FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 13

“Di bas karo..u have picked almost everything remotely possible from this store

Arnav Singh Raizada groaned in irritation, looking at the overloaded trolley in his hand that was filled with almost all kinds of kitchen supplies, half of which he doesn’t even know existed before today.

Anjali who was sampling New brands of basmati chawal, chuckled at the helpless state of her dear brother and looked back at him,

Don’t blame me now chotey..I never asked you to come..it was you who requested to take me out for shopping..now pick that peanut butter jar from that shelf..its ur jiju’s favorite..”
She replied after making a straight face,while pointing towards the shelf over his shoulder .

Arnav Singh Raizada raised his eyebrows n stared at his sister piercingly with an oh really ? expression adoring his face,

No chance here..You are dealing with your own sister..Raizada !

and without arguing further, he shook his head at her well known antics n picked up the biggest jar of peanut butter.

Di, enough now ! “

The scenario was kinda same even after 45 minutes.

However this time,there were 3 overloaded trolleys instead of one,with Avni Sitting in one of those and happily playing with the Maggie packets.

Bas chotey..m almost done..just two more minutes”
Anjali replied hastily,a tad bit guilty this time.

However,The Raizadas walked out of the store still 15 minutes later..after clearing the bill and confirming their address to the delievery boy.

and Now as much as Arnav Singh Raizada hated being at that place..he had NO ONE else to blame..except HIMSELF!

So much to forget about that dream,Raizada?
He cut off his thought process from entering into that danger zone again and turned to his sister,

Anything else you wanna buy di?”

“Avni ke liye kuch dresses dekh le?”
Anjali replied pointing towards the branded kids wear showroom that was on the second floor of the same mall,they were shopping in.

He fynally relaxed a little.For a man like ASR,picking up a nice dress for his fav person is way much better than picking up a chilli powder packet from that supermarket.

and secondly,he wouldnt give a second thought for doing anything that was for avni..even if he was hell tired..even if he was dying.

Anything..just anything for his lil doll.

and the three of them made their way to the escalators.


“Chotey,hows this one?”

Anjali selected one cute denim capri paired with baby pink tank top and excitedly showed it to him, who was strolling in the showroom and checking dresses with avni in his arms.

Nah di..she’ll not like it..she already have 15 pairs in pink..”,Arnav replied winking at avni,to which the kid giggled and made a face by wrinkling her lil nose luking at the dress.

Anjali Raizada Jha rolled her eyes heavenly.
You both will make me mad some day..this is the 7th pair she’s rejecting chotey..”

She glanced at both arnav n avni piercingly,more specifically at her brother who choose to observe another dress very carefully at that point exactly and this irked her some more.

We’ll buy only what she likes di..”,he replied, still checking out different shelves stuffed with kidswear.

She threw her hands in irritation,
Fine..all cuz of you Raizada..you have pampered her like anything..now she has started throwing tantrums n my gosh..she’s just two..”

wow..look at that one baby..”,Arnav cut off his sister’s blabbering and tilted avni’s head to show her some another fabulous piece and then both of them walked out of there non chalantly..as if anjali dint even existed at that place.

Arnav was still strolling with avni in his arms,checking new pieces..rejecting it eventually,when anjali came runningly with 2 dresses in her hand this time n her expressions..as if she had just found the lost treasure in titanic.

Chotey..hows this..?”, anjali asked with a child like excitement,hoping against hope that it wont get rejected by any of them.

and before he could reply anything,avni started hopping up n down with excitement..indicating that its a yes from her side,n started moving her tiny arms to get that dress already.

He looked at the pair,one was a nice mini skirt paired with a halter neck top and the other was a one piece in pistachio green color..but that wasnt reason he was looking at those dresses carefully.

It was the same tweety bird with those ‘oh so beautiful’ lashes n innocent smile in the center that grabbed his attention this time.

and with that his ultra fast mind,faster than nano computers started showing him images of that very person he was not supposed to remember..as per his plan.

With that came back the memory of another cute tweety he just witnessed last week..errm..on somebody’s Tee.

The last memory came as a bonus though..totally Free..free..free!!

and along with it,came rushing back the memory of what could have been a proper kiss,had the dog never interrupted it!

and with that arnav who seconds earlier was finding the tweety cute, replied sternly,

Di..we are not buying dese..i dont like it..”

Chotey,dont worry..You dont have to wear these..its for avni n vaise bhi ye tumhe fit nahi aaenge..”, anjali replied chucking at her own joke.

He stared at his sister sternly,just with a gaze,that clearly conveyed,he dint found the joke remotely funny.

Cant we look for some other dress..errm with some other bird..this one is so childish “, He tried to convince her,by showing her some reason.

Though internally Arnav Singh Raizada felt a tad bit guilty for calling that bird childish cuz he personally had some affection towards it..but it was way more safer than telling her sister the original reason.

errm..chotey,i guess she’s a child..right?”
Anjali replied in a tone, dripping with sarcasm at the lame excuse just prsented by her brother.

whats wrong with your theory..we’ll buy what she’ll like..? hmm…?”
She said pointing towards avni..the child who was been totally ignored in between this bro-sis argument-cum-convo.

Avni was trying very hard to get off his arms..to reach her dress as soon as possible, and with her favorite person i.e arnav acting as a hindrance in her way..and with no one paying attention to her,the kid reacted in the only way possible.

She started pulling his ‘set-wet-zatak’ hair in her tiny fists. She was indeed successful when she got his attention. Then she made a happy face,pointing towards those dresses and arnav singh raizada instantly kept all his arguments to the side..cuz now NO WAY in hell,he could deny her.


by the way chotey,whats your problem with the bird..its so cute..isnt it”
Anjali who was still teasing chotey about his rubbish theory, giggled..adjusting her sari pleats.

They just walked out of the showroom and were making their way to the exit when they heard faint voices of someone calling them from behind.

Anjali deee…”

The faint voices now growing louder and three of them turned around to find a jumping-with-excitement khushi kumari gupta..trying to wave her hand that was merely impossible due to the polybags, she was holding.

Anjali replied with a wow n her brother with his usual what the,on spotting that very person he was trying to escape at the moment.

Anjali’s gaze moved to khushi’s attire..it was the first time she was meeting her outside RC and she found her very cute in her capri n tee avtar.

But that was not the reason  she was amused

However this time it was Anjali,whose attention was grabbed by the tweety on khushi’s Tee!

and it took merely a split second before her dimaag ki batii went on n was now flashing like some bright neon bulb.


A mere co-incidence or some tweety connection there is?

She mentally laughed that evil smile of her’s..reserved just for these kind of situations and without wasting a second,she made her way towards khushi.

With 71k lehenga was the last thing on her mind!!!

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