FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 22


Rule no 1: Dont notice him more than necessary. IGNORE HIM, if possible.

She read neel’s text for umpteenth time still trying to ponder what he actually meant while twirling her chair.  I dont notice him that much, she convinced herself.

the lil devil was back holding a board with LIAR flashing over it, in neon.

narrowing her eyes at the traitor, she read the message again, hoping against hope she wouldnt make a fool out of herself by following neel’s stupid god knows what rules. But then,he was so confident n excited about their ‘khushi rock-Arnav shock’ mission that she couldnt opposed it anymore. Anyways, no harm giving it a try. Who knows, it might actually work out.

and so, after this lil pep talk Crazy kumari Gupta was more than ready to start her week, with this new twist up her sleeve.


“Morning Arnav sir, Your coffee”
She greeted him with her famous smile before placing the steaming cup on the desk, at the exact place where he preferred and quickly stole a glance in his direction.

What is wrong with this man? Why he has to look utterly ravishing
first thing in the morning. God, why cant he wear ill fitting clothes where he would look like some kind of refugee? why his attire always fit him like second skin and what’s with his aftershave? with this close to him, she could very well sniff that aftershave lingering in the air around him. His aftershave overdose will be the end of her someday. She remembered watching one aftershave ad on television last night, where the man wears it before leaving his house and all kinds of women came running and got latched to him. Haw, what if its really true in this case? like she was seduced right now.

she came back to present when he replied ‘Morning’ in that seductive-orgasmic voice, before passing a smile to her and without much efforts, she found her lips breaking into a full fledged smile of her own. A genuine,
no holds barred smile flashing her bright white teeth.

the lil devil choose that moment to repeatedly press the X buzzer posing like kirron kher in India’s Got talent,reminding khushi that she was breaking the protocol,n she instantly realize the faux pas she was doing here.


and her smile dropped. in a nanosecond. From 360 to zero as she nodded her head before taking a step back from his territory, diverting her attention from this drool worthy man sitting in front of her, now looking at her with confused expressions and furrowed brows, to the ipad on her hand. Pulling out his schedule, she then informed him about his meetings for today.

which a certain Raizada was definitely not listening as he was busy figuring out the reason for this sudden change in her behavior. Okay, she was looking definitely cute as ever, just minus the expressions on her face. Was she ill or what? but she was smiling a minute before. God knows,
would he ever be able to figure out this woman?

She took her leave after informing him of everything that was lined up today for him, without as much as a glance at him, as if he wasnt even present in the room.

and that seriously hurt!
Raizada ignored the lil dramatic devil holding a broken heart before jumping down the cliff.

and she stopped midway. Along with her heart that was beating profusely. Maintaining a straight face had always been a tough task for her. Even when she was playing the role of a tree in that drama. No body would prefer a laughing tree when she was supposed to show the misery of plant when people dont water them.and her friend sitting in the second row was making it tough for her to potray the role of lifeless sad tree.  Anyways, that was long back. but felt like, it has still remained as her weaklink. mentally slapping herself, she took a calm breath and when she turned she was as non chalant as ever.
You Go khushi!!

“You reached home safely that day?..”
He asked a little concerned and the angel on her shoulder jumped in joy doing a lil shakira jig before glancing at him with puppy eyes.

“Yeah, Neel was there. He took care of everything”
she replied.

short, subtle, smile only 2 cms each side, no glancing at him more than 2 seconds. observe the plant beside his chair.  yeah, perfect just like that.
the devil was instructing her like a yoga teacher and she tried hard not to fidget infront of him. In reality she would have act shocked, then amused then awww-ed as it was him asking about her in a caring way.
but damn this neel n his rules.

khushi would have actually noticed how his jaw then locked into steel at her response, if only she wasnt too busy in observing that plant.

He calmed his nerves before adding, pushing that mild irritation at the back on mention of neel’s name.

“um.., Your dress that day, it was…nice”
He added after a gap of few seconds, finding a suitable word that would sound decent in this setting. “boner induced” would sound too..um..scandalous.

she looked at him and this time she smiled, a genuine khushi like smile and he was relieved she was normal.

“Thanks. It was Neel’s choice”
she left that sentence midway as now his smile dropped before his famous razor sharp expressions replaced them.

To say he was fuming would be partially apt. Why everybody is chanting Neel anthem suddenly. He remembered the incident back at RM yesterday. He was reading Economic times in the lounge while di n nani were gossiping about something.

“Nani, dekhiye na, khushi ji kitni achi lag rahi hain”

His ears had stood to attention despite the fact he was so engrossed in the business news and he stole a sideways glance at them who were hushing and giggling at the delhi times edition in their hand.
He made a mental note of checking that page 3 section later on that he normally avoid. Not khushi, but the media coverage of his event, he justified his juvenile like actions.

“Neel aur khushi ji kitne pyaare lag rahe hain sath me, dekho chotey”
Di had literally thrust the paper in front of him, out of joy or what he couldnt quite figured out.

What nonsense? They are looking like siblings!

He realized he had said those words out aloud when di took the paper back from him while muttering ”tum rehne de chotey”, before he could even glanced at khushi’s pic properly. His hawk eyes couldnt help but notice that they both were posing in the pic maintaining a decent distance among them

and that was enough for a gleam of satisfaction to run throughout him.

“See, avni too likes it”

Di mentioned and he turned to look at avni who was pointing towards the pic with her tiny fingers before looking at him and clapping.

He narrowed his eyes at lil avni who now erupted into tiny giggles while saying something garbled.

Miffed with himself and over Delhi times for excessive undue coverage, he left the room citing some reasons.
Screw this paper!

and just like that, poor Delhi Times lost 2 loyal readers in 2 days.

shaking off those thoughts he came back to present finding her now observing her nail paint.

“Close the door when you leave”

A curt response was thrown at her before she realized she had been dismissed. Her regular self would have stood there open mouthed feeling somewhat hurt at his indifference but her ‘i dont give a damn’ self didnt allowed her.

She came out maintaining a cool head before clicking his door close n then burst out into muttering profanities under her breath. All thanks to Neel.

Ignore him, he said. Look ,she got kicked out for that. Great khushi!
Damn this neel. Her love story will die a death of its own before it even begins, she cringed before powering on her laptop. Punching its keys like they were punching bags.

but what they say, you cant make omelet without breaking the eggs convincing herself she indulged in her work, pushing it all to the back of her mind.

Little did she knew, on the other side of the door, inside her boss’s cabin, the omelet had already caught fire!

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