FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 16

Arnav Singh Raizada rolled his eyes heavenly at the scene unfolding in front of him. That stupid whats-his-name dog was trailing ahead of him like someone on a mission, visiting each room, sniffing and searching god-knows-what and then moving on to the next in the row..jumping here n dere, barking in the process n eventually disturbing the peaceful environment,for which they all were here in the first place.

Just like some crime investigators looking for the clue of deadly heinous murderers..What-the-f***?  

This dog will be the end of him some day.

They were shifting their luggage in their respective rooms and by some highly outta-the-world coincidence arnav n khushi were allotted 2 adjacent rooms upstairs, while anjali n shyam took the room on his right followed by akash’s next to theirs.

Totally his di’s doing that was..he remembered how in the presence of other’s she had asked him in an innocence laden voice, looking through her long lashes at him,

“Chotey, Khushi ji is room me reh lengi..its so airy..she’ll love it..yahan se garden ka view bhi acha dikhta hai..tumhe koi problem toh nahi hai na? ”

The thought of him n khushi, on first floor..yes, if you take the dog out of the equation for time being and dump him on some other planet,so, on first floor, in their rooms,that were separated by just a single wall..the thoughts alone were enough to play havoc with the sane part of his mind.

NO NO NO..it wont work!

He was just ready to say it out aloud, citing the exact reasons for denying his di’s propositions..when at the last moment he dropped the idea..wont it sound childish and immature? hun.

Raizada..YOU..The CEO..cribbing over a damn room..you can do better than that..don’t you?
A voice raised inside his head poking needles in his pride and likewise raizada replied to his di,

“Di, why would i have any problem? Not that we have to share a bed..”
He shrugged his shoulders,saying the above fiegning a pretty bored, exprssionless face and pretending as if it was something ASR dont even give a damn, but when someone on his right inhaled n gasp sharply, he realized what exactly he had uttered.


and before he could blink his lashes, the words were already out of his mouth. However he came to know about the havoc, his one sentence created when the audience react to it..instantly.


“Saale sahab”


“hey devi maiyaa..”


no..the last one wasnt wrt his sentence..errm..the normal bhow bhow it was.

but still…Oh SHIT indeed !

They all were looking at him as if he was some ghost from some typical Ramgopal Verma’s movie.

the scary-cum-funnier kinds.

cuz the next he saw all of them trying hard to suppress their laughter.

yeah..oh Double SHIT now!!

He looked at khushi, who was standing on his right, her eyes bulging out of her sockets..her reaction similar to any criminal who’s just been granted some death panelty, her fingers twisting the poor scarf in her hand, which would definitely be in shreads if she’ll continue to assault it at the same rate, she’s looking at each n every object in the foyer ,except him and how could she conceal that faint blush which was slowly crepting on her face..coloring her into a crimson shade now.

He closed his eyes momentarily and cursed himself.

“Errm..do what you want di..”
Making a straight face he just excused himself quickly, entered the room that was ‘his’ and shut the door with a bang..but even that couldnt stop the fits of laughter n a particular creepy barking sound that was now coming out of the door


High Time..Zip up your tongue now!!


Wow..just wow!

Khushi kumari Gupta closed her eyes in pure bliss as she dipped her toes into the cool water of the pool..the chilled breeze getting into her hair, sending shivers down her body cusing a tingling sensation all over.. instantly soothing and relaxing her entire being..she could saw her toe nails that were painted pink through the clear water of the pool.

Closing her eyes,she took a very deep breath filling her nostrils with the pure, pollution free air..She hadn’t had so much fun in the long time..looking around,she grinned on finding all others lazing around the pool, doing the same..relaxing and enjoying.

She smiled dreamily at shayam and anjali di, who were sitting cozily, hand in hand, with her head resting on his shoulders and his arms draped around her..a very comforting silence between them..enjoying ‘their’ moment.


So much in love..a perfect made-for-each-other pair.

She took out her smart phone to clicked that picture perfect moment..and she swoon some more at the beautiful moment she just managed to capture on her phone..3 years of marriage and still behaving like newly weds.she shook her head,a happy smile still on her face as she glanced at the pic once more and made a mental note for mailing it to them later on.

Shifting her glance, On her right she saw the two new besties in the town playing together..yes, avni and choco.

And khushi kumari Gupta awwed some more..if that was possible.

aww..choco..his baby..just give him slight bit of attention and he would be on seventh heaven..she saw how choco was literally huffing n puffing in the direction avni’s throwing the ball..running to catch the ball n to bring it back..as if it was his life’s sole mission.

what was exciting him more was the applause he was getting for his attempts..she saw how the lil girl was giggling and clapping her tiny hands each time choco bring the ball back to her..and mumbling something in her own lingo..a word of appreciation may be.

aww..such a cute kid.

The thing with girls is that they can never stop aww-ing in their life..the awws just escaped their mouth even before they think about it..whether it’s a small pup on the road or their guy playing with kids or a old couple hand in hand or some random guy getting on his knees for his girl. Doesn’t matter what the situation is..if they are witnessing it..awws are probably gonna follow in bulk..and khushi kumari gupta here was no such exception.

A whistling sound broke her trance and she looked at the source from where it was coming from..a smugly looking akash swimming laps in the pool alongside doing gymnastics there, clearly giving the message ‘I-m-qualifying-for-the-next-Olympics’..she laughed at his crazy tactics n gave him a thumbs up signal, oh n yes, it earned her a wink in return.

She shook his head, still smiling at the contented feeling settling in her heart now..how important it is to have a family around you..to enjoy these small n lovely moments..infact, to make such orderinary moments really special.

All are enjoying, relaxing, shedding off their loads and tensions, even though for the time being..a much needed break that was.

Ofcourse, Minus one I-m-a-supercomputer  or more presicely, my-battery-never-finishes kinda person, who must be busy right now..either on his laptop or on the phone..god knows acquiring which company now..she rolled her eyes..if the man is set loose to do his ways he’ll acquire half of the world without even resting once.

It had been a very good and enjoyable day till now.

They all reached here sometime around noon..singing enjoying, chatting, laughing all the way.

while he was busy driving-cum-brooding cum rolling eyes cum frowning cum mumbling something something.

okay, then after relaxing sometime and shifting their luggage in their respective rooms, they had a grand toor of the farm house..visiting each n every room, to the pool, to the vast gardens..everything.

while he locked himself in his room doing god knows what.

Then, Anjali n khushi cooked a delicious yummy meal for all, chatting n laughing together,

while he was on his bluetooth barking orders at some poor probably out-of-luck person.

Then after the super heavy lunch, they again relaxed a bit in the main hall, lazing around in the sofas..with avni watching her fav cartoon.

while he was romancing with a blue colored file.

They enjoyed their evening tea session, out in the open lawns with now slightly chilled breeze..with avni n choco playing with each other

and it was for the first time when he came out..empty handed..without actually laden with any electronic device or a file in hand.

hey devi maiya..he’ll probably become old way faster than his age if he’ll keep working non stop at this rate.

khushi kumari gupta controlled the sudden strange urge to snatch his phone and lappy to dump them in the pool..but thought the better of it keeping the safety of her job in mind.

“Bhaai..common..it was suppose to be a vacation for you.
.”, akash complained to him as he sat there sipping his coffee.

“haan chotey, this is not done..yahi sab karna tha toh mat aate.
.”, anjali too joined the complaining gang and contributed her too,pouting alongside.

He rolled his eyes at the emotional torcher that he knew would gonna follow soon if he dint control it right now.

“Di..you know na there’s a sudden urgency in the AR..the least i can do is guide them on the phone..please dont make me feel guilty about it..”
He replied in an genuinely apologetic voice, lightly pressing her knees, an act of convincing his sister whom he couldnt afford to upset in any case.

and that trick did worked too..cuz shaking her head, she dropped the subject and placed her free palm on his face,

“Okay baba..m not coming in between your work..but dont neglect your health chotey..”

she whispered in a low n concerned voice.

His eyes soften a bit,placing his palm over hers, he nodded in response.

and likewise a pair of eyes secretly watching this convo going on between between the bro-sis duo, went aww-y all over again.

okay, so after that incident, they had a light dinner and now that they all are enjoying in the poolside, built out at one side of the lawns,

he was inside..still busy on his laptop.

A frown marred her forehead when she debated herself, as to why can’t he do the same as they are doing..why can’t he relax for a while..for a change to be more precise..how could someone love working that much? but she softened a bit on reading the other side of the coin..ASR the sole bread earner of the family, whose working in the industry since a pretty young age..was doing all this for his family..to be able to buy any thing they put a finger upon..yes, she now knows this lil secret about the man.

She glanced around to check that every one was busy in their self, quitely got up..and made her way inside the mansion.


He rubbed his temple that was now throbbing slightly..a hint of a budding head ache..he crained his neck, tilting sideways, relaxing the muscles and looked in front towards his laptop’s screen..and frowned a little.

what the hell!

Its been such a stressful day..for him at least. He felt bad for not keeping his words..he had promised his di a weekend away from phone, laptop n every thing but then there’s been such an emergency that he couldnt ignore or postpone till monday to deal with it. One of his important Japanese client was having some issues regarding the development of their current ongoing project and was adamant on discussing it with him at the shortest time possible.

So, for the whole day, arnav was busy checking the growth status for the same, sorting out what needs to be done,came up with a Plan B in case he objects to the previous solution..and now was mailing him the same.

The dp of the client “Hei Lee” in his mail account was adding some more in the head ache now.

He closed his eyes relaxing his being momentarily when a strong aroma of a rich coffee attacked his senses waking him up from his somewhat lethargic state now.


just what he was craving so badly at the moment.

“Thanks di”
He mumbled lowly with eyes still closed.

“Di nahi khushi”

He opened his eyes suddenly with a jolt on hearing the soft voice..her voice that he was so familiar with now and came across her lovely face with a warm smile plastered over it n concern etching all over.

strangely, her sight helping in calming him a bit more and he flashed a small smile in return too.

“Thanks..i need this”
Taking a sip he replied, dragging his eyes off her face to look at the frowning dp of “Hei Lee” was seriously felt like a punishment to him and he looked at her again..as if his gaze was having a mind of his own.

His senses not completely active, were now playing their dangerous game again.

Shit Raizada..BEEE..have…!

He frowned a lil n ‘what da..‘ some more when instead of going out again, she took the seat just infront of him…tucking her legs underneath n grabbing a pillow, took sip of her coffee and closed her eyes in bliss.

it was indeed a kodak moment of Arnav Singh Raizada watching his secretary with his mouth wide open who was sitting infront of him sipping coffee.

His gaze dragged downwards and oh, god..there’s that tweety again.

This time in red..errm..third in a row.

He dint know till now he was mentally keeping a count on her tweeties.

Really Raizada..whats with this sudden tweety obsession?

Change your name to Arnav Tweety Raizada, AR industries to Tweety Industries, Raizada mansion to Tweety mansion..or infact the best one..in future name your daughter as Tweety.

The voice that raised inside his head was now rolling on the floor of his mind after giving that weird tweety suggestion and poking fun at him.

he snap a lid at his horribly humerous thoughts coming out of no where. pushing those horrible suggestions aside, he shake his head..clearing off the sudden pictures of him n khushi dressed as the tweety birds.


Concentrate on HEI- LEEE

and not on TWEE-TEEE for god’s sake!

He came out of his thoughts at her sweet voice,

“sir, it feels kind of awkward that i m enjoying and having the time of my life..while at the same time my boss is worknig day and night..”

He looked at her cute face now scrunched up a bit, showing her concern n apology altogether.

aww..Cute..she is!
and Arnav Singh Raizada aww-ed for probably first time in his life.

What..did i just aww-ed at her?

are you a teen girl raizada?
The voice poked him again.

“No..dont worry..you better enjoy..Di will probably eat me up if i’ll involve you in any kind of work here..”

He replied in a sophasticatedly genuine voice that surprised him too..ofcourse after that awwed thing here.

oh..why now she has to grin in return..cant she sit here with a complete straight face..the face models portray while walking the ramp..as expressionless as a wall or a log of wood.

He mentally tried pasting that face on khushi’s and genuinely failed.

He cursed when she flashed him a grin at the mention of his di’s name.

“Di’s worried about your health..you deserves a break sir..”

What the …?

He was mentally fighting the sudden urge to say F*** off to a certain LEE and enjoy the rest of the time with a certain owner of a TEE.

Raizada..its work overload n nothing else!
the sane part of his mind that was quite mum till now came up with a reason of his sudden un reasonable behavior.

He just nodded in response and that was the best logical response he could afford at that moment.

she finished her coffee n flopping off the sofa, replied in a soft voice,

“sir, i would really like to help..please tell me if  there’s something i can help you with..”

“Dont worry khushi..its nothing much..i’ll handle..”

passing a warm smile in return she wished him gud night and announced that she was retiring for the night.

she was just rinsing the coffee mugs in the kitchen when the power went off n they were engulfed in darkness making her gasp.

“Khushi dont worry..it will be back in few minutes..there’s candle in the top shelf..”

He yelled out loud from his position and she instantly relaxed..his voice comforting her.

“You OKAY..?”

he asked again.

“yes sir..i’ve got it..”

she replied taking out few candles and litting them.

Walking out of the kitchen she placed a pair on the table in front of him to help him in working.

With one candle in her hand, she made her way upstairs, carefully stepping to avoid any tripping and located her room.

Too tired by the whole day’s activity, she place the candle on the candle stand and dropped herself on the bed like a hot potato.

ah..the fluffiest bed ever..
she smiled flopping on the bed which was now engulfing her in its comfort.

and without even thinking twice..she felt herself being drifted off in the deepest slumber of her life..ever!

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