FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 4

The day passed away in a blink of an eye

More precisely,for khushi !

The marathon,that she had started in the morning, from his cabin, continued throughout the day.

She barely had any moment to relax.

If she had thought that arnav will soften up a bit, courtesy the birthday invitation and the fact that she will be their guest for tonight,

She realized just how terribly wrong she was!

Need not to mention,ASR was furious than ever.

Taking his frustration out on this rather unexpected guest,in the only way possible.

The Raizada style!

She visited the store room,located on ground floor,umpteenth times that day,to fetch things he wanted very very urgently,rather!

Yeah,that’s what he had said.

She made coffee several times that day,to be ultimately rejected by him just cuz he felt somethin was missin’ in them n they weren’t perfect like always.

She xeroxed 30 copies of a huge pile of papers,whereas other times he only asked for 5 or 6 at maximum.

She was dead on her feat after standing for like hours in the utility room.

She had to literary threw both payal n jay out of her cabin, who were nagging her to take a well deserved lunch break.

Ah,if only they knew,how much of a heartless creature her boss was.


Khushi was still immersed in a file n typing simultaneously when Arnav exited from his cabin with his coat hanging loosely in one and his laptop bag in other hand.

Ah,a very fruitful day it had turned out for him.
He thought glancing towards her.

Work wise?  NO !

He dint want those very very urgent items within nano seconds.

The coffee was perfect…like always!

and,Those Xerox..he dint even need them..he already had enough copies in his drawer!

he had checked that before ordering her.

But still, he felt satisfied !

Very much !

Yes,and this feelin’ of satisfaction is much much better than that unknown and uninvited feelin that he had experienced in the morning.

He quickly put a brake on his thoughts that were entering in an unknown n dangerous territory.

Collecting his thoughts and plastering that ever friendly scowl on his face, he marched towards her desk.

Pack your stuff in 2 minutes. I’m leaving for home
Arnav said in a stern voice,alongside checking his wrist watch.

Khushi halted in her actions,n glanced up to meet his steely gaze,the frown on his face clearly displaying how much he detested giving her the lift.

I’ll just complete this sir..It’ll take only few minutes,you said you need this letter tomorrow morning“, khushi replied looking at the work in her hand.

Ms Gupta, you can work the whole night for all I care,but Di expects me to be your driver for tonight..so you better close that right now cuz I don’t want to be late
Arnav snapped at her, gritting his teeths and gazing her piercingly.

She jumped in her seat, nodded her head in approval n started arranging the papers.

Yes,Anjali had texted him in the noon,asking him to reach before 8 pm, that’s when the party’s gonna start. He checked his watch,

6:00 pm

Enough time !

In fact more than enough time..he could reach home in 15-20 minutes at max!

He glanced at khushi who was quickly shuffling the heaps of papers from one drawer to another,

Acting as if the world is gonna end if she wasted even a nano second.

She turned off her system quickly n packed her bags, stuffing things into it in record time n within a minute she was by his side, all set to leave.

Fast enough,eh?

Eh yes, Ms Gupta. I want that letter first thing in the morning,duly checked and attested by the accounts department

He turned around and started walking towards his private lift.

Leaving a stunned & shocked khushi behind.

Huh..Devil !


Khushi was biting her nails worriedly and was immersed deep,very deep in her thoughts.

Khushi, Dar mat..bol de!

She thought mentally,encouraging herself to speak infront of the devil.

Hey devi Maiyaa..help me..how do I tell him this..please show me some way!
she pleaded to her goddess,nervousness n fear gripping her heart.

just tell him khushi..he’ll not eat you up..or vaise bhi its not your fault..u havnt done any crime..stop panicking n just tell him.

Either spit it out what you have to say or SHUT UP COMPLETELY!

Arnav,who was driving his SUV,snapped at khushi,seated at the passenger seat who was mumbling n whispering something under her breath since he had started driving.

She turned in her seat completely to look at him now and said hesitatingly, in a voice gripped with nervousness,

v..vo..sir, can you take me to my home first..please?

Oh,she thinks I’m her servant n she owns this car.

Arnav snapped,a bit more angrily this time.

V..vo sir,Prem must be waiting for me,I can’t leave him alone like this
She replied in a voice barely above a whisper, her eyes downcast and her fingers twisting each other in nervousness.

That’s when, Arnav felt another strange errm..feeling entering him.

One of those feelings..that tells you something is not going right..

Not going the way you want.

Somethin that unsettled him n he couldn’t quite explain,why.

And he felt himself experiencing the same treacherous emotion,that very emotion..he first came across in the morning.


Her husband?

He quickly spared a glance at her fingers.

No engagement band.

No wedding band either.

No,this cant be possible.

Her employee records doesnt state that she’s married..as per her records,he knew she lives alone in this city due to her job and her family is settled in Lucknow.she’s a single child,so no prospect of Prem being his brother either. he knew that much only.

It dint say anything that she’s married or that sort.

Yes,Prem definitely can’t be her husband,for sure!

Arnav felt himself relaxing a bit at that thought and he couldn’t give an appropriate reason,as to why he felt that way.

Is she a divorcee then?

umm..may be a single mother.

Prem could be his son,though.

Now,This thought was a lil less unsettling than the previous one, and he questioned her a bit softly this time,

umm…your Son?

She just nodded her head,not meting his gaze this time.

and Arnav felt his previous anger leaving him somewhat.

Somewhere, deep in one secluded corner of his heart, he felt kinda guilty, for deliberately putting her through trouble that day.

She’s a single working mother, who lives alone in this city..arn’t things enough on her plate that you try to add yet more..everyday.
A voice raised in the back of his mind and surprisingly this time,he dint try to shut that off.

He won’t be lying, if he’l say that he felt a very sudden edge to errm…apologize for his today’s behavior.

Arnav Singh Raizada felt like apologizing to someone who’s not even his family member.

Now,That’s a FIRST !

So..umm..does he live alone, when you are at work“,
Arnav asked politely, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

The tone of unexpected politeness in his voice, relaxed khushi a bit, and she relaxed.sighing deeply she replied,

There is this granny,that lives next door..she lives all alone, so she takes care of Prem through the day and she’s very fond of him..had she not been there,i dont know,how I would have coped.

Arnav just hmm-ed in response,feeling slightly sympathetic towards his assistant.

 for the first time rather.

They both covered the rest of the journey in silence,with both of them deep in thoughts, giving each other spaces,with khushi occasionally opening her mouth to tell him the directions.


He pulled his SUV outside his apartment building. She unlatched the seatbelt, opened the door, and asked him worriedly,

Umm..sir,it will take just few minutes, I’l be quick..pakka

Arnav couldn’t help but ended up replying,

It’s Ok Ms Gupta, take your time..umm,I guess, we are early. It’s still time for the party to start“,
He said glancing at his wrist watch.

Ofcourse, this is the least you can do Raizada, he thought mentally.

Her face lit up quickly and she replied a bit more relaxed.
Are you sure sir? You can come in then..”

As much as he wanted to deny that offer, he couldn’t help but following her upstairs.

She quickly unlocked her apartment,that was located on third floor and invited him in,
Sir, please have a seat..I’ll just be back“,

Saying that she made her way out of the apartment to her neighbor’s.

Arnav glanced at the modest looking apartment, situated in a peaceful surrounding.

It wasn’t huge like his mansion, but large enough for two people that comprises of two bedrooms,hall n a kitchen. The living room was airy and spacious, neatly decorated, with light pastel shades adoring the walls.

There was a kind of positivity that lingered in the air,

The kind of aura,where you started loosening your tensions, instantly.

He felt himself relaxing a bit n after observing,he started walking lazily towards the sofa.

Oh,so that’s the reason from where she gets all the courage to stand proudly in front of me.
n unknowingly, his lips started twitching at the slightest

He was slightly amused today, after knowing a new side of his crazy assistant.

How difficult it must have been for her to have you as a boss n to take care of a child at home too.
The same voice raised again n he couldn’t help but appreciating her for her efforts,mentally.

The voices coming from the door, broke his trance and he turned around with a lil smile still plastered on his face to meet with Khushi and her son pre..

Oh wait !

Whats that?

Prem,her son

is nothing but a white Labrador retriever!

A bloody DOG !

W*F !


Needless to say, all the sympathy,the newly discovered softness,a tinge of apology,he was feeling for this girl,throughout the way, vanished away in thin air.

almost instantly!

n a familiar set of emotions that consists of fury,anger and rage entered him within seconds.

and as expected,he behaved in the only way he’s aware of

He yelled at top of his voice.


arnav snapped at Khushi,furiously frowning n gritting his teeths as if she had just committed the biggest mistake of her life.

Khushi who was still cuddling her pet,glanced up to met his icy gaze n replied,

Y..yes sir,vo I have adopted him..so technically he is my son na..
She replied blinking her eyes innocently,looking back n forth between Prem n arnav.

Arnav stood there with an complete what the look adoring his face,

Unbelievable man !

But U never mentioned its a bloody DOG?

U never asked me sir
she replied instantly,

She then realized that she really never mentioned she’s talking about a dog, but then its wasn’t her fault, its just she never treats him like one. He’s as important family member as her mom,dad or her aunt.

Biting her lips in panic,she knew she was at fault here.

Khushi, from next time don’t forget to add the post script that Prem is a dog,
She scolded herself mentally,

Oh,I’m so  sorry Ms Gupta, I should have asked you,Is Prem a dog,by any chance, eh ?” Arnav replied adoring an amused expression on his face and arching his eyebrows at her.

and who in the sane state of mind named their dog as PREM in the first place..its a guys name
He yelled at her,fumingly now.

v..vo sir, I love Salmaan khan..n in most of his movies his characters are named PREM only..so…b..but his real name is CHOCO..cuz I love chocolates more than Salmaan..Prem is just for you know formal use..
She blabbered grinning nervously twisting her fingers together.

No,she did not just said that !

He shook his head unable to believe the weirdest reason behind a weird dog name.

But then realisation dawned on him.

Oh,he should have known it earlier.

Here,he is dealing with none other than Khushi Kumari Gupta and She need not to have logics behind her actions.

where as khushi was still blabbering unaware of the storm brewing inside him,

You can also call him Choco, he also prefers Choco more than Prem ..aur...”

Completely frustrated by the turn of events and unable to take it anymore,he grabbed her upper arms n yelled furiously,

JUST SHUT UP n Listen you Khushi kumari Gupta..I have tolerated you enough for today..another word from your mouth and...”

However,he couldn’t complete whatever he wanted to say cuz the next instant Choco started growling n barking at him at the top of his voice,alongside attacking his Limited edition,hand stitched shoes with his paws.

Oh f*ck!

Khushi screamed mentally in panic,

Hey devi maiyaa, this Choco is ensuring that ASR will sign my resignation letter first thing in the morning.

Choco..STOP IT..is this the way to behave with your guests?
khushi yelled at Choco glaring at him angrily, before bending n scratching him behind his ears.

As a result,the-knight-in-the-shining-armour for khushi kumari Gupta halted in his actions and looked at his momma-cum-maalkin lovingly.

You are a good boy..no, go to the kitchen now..I’ll feed you there
She said rubbing him lovingly on his back.

Choco obediently followed the order n made his way to the kitchen, wagging his tail all the way.

But only after barking thrice,at a frowned n furious Raizada.

huh..stubborn dog. Another form of Devil Singh Raizada in my life.
Khushi rolled her eyes mentally.

Quickly sending a prayer before she stood up n faced the devil,

errm..sir, m really really sorry about this whole mess,p..please have a seat sir, I’ll just take 5 minutes to change..pakka

and before giving him any chance to respond she made her way to the kitchen.

Almost runningly !

Arnav threw his hands in frustration n started pacing the length n breadth of the living room.

Finally after calming somewhat down and with nothing else to do, he sat on the sofa, angrily.

Oh,as much as he wanted to pull his hair at that moment, it certainly wasn’t the Bestest of option.

After few minutes of roughly flipping through the pages of a women’s magazine, arnav glanced up to found that whats-his-name dog sitting on the sofa,just in front of him and staring at him directly in his eyes.

n for the first time,ASR averted his eyes.

Foreign Territory !

Flipped few more pages,glanced up and again..same state.

This time however, ASR threw the magazine on the sofa, crossed his arms across his chest and started staring at the dog with the same piercing n icy gaze.

eh, tit for tat !

It was like some Look-into-the-eyes game goin on,where the first one to avert the eyes, is declared as the LOOSER !

And here in this case, None of them were willing to loose.

ASR’s gaze was turning icy n steely.
His frown grewing bigger

similarly,Choco who was now on all fours, started growling lowly, as if challenging him equally.

ASR was literally this close from engaging into a physical fight with the dog when another voice interrupted their fighting session.

Sir, I’m ready..Choco baby, let’s go
an exited khushi declared to her boss n scratched her dog lovingly.

He got up instantly with a shocked face, his earlier frown returning, and he declared growlingly pointing towards the dog,


Her smile turned down instantly,and she looked to m fro between the devil n the dog,

S..Sir, m really really sorry on behalf of him..I dnt know what happened to him today,otherwise he really is a well behaved boy..

errm..I mean dog”
Khushi replied nervously biting her tongue between her teeths.

All she get in response was an oh-really look from him.

Sir,please..where will he live,I can’t trouble the granny anymore n can’t leave him alone in the house either..Choco hates being alone
she pleaded him in a low voice.

As much as he wanted to kick the dog for his early behavior and to take the revenge by denying his entry,however the constant ringing of his blackberry reminds him he has to be at home.

Rather very soon !

courtsey: Anjali Raizada Jha

Arnav Singh Raizada threw his hands in frustration, n muttering a ‘whatever’ under his breath stormed out of the apartment.

Leaving a happy n elated khushi behind.


So After few minutes,

the scenario was something like this For any onlooker on the road

A handsome sexy man

A beautiful wife

A lovely dog



Ingredients of a perfect family outing!

but from inside,the actual scenario was um.. something like this

A visibly frustrated Devil,driving n muttering profanities under his breath!

An visibly elated Angel, happily bizy in her own world watching n appreciating the nature through the car’s window!

A visibly alerted Dog,sitting on his ‘momma-cum-maalkin’s lap, strictly observing the devil driver to keep her safe at any cost!

n a SUV..,NO comments about SUV.

eh,still the ingredients of an happy family outing?

Errm..who knows !


Let’s seeEmbarrassed

Oh,btw..see you in the party..haha Evil Smile

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  1. Arnav has tired khushi with loads of work . Loved the son confusion . ”Prem ” nice name for a dog especially whose parent is a Salman’s fan . Looks like Prem is a tough competitor for Raizada *lol*


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