FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 21

“Good morning..see the charming man is back!!!”
Neel entered through the door carrying packets in his hands as he effectively sidelined a confused yet dizzy khushi gazing at him with still puffy eyes while holding the door like it would fall down if she’ll leave.

“how are you feeling?..”
Placing the food packets on the kitchen counter, he came back to pull her out of her sleep induced daze as she was still figuring out his unannounced presence there.

and then she realized why he was asking as a very loyal hangover choose to mark its presence and she felt signs of a deadly headache approaching her very soon. Too soon for her liking.

she replied in a groggy voice while rubbing her eyes as she dragged her form with all the energy she could muster n dumped herself on the couch. Like a couch potato. choco came running to her and she couldnt ask for something better at that moment. Scratching him behind the ear, choco purred like a cat who got the cream before licking his maalkin clean, saving her efforts of using facewash while providing one himself, before setting on her lap.

“Pathetic is awesome”
Neel replied in a manner only he is capable of pulling off while displaying that devilish grin and khushi couldnt help laughing a bit herself though she felt like a road roller just went over her body, flattening her into a poster or something. Uggh..this head, why is this still attached to my body? she wondered scrunching her eyes painfully.

She thanked her heavens for sending this noble man when he passed her a mug of steaming hot coffee. Just what she wanted. Just what she needed. She could drown herself into the pool of coffee at that moment, if that is possible. she closed her eyes in contentment as she savoured that first sip of coffee that hit her taste buds and opened her messy rusted brain nerves.

This man is god send, she thought as she opened her eyes n found neel fetching out a giant burger loaded with stuffings, a normal girl should generally avoid. Not that she was normal. And the next second she feasted on it like she hadnt had a meal in ages.

now stuffed and satisfied to the very core, she picked up her coffee again, before realizing neel was watching her with bemused expressions and she couldnt help but giggle nervously.

“Now that you are looking somewhat human, can we talk about last night?”
He said, leaning back on the sofa, putting his ankle on top of other knee,picking his mug and watched khushi with wonderfully horrible expressions adoring her lovely face.

You can do that..Yes Yes you can!!
Remember you had won that consolation prize in dramatics when you were in 6th grade.
That was what khushi was chanting in her mind while trying her best to keep her face void of any damn expressions and she was suddenly so interested in studying her faded pajama bottoms that had surely seen some glorious days.and it was then she realized her favorite pjs were just another wash short of becoming a good dusting cloth.

what are the chances that if she’ll keep looking at her pj or keep examining the shade of her toe nail paint, neel would actually forget what he was asking her. She could actually feel his gaze on her as he left waiting for her to address his question.

coming to the question, she knew very well what he was asking her. Arnav sir was right, alcohol n her was never a good combination to begin with.she remembered coming back from the party, she was in the passenger seat,the cool breeze seeping into her hair playing with them, the silence of the night giving her enough time to ponder over her troubling thoughts and her comfort level with neel.All these things mixed together n before she knew, words had slipped out of her mouth before she could get a grip on them.  she had only realized the aftermath of what she had done when slowly neel’s expression turned from shock to that of genuine amusement in an ‘i damn well knew it’ manner.  She had tried rectifying the situation by uttering some nonsense crap that made no sense, so that one thing would get lost into the bullshit of other things she
said later on and she could always blame alcohol in the end, was what she had hoped.

but this man, sitting infront of her with smug expressions is nothing, if not smart. If only she can act like Tom hanks or Leonardo di caprio now. How much chances are there ki she’ll pretend she has lost her voice and he’ll believe it.or she’ll pretend to be in coma, if only she’ll sit utterly immovable. Damn this twitching in her nose.

she tried stealing a gaze in his direction and he raised his brow and she passed a smile herself. Crap. shrewd man!

Neel decided to call her bluff and replied further while clearing his throat.
“so, somebody said, they are in love with arnav sir..?”
dramatically air quoting somebody and sir for more effects.

“Who? You?..Are YOU in love with arnav sir??.”
she asked innocently trying to steer this convo in other direction.

“um..I would have, had i been his secretary”
He replied with a cheesy grin and she couldnt help but throw a cushion at him, frowning under her breath.

Consolation prize..dramatics…yes!

she maintained a calm self, before taking a sip of her coffee and replied in a way that could put shah rukh khans’ acting skills to shame.

“neel, i was drunk. DRUNK. I dont even remember what utter crap i said yesterday”
she let out a short laughter while waving off her hand to add more effect.  and though in the drama, she was given the role of a plant where in the end she had just one line, ”save trees” , she was still proud of herself skills.

“alcohol brings the best in you my dear”

“yeah, but in my case i am allergic to it, it creates some sort of little aliens in my stomach which then spread to all my nerves n it reaches the brain and those small aliens then sit inside it n control everything. I have see that it in a movie..you getting my point na?…”
she remembered the Men in Black she had watched last weekend n tried giving that theory a chance. What if there is an alien in real sitting in her brain and smiling evil-ly while controlling her clutches n gear n steering wheel.

she shrieked for a moment and got distracted when choco started barking, hauling up n down on the sofa.

“shhh…keep quiet. Its not your bathing time”

and he barked louder.

“baby calm down, its sunday. kaun nahata hai sunday ko..?”
she tried calming her pet,mentally thanking him for saving her from the impending convo she was dreading.

and a moment later she realized why his otherwise lovely and calm choco has suddenly turned into singham. As she followed his line of sight and realized he was actually barking at the newspaper on the table.
Fetching it, she examined it and a second later felt like barking herself.

On the front page of Delhi Times was a pic of Arnav singh Raizada looking breathtakingly handsome as ever from the last night’s event as he posed for the camera while the lavanya was still glued to her as much as it was decently possible.

holy crappp!!!


she felt like her insides being churned at that stupid scandalous caption. Do they have no work at all? just loitering on scraps to make it a flashy headline, to grab more eyeballs.
stupid,stupid people!

Is Lavanya the lucky girl who could tame this Billionaire? keep reading Delhi times for more news on the new ‘it’ couple.

To hell with delhi times. She’s cancelling the subscription right now. stupid paper dont know what to print and what ‘it’ couple??
she fumed under her breath piercing the paper with her gaze as if it would burn under her stare. She felt like drowning lavanya into the pool of coffee she was about to take bath into few minutes back.

and the way he was holding her, his hand just few centimeters away from underside of her breast. Hawww..her’s are definitely bigger.while she was leaning on him trying her best to give him the feel of her plastic possessions. And he’s a man afterall.
she scrunched her eyes in disgust as her head beginning to pound adding yet to her misery.

she wasnt the jealous type but she couldnt resist from that green eyed monster to rear its head. and not only it has reared its head but now is dancing like a participant of DID.
Crapp..she’s gone.

She felt neel taking the paper from her fingers and studied it himself, while all she could do was groaned in displeasure.

“Is it still the aliens in your brain?..”
was all neel asked after a minute before calmly folding the paper and putting it back on table.

and she knew no point pretending now. it was one thing that was haunting her last night when at once she realized how she felt about arnav sir and what it actually meant.

It was no silly crush that would fade away after some time. It was infact growing its roots deep down, strengthening its hold on her. She realized just how much she hated seeing him with lavanya. Had she been allowed, she would have scrapped that clingy woman, rolled her into a ball and kicked her out into the oblivion.

and she accepted her defeat. Defeat in fighting off her emotions where he was concerned.

she buried her face in her hands and cringed like a child who has completed his homework but forgot the notebook at home . and that was enough to confirm his suspicions, if any left.

he consoled her by holding her and then after 5 minutes of silence he started laughing like a maniac,

“but, Arnav ‘sir’?? seriously?”

pushing her misery at the back seat,she frowned at him and punched him,

“why are you laughing? Not funny, ok?”
she fumed and crossed her arms before calling out to choco who was now looking at her with pleading eyes.

her only partner in sorrow. Hell with this world, with lavana, arnav, neel, delhi times, every damn thing in this world. Someone please give her chocolates.

“i am dooomed…”
she wailed in utter misery.she better put her dramatic skills to use now that world has come crashing down on hers.

He didnt tried calming her down as she had expected so she was silent on her own, after a minute of crying in sorrow.

“so, what are you going to do about it..?”

“about what?”
she asked instantly, why is she sniffing danger lurking around the corner. NO way she would reveal this to sir.

Sir, i am in love with you.

was what she visualized how their confrontation would be, if any.
NO FREAKING WAY!..she would like to jump outta this window than attempting suicide ‘that’ way.

“There’s nothing to do. He doesnt even notice me. havnt you seen last night? He greeted me with the interest like one would greet the waiters roaming there.”

“well, i beg to differ”

she looked at him with hope cum shock lingering on her face and kept mum.

“You do?”

He shrugged his shoulders in response and titled his head ever so slightly.

“what are we going to do then?..”
she asked in a low voice as if they were conspiring his murder.

“We are going to test him. MY WAY!”

He replied rubbing his hands in glee before adding,
“Are you in, Ms Gupta?”

unaware of what he was talking about but still a glimmer of hope shine throughout her soul.she grinned for the first time before shaking her hands with him.

and the deal was sealed!

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