FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 20

She quickly dabbed her lips with another coat of lipstick and pulled the dipping neckline of this ravishing gown she was wearing, one more time in case it will help. Not that it wasn’t decent but just something khushi wasnt used to wearing. It was one beautiful royal blue floor length gown, hugging her just at the right places, complimenting her assets way too much. She felt confident, powerful, even sexy in this outfit.

ah,and dont even ask about the back. 2 dedicated pair of strings working hard to set everything in place, would be an apt description for that. She wasnt adamant on buying this killer number but neel hadnt taken no for an answer and just like that, she went with the flow. It wasnt that she couldnt carry this outfit, but since a certain someone’s presence and his equally killer gaze wont be there, being the sole reason why she chose this thing for
tonight. Contradicting her own theory, a part of herself,  desperately wanted him to see her in this outrageously sexy outfit but then she know, if he would be there, she would be nothing but a piece of melted puddle.

The little devil on her shoulder frowned at her theories and stabbed herself repeatedly to death. Ignoring the lil drama queen, she hurriedly grabbed her clutch and made her way out of the apartment.

“mmwwwaahhh..be a good boy choco”
she ruffled him on his back while hugging him and passed a warm smile to the old neighbor aunty. His caretaker for tonight. Hugging her once more she made her way downstairs to an impatient Neel who was honking since past 5 minutes.

One look at her and the ever talking neel was left speech-lessed. His eyes widening as his gaze raked her from top to bottom and then his lips split into that ‘i-am-so-proud-of-myself’ grin.

“where is that innocent secretary i asked out. What you have done to her, you imposter?..”
and she couldnt help but laughed out loud. Trust this man to make more dramatic comebacks.

he asked turning on the engine and she nodded buckling herself.

“Lets kill people tonight”
He winked at her and pressed the accelerator and the Merc wroomed off like fire.


She felt confident at the way the compliments were pouring all over her tonight. Yes, Nervous she was, in the beginning as it was seemingly new to her but her handsome date for tonight left no stones unturned to make her comfortable. Plus the small amount of alcohol mixed in her system now was doing its own too cents in making sure khushi enjoyed what was turning out to be a joyous n successful night. Yes, alcohol and khushi
have always been a very dangerous combination to begin with but today, she wasnt there as the prim n perfect to the T secretary. It was her time to enjoy and neel was making sure she’s doing that.

“One more..to loosen you up..”
Neel handed him a flute with sparkling honey colored champagne while passing her a grin. Clicking their glasses, she emptied it all in a go and then burst out giggling like a kid doing evil things behind its parents back. and she felt herself actually loosening up. The part that was enjoying tonight swiftly overtook the one that was profusely missing her boss, in the very beginning.

“khushi, am i seeing things?..”
Neel turned to her with a expression on his face before closing his eyes and shaking his head as if to clear off whatever he was seeing.

she giggled and responded like an anchor delivering a breaking news alongside stuffing those yummy spring rolls. Its time she feed her stomach with some solid food. God knows what that alcohol was doing to her poor stomach inside.  Moment later, her own eyes sprang out like springs and rolled ,when she witnessed what neel just pointed to.

with half the roll still hanging outta her mouth, her fork stabbed into another roll hanging out in air, her brows joining in mid, her mind chanting what da’s and the lil devil on her sholder suddenly back from death like Mihir virani once did in kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’,  things changed so suddenly and dramatically before she could even properly say hey devi maiyya.

she turned to look at neel who himself was staring ahead with stunned expression before they suddenly changed to smug one as his lips broke into an evil smile and his eyes sparkled with whatever was going on his mind.

For khushi it was one of those situations where one just cannot decide to be happy or sad. Probably both.  Happy cause it was something like a sight for sore eyes. The person she was so desperately hoping to be here has finally decided to grace this evening with his charismatic presence. Looking deadly in an immaculate black suit, with his signature pristine white shirt underneath. Looking swooningly scruffy in that adorable to-die-for stubble that was further accentuating his hard edged jawline. His gorgeous thick manes accurately in place behaving in exact way one should when sitting on top of a person like Raizada. umm..okay that sounded dirty.

she cleared off her thoughts before quickly stuffing her mouth with the remaining roll as she took in his sight. As much as she was looking at him with an unwavering gaze, she couldnt help but notice a red parasite attached to his body.


and it did leave a bitter taste in her mouth, despite the yummy spring roll she was mechanically chewing like a cow from last one minute.

and it was a really tough job flipping her expressions from ‘m gonna kill that bitch‘ to “oh look,waao.. they are here“, that too in a span of nano second when her gaze met with Arnav’s seemingly piercing one from the distance before he along with that leech started
making their way towards where neel n khushi were standing.

A sudden pang of jealousy so strong hit her stomach that she felt the just feasted spring roll coiling up her throat and made her nauseated.

Calm khushi..breathe. You can act. Yes, you certainly can. Put on your good girl smile.
a lil angel chose to make her appearance on her shoulder and tried convincing her she could handle the situation.

and so she tried. Breathing in and out, gaining her calm composure back, she put on her best charming smile to greet him. While she’ll just pretend that he’s alone.

Neel patted Arnav on the back like friends do when they met after long as they exchanged handshakes, while khushi waited there patiently plastering that ”oh, i am glad too..” smile on her face while in real she just wanted to narrow her eyes at him for coming here with lavanya.

A moment later, his gaze met hers and he acknowledged her presence in the most non chalant way one can.

“Ms Gupta. Enjoying?..”
He asked in a formal way like he had done numerous times in past, hosting similar parties and turned his attention back to his date for tonight when she started whispering in his ears.

eeeks..her red painted lips too close to his ears. does she plan on feasting them like a vampire she’s looking?
she couldn’t help but gritted her teeth in frustration at his seemingly distant behavior and took her wrath out on another poor spring roll, chewing it down with the tenacity to vanish its existence from the face of earth.

and he’s smirking now after listening to her. Isnt it? Does She said something dirty..like how they would do it tonight?
and her eyes widened in horror. Her hand fisted the tissue paper she was holding like it was lavanya’s throat.

oh..she’s got bigger boobs than you.
the lil devil decided to perch on her shoulder with this new realization and she couldnt help but frowned n looked down at her own before stealing a gaze at lavanya’s.

Hers are fake. You are natural and men prefers the latter.
her lil angel appeared holding her back like the saint it was.

yeah, but not when she’s practically spilling outta her dress n rubbing on his face. He’s a man afterall
the devil now turned her gaze to the angel who seemingly was now out of answers cause, seriously he had a point.

why is she glued to him like feviquick. Like practically glued. Like they are some sort of conjoined twins. Like she couldnt walk on her own n will fall down without his support. n why is she wearing this dress 2 size small.

Yes, how could a man not notice such generous display. Fake or not, doesnt matter. He must have checked her out as well.The alcohol in her system coming up with weid horror theories further bubbling her wrath to uncontrolable limits.

This isnt the normal jealousy that one feels..its something thats going outta hand, she faintly realized amidst her seething temper.

Dont listen to him. He’z pure evil
The angel was back now holding a candle as if it could help enlighten khushi somewhat.

huh..listen to her and you will probably end up decorating their bed for their first night.
the devil retorted back almost as quickly as one could.

and that was enough to coarse terror through her veins.
she finally shut her imaginary new friends who were adding their own two cents in making the situation miserable than it already was and seconds later realized she might have said it a notch too higher cause now they were all silent and were glaring at her like she had committed some sort of sin.

shit shit shit!

she quickly plastered a smile before covering the goof up,
“umm..no no. not you. I was talking to them ”

she waved at her shoulder titling her head both sides so she could blame those 2 culprits for the damage.

ah, bas***ds, where are they now? she scowled under her breath before glancing back at the 3 pair of eyes that were now watching her like she had grew horns. A pair that was now mischievously grinning, another pair that just got rolled upwards in a ‘who cares’ way.
The third n seemingly important one was closely inspecting her with specs of accusation in them.

he scowled at her  pointing a finger in her direction, the look in his eyes says it all.

“Relax man. let her enjoy..she’s a big girl”
Neel suddenly came to her defense that she was very grateful of.

“please excuse us..khushi, lets hit the dance floor…”
Neel, the ever charming man, angled his elbow like a perfect gentleman so she could hang on to it. she desperately needed to get away from  this scene..preferably from him before she could loose her senses. She need to take her mind out of this sudden strong jealousy coursing through her blood, drowning her into it.

She linked her hand to his, before arranging that important smile on her face that could somehow convince him she’s still in her senses and swiftly moved away from them, towards the dance floor.



not a bit. He was pissed to say the least. Plus this dumb woman practically stitched to his body was making things worse. Whats the protocol for ditching the person you agreed to come with as a date.  He was regretting his decision and then his gaze found hers, standing at a corner with neel, looking ravishing in that dress. He would be lying to say he didnt checked her out. It was touching her just at the right places and further accentuating
her priceless beauty.  Mentally slapping himself to get a grip on his hormones, he tried playing cool.

As much as his eyes wanted to devour her thorough out the night, the ego got the better of him and he just greeted her like he had done to many people here. For the brief moment their gazes met, something different flashed through her eyes. What was it? Something he hadnt seen before.

Was it jealously? she wasnt an expert in hiding stuff like he does. but he waved off that theory.

lavanya tugged him towards herself and whispered some crap in his ears he obviously wasnt listening to. He should have come here with a duct tape so he could permanently shut this woman’s mouth. He smirked cause that seemed like only genuine thing to do. while his gaze was trying to drift towrds khushi standing there, it would show his desperation that he couldnt afford to disclose.

and thankfully khushi game him that chance to escape.


she said, or was he dreaming she said that? followed by some other crap. But she still looked cute as hell. Or so he thought. and then it dawned to him. this woman could never be trusted around alcohol.

He had still sharp memories of what happened last time. but this time she wasnt with him even to take care of. This girl is utterly crazy when she has even a bit alcohol in her body and god knows how much she had already feasted on today, without someone monitoring over her. Someone mature. umm..like him .

and then she went with neel to the dance floor and he couldnt help but gasped at the audacity of the dress she was wearing.  Where is the back of her gown that was supposed to cover her from the pervert gazes.

Including his. umm. No!

They both looking so good together.
The lil devil now perched on his shoulder, rubbing his hands in glee as Raizada gazed the retreating backs of Neel and a very very bare back of khushi. To say he was mad, would probably be an understatement.

He even has his hand around her waist. see..
The lil devil was now watching the scenario with magnifying glass and likewise Raizada felt his temper suddenly increasing by few notches there and then when he saw how men started staring at her.

bas***d..he growled out loud and realized seconds later when lavanya widened her eyes in horror,
“Yo abusing me Arnav..i should never have come with you..you are ignoring me like anything”
she wailed in her screechy voice creating enough drama than he had already seen.

“um..no..i said, BABY”
He tried for the damage control and regret it the next second when lavanya instantly believed that stupid made up lie and hugged her like he had just proposed her for marriage while planting a kiss at his cheeks despite his efforts to tug free.

He hated being stuck in a situation like this where he had to cop up with this woman while all he wanted to do was keep khushi away from anything remotely testosterone’s and anyways she was here with Neel, so the mighty Raizada couldnt do anything much in a situation like this.

Hope this night ends soon, was all he could pray while his gaze kept drifting towards her direction every 5 minutes or so, for the rest of the night.


she closed her eyes and relaxed a bit. Finally the night was over. lifting her hand and feeling the cool breeze through her fingers, she went through the night in her mind. Grateful towards Neel for keeping her sane.  and as she rewind the incident backwards once, twice ,thrice., few things started becoming clear.

as crystal.

After seemingly looong seconds as the moment of realization shook her to the core, a frightened khushi turned towards a chirpy Neel driving and humming song under his breath and she chose that to be the moment of truth.

“Neel i wanna confess something”

He turned towards her tilting his head, asking her to go ahead, while drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.


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