FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 12

Arnav Singh Raizada glanced at the mesmerizing beauty infront of him who had started playing with his attention n barged into his thoughts every now and then, off lately.

Totally without invitation,Ofcourse.

Khushi Kumari Gupta !

She must have felt his piercing stare cuz she looked up from the file she was reading, the next moment and then couldn’t avert them back.

Oh man!

Unknowingly she started playing with the curl that had escaped her tightly made bun.

She saw his eyes turning into a darker shade n with that her heart skipped a beat..the pool of desires, very clearly evident in his orbs.

Passion that was building slowly, took up speed when he watched her licking her lips, bringing his attention towards them.

And with that came rushing back the memories of his last missed kiss..he just experienced day before yesterday.

Two missed kisses in row?
Not at all Fair Mr Raizada!

His inner voice mocked at the above thought as if he had just committed the horrendous crime ever.

And with that the determination to complete that action started forming again..this time more stronger than ever.

He mentally go through the list of all possible sources of disturbance.

Cabin door..properly locked.

Anjali Di n that bloody dog..at home.

His blackberry..on silent.

No more staff on the floor.

The coast is clear Raizada..just Gooo !

And this time with a rock solid determination he quickly went near her to compete that,what was giving him sleepless nights nowadays.

He cornered her to the wooden desk n without even asking for her permission, crushed his lips to hers.

It was more like a child wanting that particular toy, which he’s parents had refused to buy.

The feeling was undoubtedly,sensational !

he could actually felt her soft lips trembling under his.with a slight pressure of his tongue, he requested her to open them, to invite him in.

And when she actually invited him in by parting them, the joy was way more than any greatest business contract he has bagged ever.

He deepened the kiss instantly n Then followed the mingling n dancing of their tongues to a rhythm, known only to their heart.

The Divine feeling was just so outta the world and without any doubt, he categorized it as his best kiss ever.

Her inexperience mixed with sheer curiosity told him that it was her maiden one..and with that a sheer sense of proud n satisfaction entered him.

He was her first kisser..her only kisser!

He released her after a good 3-4 minutes..very happy with his performance that fynally he was able to break that kissing jinx..n was now waiting for her reaction.

Did She liked it?

He smirked remembering the reactions of all those ladies that went all gaga over him..after receiving his kisses which arnav Singh Raizada never cared for.

But ryt at this moment,he was waiting for her reaction with so much desperation, just like a student awaiting his board results.

Though he was pretty sure of his kissing ability but he wanted to be cent percent sure about how she felt.

He took one step back n looked at her flushed face..her eyes were downcast..n she was trying to catch her breath.

A contented smile was playing on his lips now n the wait for her reaction seems nothing less than eternity.

She raised her lashes after long long seconds..glancing directly into his orbs.

He had just opened his mouth to speak when the next moment she slapped him hard on his face.

What the!!

He looked into her eyes that were now blazing with anger,before he could ask her whats wrong..arnav Singh Raizada was slapped again.

Her nostrils were flaring in anger n she hold him furiously by the collar of his shirt,

“Was that the best you can do Raizada?..are u in bloody high skool? ”

“U are the worst kisser I’ve ever had..”, she mocked him,her expressions were dat of a disgusted one and then she wiped off her lips with the back of her hand as if this they were just coated with poison.

This came as a utter shock to ASR who was being termed as the best kisser,numerous times by all his past flings.

What the..?? wait !!

“I could do it in another way too or from another angle.”unable to believe what just happened, he quickly offered her damage control

But all in response he got more slaps and she started pulling his hair n replied with gritted teeths,

“Don’t you ever kiss any girl in your life ever..u are a FAILURE !!”

Raizada u suck !

Raizada u failed !

More slaps were being gifted..more hairs were being pulled and the dire dirty accusations were being thrown downright on his face.

Raizada U failed!

Raizada u suck!!

U r one worst kisser on the face of earth!


He screamed with all the air present in his lungs.

And that was how, Arnav Singh Raizada came out of his deep slumber on a very fyn Sunday morning.

With eyes still closed, he still felt being slapped by someone, but with less intensity now.

In confusion,he fynally opened his puffy eyes with tonnes of efforts to find a pleasantly different scenario.

Avni, still in her night suit, sitting on his chest was slapping him on his face and pulling his hairs in her small tiny hands ,alongside garbling something in her cute childlike lingo only known to her.

Arnav Singh Raizada was never ever so happy in his life on finding out that he was being slapped by a kid.

It was way better than finding out being slapped by someone you have just kissed..even in dreams.

He looked around to make sure he was on his bed in his bedroom..n not inside his cabin, being slapped mercilessly by his secretary.

He ran his hand through his hair, they were all in place..n then finally he released a long breath.

Phew !!
Some dream that was.

But what the hell??
Did u just dreamt about kissing khushi? Have u officially lost it Raizada!

He came out of his thoughts when Avni started hopping up n down on his chest, like the way she does on her favourite air chair..n giggled in her sweet voice when she spotted him awake.

Arnav Singh Raizada fynally flashed his first genuine smile of the day, holded his dear princess in his arms n kissed her on her cushiony cheeks.

“Chotey..u kno what ur darling princess hates it when she’s awake n others are not..”
Anjali replied giggling in the same tone as her daughters.

“Chalo, go n freshen up ..main breakfast laga deti hoon..
Anjali replied,standing beside the bed,while folding the comfortor.

He got up from the bed taking Avni along n hugged Anjali, greeting her morning

She took Avni in her arms, after he kissed her for one last time n made his way to the washroom.

“N haan chotey, u’ll take me to the supermarket today, I wanna buy some household stuff..’

Anjali replied to his retreating back ,making a serious face n was waiting for his denial cuz that was what he hated the most.

Though he always took her to places like dat but that was after minutes of emotional blackmailing,scolding n stuff.

So, it came as a shocker to her when he replied a “fine Di ” totally without argument..this tym!

Aaj sooraj Kahan se nikla hai !!
She asked herself but then leaving it aside made her way downstairs.

Arnav Singh Raizada could very well hear her sister’s squealing voice from outside his bedroom door and he smirked at that..with one last thought he entered the washroom

Anything..just any damn thing to distract from that horrible dream today !!

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