FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 18



It goes without saying that next day, Anjali Raizada Jha had a smile permanently plastered to her oh-so-lovely face. A victorious smile,a full fledged confident smile that could have earned her a colgate commercial had she auditioned for one.

Her 32 teeths shining,each one standing out from its previous neighbor..the joy and excitement radiating from her whole persona was showing as if her film had just got a nomination in Oscar awards.Grinning from ear to ear,she glanced at everyone sitting around the dining table one by one and found them engrossed in either their breakfast or their cellphones.


she mouthed internally..fumed at how no one noticed why she was so happy.She was waiting for someone to ask her the reason of her happiness for which she would have then batted her eyelashes throwing looks at her brother n khushiji..putting them in awkward position and enjoyed their embarrassed faces.

but for that someone should have to noticed her first.

huh..frowningly,dragging her gaze away from them,she looked at choco who was sitting on the floor.Feeling her gaze, he stared her back with pitiful look in his eyes,wagging his tail to n fro, stucking his tongue in n out.

hmpf…if only dogs could speak..she sighed sardonically.

Turning her attention back to the table she then glanced towards the lead actors of the movie she had watched last night.

Her brother slash famous tycoon ASR slash the bare chested hero of the movie was engrossed totally in the Economic times as if he would be the next economist of India.

and khushiji slash the secretary in command slash the shorts clad heroine of last night, was boring holes in her breakfast plate with the sole intention of doing a reseach on her poha.

Like seriously?
How can they behave like this..dont they remember they just kissed last night..or was it all my assumption? 

This time she hawwed again..but internally..she tried remembering the incident of last night where she had caught them red handed outside his room in a errm..what was that..a sensuous pose right..or had she interpreted it all wrong.

Shut up anjali..dont u remember what shakira said..lips dont lie..right? chotey would prefer jumping off the cliff rather than coating his lips with a gloss..that too strawberry one at sometime around midnight.

she tried suppressing her laughter that erupted after the last thought..glancing around she saw both arnav and khushi, though sitting adjacent but behaving as if they were in two different countries, she rolled her eyes heavenly.

what will happpen at their suhaag raat?..hmph!!

Dont worry..anjali..you go girl..tera toh janam hi logo ki bhalaai ke liye hua hai.
a voice raised inside her head and she couldnt agree more to it. she patted herself mentally,feeling as proud at herself as one would be after receiving a bharat ratna puruskaar.

so what if she failed in her attempt to put both of them in awkward situation. Anjali Raizada Jha could always create one. Yeah, she was immensely talented in this field..specially when it was her chotey at the receiving end..she thought smugly.

mentally performing a round of somersault,she rubbed her hands in glee..yeah, under the table to avoid any unnecessary attention now. Mumbling a polite sorry to her would-be victims, she then made a straight face, void of any such evil smirk..too straight infact for her liking..Yes, Anjali was surely in action.

Toring a bite from her crunchy toast, she picked up the tabloid lying alone on the breakfast table.ah, her weapon.

shuffling few pages alongside eating her breakfast, she suddenly haww-ed making sure it earned her a handful of glares.

“dekhiye na shyam ji..breaking news..Ranbir and katrina caught kissing on camera yesternight..outside a posh restaurant..”

faking a shocked expression like it wasnt Ranbeer, THE actor but Ranbeer, her chota bhai..she nudged her husband with her elbow and asked him..face still plastered with that horribly shocked cum heart breaking expression that was so so like anjali.

Had she been working in a tele serial, it would have surely earned her few awards for best actress-fiction category…defeating that baalika vadhu or gopi vahu.

Anjali why are you wasting your talent sitting around this dining table..you are made for tellywood or bollywood..even holly..
She brushed aside those thoughts quickly and concentrated on the matter at hand and continued in the same tone laced with curiosity cum amusement.

“oh my god shyam ji..and wern’t they the one who denied having any kind of relationship in a chat show last week..”

Do i need to mention that her over-the-top reaction striked just at the right place..cuz the next Economist of India and the poha researcher were now looking towards her direction with dumbfound faces as if they had been splashed with icy cold water.

if only she had lifted her gaze, she would have find her brother throwing daggers constantly towards her and his assistant just getting ready to stab herself with the fork itself.

so, anjali decided to choose the better option..she just ignored all of them..seems like only thing visible for her was the tabloid and shyam jee.

“suniye ji..you think something going on between the two or are these just rumours?..”

shyam spared a glance at his wife, thinking why all of a sudden she was so interested in relationship status of an actress she doesnt even like in the first place, he had just opened his mouth to tell her not to bother about such silly news when she cut in between herself,

“vahi toh shyam ji..i was also saying the same..they should come out in open..dont you think..?…”

Rolling his eyes heavenly, he replied while eating his butter toast,
“rani sahiba, i think people should leave them alone..everybody has some personal life…”

What he didnt knew was that this simple sympathetic sentence towards the bollywood’s hottest couple would earn him a deathly scowl from his wife..the same kind of treatment one would get after bashing banaya irani or sarun sobti.

“oww..i was talking about the papparazies rani sahiba..”
he quickly rectified his previous statement when she nudged him hard with her elbow.

uff..this shyam ji..he can never be a gud matchmaker in his life..ever.
she sighed before turning her attention towards the tabloid again and started reading out aloud for the benefit of every one who comes within 100 m radius around her,

“According to our sources the rumored couple is said to be dating for months but they have always remain tight lipped about their relationship in the past.Just last week they denied the rumors in a famous chat show ‘
Cofee with Charan’, but now with the sizzling pictures coming out in open, we wonder what their reaction would be.We contacted both the actors concerned but till the time of going to the press, we havnt got any confirmation from them.However,we will be the first one to confirm this sensational news,like always.So readers,stay tuned”

“Di, there’s no smoke without fire!!..”

Akash said casually,adding his 2 cents with a smirk on his face, alongside applying butter on his toast.

FIRE..what the hell!?!?

Arnav Singh Raizada swored internally for the first time..till now he was just mentally praying for some miracle to happen that would divert his di from this stupid silly topic..but seems like fate was certainly on other side..cuz his otherwise sensible brother just added fuel to this fire. How he would like to duct tape akash’s mouth right at this particular moment…huh.

He glanced at his blackberry who had never missed a chance to disturb him in the past..be it meetings, conferences, that time when he was close to kissing khushi in his cabin or et cetera..but now seems like it also choosed to betray him for it was also watching the whole scene like some silent spectator.

Shit dammit!

“Di, pass me the butter please..?..”

he opened his mouth for the first time, as an effort to divert di’s attention elsewhere before its too late for any kind of damage control, since his partner in crime, khushi, was maintaining a stoic silence as if her lips had been glued with a fewi quick, glaring at her plate with so much dedication as if the poha was the most interesting thing in this whole world.

but surely his heart did stopped for a second when di who was ignoring him till now diverted all her precious and valuable attention towards him, a cheesy evil smile intact on her face as if she was just waiting for this moment to happen.

wow Raizada..you just entered the lion’s den willingly after sprinkling salt and pepper on yourself.

Here the butcher was herself passing him the butter!

“han ye lo na chotey..butter..”

she replied gleefully before adding,
chotey, waise what do you think..they should come out in open regarding their relationship..?..now that they have been caught kissing..”

The butter did slipped from his hands for he wasnt sure his di was asking about that bollywood couple or was she teasing him regarding last night..but knowing his previous experiences, he was sure its the later one.


He shrugged his shoulders, alongside searching for an excuse, alongside wishing to have a machine similar to what he had seen in that flick ‘Men in Black’ that could wipe off anyone’s memory in an instant, when the sudden bout of coughs coming from his neighbor dragged everyone’s attention.

Indeed the most interesting thing for khushi was the poha plate cuz it was the only thing that wasnt talking about the kiss. How she wanted to stuff everyone’s mouth with this poha..including arnav jee..he may be a good kisser but he was nothing but a lame excuse-r whenever its anjali di cornering him.

haw..hey devi maiyya..!!

its all because of that kiss you have landed up in this mess in the first place and so a panicked khushi started coughing loudly as if she was the most serious patient of tuberculosis..that too at last stage.

someone passed her a glass of water which she gulped all in a go..getting up quickly, she pushed her plate before saying,

“umm..di, i am done..i think choco wants to go on a walk..i should take him there..haina choco..?..come.”

all pair of eyes now shifted towards a lazy choco sitting on the floor..craning his neck once towards the audience that was watching him intently.. and her maalkin who was waving him..he again choosed to curled up in a ball rather than exploring that Raizada’s territory..huh…simply ignoring his maalkin for the first time.

“haha..he is so funny…at times..he is so filmy..haha..he could be a very good actor..hhaha..”

she laughed nervously now that all pairs of eyes were fixed on her.

seconds later, they all saw a scowling khushi dragging out a very reluctant and least interested choco for the morning walk.

Do i  need to mention why Arnav never find ‘that‘ news in the tabloid later in the day when he found that evil paper now resting on his recliner.He peeked inside not cuz of interest but out of sheer curiosity. .Seems like the news that had been so brutally operated and murdered on the dining table had suddenly vanished from the tabloid itself..a confused Raizada thought while searching the whole paper twice. his mouth hanged open in shock when the next moment reality choosed to hit him.

What the…!!

Closing his eyes momentarily, he cursed his di..and then his fate..and then god for gifting her with such immense life threatening talents!

Life is so not fair for a certain Raizada!




Need not to mention,the boss and the secretory stayed away from each others territory for the rest of the day after that kiss-n-tell fiasco..not even crossing paths with each other once. so the current situation was that khushi was pacing around the pool area,covering its length all the while mumbling something to herself..very unlikely, a scowl was intently plastered to her face..cursing profanities under her breath to the only person responsible for all the mess. She hadnt been so much embarrassed in her life ever. Her embarrassment of morning soon turned to anger all directed towards only one person. firstly, he kissed her..woha..and to top that he had the gall for ordering her not to wear those favorite shorts again…had he not been busy fighting over the length of those shorts, they surely wouldn’t have dipped in this shit in the first place..n now that her nostrils was flaring in anger, she fumed some more when she spotted him coming out of the door going towards the lawn for taking some calls.

He had seen her,the moment he had stepped out..her stiff body, tensed shoulders and a frowning look was screaming about what certainly was going inside that head of hers..so, not wanting to take any risk he pretended that he did not noticed her and kept moving towards the chairs placed at one corner of the huge lawn.

oh..so now he’s pretending that all is well in the paradise..she fumed internally when she saw him passing beside her..his gaze glued to his blackberry and the words left her mouth before she could stop them,

“its all cuz of  YOU..YOU are the culprit..”
putting a slightly more focus on the word ‘you’,she uttered

“excuse me..”

He stopped dead in his tracks at the sudden accusation thrown upon him.Turning towards her,he replied,tilting his head a little sideways as if he had just no clue in the world what she was talking about.

and that surely added some more to her already high nerves.

covering the short distance between them, she pointed a accusing finger poking him on his chest,


she said narrowing her eyes,eyes that were now blazing, nostrils that were now fuming, lips that were now pouting..in short..This particular gupta was on now on fire..

Seeing her this close for the first time after that incident,his gaze automatically went first towards that mole beneath her left brow and then towards those pouting lips.

The dual culprits that have actually landed them in this situation.

ah..but, what a deadly combination!
he stole a second appreciating how beautiful she was looking while huffing in anger..that lower lip which was jutting out seems like it was hell bent on inviting him to repeat that performance.

shut up Raizada!
suddenly pulling brakes at thoughts that were now playing havoc with him, he masked his famous stoney expressions that comes natural to him..even at 3 in the night. Crossing his arms across his chest, he replied lifting his left brow,

“ME?  ohh..would you mind explaining that sentence to me Ms. Gupta..the last i remember it was you who had landed up in MY room..on MY bed..”

“It wasnt deliberate..there wasnt any power..i thought it was my room..”

“OHH..so you thought..dont give excuses about somthing that is not even remotely possible..”
He replied in a voice dripping with sarcasm..which no doubt intensified her anger manifolds.

“Y..You..arrgghh…now that we are talking about excuses..dont tell me you kissed me just to shut me up..is that Mr. Raizada?”

The sarcasm of his previous comment got instantly replaced with a scowl when she openly taunted him about that incident and so as a result,he snapped at her,

“I DID..okay…”

The next moment she started clapping as if she had just heard the joke of the century,

“wow..what a horrible excuse maker you are..Really Mr. Raizada..If you spot any woman screaming on the road..would you just go n kiss her..just to shut her up”

she threw his statement back on his face now her voice laced with sarcasm.

Newton watching this scenario from heaven thought of modifying his previous law to this newerer version just proposed by a Raizada n a certain Gupta.

“Sarcasm can neither be created nor destroyed..it could only be transferred from one person to another…”




“NO..Let me finish..had you not been THAT interested in my shorts..we would never have been caught by anjali di..”

“w..wait..I WAS INTERESTED in those pathetic excuse in name of shorts..??..I just told you not to wear them again..”

she huffed in anger moving forward, her eyes narrowed to slits, their faces inches closer.

and that was when the cupid watching the whole scene from heaven rubbed its hands in glee..time for some fun..yea?

pulling out the arrow,cupid set it on target and bhamm!!..next moment it hit the victim,who was a certain Raizada in this case.

and it surely did hit …at the right place.


This would have been his reply, had it been any other case, another scenario,but this time since it was a love bug smitten Raizada, he took all the sweet time in the world exploring the current situation.

Seeing her this close, even with her face all flushed, her eyes all blazing, her gritting teeths, her locks that were now covering part of her face inturn hindering his view..even when her anger was practically on threshold,add to it the fact that nobody till date had ever talked to him like that..in this tone and got away with it..but his mind choosed to ignore all those facts and signalling him towards the more important thing cuz certainly for him it was indeed the most sexiest scene ever.

ah, someone was smitten!

His ever familiar stoney expressions left his face and got replaced by a one sided loop smile.

“You think i cant..hmm..?..”
He replied in his sexy,husky and rough voice in a dangerously low tone, all the while taking a step  towards her, dominating her small form, infringing her personal space.

The faint smell of his toxic aftershave hit her senses first and she closed her eyes filling her nostrils to the maximum..This aftershave will be the death of you some day, a wellwisher’s voice raised inside her head.

automatically she took an step back, her mouth now turned to a perfect 0, her face was still colored but the reason was totally different now..the voice with which he had just addressed her gave her some serious goosebumps the size of golf balls..The heart suddenly started racing as if participating in some athletics world championship..her knees that had always helped her in standing strongly now were quickly turning to jellies and what’s with that deathly smirk and that smile?

hey devi maiyaa..why is he not growling..or scowling..or shouting..or slamming something or doing anything particularly ASRish.


she stammered in a voice barely able to put 2 coherent words together

He took a step aage..

she took a step peeche..



and the aage-peeche game went on like this till she suddenly looked back n realized she was standing on the edge of the pool..one more step back and she would fall in it.

Devi maiyaa kahan hain aap?

she gulped the lump in her throat before looking back and fixing her gaze on him.

He was close..way too close. Her gaze with a mind of its own automatically went towards those devilish lips and settled there. The Pink, plump pair was the one responsible for all this..how she would like to punish them for their deeds..thoroughly..just like last night.

He cleared his throat and she gasped in panic when she realized just what was she thinking about..chee..chee..chee.

dragging her gaze upwards, she met his orbs that were now dancing with amusement..now that he had caught her red-handed.


“Tum vo nahi pehnogi..”
He muttered still in that husky voice that was enough to send a tingling sensation throughout her body.

she kept staring at him as if he had casted some kind of spell on her..as if each time he said something in that sensual voice, it seduced her to some more extent.

totally hypnotized with his voice plus the aftershave that was creating some serious havoc on her senses, add to it the smug smile that was giving her those constant heart attacks..so a mesmerized khushi yet another took another small step backward, not finding the floor beneath her feet, her eyes widened in horror and she lost her balance.

Closing her eyes tightly she waited for pool water to hit her when all of a sudden he grabbed her wrist tightly. All of it happened so suddenly that for once she dint knew she was in pool or on the floor.

Opening her one eye slowly, she found that none of the above assumption was true for she was dandling in mid..like a pendulum..her only life saving support was the tight grip with which he was holding her.

Her heart was in her throat, drumrolls beating in her ears, her breath coming in short gasps..she looked at him with pitiful eyes when she found him looking at her in amusement..definitely enjoying her panic..

Gripping her small wrist tightly in his hand, he took all the time in the world to enjoy this particular oh-so-beautiful scene where this fierce cat of few minutes back was now looking at him with a puppy face, with a scrunched nose showing her displeasure and the evident panic on her face was surely telling she dont trust him save her.

Anyone who had known ASR inside out could place their bet that he would never leave her hand like this..and though he himself knew,he would never let her fall..but still one could always have some fun..so ASR just displayed that evil smile, this time giving a glimpse of few pearl white teeths too, and replied in that seductive cum destructive voice,

“So, tell me tumhe chod doon ya bacha loon…”


Choco could sense something was wrong.

very very wrong!

His sensors were strongly giving him signals about the impending danger.

Strolling around the hall and the nearby rooms, he realized his maalkin was no where to be seen..leaving maalkin alone for long that too in this foreign territory is definitely not safe.

Passing through rooms he found the same specs-clad man who ruffled him lovingly and as a result choco too halted his search for few seconds and licked that specs-clad Raizada’s feets.

In the hall he found that same sweet lady watching television and around her was another noble man playing wid a cute kid.

Oh..he loved it!

during his stay in this villa, he now knew the family was having the time of their life, for they always kept laughing, playing and having fun most of the time.

He now knew that out of 3 men here, 2 were very gud natured and extremely fond of him for they played with him occasionally..and about the third man, he better not say anything.

choco thought angrily and barked out his feelings for his favorite enemy…and tada..that was when he realized that Dushman Raizada was also nowhere to be seen..door door tak.

what the bhoww!!

adding 2 and two together he now was fully sure that his maalkin was in some serious danger.

Feeling like krissh whose sole mission was to save the maalkin from clutches of the kaal, a fully alerted choco quickly started descending stairs 3 at a time..covering the whole distance within seconds he came out of the door runningly and that was when he spotted his enemy trying to throw his maalkin in the pool.

Need not to say choco ran towards the Devil Raizada with a speed slightly greater than Usain bolt with only one target in his eyes.

The devil’s ass!


“So tell me, tumhe bacha loon ya chod doon…”

He smirked some more enjoying her flushed state..oh, how cute she was looking..does she know how long and thick her lashes were, they were almost touching her cheeks, the thing that made them special was they were natural. He had never seen such b’ful lashes in his life..does she knew that mole beneath her left brow and the one above her lip just accentuate her beauty manifolds..something which multiple layers of makeup wont do.Does she know how beautifully her cheeks got colored when she got angry or panicked…or Does she know she looks so adorable while biting her lower lip in panic?


not the lip..this time HIP it was.

he had no damn clue in the world what just happened so suddenly…one moment he was appreciating her timeless beauty and the next moment he felt a sharp shooting pain as if someone had just pricked his bottom with hundreds of needles.

and as a result he lost his balance. The ‘tumhe-bacha lu-ya-chod-du‘ raizada of few minutes back was suddenly and magically transformed to ‘koi-toh-hume-bacha-lo‘ Raizada.

Both of them squealed in unison and the voice when mixed with that constant barking sound, made it like some chaotic fish market scenario.

The gravitational energy too came in action all of a sudden..contributing its two cents to play a pivotal role in this love hate story.


Needless to say,the pool did welcomed them with open arms by drenching them fully from head to toe…she automatically clutched his strong biceps for support and he too pulled her small drenched form towards him..he was just saving her..umm..yeah.

placing her hands on his chest, she felt his muscles suddenly stiffening beneath it..his shirt practically clinging to his body giving a very clear idea about how muscular he was…his wet locks covering his forehead just increased his sexuality tenfolds and involuntarily she snuggled deeper in his embrace..their faces inches apart..their breath fanning each others face..the way he was holding her safely, tightly and protectively just made a warmth settling deeper in her heart..the way his eyes were turning darker with each passing second gave away his thought process for he was also thinking on the same line…he gripped her waist and pulled her tightly..their body now touching each others in very intimate places..and the very thought of hiding thevery obvious arousal was out of the window. The moment was magical, the feeling was magial, the aura was magical and…


ah, the same voice..same person..same dialog..and yeah the same over-the-top expressions.

Now, was that by magic or a mere co-incidence or a very very shrewd game fate was playing with these rumored lovebirds..?

Need not to mention that the 0.00001% doubt that Anjali still had regrading the last night’s incident completely washed out just now!

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