FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 19





Life has a very peculiar habit of moving on..despite anything and everything that happens in the background.


so yes, like always , life and time were moving on swiftly just like the lead pair of our story. 


Its been more than a week since the boss and the secretary returned back to their working schedule after experiencing that wonderful slash scandalous farmhouse vacation.


oh yes..scandalous it was for sure cause of some very obvious reasons.


For they experience their first ever ‘real kiss’, minus any interuption from his black berry, from anjali di, from choco or from two thirty six other interruptions.


keeping in mind the fact that it was also the very first time, Arnav Singh Raizada got marked..that too by someone he doesnt even like in the first place. well, such is the irony of life..isnt it?


a love bite on his bottoms!


and in the days that followed, he got constant reminders of the same unfortunate incident every time he placed his deliciously rounded bottom somewhere. 


Everytime he took his seat in the cabin, a wince followed by a profanity escaped his lips..all directed towards that shrewd excuse in the name of a dog who was hell bent on making his life pathetic at the moment.


Cant anyone report such incidents in the police?..are there some kind of bars specially created for cruel, evil shrewd species other than humans? cause if there are how he would love to send a particular choco named devil behind it. Bloody son of a bitch!!..huh


son of a bitch?…errm..yeah..that he was, for sure.


Apart from this constant rivalry against choco, it was something else too that had Arnav Singh Raizada’s mind pre occupied at the moment. He had often found himself thinking about their kiss more often than he should..at times when he was attending meetings..at conferences..during lunch..while watching news.. sometimes bathing..sometimes sleeping..sometimes yawning..sometimes working out etcetera etcetera.


weird no?
The question he had often asked himself numerous times but never got any satisfactory answer in return. 


He often found his gaze automatically drifting towards that mole beneath her left brow while dictating her, at times scolding her..at times stealing a look in her direction when she was busy in her work. 


What the F…whats with this newly developed moladdiction? God..is he turning to a maniac all cause of that girl. He even googled the term looking for a disease with similar traits where a person suffers from excessive liking towards moles but came up with nothing concrete to solidify his doubts. Whats with this girl..is she some kind of a tantrik trying to cast some kinda spell on him..firstly she got him all tweetified n now molafied..he could soon imagine a day where he would be all chocofied n that was the point where the Great Raizada’s otherwise alert n active mind gave up and was flashing “CUT THE CRAP” warning in bright neon.  




or w…wait!
Did that stupid dog injected some shit slash crap inducing virus when he gave him that love bite on his bottom. Yes,Since then he’s all into weird things. 


STOP IT RAIZADA!!!..You seriously need a break from all this kiss, gloss, dog, mole and tweety stuff. 


Thats it…You are using the excessive amount of energy your body periodically generates in thinking about this crap. The energy that should be released elsewhere. All you need is a distraction. 








Yep, Distraction was what khushi too was looking for, since last few days..Distraction from the owner of that husky voice who gave her dictations every morning..Distraction from those long fingers that danced fervently on his laptop, the skillful fingers that had burned her skin just with their feather touch..and how could she forget that gonna-be-the-death-of-me aftershave.


oh devi maiya..and those sexy pair of sinful lips that were just so..so expert at their task..she felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach each time her name rolled off his lips, 


khushi..gosh, how her insides melt just by the way he pronounces her name in that stylish accent of his.


haye devi maiya!!




uff devi maiya..its sounds so sinfully sexy!




m gonna be dead devi maiya!!!


“Ms Gupta”


a hand slammed on her desk immediately bought her back from her haye cum uff devi maiya spree..and she found herself looking back into an intense pair of black eyes boring holes into her.


“Last time i checked you were not hired for day dreaming..or is that your new profile Ms. Gupta?..”
He asked crossing his arms across his chest, lifting a knitted brow, tilting his head ever so slightly and it all took his primal maleness to yet another level.


Control khushi!!


shaking her head to clear off those sinful thoughts, she cleared her throat and started saying something when he stopped her efforts by raising his palm.


“Hold my calls for the day.Cancel my 3 pm appointment and reschedule it for friday.”
He said while closing his eyes, slightly rubbing his continuously throbbing temple, all traces of sarcasm long gone from his voice now.


“you okay sir?..”
she asked in a concerned voice


“uum..yeah..just this heaadache “
He replied pointing towards his temple before adding,
“check my schedule khushi..any other meetings?..”


nodding her head,she muttered “just a second” before grabbing her tablet. Opening his scheduler she replied after checking it for today,


“No sir, your schedule is clear for the day”


He nodded briefly before making his way for the cabin.


15 minutes later, khushi took her seat again, leaning back she twirled her chair,her eyes closed, a small satisfied smile plastered on her lips. The warm feeling was still there in her stomach which arised when she had handed him some asprin tablets along with a glass of water..a weak smile that he had passed in return had fluttered some thing mushy in her heart. Again, 10 minutes later, she made him his favorite cup of strong coffee to cure his head ache, and yes,he actually mumbled a thanks which ultimately left her feeling all gooey from insides. 


well, this was the least she could do..she was so not used to watching ASR like this..the vulnerable one..the fierce always charged up boss was what she was used to. Inhaling deeply to gather her thoughts, she then immersed herself in her work for the day.


She was still busy in filling some forms when a cheery voice greeted her,


“Here you are..khushi..”


She glanced up to see Neel leaning against the edge of her desk, looking as always dashing in his pin strip suit, emitting charm the way he does naturally.


“Neel sir..how are you?”
her lips broke into a genuine smile,a smile which clearly radiated through her eyes.




“Its NEEL..en double ee el..NEEL..dont add sir..it sound like some old spectacled man there..”, he replied feigning angry face.


she resisted hard rolling her eyes at him and shook her head still grinning.


“No seriously..save that ‘sir’ for your grumpy and old boss only..i am the hottest male in city right now..”
He added smugly, dramatically extending his arms, shifting on his feets, doing a full 360 for her to checkout him completely.


a child like giggle escaped her lips at this utter charming cum dramatic man standing infront of her..he should be the model posing for those magazines women drool on..whats he doing in corporate sector by the way?, she thoughtfully queried herself.


“city? isnt that an understatement?..you must be the hottest creature alive on this planet i think..i should be banned from roaming freely like this”
she added feigning innocence and sincerity in her words alongside batting her lashes to add some dramatic effect to it, if that was possible.


“oh my..i knew from the beginning..you are so much in love with me khushi..”
he replied smugly grinning at her with that mischeivious to die for smile and winked at her.


This time she actually burst out laughing, waving her hands at his harmless flirtations..This man is just unique and she meant it..Catching her breath after excessive laughing after a minute or so,she replied, donning her loyal employee hat,


“by the way..my boss is not grumpy”


when in response he lifted his eyebrow, giving her that oh really kinda look, she flushed profusely under his scrutiny before adding,


“um..okay..a lil bit..but he’s definitely not old..”
this time she replied confidently, sudden flashbacks of her handsome boss’s charming face, looks, body playing in her mind, in a loop.


“ah..looks like someone is smitten..”


her eyes widened at neel’s comment and she felt her cheeks turning twelve shades of crimson.suddenly the ever talking khushi Gupta was here at a loss for words..cause thats when she realised she actually was smitten-ed by that specific Raizada and this specific realisation cause some sudden serious blunders in the pit of her stomach. 




keeping that sensitive cum serious matter aside to analyse later on, she continued now with a serious expression,


“umm..you dont have any meeting with Sir..right..?”
she asked, mentally remembering her boss’s  clear schedule for today.


“hmm..yeah..i was here to meet you actually. i need a favor from you..and mind you khushi gupta, am not taking no for an answer..”
he replied grabbing a chair to his side and leaning his arms on her desk, his fingers now drumming her desk fervently.


she queried, her expressions now a mix of confusion and curiosity.


“Okay, so the thing is, Raizada industries organises a charity ball event every year and the donation all goes to an orphanage. This year its on coming saturday and i want you to be my date for the evening”


she jumped up in her seat as if pricked with thorns, not believing him a bit..her reactions was almost similar to the person who just got her death sentence.


“Yes..lucky you..who else?”
Neel  replied charmingly, flashing his grin.
“you kidding right?…i mean..um..”
she replied hesitatingly not really knowing what to answer.
he added when found her watching Raizada’s closed cabin door with confusion itched all over her face,
“common khushi..u dont need that grumpy’s permission for this..he doesnt even attend this lavish gala in the first place.”
okay..now thats some news.
“Arnav Sir doesnt attend this..why..?..i mean,its a noble cause..”,she questioned him,
“Noble cause, that it is..actually it was his idea in the first place..he’s very generous with helping out the needy’s in any way possible..but you know how low key your boss is..he preferred to stay away from media attention and limelight..and it being a major event, all papers n media covers it like crazy…so,its Akash who handles the gala side of this event. Arnav made sure, the charity amount reaches where its destined to be..”
He finished, smiling warmly by the end of his long informative speech he just disclosed to her.
That was all she could mustered up as a reply.mumbling quitely, feeling kind of happy from inside after knowing yet something new about him..this man and his never ending layers. 
“so common you cannot say no to the hottest man on planet now..can you..since its a ‘noble event’…eh?..”
she did rolled her eyes this time, okay so its noble blackmailing now..before putting her cards on the table,
“neel, i am not sure..i mean..i hvnt been to any such events before..as a secretary yes but not as someone’s date..errm..so its kinda..”
he interrupted in between,
“common young lady. You have to do nothing, just a lavish dinner..some dance..and if you could put up a fake smile to throw on all, you’ll do wonders..”
She giggled at how easily he explained it all as if reciting a story to a three year old.
“You think you can manage that?..”
This time she replied confidently brushing aside her hesitations, flashing him a warm smile matching his own.
“Good..wear something hot..afterall you’ll be with the planet’s hottest creature” 
He winked at her placing a palm over his heart, feigning a dreamy look in his eyes which earned him a child like giggle from her. 
She was about to comment him back when another voice from behind him broke their private little conversation.
okay..so a too-husky-to-digest womanly voice came up from behind, pronouncing the name, dragging it like a rubber band, got both of their attention.
oh hell..Lavanya!
This pain in the ass woman is back here again. She had been dropping off in her office lately, demanding to meet ‘her’ ASR anytime ..throwing fits when khushi told about his packed schedule..Okay, so his boss was avoiding this lady and she had got orders from him not to pass her calls..so she was just doing her secretarial job in making sure everything runs smoothly as per his orders, if you keep aside the little joy she was getting in keeping him safe from her clutches. Oh, just job n nothing more…but the evil looks lavanya passed her before thomping her foot to moving out like a brat child had often said lot more words could probably be.
Neel got up from his chair addressing her while collecting his phone from the desk at the same time.
Khushi got a little joy by witnessing his cold reactions towards her.
Lavanya stride forward happily towards neel, wearing a skin hugging dress she was actually bursting out from, stilettos doing their own two cents in send her to the ceiling, carrying a hand bag which was looking just a bit less than american tourister travel bags. oh and her bee stung lips were painted blood red too, khushi note all just in a fraction of second.
gosh,is she gonna drain neel in her blood alike lipstick, she pitied him suddenly looking at his horrified cum comical expressions.
Khushi released up her pent up breath when she saw lavanya tip toing and kissing neel in that ‘high profile’ fashion where you caress your cheeks with the other person, pout your lips as if you are just kissing n pop out a loud ‘muaaahhh‘ sound. The louder the sound, the harder the kiss.
strange?Is that even a kiss?
she questioned herself before the flashbacks of what a real kiss is flooded her mind.
you could say the guy was lucky and got saved from having a conversation because his phone choose to ring on that same moment. 
Muttering sorry to lavanya n promising to catch up some other time, he excused himself from her clutches..When she pouted with those bee stung blood painted lips, she had a very hard time stifling her laughter without getting noticed.
“Khushi..see you on Saturday then..”
Neel winked at her before saluting her bye and making his way towards the elevators.  It was then khushi realized she’d to handle her alone.
“Sir is not free Lavanya”
She said, while arranging some files on the desk not meeting those dipped in kohl eyes.
“BULLSHIT..I know he’s in there..”
She thumped her desk loudly with her long n sharp artificial nails that were also painted in the same shade, and khushi instinctively checked the surrounded area in case she’d scratched it. Lavanya’s so gonna pay for it if she’d done any damaged i swear, khushi muttered under her breath.
“Look lavanya, i said Sir is busy and is having a tight schedule with back to back meetings. Now,if you’ll excuse me, some of us do work for a living..you know”
Khushi replied in a sugary sweet voice not hiding her sarcasm peeking from behind. 
“YOU…how dare you..Ring him and tell i am here..he’ll cancel his meetings then..”
Lavanya demanded like a stubborn brat child, tapping her foot, her stilettos making enough loud voices in the otherwise calm n silent floor.
Devi maiyaa, in which language should i explain that her presence is not welcome here…bimbo!
She rolled her eyes at an obviously annoyed lavanya piercing holes in her body. 
when khushi continued reading her file not even bothering to reply her, that was when lavanya had enough. 
Lavanya practically threatened her while flashing a bitchy witchy smile, pointing a fake nail towards herself. Even before khushi could retort back matching a comment of its own, lavanya made a run towards ASR’s cabin, in a speed which those high stilettos n the american tourister lookalike could afford.
while khushi jumped up in her seat hastily, now on a mission ‘m-gonna-save-my-boss-from-this-witch’
Arnav Singh Raizada felt better..much much better.
His head that was throbbing whole morning was also at peace. He smiled warmly to himself remembering how khushi bought him tablets and then his fav cup of coffee, the way he likes it..n need not to say, the Great ASR was touched by the gesture.
and when our great Raizada is touched, we can expect some unexpected gestures from him too. So, ASR decided to thank her for her selfless efforts.
More than thanking her, he was looking forward to see her again n have his fill for the day. Not that he was consciously aware of this new habit he had developed in last few days.
So, a smiling to himself Raizada had just opened his cabin door with a swift click when two ladies came n fell on his feets like two ripe berries. 
What the..?
Yeah..he was on his way to see khushi..but certainly not like that..sprawled on the floor, with her face scrunching in a painful expression and that was enough to had Raizada in action.
“Khushi you okay?..”
He instantly bend n helped khushi in getting up, supporting her petite form effortlessly with his muscular one..he was busy checking whether she was hurt or not, it was when loud womanly wailing grabbed their attention.
and It was when He noticed that another woman too sprawled on the floor, on close inspection he noticed a wailing lavanya on the floor, her larger than life bag at some distance,her perfect hairstyle now ruined perfectly. she placed her kohl dipped eyes on ASR, extending her hand towards his direction for him to examine the horrendous loss she had suffered,
“MY NAIL…I broke my NAIL…ASR…What m gonna do now?”
She asked him, still wailing with large horrified eyes as the loss of the century.
Ignoring the victim i.e a red painted half broken nail in this case, ASR narrowed his eyes at her,
“Lavanya, what are you doing here?..”
Her am-a-helpless-victim expressions suddenly got transformed to m-a-bitchy-witch ones, getting up on her own ,she narrowed her kohl dipped eyes on khushi lurking peeking from behind ASR.
“YOUR SECRETARY..SHE STOPPED ME..ME…LAVANYA..JUST HOW DARE SHE?..Dont she know m one of the top model of RI n i dont need an appointment to see you”
Oh Hell!
ASR closed his eyes, releasing a short breath. This lavanya matter is getting out of hand. He had given strict permission to khushi not to pass her calls n stuff, to decline her by making random excuses. He had dated lavanya for a while few years back, all in his sheer stupidity.
Though one wouldnt call that as an actual ‘Dating’ cause Lavanya was one of the model signed for their summer collection that year and they had attended few business events together, all in ‘promotional’ manner from his side.But she started becoming clingy and eventually later on, the pain in the ass. GOD..he need to set it straight for her..in clear words, for once n all.
Scratching his stubble slightly, he turned towards khushi,
“Errm..its okay, i’ll handle”
What the devi maiyaaa?
He’s taking her side..when it was me who was doing what i have been told..isnt it clear to that witch ki sir is not interested in her..or why is he still encouraging her.Did he stared liking her again..or interested in her? did he love her bee stung lips? haww.
and thus a confused ASR saw tryin-hard-to-supress-rage khushi narrowing her eyes, boring holes in his body before thomping her foot n stroding out of the room. Also closing the door with a bang as if she was the boss n he was secretary here
whoa..strange women!
He turned back after witnessing the closed door again, while getting mentally ready to deal with the stuff at hand when he saw lavanya launching herself full fledged towards him, extending her hands in what would be a possible hug.
”errm…careful lavanya..you might not want to damage your nail further…”
oh wow..his brain came up with the accurate thing to stop her in tracks and he sighed in relief when it worked too.
“awww…ASR…you are so caring”
She halted herself in tracks, checking her broken nail again with the expression of a recently broken up couple. 
“I need to see my beautician again..how in the hell we’ll attend the event with this…GOSH!!”
lavanya pouted extending her nail for him to see the amount of damage she had suffered after her recent accident and she gasped in horror after imagining pics of her with her broken nail, published in newspapers and flashing on television screen. 
Arnav asked in a bit of a confusion.
common ASR, its gonna be fun. I dont get why do you always decline media’s attention. God, I want to go with you, as your date..we’ll rock the world”
Lavanya replied dreamily, imagining their plastered up bodies together, kissing passionaitely posing for the cameras.
“Sorry Lavanya..but thats not happening”
ASR replied curtly in a no nonsense tone which would be enough to vanish any doubts from her mind, IF ANY.
“Then you can go by all means Lavanya..no one’s stopping you but just dont expect me to accompany you..is that clear? !!”
Crossing his hands across his chest, he replied in the most polite tone he could manage despite of the growing irritation at her nagging behavior.
Time to say, Get.Lost.Lavanya!
“but how can i go without a date…god, its so not done..even your stupid clumsy secretary is going with a date and here i ‘ve none..OH EM GEE”
Lavanya then scrunched up her face as if it was the most painful moment of her life, placing the most pathetic expression on her face, as if she was drowned in disasters, first her nail and now ASR, everyone’s hell bent on ditching her.
“What did you say..khushi’s going? with whom?”
seems like ASR managed to catch that piece of information only, from her whole wailing slash statement she just made despite her sobs.
“Yeah..with that Neel Singhania”
She sniffled quietly,wiping tears from her eyes making sure it wont ruin her US imported mascara.
“Stop it lavanya..FINE,WE’LL GO!!!”
Came an unexpected reply from the person who was so adamant on not attending the event just a few minutes back. She squealed up in joy n in ecstasy and managed to hug him, quite careful of her nail this time.
Not even bothering about the cold response she got in return.
and definitely missing out the hard itched lines of his jaw, thinned lips resembling a sharp razor n a barely barely suppressed rage under him. 

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