTH di
Arnav replied in a whisper..still in his tranceland.

but then, reality dawned on to him, when the next instant he was showered with a giggling voice.

Oh hell!

Blurting these kind of things in front of anjali Di was probably more scarier than accidentally drinking poison.

Shit shit shit !

but then prefect Raizada as he was, he suddenly masked his drooling expression under the tough demeanor n replied sternly to his Di, dat he was sure would be of no use in front of her,

What Di? “

Cake..vo m talking about the cake chotey, which one will you take, the lil slice, the big one or both?
Anjali asked blinking her lashes innocently, more than normal, showing him the plate that contained 2 slices of sugarfree cake,

Oh, he knew dis look of di !

He could smell the trouble. Better not take any risk.

Di,m going to my room, have a call to attend
He snatched the plate n stormed away glancing one last time at khushi n Avni,still bizy among themselves, leaving a giggling Anjali behind.

BOTH…hmmm !


Yes aman. Tell Mr. Mehta, we want all the paperwork to be finished by tomorrow itself
Arnav said in the bluetooth, talking to aman n pacing the pool side area.

No..its okay..tell him to

however, his talk got disrupted, when suddenly a green colored ball slowly rolled out of somewhere n stopped right beside his feets.

He turned around to saw the latest entrant in his Hate list standing at a distance wagging its tail n looking greedily at the ball.

How dare this stupid dog entered here !

He frowned, bend n picked up the ball to throw it out of the room as he could barely stand his presence for longer than a second.

But then

He looked at the ball

Then at the dog


Then at the pool

An evil grin making its way on his lovely face.

The kind of grin that often displayed whenever he was about to bag an important deal from under his opponent’s nose.

And then he dropped the ball.

So, the ball landed there, where it definitely wasn’t supposed to be.


followed by Choco jumping behind it, with a loud

S P L A S H !!!!!

hmm…yes aman, where was I ?


Di,vo I have spilled this drink on my dress..can you please show me the way to the washroom?
Khushi turned to Anjali handling Avni to her.

Yeah, she had accidentally spilled the ‘fruity’ on her dress when she was trying to take a sip from Avni’s fruity n the child grabbed it back.

Aww..its a lovely dress Khushi ji,ise dho leejiye varna stain jayega nahi..you can use my room, come I’ll show

Upstairs,third room on the left
Anjali said to khushi, standing at the foot of the stairs.

“Thanks Di..hum bas abhi aaye

Sure khushi ji, m waiting here only

Watching the retreating back of khushi,Anjali turned to her daughter,

Avnieee..gimme a hi five darling!

Avni raised her tiny palms n grinningly joined her mum, in what seemed to be their fun gesture totally unaware of the actual reasons behind that.

Sorry khushi ji !

Sorry chotey !

and a same evil grin..just like his brother’s, slowly made its way on her lips and settled there !

n she made her way to the crowd, humming all the way..

Hum tum…

Ek kamre me band aur …”

La la la la !Evil Smile

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