FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 25

She peeked from behind the window at the still gloomy weather and twitched her nose. Dark cloud hovering over the sky had painted the otherwise bright Delhi city into a unique shade of grey. It had been drizzling continuously since yesterday with occasional lightening thrown just to show the extent of moody weather it was going to be. Much to khushi’s discomfort.

So much for enjoying the rain?
she cringed heavily when the sneeze chose to betray her at the last minute and she was left with the weird feeling like someone has put MDH ki deghi mirch inside her nose. urgghh..she hate this thing. She loved it when after months of hot and humid climate, monsoon chose to arrive in style, wetting the city with the first ever rain of this season. And as an avid fan of everything monsoon as she was, she couldnt just let this opportunity pass away.

and so as a result, the morning after, khushi was in her bed, with a red nose, a sore throat, a pounding head and an absolutely lethargic body feeling like a road roller just went over her. Blowing her nose into handkerchief she groaned at her current state. she hated being ill and confined to bed. she was busy complaining to her devi maiyaa when her new iphone started ringing, not to mention in the standard iphone ringtone and not the one she had preferred otherwise. she stick out her tongue at the phone mocking at her before answering the call.

“hell…*trying hard to control the sneeze*…ooo”

“khushi, you okay?”
Neel asked a lil concerned at the otherwise chirpy voice that had always greeted him.

“mm..yeah..just a lil…aaannnchuuu”
she muttered under her breath grabbing another couple of tissues in her hand, someone please cut this damn nose off her but declined the idea when the angel reminded her of his awesome aftershave she was so addicted of while the devil sternly pointed out that Arnav sir wouldnt spare her a second glance in a case like that.

Even this sick, her two new best friends anrnt leaving her anytime soon. Just great..someone will soon declare her mentally sick if she’ll keep on listening to these two.

Ignoring them she shifted her attention back to the phone where neel was expressing his apologies and promised he would give her a visit soon after coming back to the town and she smiled warmly despite feeling like shit. Now this is a man she could always count on. They had become buddies in such a small time and she like spending time with him.

“Just take rest for the day..okay?”

“yeah..i was about to call office and let sir know…a…aaa”
she halted midway scrunching her eyes waiting for the sneeze who was hell bent on playing hide n seek with her now. come already stupid. she mumbled to herself as she heard him chuckling at the other end.

“Dont bother khushi you take rest..i’ll inform arnav..i have to anyways call him.”
He disconnected the call before she can protest any further and he knew she must be making faces right now staring at the phone.


He stared out of the floor to ceiling window behind his huge mahogany desk and observed the strange weather.

just like his mood now. Gloomy to say the least. The dark clouds perfectly matching the frown marred on his chiseled jawline n bone structure as Raizada stood there with hands in his pockets, keeping the irritation just around the corner. Irritation at something he couldnt quite figure out. Or didnt want to. well, Whatever!

and he blamed it all on the coffee he was served in the morning. Not that it wasnt worth having, but it was certainly distasteful by his standards. Neither it was on the perfect place where he always preferred his coffee mug to be. Nor the person who served him today had a mole beneath her left brow.with that thought he suddenly applied brakes to the direction these misleading thoughts were leading him to.

He cursed before pacing the cabin like a raged lion before finally dropping on his chair. He glanced at the watch once more, 4 pm and picked up his phone once more.

what he had already done million times today!

Swiping through his contact lists he finally pulled out the one he wanted and his thumb hover over the call button like it was some freaking remote control of a bomb. On second thoughts he pressed the back button repeatedly until he was back on the home screen.

Something Raizada has also done million times already

Pulling out message box now, he pressed ‘create message’, before entering ‘khushi‘ in the recipient field and then using his creative business mind to think of the appropriate text to send her.

ARE YOU OKAY??????????
He typed after pondering over it for a good minute or two.

10 question marks??? You freaking out of your mind Raizada??
Lil devil warned him crossing his legs around the ankles while making a face of displeasure.

…Back space…


Why in caps? Too demanding.

…Back space…

U k?
Too vague. She isnt solving a puzzle here.

…Back space again…

khushi, everything allright?
cut that..Too cheesy!!!

backspace..n times

khushi, where are you?
nah, too anxious plus filmy!!!

backspace backspace

Where are you?
crap..Too meh!!

.. back…

Too errm..watever


Too boyfriend-ish!!!
whattt…is that even a word?

backspace *on loop* Error 404: backspace not found

He frowned and finally discarded the message before pressing back repeatedly injuring the key in the process.

The drafts count in his message box now reached to six and the way Raizada was reacting, many more were expected to come before the day would end.

and he started pacing again. His restlessness now inching up with every step he took. He hasnt heard anything from her since morning. Apart from the fact that there was a replacement secretary in her place who was trying her best to work flawlessly in khushi’s absence but the fact that she couldnt totally replace khushi was strikingly clear to Raizada from the word go.

Well, to begin with, she wasnt making strange faces. She took dictation like a obedient lame lamb and didnt retort back at any point? Is that even countable Raizada? He shrugged off the comment before continuing.

what else…umm…yeah the biggest one, she wasnt khushi? yeah!
He agreed with the last point the angel made and was totally convinced why this replacement wasnt working for him but the fact that she was on leave n she didnt bother to even notify him was what poking holes into Raizada’s inflated male pride.

He is the damn employer after all. His jawline hardened some more, if that was even possible and he blamed her careless-ness in failing to report him to be the sole reason of his close to zero productivity for the day.  As going through the day, Raizada has done nothing except barking orders at everyone n evrything that has crossed his path.

He was busy fuming under his breath facing the dark climate outside when his cell chose to ping at that exact moment and his hopes flared for a second. cut it. Make it nano-second. And for the first time throughout the day, his expressions softened momentarily. Not that he was gonna admit it anyway. Walking back towards the desk, he picked up the phone and opened the incoming message with bated breath. scrap that bated breath part.

sorry man, it just slipped my mind. khushi is down with seasonal cold n somethin.. she’ll probably skip office for a day or two.


and what harm a perfectly timed message with a simple string of words could do, can be seen by the OTT expressions now adorably sitting on Raizada’s face.

The murderous one.

The murderous plus what the hell kinds

The murderous, what the hell n how dare she kinds!

She had all the time in the world to inform that neel about her sickness and not him, her BOSS and Raizada officially lost it.

The jaw hardened some more like birla white cement, his lips thinned some more like Gillette rajor blade and eyes narrowed like slits. He was kind of miniature, tamed n indian version of the incredible hulk.


wait..he mentioned sick?


He fumed tossing the phone aside, grabbing the blue file that was anxiously waiting since morning for his signature n finally got the chance.


khushi was still feeling groggy. 4+ hours of back to back FRIENDS rerun but still no effect. Feeling cranky as hell, she pulled choco towards her and embraced him in a hug she so needed that moment. The rain had not stopped. it was still drizzling thus shortening the length of the day. streets were almost empty, people were inside and it was chill in the air. Yuck..she hated being sick. she hated being sick in a weather like this. she would have enjoyed this awesome rain otherwise.

yeah..you are sick cause yesterday you surely ‘enjoyed’ this!

the angel replied in a principal’s tone ,adjusting her glasses  while tapping her feet and khushi groaned again. Why is she still feeling like shit. May be cause she hasnt smelled his aftershave today? Oh god, has it already turned into some addiction or something and wondered whether doctors prescribe aftershaves.um..just in case?

her mood was more cranky than ever as khushi had already gone through a long list of what the other replacement assistant must be doing with arnav sir in her absence.

Whoever she is, she must have served him coffee and he must have thanked her with a smile..unlike her.

oh no!

He must have asked her to take the dictations and she would have done that without even questioning unnecessarily once.


He must have been left stunned n speechless at her utter professionalism and they must have shared a light moment or two.


They must have kissed already!

holy molly !!

kissed…committed…shaadi…suhaagraat…bachcheee…more bachche…more more bachche…bachche hi bachche everywhere!

she shreeked in utter disgust with panic settling in her stomach..khushi was busy crying buckets over Raizada n the faceless nameless replacement’s  huge extended family by now that she clearly missed the door bell that ranged.

people are not even letting her cry in peace. She frowned under her breath. Gathering all her courage she crossed the living room, finally opened the door and came across a sight she hadnt expected after imagining the house full of kids.

A wet Raizada!

A very wet Raizada standing at her doorstep!

A very vet Raizada with very very wet clothes clinging to him like second skin.

Her mouth hanged open and the smell of his aftershave was the first thing that hit her nostrils and khushi died there n then. With happiness or shock? probably a combination of both.

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