FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 26

Tip tip barsaa paani…paani ne aag lagaaai

The famous song was actually playing in the background or it was just khushi hallucinating seeing the vision standing infront of her. Object of anyone’ wet dream, oh it surely was. Arnav Singh Raizada, or better say a dripping Arnav Singh Raizada was looking exactly like Akshay kumar from the famous mohra film, only thing missing was a wet yellow saree that Raveena tondon wore in the sensuous song and damn if paani ne aag nahi lagaai in that case.

khushi dammit you are so sick to the point of having his visions now. Nah, you should have gone to a doctor long back.

Agreeing to the voice she nodded apologetically just now realizing how severely this cold was affecting her senses. Scrunching her eyes close she took a deep breath and opened them again. It will be all okay now, she hoped and came across a set of black eyes watching her intently and she didnt lagged behind in getting lost in them. she looked at him, like really looked at him for the first time since opening the door for him, who was now glaring at her with a frown marred over his face.

That oh so beautiful face.
That oh so beautiful slash lickworthy face.
That oh so beautiful, lickworthy slash i-could-eat-you-alive-for-breakfast’ um,yeah, that face.

If he’s for real, which he isnt that she was sure of,then, he was indeed handsome to say the least. His face cut, that sharp jawline, the chiseled nose, those cheekbones, that 5’o clock stubble..every, just every damn thing was destined to make him unique from the rest of us..she sighed mentally. A sigh of contentment!

He growled low in his chest as he ran a hand though his hair, ruffling them and dripping the excess water to the side.

and she gasped. Really! coming back to her senses only to find him glaring holes in her body and she closed her eyes instantly out of fear. Really hoping it all would be a dream and she would wake up soon. Why would Raizada be here, in her apartment, looking like he just took a swim out of ocean, her head pounded again, the weakness took over and she felt herself swayed unable to stand on her spring alike feet.

last thing she heard was him jumping into action to catch her, with a concerned look all over his face.

duniya walo..main chali!


However, duniya wale werent so lucky, when khushi opened her eyes exactly 17 minutes later and found herself back in her bed under a warm comforter.

Thankkk god devi maiyaa…what a nightmare it was? phheww!
She sighed in relief after quickly glancing around the room to find it empty and smiled for the first time. A smile of relief it was. She was so engrossed in celebrating the fact that she wasnt as sick as she thought she was when a familiar aftershave hit her nostrils first, followed by the footsteps and then the man himself.

No FREAKIN’ way!

And then her gaze lingered over him. It was, no doubt, a sight for sore eyes,like a pond in a desert, like one extra golgappa, like a surprise off on monday, like finding money in a old jeans and khushi could go on and count like it for forever.while her mouth was wide open to the likes of a golf ball.

Raizada strolled leisurely in the room, carrying the tray in his hand, holding the steaming cups of coffee.

Holy shit!

Did she mention , it was a shirtless Raizada. With shirtless being bold, caps, underline and italicized .Her eyes widened to the size of football as her gaze inadvertently slide over his to die for profile, without his permission, ofcourse. and what a sight it was.

suddenly her fingers itched to feel those perfectly chiseled abs, that washboard stomach and whats that? a fine trail of hair disappearing into that fitted trouser and she gulped like shakti kapoor.


He said placing the tray on the side stand in that ‘i-know-i-am-sexy’ kind of voice, before standing to his full height and khushi had to crane her neck to match his skyscraper profile.

she swear, she could drown in the pool of blush she felt creeping all over her skin at that voice.

sir, what are you doing here? how? when?what?why?
She could have ask all those questions to begin with, had she been not busy staring him the entire time he ruffled his hair with the white towel before rubbing off his wet broad muscular chest.

but in the end, she just ended up opening n closing her mouth like a goldfish. like a sick but awe-struck goldfish to be exact.

On the other side of the fuzziness that was clogging her mind at the holy-shit kind of moment she was experiencing with a scene straight out of karan johar’s movies, a shirtless larger than life hero bringing coffee to the meek, sick heroine while oozing sexiness in gallons by the second, she heard him telling her something about her absense, him coming for a short visit, flat tire,heavy rain etcetera etcetera.

or so she figured out a full minute later. Still staring up at him like a deer stuck in headlight. This man had pretty much dominated everything in the room merely by his presence and was commanding like it was his office rather than her home.

and then, she stared at the coffee cups. khushi was definitely in for more shocks than she could handle.

“you made coffee? I thought you have no idea how to…”
she left it mid sentence when he waggled his brow as he ruffled his hair some more. and she tried her best not to slide her lecherous gaze downward.

“Thanks for your vote of confidence but i know my way around kitchen”, he replied narrowing his eyes at her.

“how are you feeling now?”
he added. his voice bit soft now.In fact,too polite for her likes to imagine him the devil he usually is,in the office around her.

It was then khushi realized that she wasnt exactly feeling bad as before. as in god-i m-about-to-die kind of bad. Worst thing in the world is to get sick. but worse-er than that? No body to take care of you.

He came to check on her,despite the heavy rain. It was almost too sweet a gesture for a man like him. In that moment he was resembling a hero straight out of Rajshree productions. she smiled inwardly as she mumbled a polite thanks to him for checking out on her, which he shrugged like its nothing. Raizada is so not comfortable taking compliments. she grinned at the fact hiding behind the coffee lid.

an almost comfortable silence fell between them, before it was effectively broken by a growling sound.

she saw choco entering in the room, growling under his breath, all the way as he circled the Raizada standing in the room before barking at him like staking his claim. She almost giggled at the scene, which was resembling like a college where choco was the bullying senior and arnav was the newest fresher.

Oh boy!

choco alternated between barking and growling at a now pissed Raizada and jumping & hopping around bed to comfort his malkin.

Raizada snapped looking at the creature who was now staring back at him with gritted teeth. He saw khushi guiltily apologizing on his behalf before petting that spoilt brat. Choco jumped up from the bed and began circling around Raizada again, while he made those constant low guttural sounds of clear displeasure.

“vo..he is..kind of possessive..about his..”
she stopped when he looked at her directly, almost in annoyance, at her or choco she couldnt quite figure out.

“Please dont tell me he’s thinking i am gonna eat you alive?..”
He scoffed looking down at choco once again. with unmasked hatred plastered all over his face.  and the feeling was mutual from the other side as well.

“yes.no.i mean not me..he’s a..actually..looking for that”
she pointed nervously in his direction with her finger, hoping against hope she wouldnt be subjected to his snapping now.

Raizada asked, glancing around himself, clearing not in a mood of entertaining anything related to that dog now.

“That..that’s his towel”
she dropped the bomb finally, almost praying to her deity he wouldnt have heard her. but damn if anything escapes him by any means.

He looked at a panicked ‘oh-god-please-save-my-ass’ KHUSHI, then down towards the ‘buck-off-man-thats-mine’ CHOCO and then finally at the towel in his hand and suddenly felt bugs crawling all over his skin.


she peeked from behind her lashes nervously, when she saw Raizada who was literally romancing with the towel moments back was now holding it from the merest tips between his thumb and index finger like it was infected with ebola or something  while his expressions were that of a pregnant lady about to throw up in the morning. Not masking the disgust crawling up at his face he dropped the towel the farthest he could, before choco jumped up from the bed, grabbed it between his teeth before hoping on the bed again.Circling around it multiple times, he dropped the towel now on bed when he found the perfect spot and then sat on it like a royale highness.

Wagging his tail. No doubts, choco was a happy man now.

She would have burst out laughing had it not been for Raizada standing infront of him looking at her like he had been robbed off his wealth and dignity and so she tried to mask that sympathetic ablaa naari look as hard as she could.

now the only sound in the room was that of choco’s tail wagging to n fro while khushi and Raizada just stared motionlessly at each other and at what just happened.

After a full minute or so she silently point towards the washroom. A shower,she knew,was what could calm an about to burst Raizada at that moment. A wave of relief wash over her as he turned on his heel and strolled out the room.

A loud banging of door followed soon after.

oh boy..if this is not the battle of ego..then what else is?
and despite her effort, she couldnt help a giggle that escaped her lips. How many shades of Raizada she’s still to witness. God knows!

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  1. god!!really missed reading this hilarious,awesome ff.finally feeling so happy after reading the ff again.good work dear.eagerly waiting for the next part of this ff.do continue this ff dear.

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