FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 15

By friday night..khushi was on TOP of the world..literally!

In the starting, when anjali di had offered her n choco to join them for the trip, her brain went on overdrive..doing things for what it was famous for.


errm..wait..”Offer” would probably be too modest a word to be used for describing di’s antics, as she was given absolutely NO choice by Di to deny it whatever the case.

but nonetheless, her mind started its imagination n dat too in typical ‘khushi kumari Gupta’s style.


Not bad.

For the whole weekend…ahaan!

Not bad at all.

At a freakin farmhouse…woow!

now dats smthin’.

At Raizada’s farmhouse..


By this time she was performing her lil happy dance mentally. Cuz, of course it being our Khushi’s mind..it automatically assumed since its THE Raizada’s Farmhouse..den definitely it gotta be LARGE n HUGE..wid its own widespread gardens n state-of-the-art swimming pool !

Swimming pool ??!?!
She mentally jumped in excitement after imagining herself resting n sunbathing in the pool side chair,that too in her aqua color swim suit with lil red hearts imprint all over,dat she had purchased last year but never got a chance to wear till now..and choco, relaxing on the adjacent chair.

Choco dint have any swim wear..oh god..poor baby,he might feel left out..she quickly made a mental note of buying choco a fancy swim wear according to his taste n choice…also she has to buy few new dresses for her too.

so many tasks ..so lil time.

she compiled all the imaginations by far generated by her talented brain.

Vacations..for the whole weekend..at a farm house..at the ‘Raizada’s farmhouse’ to be more specific!!

YAY..i m definitely…IN IN IN!

she mentally squealed n danced,shaking her ass vigorously..dat too in her mind only.

Yes,it was her way of expressing happiness when they unexpectedly lands at her doorstep in abundance..but its her private secret n for others to never find out. By far,Choco is the only lucky person on the face of earth,to catch the exclusive glimpse of Khushi’s ass shaking dance till now n that too for FREE!

ah,lucky guy.

a moment later she found some technical error in her compilation,n compiled again..the correct version

Vacations..for the whole weekend..at a farm house..at the ‘Raizada’s farmhouse’ to be more specific..with the Raizada’s.

With Arnav Singh Raizada to be more precise ?!?

and thats when her mind started alerting her, indicating possible danger zone ahead.

A whole weekend with him?

NO freakin way!

Not dat she had any major issues with him. she wanted to enjoy this trip with anjali di n rest of the raizada family but just the mere thought of sharing more time n space with that one person who had already created havoc in her mind,thoughts n heart from past few days, lead her to have second thoughts about it.

She knew it was a high risk zone. she was already having hard time controlling her thoughts n her lingering gaze when ever he walks in n out of his cabin.

and she couldnt forget the embarrassment she had to face when last time he had caught her staring at him and arched his perfect eyebrow at her in a questioning gesture.

It wasnt that he had suddenly gone through a plastic surgery n emerged as the greek god cum macho man..also wasnt the fact that she’s seeing him for the first time..its been so many months she’s working under him but never in past her feelings betrayed her like this.

she remembered the one time,she was in his cabin taking dictations. After few minutes he took a break from speaking, leaned back in his chair n stretched his body. She flushed a shade of pink when she noticed how his crisp white shirt was stretched to its full proximity, accentuating his glorious biceps showcasing the strength it might hold beneath.

and the time, when she was in the conference hall full of officials, he being in the center presenting something on the projector..her gaze sweeped over his perfect bottoms,courtesy the Armani trouser hugging him just at the right n prefect places like a second skin..she remembered having a hard time dragging her gaze upwards to listen what he was saying and when she did that, she found him looking at her suspiciously. She quickly averted her eyes n looked at her notepad. to her shock she then found out that the pad that was for the purpose of noting the minutes of the meeting was filled with hearts ,of various size n shapes all over.

oh shit shit shit!

at that point she wanted nothing more than the earth to open up n swallow her instantly.

Khushi Kumari Gupta..you are gone..she scolded herself for behaving silly..n even spend few mints trying n figuring out the possible reasons of her unexpected behavior.

Why her gaze kept wondering to danger territories..she definitely need to get her eyes checked..YES..some eye flu she must be having..a flu of rare kind with these symptoms..she had relaxed on decoding the solution of her problem.

when all these flashbacks came flooding back in her mind, she knew this weekend could probably worsen up the things.She couldnt risk going there..she has to first clarify her thoughts n reach at a solid conclusion..till then she has to just take care of one thing..avoid being in close proximity with him.

she waited for her brooding boss to deny the offer but when he tried n failed..and the smirk on di’s face that was growing by the second..she knew she dint hold any say in the matter.

So, in the days that followed she had kept her worries about him at the back of her mind n was really looking forward for having a good time. And as far as her boss is concerned ,she’ll just follow one rule in this case..avoid being in close proximity wid him and everythin will be just okay.

What if there will be circumstances..
she immediately stopped the voice that was raising in her mind n decided to cross the bridge only when it comes.

Yes..all set..so by friday night wid hers n choco’s luggage packed,  she was as happy as a child on a Christmas n drifted off to sleep only in the wee hours.


“khushi..its been 5 minutes m waiting over here…”
she closed her eyes n held the phone inches apart from her ear..wat a start to the trip..dat too with his yelling.

so impatient..always!

she chuckled imagining his brooding face with irritation that must be etched across it, n replied in a calm sweet voice,

“arnav sir .m just locking my apartment..i’ll be down in flat 2 minutes pakka…”

she quickly hung up without waiting for his reply and carrying the bags, ushering choco to go downwards, she locked the apartment.

Choco the hero,was very happy n partly sad. Watching his maalkin’s ass-shaking dance last night followed by packing of hers n his clothes he knew its time for vacations. Its been so long they had any so the prospect of having a change exited him and it was clearly visible through his tail that was wagging more excitedly n quickly. But the thought of staying away from the love of his life made him sad somewhat. He descended the stairs quickly n barked excitedly at smoochie‘s doorstep..within seconds she made her appearance n mimicked his actions.. fluttering her lashes n wagging her tail, she was bidding him goodbye..Good bye bark in this case. He barked once, asking her to take care of herself n barked again, assuring her that he’ll be back soon..made his way downstairs.

someone had rightly said,

mohabbat door jaane na de..Broken Heart


Choco came across a SUV, that was on ignition and standing at the entrance of their apartment..and was looking kinda familiar.

He looked here n dere for another mode of transport but found none. Confusedly, choco jumped up slightly to have a better look at the person on the driving seat and found that its the same ‘what the bhow‘ man who had thrown him in the pool once.

He came back to present when khushi ruffled his hair, patted him n ushered him to get in the SUV.

He mentally smirked on realizing that No matter where ever they are going,this brooding man is their DRIVER right now.

‘He’ might be her maalkin’s boss, but right now he is just a DRIVER..a bloody driver to be more specific.,the only thing missing is a driver’s cap..dat would indeed completed his look.

so choco mentally barked..a triumphant bark this time of having an edge over him n entered the SUV
,royally with his head held high.


“errm..sorry sir…”
khushi glanced at him from outside the window of the passenger seat n apologized making a puppy face, scrunching her nose in a way that he had often found her doing in office too..various times.

Not dat he stared at her  deliberately to notice that but its just too cute to be ignored.
he convinced herself n hummed, accepting her apology.

He started to open his side of the door to dispose her luggage in the trunk but akash got there first, stepping out from the back seat n embracing her in a friendly hug to which she happily respond. Arnav Singh raizada averted his gaze delibrately not wishing to watch the PDA session of long lost friends,but  couldnt help his gaze to take a sneak peak at them again. A sudden pang of something hit him and he dint knw what.

Tardiness..? yes, her tardiness!

He came up with a name to that ‘sudden pang‘ in few seconds only. She is already late n now performing her meet n greet session on the road. they need to move quickly in order to avoid the early morning’s delhi traffic. So he blew the horn repeatedly, reminding them that there are more important things at hand than hugging on the road. Khushi quickly pulled back from the hug n greeted shyam wid a lovely smile, who was on the passenger seat. She came around the SUV,opening the back door, took her seat.

a seat,one dat was just behind the Driver’s!

As he started driving he witnessed more, meet n greet sessions goin on in the back seat of his car, where his di n khushi quickly engrossed in the chit chat as if the world is gonna end soon and they have to complete all their talks, exchange precious information n secrets with other, in this duration only.

He rolled his eyes at both of them.

His train of thoughts came to a halt by the lovely sound of her laughter at a joke cracked by akash.

“haha…akash sir, you are way too funny…”
she said holding her stomach, laughing in splits, throwing some of the lays that she was munching over akash, who in response winked at her. She clearly missed the pair of eyes that was watching the whole scenario via rear view mirror, and the lips of the owner of those eyes set into a thin line.

He replayed the joke in his mind..it wasnt THAT funny that he had to clutch his stomach or whatever ..he looked at shyam jiju n di, a smile tugged at their lips too.

Okay..may be it was funny..but what about throwing Chips at him? Akash too is the COO of the company and indirectly her boss too.

and this is no way to behave with a boss’s brother like that either. she never throw chips at him..hell, she never hugged him like that either. 

not that he would mind!

ow..wait..where did that came from?
he yelled internally at the stupid thoughts playing in his mind.

The constant barking coming from the back of the SUV just added to his irritation some more..that was sounding more like someone is hammering his head constantly.

“khushi, why is he barking..?…”

he asked in his normal bossy tone, looking at her through the rear view mirror. she caught his gaze after few seconds n replied in a nervous voice,

“v..vo..he is so excited sir..bas…nothing else..”

she gave him a ne
rvous grin, then turning back hushed choco to keep quiet..and again joined di n akash in the whatever the important discussion they were having.

Excitement my foot..
he cursed under his breath n wished he had some duct tape with him right now..how he would like to keep that irritating dog’s mouth shut for good reasons.

so he concentrated on only things at hand..Driving !

The scenario was like this , Shyam jiju, di, his princess avni, khushi, n dat whats-his-name dog were going away to their farmhouse located in the outskirts of delhi for a weekend.

Nani was staying at home cuz of the bhagwat katha that was going on in the mandir n she didnt wanted to miss it. Although Mami wanted to joined them but mamaji had stopped her by saying that let the children enjoy among themselves and promised her a movie n dinner..after a whole day in spa n beauty clinic..for the weekend.

oh, need not to mention mami was too happy to grab the other offer with both the hands.

so the SUV now packed with Arnav as the handsome driver, shyam at the passenger seat, with back seats occupied by khushi, anjali..the gossip girls of the town.. with a sound asleep avni perched on her lap and akash, the joke cracker guy makin ppl laugh to the point of holding their stomachs.

and not to forget,the royal highness Choco at the back..completing the passengers list.

to enjoy a weekend!

Different people with poles opposite nature thrown together at a faraway farmhouse for a weekend..sounds fun?

Time will tell !Evil Smile

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