FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 24

“Sir, Thanks for the phone, i..love it”
she grinned looking at him and then at the phone and he couldnt ask for a better something to start his day. The childlike excitement in her eyes was similar to that of a kid who just opened his christmas gift a day before and Raizada realized he could gift her an iphone factory just to see that smile again.

He tilted his head in satisfaction,in a measured way though making it seem like a truly professional thing,effectively concealing his wayward imaginations where she was dancing on an item number and he was raining iphones on her.
What thaaa fff..where did that even came from? He wondered.

“but..i couldnt find the option for setting my own ringtone”
she said complaining in a childlike manner.

“what ringtone?”

“Ae le le, ae le, ae le…Ae le le, le le re…Chal beta selfie le le re”
she narrated the lyrics in a sing song way, while shaking her booty to go with the rhythm and tapping her feet like she was indeed the music composer there.

He stared at her incredulously like she had grew horns and couldnt believe his eyes. What language was that even?

“What kele?”

“uhun..not kele sir, its ae le le, ae le ae le”

whatever! it sounds like a hawker yelling ‘kele lele’ to him..but really, who wants to put something as weird as lele aele as their ringtone.

unless,ofcourse, its khushi Kumari Gupta you are talking about. Cause a normal ringtone would be too mainstream for her.

“khushi, that thing in your hand..”, he pointed towards the phone in her hand before adding, ” its an IPHONE!”
He stressed on the last word.

“and you dont put these weird ringtones in iphone..kay..specially not as weird as this?”
He talked in a manner like he does with avni while teaching her a thing or two about dining ethics which obviously the kid doesnt give a damn to and so is the woman standing infront of him.

she made a face like her right to freedom was denied and frowned looking down at the poor half eaten apple which was now resembling like Chinese mobile, minus one prominent feature of setting an customized ringtone.she muttered something  similar like ”xperia hi acha tha” under her breath and he couldnt help his twitching lips.

No doubt why there could never be another creature like her.

“and by the way, its not weird. Its Salman’s new movie..”
she added fiercely, defending her favorite star a minute later when she realized he had actually called her current fav song as weird.

“I should have..guessed”
He added shaking his head and was left transfixed by the way her eyes lit up with a victorious glow of their own and Raizada realized he was actually liking it. Liking this whole thing. The way she can converse easily with almost every damn thing on this planet, from people to her dog to even a dead log of wood was what make her who she is. This easy aura around her that make her special is what he would prefer always. Raizada felt relaxed n lightheaded. Like talking to her, on topics as stupid as a phone ringtone can actually do magic.

magic, that only she knew how to create. He have had secretaries in the past. None of them as fearless to speak their mind as her. and he breathed calmly before she started briefing him about the tasks for today.

“Come in”
He ordered when there was a knock on the door while he was still talking to her. A delivery boy appeared with a beautiful bouquet of fresh lilies and orchids.

“That must be from the NGO..”
khushi added chirping like a bird, “sir, they called yesterday and expressed their thanks for your generous help.”

and His chest swelled proudly some 10 inches or so, there n then. Though normally he doesnt like to boast about this donation and stuff but seeing the specs of admiration in her eyes he could go on bragging about it forever.

Get a grip Raizada!, he scolded himself mentally,not dwelling on the fact that she was looking hellishly cute while twirling that pen in her hand while his gaze shifted to her world famous mole. ah, not again.

shaking off his ‘way too unstable to reside in his mind’ thoughts, he indulged back in the work they were currently involved in, lest his mind started wandering again like neutrons n electrons.


she was humming a song under her breath while typing on her laptop, zealously. A bit more bouncy, a bit more bubbly, a bit more perky khushi was on display today as she felt like this new coarse of lightening running through her entire body.

thats what his infectious smile, does to her. Even he isn’t aware of the intensity of what that precious smile could do to the world. Like really.

She actually caught him smiling, that exquisite, rare, drool worthy, swoon worthy, irreplaceable smile that has some seriously weird connections with the tingling going on in her stomach right now.she felt that sudden strong urge for pulling his cheeks while he was dictating her today. he was definitely in a superb mood. Maybe, he wouldnt have mind, she wondered if it was a golden opportunity she had missed.

but whatever, today truly was one one of those days that she never wanted to end cause this hottie Raizada she’ll always pick over that khadoos one.

She once again got transported to her dreamy land where his face got painted infront of her eyes, those eyes shining with joy and those lips were holding that contagious smile, she could also see hints of two dimples there…hayyee..she could die right now n wont regret it.


She was still in her dreamland, and his face was still infront of her and slowly the daze withers away. She got hold of the reality once she climbed down from her state of stupefaction.

Raizada was standing infront of her. In Real.

minus those dimples, minus the joy in his eyes, definitely minus the contagious grin. Now, she would really really regret dying like this.

His eyes were actually raging with fire, his lips were thinned into a line and that lick-worthy jaw was locked in steel,

he hissed before dumping the bouquet on her desk like it was contaminated with ebola virus while she kept looking at it in stunned disbelief.

He turned on his heels and strode towards his cabin even before she could come up with something.

She read the attached note with confusion still lingering around her,

“Lovely flowers for the lovely lady!


what the fffish!
she would strangle him if neel would ever made the mistake of coming infront of her. arnav sir has flipped from being lovely to khaddos even before a heroine changes her clothes while performing an item number.

damn this man!


She was still furiously indulged into typing the letter when heard someone tapping her desk.

and there he was. The man to be blamed for creating havoc with his rules. God knows, he must be a student of IIN.  He, who has currently designated himself as her life’s official love guru.

she narrowed her eyes, piercing holes in him while gritting her teeth. If only she could hide his body behind that luxurious sofa, she would have killed him,now.

“what was that bouquet for?”
she fumed under her breath still visualizing a furious Raizada infront of her eyes.

“That was for the lovely lady. and i believe, among Arnav n you, you are…the lady. Right or correct me?”
He said a little unsure, with the glint of mischievousness in his eyes and she couldnt help but smack him right on his chest.

We never discussed something like that”
She retorted back unhappily which his charming self effectively ignored.

“shhh..you want him to hear this lovely convo we are having here”
he stated,winking at her while leaning on her desk.

her eyes widened but she was back to being herself after a second, now in a hushed voice though,

“We never discussed something like that”
she repeated this thing whispering like two school girls talking behind their teacher’s back.

Someone cleared their throat and khushi panicked all over again.

she doesnt even need to tilt her head to see what the expressions on arnav’s face would be.

Neel sprang to action suddenly leaning towards khushi while embracing her in a hug as he whispered in her ears,

“Hug me like i am your looong time crush and you are currently friendzoned by me”

she would have punched him otherwise, but that moment she tried her best to hug him in the most decent way possible. No hug is a decent one when your boss is standing in front watching you with hawk like eyes.

Leaning back, neel turned to look at Raizada standing their watching this reunion with the most groan worthy expressions.

“Ah, man You here? Can i borrow your secretary for lunch?..”

He asked as he strode towards Raizada who expressions could give mannequins a run for their money, as they shook hands together.

“I am afraid that wont be possible…”
Raizada replied mechanically after a good 30 seconds before glancing at his watch and continuing,

“We have a lunch meeting in 15 minutes”
He stated firmly to neel who was acting like his world came crashing down.

“but you were supposed to attend it alone sir”
khushi replied, clearly bewitched by the sudden battle of testosterones lingering in the air.

He shifted his gaze from neel to khushi,raised his brow ever so slightly and khushi realized she would better shutup. Neel interrupted this sudden mime class going on between the boss-sec duo,

“kay, may some other time”
He replied disheartened, putting on same expressions to go with the statement n turned towards khushi.

His face now broke into that crazy wicked grin and khushi found it hard to conceal her expressions while a certain Raizada was still watching her like CCTV cam. Neel took his leave a minute later, after hugging her once more, leaving the two of them to deal with the aftermath.

khushi fought hard to control her jumping heart and her smile as she wondered from where did that sudden meeting invite came for. but the bottom line is, however IIN worthy these tactics may sound, they were,in the end, working afterall!

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