FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 3

Part (a)


Time to meet THE Yamraaj !

She entered the cabin with slow n steady steps,with nervousness n fear gripping her heart tightly.

The place,where she was enjoying happily just minutes before his arrival, where she almost dreamt of ordering him, sitting on the CEO’S chair, suddenly looked like some haunted kind of place.

Her heart beating loudly in her chest, so loud that she was sure even he could almost hear it aloud.

She quickly scanned the room to search the devil who must be ready n waitin to pounce on her the moment she steps in his cabin and then she found him.

Oh,there he was!

Standing in one of his favorite posture. His back facing her, with hands in his pockets,he was looking out of the glass wall, calmly n peacefully observing the city through it.

Like always!

Oh,he’s looking so harmless now. If only he could remain like that forever!

Harmless n errm…cute!

khushi kumari Gupta,You finding ur about-to-be murderer Cute?
Are you even sane?

Her mind questioned her instantly at that rather weird thought.

But, with khushi Kumari Gupta, nothing is certain.

She had always adore her boss for the complete professional that he was.His authoritative leadership had resulted in RAIZADA CORPORATIONS being one of the top most fashion house in INDIA, which was undoubtedly enough proof of his abilities.

She had seen lot of girls drooling over his Boss, for his Greek god kind of looks n for his tough demeanor.she had often heard phrases like

Oh my god, you are so lucky..you work so close to him

N she just used to shrugged her shoulders non nonchalantly in response.

Ofcourse,what else could she say.If only,they knew him completely.

She cleared her throat to gain his attention.

He turned around to looked at her, his face plastered with a barely visible grin n he replied amusedly,

Ah,Ms Gupta.Come have a seat ”

She looked to her left n then to right,just to ensure he wasn’t talking to somebody else.

Was she dreaming?

Normally when such things happened, he usually called her in his office n with few minutes of glaring, followed by frowning n gritting of teeths, he used to made her work like a slave that day, made her run throughout the entire office for listless errands.

Eh,His way of punishment that was!

So, here khushi entered the room, prepared for that kind of treatment. Her pen n notepad ready in her hand to note down her punishment errands for today.

But Never in her wildest dreams, she was prepared for that oh so lovely grin plastered on that oh so sexy face.

So obviously, khushi was stumped n thumped !

M I already dead and in heaven?
She thought dazedly.

This laad governor is actually talking to me n not growling at me.

Oh my..n he offered me a seat too.

NO, it can’t be possible!
This can’t be heaven, since the devil is also here..Come back to earth khushi kumari Gupta.

Her still sane part of mind jerked her back to present.

But he still talked nicely to me.
Aww..its a first !

Thank god..he seems to be in a good mood.

Khushi’s face was displaying each n every,minute of minutest emotions n thoughts going on in her mind.

Just like a fb addict who update statuses in a blink of a second.

So accordingly, latest status update on her ‘face’ was

Oh, he’s NOT actually a devil !

Somewhat shocked,lil bit confused n above all Happie,she sat on the chair..waiting for him to proceed.

Ms. Gupta, I was just thinking about making some changes in Raizada Corporations?“,he asked calmly in a very concerned voice.

Bunching up her brows in confusion, she replied back.

Umm..yeah. To make it more employee friendly u know.So what would you suggest?“,he came towards the desk in slow steps n sat on his chair, lying back, somewhat relaxed.

Khushi for the first time in her life was at loss of words.

What could she suggest in this state..she already was on 7th heaven..that devil is asking her opinion.

Hey devi Maiyaa..tera laakh laakh

But before she could complete her thanks giving to her goddess,he continued,
Why not make a ground in our premises to practice that throw-ball-on-the-face game

Or wait !
I guess I have over burdened u with work off late..Why not hire a secretary for YOU instead, to do useless jobs. For instance, picking up the phone,eh?

He replied, in a voice dripped with heavy sarcasm, just arching his brows pointing towards the phone placed on his desk.

Oh no !

Its sounding Trouble !

Deep Deep trouble.

Please devi maiyaa,make him suffer from partial amnesia right now..make him forget last 15 minutes please..please..please !

v..vo..s..sir, I was just…“,she stuttered trying to form something coherent,

Arnav said calmly, completing her sentence.


For the last time,rather.

Coz the next instant he slapped both of his palms furiously on the desk, spilling the content of the coffee on the table,making Khushi jump in her seat a feet apart ,and growled loudly gritting his teeths,alongside giving a deathly glare to the culprit sitting in front of him,


He shouted fumingly, punctuating every word to make himself yet more clear.

It’s my OFFICE not a bloody place to carry out your antics


He shouted loud enough to make her deaf.

Khushi could barely nodded her head,not taking any risk of speaking,in case he got more angry.

Latest status update: A dog’s tail is crooked forever..He can never be anything but a devil..huh!

He got up from his chair, pacing the floor, running a hand through his hair to control his sudden outburst.

After somewhat calming down,He turned around n looked at khushi once, who sat there on the chair with an apologetic yet stern face, biting her lips, unconsciously playing with the pen in her hand.

Oh this girl!

He had often witnessed his previous assistants bursting into tears, after such an outburst and he wont be lying if he’l say, that action gave him a bit of satisfaction n pumped up his ego all the while.

So, finding khushi not behaving according to the set standards, irked him.

Always !

It always had Left him with a kind of itch, that he can’t scratch.

So,he always gets back to her..in only way possible,

Dumping her neck deep in pool of work !

Not that she wasn’t professional.

She was P-E-R-F-E-C-T in her work!

Yeah, crazy but perfect !

n that’s where the problem lied.

He can’t pin point her mistakes where her work is concerned cuz she never gave him any chance to do that. It’s her antics that irritates him.

Irritates you or affects you?
A voice raised in the back of his mind.

And He quickly shut that voice..as usual !

But, he, being Arnav Singh Raizada, can’t backed down, infront of his mere assistant.

Eh, No freakin’ way !

So, he threw more n yet more challenges at her.

Yes, she will reach her limit n break down someday !

No body could stand infront of ASR like this.

No matter,how much bloody perfect he or she could be.

It’s not that he found that morning incident highly intolerable..its just his desire to scratch that particular itch n it had to be done.

So,Furiously, he looked back at her n gritting his teeths said in a deathly voice

You so love to daydream..right? Fine, you are working till late today

She meekly nodded her head in approval.

He had known her from last 7 months, when she started working as his secretary.

That day unknowingly marked the starting of the new phase in his life.

Eh, yes !

He had various assistants in the past. Most of them dumb beauty queens, who broke under pressure and he had witnessed many of them leaving the job after months only. Mostly the secretaries hired for him, barely said anything above ‘yes sir , sorry , thank you sir’ in their entire career of working under him.

And so he was used to that.

So, when his last assistant left, due to the very same reasons, he allocated this hiring procedure to Akash, his younger cousin n COO of Raizada Corporations.

When akash informed him about his new assistant named khushi, he was all expecting her to be the one from the lot.

Oh,how wrong he was !

Suddenly Jerking back to present,he put a brake on his thoughts, going back to the desk,he picked up a file.

And then The next half an hour saw,dictations being hurled at khushi at lightening fast speed, with no chances of repeats !

A list of entire days work that had to be done by her, that mostly consists of running from executive floor to the basement, some to accounts,some to marketing, was dropped on her like bomb.

Hey devi maiya!
Aaj ka din hi khraab hai.

Khushi mumbled, pleading to her god, kneading her fingers that were paining like hell, in her attempt to catch up with him.

She looked at the devil standing by the glass wall, who was now paused to read something from the file, thus giving her some time to relax !

Not that he wanted to !

She fisted her hand and moved it to n fro, performing some kind of exercise. She tilted n stretched her neck to n fro that was paining too n suddenly her gaze landed on the portrait !

Huh..all because of this bloody portrait.

She felt like throwing the paper holder placed on the desk at the picture with all the energy she could have.

She saw the male Mona Lisa suddenly developing Devils teeths n laughing at her state Evilly.

Devilishly !


what would you call it,

Good timing or bad timing?

Cuz the next time Arnav Singh Raizada turned his head, he found his rather crazy assistant, stucking her tounge out at HIS portrait.

In HIS damn cabin!!

Oh,needless to say that was his undoing for the second time that day.

He covered the distance between them in quick strides and grabbed her arms roughly n jerked the life out of her.


He was this close to her n was fuming hard. His breath coming onto her face. This sudden incident had put Khushi in a rather shocked state. Her breath hitched in her throat, her heart beating erratically n she looked at him ,shivering violently.

totally at his mercy !

That’s when a first pang of something hit his senses hard.

Something, he couldn’t quite put a finger upon !

Oh,her eyes !

They were hazel green n almond shaped ..oh,he never knew that.

Ofcourse, you have never seen her from so close, a voice raised mentally in the back of his mind.

Her big lashes complementing her hazel green orbs all the while.

Are they fake?

Definitely not!
he answered himself mentally.

Being in the fashion industry from so many years , he could easily differentiate between the natural n the made up.

Slowly,His gaze dropped to her face n linger there, appreciating the creamy flawless skin, devoid of any makeup.

Just the hint of a rosey shimmery gloss with a hint of strawberry, highlighting her bow shaped lips !

P-e-r-f-e-c-t !

Damn !

He hadn’t seen any model with that flawless skin, those innocent eyes n to-die-for features.

He felt his anger leaving him bit by bit ,giving place to a yet uncertain emotion,he couldn’t quite give a name to.

His angry glare turning to soft one with each passing second !

His frown leaving his face n unknowingly, his lips started twitching just the slightest, at the corner.

Her heart skipped a beat when unknowingly, he raised his hand to put back a naughty fringe that was now dancing on her face, thereby disturbing his trance.

Khushi’s heart was still beating loudly.

Certainly, not due to fear this time.

Eh, yes !
Due to the closeness.

His strong toxic aftershave filling her nostrils,

Ah, his smell!

The same that lingers in his cabin, on his chair sometimes.

The smell that often makes her senses go crazzy at times.

She closed her eyes, inhaling his smell n took a deep breath.

Very deep indeed.

Arnav on the other hand was watching her, completely dazed !

She opened her eyes to look into his black shining orbs that were shimmering with a certain kind of glow.

His mind screaming at him to came back to his senses, to do what he had initially planned to..

Eh, yes!
To scream at her.

But rather Arnav Singh Raizada choose to ignore that voice

For the first time ever !

His gaze again dropped to her lips !

Oh, that perfect,bow shaped,full n plump lips.

One of the best he had ever seen.

Oh,how will they feel against his.

The treacherous thought entered his mind, completely uninvited.

N in the next instant, He felt himself being pulled towards them.

for the first time, he allowed to listen to his heart, rather.

He was barely inches away from her lips, he looked into her eyes one last time to came across the same amount of passion written all over, her chest heaving up n down. His lips twitched a lil more n in the same state of trance, they started their journey again.

Kay, now what would you call it,

Good timing or bad timing?

Cuz Anjali Raizada Jha choose to make her grand entry at that point of time, along with her 2 year old daughter Avni.





Chotey, tumne khushi ji ko kahi…oh,hi khushi jee !

Anjali started with asking the whereabouts of khushi but then witnessing the *ahem* scene going in front of her, she greeted Khushi almost nonchalantly, just with a innocent smile on her face.

As if that was the most obvious place to find khushi !

In her brother’s arm !

If Anjali Raizada Jha was shocked to her very core,she hid it very well.

If Anjali Raizada Jha was performing a little salsa, mentally..she also hid that very well.

If Anjali Raizada Jha’s mind was doing calculations millions per minute n was bizy in putting 2 n 2 together, her face dint show anything of that sort.

On the other hand, two poor souls just crashed back to earth, from their trance land,

To find themselves entangled in an almost hug like position.

Oh f*ck !

Hey devi maiyaaa !

What the…



Shit …shit…

Somethin’ like above was their thought processes.

Realizing that they were not alone, and that they HAD an audience, arnav n khushi jerked poles apart n back to their senses..almost instantly !

Di, vo khushi was fainting

Anjali jee, vo arnav jee just poked into his eyes by mistake..I was just..

They looked at each other,rather dumbfoundedly, after they presented their self-created-brilliant-excuses in front of an oh so amused Anjali.

3 minds started working simultaneously after that,

Huh,I was getting fainted?

Oh, do you think you are that handsome that my eyes can’t take all of your sexiness n I would get fainted.

In your dreams..Laad Governor!
Khushi narrowed her eyes,at the rather stupid excuse presented by CEO of the biggest fashion house.

Oh, so I poked in my eyes n I dint know when..on top of that, I’ll ask for your help.
Back to Earth Ms Gupta?

Arnav arched his eyebrows at the joke-of-the-decade kinda excuse presented by his assistant.

Oh,so she was getting fainted n he poked in his eyes.

I wonder what happened first.

just cuz he poked in his eyes n she couldnt saw him in pain,so she got fainted too.


Just coz, she was gettin fainted, he deliberately poked in his eyes,cuz he can’t bear to see her in pain alone.


Oh,shut up Anjali n enjoy the show. She suppressed a very strong urge to laugh Evil-ly at that time, and asked them rather innocently,hiding her grin.

“Oh,I hope both of you’re okay now?

Yup Di ”
“Ji Anjali ji”

That was the reply she got instantly from both the culprits.

Now to distract his sister,who was getting curious about this rather errm…stupid scenario, Arnav asked Anjali, taking the situation in his own hands now,

Di, you here? Kuch kaam tha aapko?

Arrey haan chotey, hum toh btana hi bhool gaye

Anjali slapped lightly on her head, n rather than replying to her chotey,she turned to Khushi,

Khushi jee..m here to invite you personally. It’s Avni’s birthday today

Khushi looked at the cute child in Anjali’s arms n instantly fell in love wid the small little angel.

Avni, Anjali’s daughter,with curly brownish hair,black round eyes twinkling like two stars,with cute lil nose,with those tiny hands which  fisted a bunchful of Anjali’s hair  was giving a toothless grin to khushi.

She spared a glance at Her Boss before looking at the child again.

No where in her wildest dream, this angel resembles to that devil!

It was a well known fact that Khushi had always loved children n vice versa.she was The khushi Di of the group of children in her society.

from toddlers to teens..she was the favourite of all

Aww..only a heartless person would reject such an offer..khushi thought looking at the angel lovingly.

Status update: goin’ to the party. Yay !

She opened her mouth to say that she would love to join, but got interrupted in between,by a growling voice,

“No way Di, she’ll not come. She’s working overtime today

Arnav replied rather sternly, glaring at khushi, showering her with an piercing look n alongside crossing his arms across his chest.

Khushi felt a bit disheartened, but she managed to hide her emotions well in time cuz she don’t want to give him any kind of satisfaction.

Latest Status update : workin’ overtime..haww!

Khushi jee, hold her for a second please ” Anjali said giving a very exited Avni to khushi,who was hopping up n down after listening to her favorite person’s voice.

Eh,yes !
Arnav Singh Raizada’s voice.

Avni was indeed pampered the most by this devil only.her mornings usually starts with his lovely growl of “Hari prakaaash ”

So, yes!
She was grown very fond of his growlings and it sound almost like lullabies to her.

So,now khushi was having a tough time holding the cute lil angel in her arms who was extremely excited,as if she had seen Santa.

“Who are you to decide chotey?
Anjali said placing her hands on her hips, gazing her brother with the piercest of gaze,

“I m her BOSS Di “,
Arnav replied casually, arching an eyebrow at khushi’s direction, as if that settles the matter completely.

Fine then, if she’s working late, then Ofcourse, her boss will work late too” Anjali said crossing her arms across her chest,with a note of finality in her voice.

Oh,what’s with Di now !

Arnav glared at khushi,before turning his attention back to Anjali,
Di, you talking crazy like her. You telling me, m not allowed in my Avni’s party..hun?
Arnav questioned Anjali,barely believing that his sister is taking side of his assistant over him.

Yes, you heard me right Mr. Raizada? ”

Unbelievable !

Khushi n Avni were watching this scenario with their mouths forming a complete O, and their heads titling to n fro between Anjali n Arnav, just like some tennis ball.

Khushi’s statuses were changing every minute between



Overtime..haww !

Fine Di, do as you want!
After minutes of fruitless argument,a visibly irritated arnav growled in frustration..suppressing his urge to jerk his secretary who was suddenly very interested in playing with the child in her arms.

Anjali’s eyes shined like two bright stars and she threw her arms around her brother.

Quickly detatching herself again, she announced grinningly,
chotey, bring Khushi jee with yourself after your work ! ”

n mind you, you both better come on Time “,

Anjali took Avni n exchange hugs from a visibly dumb Khushi and kissed a visibly shocked arnav on the cheeks.

Bidding both byes n exited the room

Oh, hell !

Yes,for the first time ever,same thought was going on in two different minds.

Arnav threw his hands in frustration n rolled his eyes.

Hmph !

Whereas, Khushi’s mind was buzy in updatin’ the latest status.

Status update : Going to the Angel’s party…

errm…wid the devil !

Eh yes!

To yaay or to haww…it was still to decide !


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