FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 23

What the fish?

she tilted her head in confusion at the latest text she got from Neel and read it again.

Rule 2: Look at your phone and smile sheepishly, specially in front of him. add in something else, if you want.

what does that even mean? she wasnt entirely sure these weird rules are working or not. Are they even rules to begin with that she is following blindly. what if she’ll look like a fool herself. No..she’s not doing any such thing.

she was left momentarily startled at the sudden click of his cabin door and dropped her phone in haste. Picking it up, she took a breath and sat again with the ever so composed expressions on her face. Hearing those approaching footsteps, a sudden thought of trying this stupid rule arised and khushi jumped into it before the sane part of her brain ignore this tempting idea.

Maintaining a straight expression on her face, she picked up her phone, unlocked it and instantly twitched her lips into a dazzling smile. Letting out a short laugh, she shook her head too. okay, she’s not that bad an actor, she thought gleefully and could very well feel his piercing gaze and that was enough for her blood to rush at higher speed,if possible.

Mentally counting 3..2..1 and there it is.

“Ms Gupta?”

She looked up from the phone startled and those innocent “i-didnt-saw-you-coming” expressions adoring her face, instantly locking the device she placed it on her desk before getting up,
“Oh, Arnav Sir, Morning. You want something?”

Shit! Had he seen kya? that she was actually looking at choco’s pic and laughing. God, such a faux pas it was. She thanked her heavens when his accusatory glare implied something else as he stared at her phone like it was some nuclear weapon. His lips thined into a line and his gaze penetrated her so deeply, she was left breathless, like she had been caught watching po*n or something.

“Where are the xerox that i asked?”
His gaze sharpened and he practically hurled at her.

“Its there on your table, sir”
she replied as calmly as she could.

Opening his mouth to retort at her response, he then closed it getting nothing to hurl back. but him being Raizada, how could he stepped down,

“There’s only 1 copy. I asked for 4”
He hissed placing his palm on her desk and leaning into it, before adding as his temper flashed in his eyes,his jaw clenched some more and he seemed to tower over her by a good 7-8 inches.

“If only you would have paid attention to what i say most of the times”

and he effectively ignored the devil on his shoulders screaming ‘Liar Liar pants on fire”.

she blinked multiple times trying to decipher this mystery box standing infront of her and the reason of his apparent and sudden temper solely directed towards her.

“I want that in 5 min sharp”
Glancing at her in a murderous way he strode towards his office slamming the door way louder than necessary.

Thumping her feet she strode towards the mailroom while muttering ‘unbelievable’ n ”what da’s under her breath.


Her jaw was aching.
In real.

she hadnt smiled this much in ages. and she’s not talking about a real smile here. The fake pretending one. Like she had done today in front of him. she had given this rule of neel, some thought and if it didnt work, she’s going to call off this stupid game. Period.

and so, she had went along it through out the day.

No wonder, his mood was pretty much the same as it was in the morning. The pissed kinds.Like someone has stolen his lone boxers and he was left with nothing but to display his enigmatic beauty. Though visualizing him naked for a second did rose golf ball sized goosebumps through her entire body and a shiver ran through her.

As she went though the day in her mind, she now felt like a fool. She was with him pretty much whole day. In the meeting room, in his cabin taking dictations and other thirty six tasks he was calling her out for every 15 minutes. and everytime her cell had pinged, she had fetched it out and smiled at it reading the text, before locking it and placing it back. All the time acutely aware of Raizada’s gaze over her.

Now, if only he had known, what those text were. Thanks for this spamming industry these days.

kya aap motate se pareshan hai? dial kijiye 54124

Want luxury homes in just 34 lacks? Call for booking

Congratulations. You have win 4 million$. Claim you prize here

Love,Life,career ke bare me janiye aacharya guruji se. Type <Your name> <Dob> to 52323.

and what not!

but it didnt seemed to work as it had only rattled him more, if not anything. He seemed like a walking dynamite that could blast any moment. Moreover, he wasnt being kind to her even and this new indifference he was showing wasn’t something she wanted in the first place.This was not she was expecting the outcome. Ofcourse, she was a fool to blindly follow this stupid thing. Which wasnt even working. Okay, it might be her wishful thinking to hope he would come running n confess his feelings, if there were any. But the truth is, he was just unaffected with this cliche thing they were trying. He was a Raizada afterall and why will he care why his clumsy secretary is giggling at her phone.
Not a damn bit.  He might be just frustrated that his employees are not paying attention to work.

Disappointed, she texted neel that she’s just another rule short of getting fired and she love her job too much to sacrifice it like that. and made her way to the restroom.

it! she’s done there


He fisted the paper in his hand, putting all his pent up frustration into rolling it into a perfectly curved ball while his mind was occupied somewhere else.

ah, not to mention it was the same paper she had xeroxed and dumped it on his desk way louder than a normal secretary would. But then, khushi wasnt normal to begin with.  Who cares, not that he wanted any of them.  He was least concerned about those papers anyways.

A certain someone’s excessive indulgence on their phone might be the reason, though,
his brain suggested.

It all began in the morning when he had approached her desk, in a fairly good mood today. Looking cuter as hell,displaying that glorious smile. and then his gaze shifted to what she was smiling at. It must be her phone he assumed cause nobody would smile looking down at their private parts. and no body would smile looking at their phone unnecessarily also.

unless its something fishy.
the devil perched on his shoulder holding a fish in its hand for greater effects and he cringed at the thought as he realized that might be the case.

His brows furrowed looking at her who was obviously unaware of his presence and still looking into god knows what thing.

Could be some romantic messages from neel.
the devil came forward with this theory while sipping coke n munching popcorns as if it was some salman’s blockbuster going on.

or maybe some…nudes from him.

and that was when he lost it. His temper flared at the thought and he tried hard not to created havoc all over the place like the dinosaurs in Jurassic park. Though he felt like doing that exactly. Barely controlling his temper he had said the first thing that came to his mind. Yeah, the same xerox that was now a perfect curved ball in his hands and could even be used for playing golf.

and thats how it was ,pretty much the whole day.His ears with a mind of their own also stood to attention everytime her cell pinged which she quietly fetched during breaks before reading and smiling into it. The urge to demand her phone was so strong it has left him unsettled.
This was nearly driving him mad but it would sound too hitler-ish to ban her using phones ever. Like ever. Now that was an interesti…

he shake off that stupid thought before getting up and roaming in his cabin. But as he thought of it, and then his childish behavior towards her today, he felt a tinge guilty. Yeah, just a tinge. It wasnt justified to put her through all that when she had done and managed everything to the T professionally.

He strode towards her desk. A polite convo wont hurt afterall.


It was alone.

utterly silent and calm

and desperately begging to be picked.

Her Sony xperia. sitting on her desk.all by itself. The owner nowhere to be find. He leaned on her desk glancing around for any signs of her.

he glanced to his left, then to his right and then to the phone..like a theif about to enter a bank for robbery.

and before Raizada could even think twice, the lucky sony xperia was now in his hands.

Check for the nudes…check for the nudes
the devil signaled almost immediately and Raizada went straight to her gallery swiping across the pics with a missile speed. Photos of khushi each one breathtakingly beautiful than the previous one, pics of her cuddling with choco, then some more, as he kept swiping, then came selfies of neel and khushi,back from that event, making crazy faces and he fumed under his breath. He would definitely prefer that dog cuddling with khushi than this guy. He would stangle him if he as much as lay a hand on her in a wrong way.

“Sir, You need something?..”
she said louder for the third time. As if he suddenly came out of the trance and turned towards her, startled while dropping the phone from his hand which crashed on the floor with a loud thud.

she looked at him, then at the phone now lying on the ground with back cover and battery scattered at some distance like crying for ambulance and how could she missed that huge crack on the screen.

“Vo..it just..slipped”
he hastily motioned towards the desk and then at the floor like a child putting blame on his siblings while caught during fighting. He awkwardly stood there before bending down, gathering it all n placing it on the desk. They strared at another for a good minute or two. Not knowing what to do, or better what to say, he swiftly left from there citing something khushi couldnt quite understand.

and as a dumbfounded khushi stood there, looking at his cabin door, back at the phone, to n fro figuring out what just happened, a minute later, her lips broke into a devilish smile.

Did Raizada just checked her phone?
Holy Shit!..he did.

She couldnt quite believe her eyes at first as she came out of the restroom n turned towards her desk and saw the biggest ‘what the fish’ worthy thing of that day. It surely was the highlight. Raizada swiping her phone, going through it while a myriads of emotions playing across his face. From grin to smirk to smug to hiss, you name it n he was playing it over his features.She had silently done the famous fred flinstone’s ‘Yabba dabba dooo” jig before jumping n bumping her legs in air. In real.


she watched him gleefully, grinning at her boss who was acting all weird n difficult with her all day and look at him now..awww!..she felt like pulling his cheeks at his stupidly cute behavior. and then she realized, with the speed he was checking her phone..he might lay his hands on her message box too..and there it was..neel’s text..those Rules.

and then the rest was history.

The new revelation that her boss was not truly un-affected as he pretends to be and the possessiveness with which he was checking her phone, said a lot. That it effectively overshadowed the small loss of her phone.
a small but new ray of hope had her floating for the rest of the day.

That night, while she was cooking her meal, while dancing in the kitchen, a flipkart guy delivered her a wrapped up package. A brand new Iphone 6. sleek n black.

No price for guessing, who the sender was!

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