FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 17

#17 (a)~


Arnav Singh Raizada shut down his laptop n got off from the recliner…fynally!

Stretching his arms, he tried to relax his straining muscles and spared a look at his wrist watch..11:25 pm.

Whats wrong with this power?,
he fumed internally at how the generator failed to start at the last moment.

Others had retired for the night sometimes back, leaving him to do his work alone..in the candle light.

Gathering his file, phone, laptop in one hand and the now nearly finished candle in other,he made his way upstairs..quickly locating his room,closing the door with a light click,he placed his stuff on his working desk,blew off the candle and flopped on the bed..HIS bed..FYNALLY!

ah,needless to say..he too drifted off in a peaceful slumber..as the comfy bed welcomed him…almost immediately.


Khushi kumari Gupta was romancing.

Romancing with her hero Salman Khan aka Sallu as she fondly called him..NOT that Sallu was aware of any such biggest self-declared crazy fan out there.

Romancing wearing a Green Saree with jalebi prints all over.

both of them doing ‘Teri-meri’ on a beach in some faraway but very heavenly n beautiful place.

Love n romance was in the air..and khushi kumari Gupta was on the top of the world literally.

A Dream-cum-true scenario..isnt it?

ofcourse a dream it was.

A highly romantic one at that.

Watching your favorite hero on screen romancing with some OTHER lady is one thing n dreaming about him doing all those mushy mushy romantic scene with none other than YOU is just a totally different thing altogether.

and KKG was experiencing one such thing here.

admist all these dancing, her breath suddenly hitched in her throat when Sallu took off his shirt..his signature style for which girls literally swooned at his feet.

Took off his shirt n now performing that famous towel step..displaying his perfect to-die-for physique n those rock solid abs.


it was indeed an OMIGOD moment for khushi kumari Gupta who was this short of having a heart attack cuz the happiness at seeing her fav hero that too bare chested was beyond any control..doesnt matter then if only a dream it was.

Sallu + bare chest = khushi.U.R.SO.DEAD !!!

There were tymes when her friends had to face embarrassment cuz she whistled out loud sitting in a PVR every time salman took off his shirt..a die hard sallu fan as she was.

She quickly covered the distance between the two and hesitantly at first touched those abs and instantly closed her eyes in contentment

ahhh…now she could die peacefully !!!


Arnav Singh Raizada felt a very light tingling sensation on his skin.

and a very light moan escaped his lips.

Despite his tiredness,it was hard to ignore such thing cuz, for one ASR was a very light sleeper and secondly, he was ASR..ofcourse who never shut off his mind..even while sleeping.

Arnav Singh Raizada felt a very light tingling sensation on his skin..AGAIN!

as if something was moving over his skin.

Lower stomach, more precisely.

a very light feather touch.

something brushing across his abs.

The still active part of his brain was trying to decipher what it could be but the dizziness took over, drifting him towards another dream and he forget about it..momentarily.

However,each n every ounce of the previous dizziness left his mind the instant he felt a leg being thrown upon him lazily..over his thighs and an arm, across his waist.

ALERT:  Here comes a WHAT THE moment for Raizada.

His eyes sprang open at dis sudden assault and he touched it..still in the dark…feeling what or whom it possibly could belong to.


yes, ASR’s mind never sleep in real sense n it was still suggesting him some sane options…if so.

The leg was bare…ummm…all the way till mid thighs. He roamed his hands to feel the stuff what a possibly akash could have been wearing.


He furrowed his brows in confusion cuz the shorts were real short for akash’s liking.

also the leg was waxed..his mind alerted him some more.

Really?…from when did akash…?

However Arnav Singh Raizada’s eyes widened in horror at the speed with which he had summed up two previous clues n now the direction in which his mind was pointing..it could be only one thing.

or more specifically, ONLY ONE PERSON!

One Tweety clad person..he knew that in advance.

shit..shit…shit !!

He quickly stretched out his arm n flicked on the night stand bulb, instantly illuminating the room to do only one thing at that moment..YELLING!


however, all the thoughts of yelling at her escaped his mind the moment his gaze landed on her.

and it was his turn for an OMIGOD moment..now.

She was sleeping peacefully without any tension in the world..a serene smile intact on her lovely face.

Face that was devoid of any makeup..still containing the natural glow n shine. Long thick black lashes almost touching her cheeks, the sharp edgy nose n oh god..those pinkish plump lips.

ALERT: Here comes a DROOLING moment for Raizada!

Lovely..? yes, she is. It was no denying the fact.

He admitted to himself after staring at her for pretty good reasonable amount of seconds..totally unaware of the fact that a small smile was now plastered to his own face now.

His shock now subsided n heart getting warm by each second was giving way to another feeling altogether .staring at her sleepy form, he then noticed her attire. the same tweety tee it was but the trouser was now replaced by those cotton shorts.

Short black cotton shorts with white poltka dots all over.

VERY Short black cotton shorts with white poltka dots all over.
His mind corrected him.

and he frowned at how SHORT the shorts actually were.

TOO short for his liking.

Raizada, you are in Fashion industry..you have actually seen way more flesh than this..its pretty normal..isnt it?

The voice that always mocked him n his actions was there again, taking a dig at him this time.

and he frowned some more at the prospect of her being seen in this condition by someone other than him..It could have been Jiju or Akash too.

NOT dat he doubted them..but still..

and Arnav Singh Raizada didnt have answer to that ‘but still…’

Shaking his head to get rid of that weird QA session, he looked at her face.

and Arnav Singh Raizada swooned this time..another first for him.

Her hair sprawled all over the pillow with bangs covering her forehead n face..hindering his view in the process.

leaning down a lil ,he pushed them off n place them swiftly behind her ears.

It was then he noticed a very tiny, pretty and almost otherwise invisible mole just beneath her left brow.

How could he never noticed it earlier..he had often seen the one just above her upper lip n had admire it secretly too..NOT dat he’s ever gonna admit it to anyone.but this..its pretty new..wow!

Did he just wow-ed at her mole?
first aww n now WOW?

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat..this tym, its a Raizada that got curious..so brushing aside the accusations..he eventually raised his index finger to touch his newly found treasure.


One moment she was touching her sallu’s abs and he was doing the famous towel dance along with proposing her,..”..Mujhse shaadi …karogi…hooo..mujhse shaadi karogi…” and the next moment, he was GONE!

What the DEVI Maiyyaa!!


and that was enough for khushi kumari Gupta to came out of that beautiful dream.

Out of that beautiful dream to face a strange reality.

a very strange n horrible reality.

cuz when she blinked her eyes slowly to adjust to the brightness in the room..she saw a finger of some unknown yet-to-be-seen intruder coming at a dangerous speed to poke into her eyes.

and all she did next moment was screaming!

Screaming her lungs out!

Screaming with her eyes closed throwing off her legs n hands in the air alongside to fight off the thief slash intruder slash chor-u-chakka or whatever it might be

but yes screaming as if her life was depended on that.


One moment she was the epitome of beauty n innocence, sleeping carelessly like a child n the very next moment she was screaming like she had seen some rarest of rare species ghost.


and that was enough for a laid back n relaxed Raizada to become a panicked Raizada.


A very visibly panicked raizada growled through gritted teeths while trying to control a m-not-gonna-listen-to-anyone khushi, still shaking her head left to right..obviously not listening to him.

SHIT indeed moment !

Not knowing what to do he quickly climbed over her, grabbing both her hand with one of his,he placed it above her head and with his free hand, covered her mouth with his palm.

He growled in a low voice..alongside trying hard to keep her extremely active form in place.

That low growl was enough for her and her eyes widened instantly.

widened in horror.

In horror n shock!

ALERT: OH shit moment for Gupta now.

shit..what is he doing here..In HER room..ON her bed and OVER her.

Not that we have to share a bed!

With her shock n horror when mixed with the above flashback created a very messy mess inside her brain .Brain,which was somewhere still dizzy and so without getting the scenario..she screamed again..through the gaps in his palm..and was doing a very pretty good job at that.

and that was enough for a certain Raizada too,who was just trying very hard to control this already messy mess.

NOT knowing what else to do, THE famous Arnav Singh Raizada narrowed his eyes at her screaming form and closing his eyes momentarily,cursed the whole situation. Opening them again, he looked at her once again n releasing one last breath placed his lips over hers..for capturing her screams n stiffling them.

umm..yeah..that was the reason in the first place.

#17 (b)


In the past, Arnav Singh Raizada had used his lips on several occasions.

To give dictations to khushi

To instruct khushi

To yell at khushi

To curse khushi

To ‘What daa..’ Khushi

But surprisingly, It was for the very first tym that he was putting those lips for a slightly better use.

kissing Khushi!

Her eyes sprang open when after few seconds she realized what actually was happening there.

She was being KISSED!

scratch that..she was being KISSED by her BOSS!

okay scratch that again..she was being KISSED by her BOSS,whom she had dreamed about many times in the past, WHO had managed to caused her dreamless nights from past few days, WHOM she had so expertly planned to stay away from and WHOSE faint aftershave was now sending her mind into a fuzzy mess.

she opened her eyes fighting off the fuzziness n her gaze rested upon his face that was now inches closer to her.

His locks falling upon her forehead in the process and his chest brushing her breasts lightly was enough to send that strong wave of adrenaline throughout her veins that caused her to shiver violently despite the humid climate.

Thats when he bite her lower lip causing her to moan which he immediately stifled it with expertise.

Wasn’t was the reason the kiss was happening?

Umm..yeah !!

okay, so as a result, she moaned and parted her lips n granted him the grand entry his tongue was seeking for.

and the moment his tongue mingled with hers, fighted with hers, danced with hers..entangled together and touched the roof of her mouth, she felt herself being thrown away out of this universe into the oblivion.

The horror n shock now completely removed from her system and a strange but amusing feeling was settling into the pit of her stomach.

Her stomach was doing somersaults, salsa, bharatnatyam, kathak, kuchipudi..every damn dance form available on the face of earth.

Both of them were completely engrossed in the kiss which changed its direction somewhere around midway. A kiss that was supposed to shut a then screaming khushi has now become a passionate one..

the Loosening her wrists from his now slack grip she threw them around his neck n pulled him a bit closer..digging those nails on his smooth n bare back..

He deepened the kiss trying to seek as well as give as much as he could..just like a moth drawn towards a flame..trying to satisfy n ruin her at the same time for the others..he wasn’t Arnav Singh Raizada for nothing..he was...WAIT !!

what’s that noise coming from?

His brows furrowed in confusion n then his eyes widened in horror the next moment when he heard a very clear pounding coming from outside his door.

“Bhai..everything fine..what was that noice coming from…? ”

ALERT: A MAHAA shit moment for both Arnav n khushi.

He pulled back n she gasped sharply in panic.

“Yeah akash..all fine here”
He replied loudly alongside placing his palm over her mouth to shut her off.

“Bhai..you sure? What was that voice?,.”


He yelled out again making up the most lamest excuse one could make given the scenario..n turned to look at the wriggling form of khushi. She, with her mouth still covered with his palm and hands still in his grip, was now looking at him with raised eyebrows, clearly giving him an ‘oh really’ expressions.

He frowned at her, narrowing his eyes warning alongside to keep mum n still which founded like the most difficult task for khushi at that moment.

“Really bhai..what kinda ringtone was that ..”
Akash asked again from the other side of the door, some what confused at the strange choice of his bhai’s ringtone that sounded more like some woman’s screaming.


ALERT: It was a LOL moment for both akash n Khushi who erupted in fits of laughter just after his reply.

Oh god !
Why can’t this girl stay still for few seconds dammit?

He looked at her continuously laughing n wriggling form.

It was a very hard scenario for a particular Raizada to avoid getting any HARDER that he actually was.

How…pretty…hard !

Oh God !!
He swore internally n hissed at her in a low voice,


And wow..that lil threat really did its wonders cuz the next moment she was as Still n as expressionless as a mannequin.

“Ohkay..that Japanese client? Bhai every thing sorted out there?..u don’t worry bhai..I’ll manage that”


He practically growled at his brother through gritted teeths as he was on his verge of loosing it.
Just the mere thought of akash managing that someone beneath him made him see red.

“Oh..okay..sorry bhai..good night..”

Arnav Singh Raizada closed his eyes momentarily to control his sudden rising temper and remove his palm off,of  a now quite as a wall khushi.


She frowned at him with narrowed eyes boring holes into his body alongside.

“Will you stop shouting for God’s sake..”
He hissed at her in a low voice, gritting his teeths.

She apologized momentarily flashing a nervous grin before regaining the previous Expressions n again asked him..this time in a whispering voice.

“Do I sound like a Japanese to you? ”

He rolled his eyes in bewilderment.

This girl was baffled at him over a stupid excuse that was thrown randomly when she could have been baffled over the more important fact that she was kissed.

Scratch that..Thoroughly n attentively kissed.

“I am so sorry ms. Gupta that I m unfortunate to have any prior experience of finding a screaming woman in my room..on MY bed..”

He replied to her arching his brows and when her mouth formed a perfect 0, a sign that realization was finally dawning upon her, he continued in a voice laced with sarcasm,

“Perhaps, I should start taking tutorials on Top 10 excuses to make when a woman is screaming right next to you on your bed..”

She colored a little but clearly masking her expressions, she too replied him equally through gritted teeths,

“And for your kind information Mr Raizada..I m also very unlucky to have any prior experience of unknown fingers coming towards me to poke me in my eyes ..perhaps, google my tutorials too while searching yours..”

She hissed at him equally digging holes in his body with her gaze.

“I WASN’T POKING..okay..”

“Oh really…were you then pressing the escalator button Mr Raizada with your index finger..”

The ‘dignity’ they both had till now keeping their Boss n Secretary’s status in mind has now decided to suicide n had jumped out of the window.

And what presently was going on between them looked highly similar to a lover’s spat !

“…Oww..wait..you could not kiss me..just like that…all of a sudden out of nowhere”

She replied in a loud voice making a horrible face widening her eyes as if remembering it once again.

And that indeed did poked a big needle in ASR’s ego..how could she hate it..it was one HELL of a kiss for a man like him even..girl die at his feet to get kissed by him n here she is..and that was enough to rise his already raging temper,

” I will distribute the pamphlets In the future first ..will that be okay then..”
He hissed at her again ,fuming internally .

What future ? Hey devi maiya.

Her eyes, obviously, widened n khushi kumari Gupta got colored some more..then realized their intimate position for the first time.

“First Get off me Mr Raizada..I m sandwiched between you and this mattress ..”

He realized too, and slowly leaning back ,gets off her form..mumbling a polite n low sorry..too low to be audible.

She quickly crawled out of the bed and made her way towards his door thats when his voice interrupted her,

“Where you going..??”

She turned back n replied in a sarcastic voice,

” Are you planning to play let’s kiss n make up the whole night ..”

The words were out of her mouth even before she could stop them.

Shit khushi ..this man will make you crazy very soon..what’s with your razor sharp tongue now? It’s your BOSS you are speaking to dammit.

But even she knew that BOSS was the least of her concern right now.
The butterflies fluttering inside her stomach as if participating in some marathon was more important matter to look into.

Acidity !..yes, perhaps.

Regaining her wayward thoughts, she replied sounding as normal as possible.
“Errm…of course..to my room..do you mind..?…”

he was by her side in a second, grabbing her wrist, tugged her beneath him n move towards the door.

Standing inches apart from the door, he turned around to look at her face which was decorated with wayward locks scattered here n there n with a quick swift of his palm he placed them all behind her ear..making her presentable for the world.

“Why are..”


“why are we sneaking out of here like thieves ..?”

She asked curiously, now  whispering in his ears..who was busy looking for any sign of voice coming outta d doors.

“Will you please shut up n let me concentrate..”


She muttered n rolled her eyes and that was when she noticed him for the first time .

Omigod !

He was clad in a charcoal grey pajama bottoms that hung low on his hips,

So low that his boxer’s band was peeking outta it and screaming its brand name.


She gulped suddenly to swallow the lump that now formed in her throat ..that too size of a golf ball .

Dragging her gaze upwards she noticed that he was bare chested..and his physique was very much similar to male supermodels, often spotted in fashion magazines.

OMIGOD again!

and no way in hell she could miss those perfect washboard abs.


she counted mentally moving her eyeballs alongside!

So much like Sallu’s in her dream.

and when a sudden reality came crashing down upon her…Was that Sallu’s abs she was touching or…


She shrieked loudly, which earned her a growl from him.

“You done with inspecting me? or Do i have to pose for you …”
He asked raising his brow in a way too obvious sarcasm dripping from his tone.

and khushi kumari Gupta want nothing more than nut vanish in air..there n then!

slapping herself mentally, she asked, cursing his stupid heart for beating way too fast..without any special purpose,

“sir, are we gonna stand here whole night…?”
pouting her lips, she asked nonchalantly.

He nodded n grabbing her wrist slowly opened his bedroom door n walked her out.

she was about to move towards her room,when she turned back n replied making a face,

“You should know that the Japanese ringtone idea was  the most stupid one i’ve ever heard…”


rolling her eyes, she started moving, when he tugged her wrist again..turning back, she questioned him raising her brows,


He ordered her in that familiar dangerously low voice, showing his displeasure all together.

she looked at her shorts first before looking at him again..clearly baffled by his tone and accusation on HER favorite polka dots shorts.

“Cuz I M YOUR BOSS n I SAID so…”

she looked at him..with mouth wide opened at his reply…deciphering when n how her boss loose his common sense..,

“Do you expect me to sleep in my business suits then..”

she retorted narrowing her eyes at him.

He gritted his teethes and clutched her shoulders tightly, making her gasp,


“Chottey…khushiji…aap dono..is waqt…”

a shocked female voice bring both of them from their spat they were so dedicatedly engrossed in.

ALERT: A ‘oh no,SHIT’ and ‘hey devi maiyya’ moment for the two rumored luvbirds here!

Both of them quickly detached themselves from the other and stood facing a visibly shocked Anjali who was standing there with a water jug in her hand.

A Shocked Anjali..

A VERY Shocked Anjali..

A ex-shocked-and-now-amused  Anjali..

A ex-amused-n-now-slowly-smirking Anjali..

A ex-smirking-n-now-evilly-plotting anjali.



Arnav Jumped in front of her sister hiding khushi behind his back.

she just arched her brows n shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly..n yes, that EVIL smile still intact over there.

Arnav Singh Raizada loved his Sister the most..but right at that moment he would have given all his wealth just to wipe off that smug look off her face.

“D..diii..aisa kuch nahi hai jaisa aap samajh rahi hain…vo hum bas galti se…”
she replied hesitatingly,twisting her fingers ,coming from behind him n facing THE Anjali di slash teasing monster right now.


Anjali replied grinning at khushi, flashing her teeths n giving her an ‘i-dint-said-anything’ looks…that very well portrayed otherwise.

Both Arnav n khushi knew that they were knee deep in shit ryt now.

Both of them practically clinging to each other,outside his bedroom door, at around 1 in the night with him bare chested n she in her practically invisible shorts..were DEFINITELY not presenting a GOOD or Decent or GALTI SE picture for any onlooker.

n when the onlooker happens to be his DI…OH GOD..SHIT!

Anjali, however stretched her arm, n stiffing her yawns presented a i-am-so-tired picture to both the concerned culprits.

“ah..chotey..i m so sleepy..gudnyt khushi ji…”

she wisher her enthusiastically  before turning towards her brother,

“You too chotey..and plz wipe off her gloss from your lips..umm..yeah..its lovelybut not on your face…”

Grinning n dropping her BOMB on both of them, she fynally made her way towards her room.

and punched in air, when she decided exactly which pair of ear rings she will team up with that 71,000 bucks lehenga!!

bas..thoda intezaar aur…

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