FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 14

An older sister is a friend,a defender,a listener, conspirator, a counselor, a sharer of delights as well as sorrows too ~ Unknown.


Arnav Singh Raizada had always believed in the above saying through out his life.


But right at that moment only the “Conspirator” part was flashing in his mind..that too in bold letters.


They say,for once you cant be that much sure about yourself as much as you do about your siblings.



and unfortunately, the above saying was also cent percent true in Arnav’s case.



Just by the confident stride of his di,who was walking-cum-running towards khushi, with a mission on her mind..Arnav singh Raizada could very well smell the DANGER lingering in the air!



experience,they say.



and Arnav-the-always-correct-Raizada, for the first tym crossed his fingers n prayed genuinely..hoping his gut feeling to go wrong this ONE time.


His mind was busy in google-ing top 10 possible excuses for escaping in such kinda situation..without creating much fuss!



Urgent meeting?….NO..Lame


Tired of shopping?…NO..super stupid



Nani calling home soon?….what..are you in Kg?


“Chotey,udhar kya khade ho..idhar aao..?…

Arnav singh Raizada came back from his tranceland,where he was busy in analyzing and rejecting the excuses his mind just presented before him and glanced infront, his Di was calling him in a honey coated innocent voice..and he knew that innocence was probably the very last thing on his di’s mind right at that moment.



He shook his head n took out his blackberry from his pocket before making his way towards them.




just in case..your defending weapon should always be ready while stepping into a battlefield.




he will make some excuse about some urgent phone call after exchanging pleasantries.


Oh Raizada..u rock!

He mentally patted himself for his brilliance,before joining the group awaiting for him.



“Haaaiieee Sir..”

Khushi waved to her boss enthusiastically, giving the special goofy smile of hers, reserved in scenarios like that where you accidentally met people after ages.



just another fact that she was meeting her boss merely after a gap of few hours.


“oh, hi khushi..how are you?…”

Arnav replied casually in a business like manner,his mask back in place, as if he was meeting her in some conference room n not in some state-of-the-art mall.



instead of replying to his question,she grinned like a child n asked him again,before winking at his di

“Sir,nice nickname..chotey??”


Arnav Singh Raizada opened his mouth to instantly deny that allegation just hurled upon him by his secretary,closed his mouth thinking the better of it..opening it to say something again..anything rude to shut her up..thought the better of it n shut himself again.



At that time Arnav Singh Raizada was temporarily resembling nothing less than Arnav-goldfish-Raizada.a haughty goldfish..in this case.


He glanced at the two women in front of him who were now giggling like two sckool girls as if sharing their own private non veg joke and he knew, any of his explanation was not gonna help the case.



so after the bout of laughter was over,when his di was busy in explaining how he got “chotey” as his nick name, he took out his blackberry to carry out his  escaping plan.


“Chotey, keep that back in place..no more business calls i told you..family time is strictly family time”


He looked dumbfoundedly when Anjali angrily snatched his weapon from his hands, stuffing it in her handbag before glaring at him and then turned back again towards khushi.


ah,her smile back in place now.



he took 7 calls while his di was busy in purchasing grams n rice n what not..she dint had any such problems then..n NOW suddenly its Family time is strictly family time.



unbelievable man!



“had i not seen you today..i could never imagine you in a supermarket sir..you doing shopping n all..?”

khushi asked looking at her boss,trying to sound normal,hiding that extra amount of chirpiness from her voice.



ah..n she couldnt pin point ‘that’ extra amount of happiness bubbling from the pit of her stomach was cuz she spotted ‘him’ in a supermarket doing regular stuff or just the sole reason cuz she spotted HIM.



“errm..yes..we were just making our way to the parking lot..”

He replied,trying very hard to keep his gaze on her face that was stubbornly traveling downward on its own accord to have a better look at the tweety over there.



argh,..this tweety will be the death of you some day…Raizada!!

he mentally cursed himself on his latest fascination that was quickly turning into obsession.



Noo, we were just going to have somthing to eat..this shopping has actually drained me.common khushi ji..join us..Chotey would love to have you..”

Anjali replied in a sweet tone after barging in between..battling her eye lids at chotey after saying the last dialogue.


“vo..errm…love to have lunch with you..haan”

she added it after few seconds..amending it quickly..when she realized just how double meaning that sentence sounded.

Anjali..control yourself!!!


Brushing away the thought,she turned towards her brother,

“Chotey why are you standing like a statue..help khushi ji na..”


Its then khushi realized that she was holding so many poly bags in her hand..whom she was having trouble in carrying just minutes before meeting them n now she was standing like she could hold them for eternity without any problem.



she scrunched her nose at the above self revelation but brushed it aside when a i-am-an-obidient-lil-brother Raizada extended his hand to took some of them.



“N..No sir..its okay…i’ll manage”, she denied but thought the better of it and gave 3 of her bags when he showered her with his glare.



and also she couldnt stop her heart from skipping a beat when their fingers brushed against each other during this exchanging.



He glanced at the transparent polybags in his hands,his slits automatically got narrowed when he found out that he was holding that bloody dog’s food in his hand and the dog plastered over that pedigree packet reminded him of his latest enemy.



But without saying anything, he turned on his heel and all 4 of them made their way to a famous fast food chain outlet located on the third floor of the mall.


They spotted a table of 4 and made their way towards it. anjali quickly occupied one,and placed her handbag on the chair adjacent to hers,reserving it and clearly displaying the msg that other two persons had no other option than to occupy the leftover adjacent seats, opposite to hers

So,now as they were all seated after dumping their bags aside and were now waiting for the waiter,Anjali glanced at her daughter avni who was now ON the table, happily buzy in playing with various stuffs, the napkins,spoons,the small flowery vase and instantly remembered of her initial observation, and Anjali raizada jha couldnt help suppress an evil smile.



“khushi ji..you TOO love tweety?”

she said smilingly,looking at the pretty bird on her Tee before adding,


its so pretty..isnt it? you know avni n chotey are a fan..TOO..

she said winking at arnav before turning towards avni n ruffled her hairs lovingly to which the child giggled and clapped as if just confirming that.

What the..!!

He mentally cursed himself for even coming to this mall at the first place..Bad move Raizada!

Its ur DI you are dealing here with.


Ok fine..NOT exactly a fan..but not an enemy either..he knew he lies somewhere in middle..but that was his secret and anjali di would probably the last person he would confess this piece of news to.



and hadnt he made it pretty clear while purchasing dresses for avni??



He shook his head n tried holding his di’s gaze to question her silently,which she avoided with expertise.


and she added further,when a pleasantly shocked khushi replied with a “reaaallyyy” before glancing at her equally shocked n stoney faced boss.



Oh yes..matlab he dont exactly wear it but loved seeing his loved ones in tweety dresses..”



“errm..avni i mean..ryt baby“,

she quickly added, grinning nervously before kissing avni’s chubby cheeks.


n she also couldnt help but notice the sudden blush that crept on khushi’s cheeks as if she had just uncovered her lil dirty secret.



Arnav,on the other hand, just wanted to stab himself with anything available ryt at that point. He still tried glaring at his di..more piercingly this time, but somewhere aware of the fact that his “laser beam stares” have stopped working on di long time back.


He could feel khushi shifting in her seat awkwardly as if uncomfortable by their close proximity n that irritated him more.


ok..calm down raizada..5..4..3..2..1..



“Di gimme my phone..i have an urgent call to made…”

he tried changing the subject



“Shut up…Chotey”

Anjali replied snapping at him,before adding his nick name saying it with a lil bit of tenderness, in a sweet phoney voice,alongside flashing her evil smile.


He closed his eyes in frustration, when khushi started giggling..as if his nick name just got the award for the funniest name ever in the history of mankind.



Calm down raizada..10…9…8…7…



So, Arnav Singh Raizada had never been so happy to see a waiter coming towards them,in all his life span of 28 years..Though the waiter was just a normal lean builted person but for ASR, he was nothing less than some angel sent by god itself,so he grabbed this chance with both the hands.



“Di..you were hungry ryt..lets order smthin’..



He patted himself again n sighed in relief,when he was successful in diverting the attention of the trio towards the menu now.


“acha..khushi ji aapke liye ye wala burger..”,anjali said after few minutes,pointing towards a particular burger in the menu confirming khushi’s order n turned towards arnav,


“or…chotey tum kya loge..?”

she questioned to his brother who was impatiently drumming his fingers on the table.

“My phone di..”

she narrowed her eyes to slits, angrily fetch the poor device from her handbag n placed it on his extended palm.


“stuff it please chotey for once n all..oh god,cant you keep this device aside for few hours..i m telling you no girl is ever gonna get married to you seeing your obsession with your phone”




Paying no heed to arnav, she turned her attention to khushi who was watching this scenario with a puppy look on her face,and asked her,


You tell me khushi ji..will any girl ever marry him..just look at his handsome n smart face..errm..i mean look at him n his obsession with phone,laptop,his work n every thing related to his business n tell me..will any girl look at him in that way..”


khushi whose nerves were already on fire,courtesy the close proximity with her boss who had managed to intrude her thoughts quite more than modest number of times in last few days, couldnt say anything to the question just fired upon her by anjali di n just awkwardly shrugged her shoulders in response..she just opened her mouth to defend her boss when she was cut down by the waiter’s voice,


“sir..here’s your order..”


and keeping aside all her answers which were ready at the tip of her tongue as to the “Top 10 reasons why a girl couldnt help but look at him in ‘that’ way“..she thought the better of it n decided to pay all her attention on her hot n yummy “Chicken Maharaj Mac Burger” instead of her hot n yum..errm..just hot..BOSS.

Anjali picked up few French fries n twisted them between her fingers.

Externally she was smiling looking at the two people infront of her but internally her mind was racing miles per minute.


Anjali,Avni,Arnav and khushi..the 4 of them that were sharing a light meal at one of Mac-d’s outlet but Out of them,

Only 1 was actually eating,Khushi.


One was romancing with his cell phone,Arnav.


One was hatching some evil plans,Anjali.


n last one was giggling, unaware of the matters of the world..Avni.


Anjali glanced at two hopeless people in front of her, with khushi munching her chicken Maharaja mac burger,sipping her coke with uttermost dedication, as if the world’s gonna end soon and its only the last tym she’s getting something to eat.


and to khushi’s right was her brother..Lord Arnav Singh Raizada.


Drumming his fingers n punching some keys on his oh so famous blackberry.


She rolled her eyes !

Oh god..these two will surely drive me crazy some day.


Why are they not stealing glances at each other..or saying anything to each other in hush hush voices.


I mean..they should.


Anjali you have to take this matter in your hands now..for the well being of the humanity..with this pace..you wil get that lehenga of yours probably in next birth.

She reminded herself.


N next moment,Her eyes shimmered like two bright neon bulbs,a sign that an evil thought had just stuck some corner of her mind and she said excitedly unable to control her overflowing emotions,


Haye..71 k lehenga..m coming..just wait 4,some more time.


“Khushiji..I was discussing with chotey last night..you guys are working so much without any break, lately..you deserve a vacation..ryt?Next weekend we are going to our farm house n khushiji you ARE coming..along with Choco”,

She said flashing her teeths, just after dropping her latest bomb n was now waiting for the after effects of it.

The last part that was dedicated to khushi, was more an order than a request or a statement

khushi choked on her Chicken maharaja mac.


Arnav choked on…nothing.


His blackberry pinged at that moment,on an incoming msg alert..a sign, that it choked too.


and both of them glanced at each other,before glancing towards Anjali


Khushi replied with a



Where as arnav replied with a

“Whattt daaa “


that was funnily rhyming with her reaction in that not so funny situation.


It was one of those rare times, where both of them agreed on same point.

“No di..we are not going n thats FINAL!

He said in his all business voice..the one he used in boardrooms and conference rooms.


In response, anjali just arched her brow,folded her hands across her chest,and instead of replying to a much awaited arnav lazily blew cool air on her manicured nails.


It was an gesture arnav singh raizada was very well aware of..since his childhood n moment later,he started to doubt his own words.

No..we are NOT going n dats FINAL!

few seconds later..

we are NOT going n dats NOT FINAL!

few more seconds,

We are NOT going..Is this FINAL?

more seconds.



 kay,we ARE going.

case closed!Evil Smile

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