FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 2

Khushi-usain-bolt-kumari-Gupta reached her desk in record time!

Yes! Flat 9 seconds.

Now that’s some feat.

She was bizzy in catching up with her breath n simultaneously glancing towards his cabin door, just to ensure that the beast wasn’t following her.

Observing no such movement,she thanked her heavens n her ever helpful devi maiyaa for coming to her rescue.

Oh,one close call dat was!

She dropped on her chair like a sack of potato, her eyes closed n heart still beating erratically.

After few minutes of composing herself, she was almost back to normal.

Eh,khushi back to normal?

Technically incorrect statement !

Phew-ing for one last time,she opened her eyes n checked his door again n exhaled a sigh of relief.

She looked at the now extremely crumbled paper ball in her hands,

All cuz of you
She snapped at the ball,narrowing her gaze n pouting her lips.

The hell surely would have broken loose,if that Khadoos would have opened you..


Suddenly the evil look he was showering her with in the cabin, flashed infront of her eyes n in the next instant, She tore the paper quickly, bit by bit.

Her first ever master-piece was now reduced to just millions of pieces.

Even the Bestest FBI in the world couldn’t crack what was in the paper.

She grinned for the first time after coming out. Visibly relaxed as she was.

Rubbing her hands in glee,she grinned an evil laugh mentally.. like a murderer,who had just destroyed the weapon of murder.

Evidence Destroyed..successfully !

Devi maiya,I’ll never repeat this thing again,I’ll never draw again,infact I think,i will never ever touch pencil again in my whole life“,Khushi pleaded guiltily holding her ears,to the deity’s idol placed on her desk.


The promise just made above, reduced the burden off the shoulders of a certain Leonardo da Vinci,who was holding his breath since the masterpiece was created.

He fynally breathed out a relaxed n contented sigh.

Phew…Art is safe for a while now !


Khushi was whole heartedly thanking her devi maiyaa.

She always knew,whatever the kind of trouble may be,her THIS particular friend will never leave her side.

Never Ever !

She automatically got transported to her dreamland,where she visualized herself standing in a battlefield.

Her Devi Maiyaa had created some strong invisible shield around her n protecting her from the daggers coming at her direction.

She concentrated on the source of the daggers n to her surprise,it was none other than HIM.

Khadoos Laad Governor

She gasped in surprise n her mouth formed a perfect O cuz, he was resembling exactly the way she had drawn.

In her Masterpiece.

same Devil’s horn

Devil’s teeths


Devil’s Tail completing his monstrous look.

He,who couldn’t even afford a polite smile,was now laughing devilishly n Evilly just like MOGAMBO and throwing daggers at her.

She felt extremely powerful n satisfied when his devilish smile got converted into a scowl as he realized that he couldn’t harm her,

NOT even an inch!

All thanx to her devi maiya.

Her grin slowly started grewing wider.


She felt herself as someone,whose sole purpose to came on earth was to save the world from the clutches of THIS particular Devil.

When this sense of responsibility sinking deep within her,she bowed her head a lil n then took out her sword.

Time to settle some scores now!

With her head held high,she dangled the sword to n fro,making 8 in the air before pointing towards the Laad Governor, closed one eye n threw it wid all the supernatural power she had at that moment.

The whole atmosphere behind her echoed with the enchantment of
khushi kumari Gupta ki Jai‘.

Dhol,nagada’s, shankh’s holy n spiritual voice filled the atmosphere completely.

The whole aura was resembling to some mythological war going on.

Yes,it was indeed a war!

A war between

Good n Evil.

Positivity n Negativity.

Cuz It’s THE war between,

Angel Kumari Gupta n Devil Singh Raizada.

The Sword moving towards its destination..FASTER!

Devil Raizada’s worries grewing..BIGGER !

Her grin getting…WIDER!

The enchantment grewing LOUDER!

n louder !

Thousands of temple bells started ringing in unison creating a symphony.

A symphony so powerful..

A symphony so soothing..

A symphony so…so…

errm…familiar !

Yeah,familiar !

She bunched up her brow in confusion.

Yes,she had listen it before too.. where?


then the realization dawn within her…

It wasnt the ringing of the temple bells

It was…eerrmmm..


the RAIZADA EXTENSION ringing on her desk !



She came crashing down to earth,from her dreamland at a lightening fast speed.almost as quickly as she went there.

Her trance got broken n dumbfoundedly she looked here n there at her surrounding,

Hun..Where is she ?

No battlefield

No sword

No Devil Raizada infront

No enchantments

No dhols n nagadas!

Just the evil Phone ringing continuously, begging to be picked !

Oh shit ! Shit ! Shit !

her mouth opened wide with shock, her eyes just short of coming outta their sockets, her brain numb n she,literally DEAD !

Khushi, Today’s your official DEATH day..she mumbled, still in a daze.

Hey Devi maiya, had I known before, I would have atleast prepared my will..

Haww..m not even married.
She mumbled in panic, when the villain phone started ringing again.

She jumped in her seat n quickly picked up the receiver.

Just fumbling with it twice.

came a deathly scowl from the other side of the receiver.

Khushi’s breath hitched in her throat.

Haww..how does he know?She looked around her, trying to search for some kind of a spying camera which  that laad governor must have secretly installed to keep a  track on her.

She was bizy in surveying the room when the yelling turned to roaring this time,


Nervously, she shook her head into the receiver, unable to form a single coherent sentence.


she looked for the nearest Window to jumped down.


She was trying to form something,anything,when she was cut down again rudely,


n the line went dead again!

Just 5 words n she knew her fate’s now sealed,by this very man.

His icy n steely voice send a chill down her spine n she shivered violently. She got up from her chair quickly, picked her notepad n started sprinting towards his cabin

Just like some spicy roasted chicken voluntarily walking inside a lion’s den.

Taking forks n knives along with it.

Her hand on his cabin’s door knob.She looked back at her desk one last time..she could clearly visualize her future.

Some things are gonna be changed soon

For instance,the first thing being  the name plate on her desk

From “Khushi kumari Gupta


Late Ms Khushi-still-kumari-Gupta

She closed her eyes, remembering her devi maiyaa one last time n entered the cabin

Dear heavens, here I come !

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