FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 11

What the..!!$$##!!

Arnav Singh Raizada glanced at his wrist watch for the 7th time in the last
20 minutes.

“This girl is jusssttt so…”

He muttered something under his breath, about the lateness of that girl
whose son was wandering in his property, like a celebrity enjoying
vacations in his own personal island.

Without his knowledge,Ofcourse.

Okay fine..its SUNDAY.
so what!??

We don’t stop breathing on Sunday right?..so why stop working then.

He convinced himself mentally, for calling her on a day that’s supposed to
be her holiday n that too at sucha short notice.

Well,I m THE BOSS.

N logically & technically,A BOSS is always RIGHT, no matter what !

His lucky Gold plated Rolex watch blushed a shade of red,on earning yet
another glare from Raizada.

So what if its an angry one.

Every stare,every glare matters, specially when its coming from a hunk like ASR..doesn’t matter if its a Rolex at the receiving end.

He shook his head in irritation now,

“Damn this girl..she knew how important that file is..”

The file belonged to one of their very important client,which he was handling personally. the client was calling him every now n then..n ASR couldn’t tell him the status without going through the file once..

Let her come now!!

He had just picked up his blackberry to call her when the door knob turned
down,thereby bringing his attention towards it.

N Arnav singh Raizada,on the leather chair,in his fowl mood,with his
undivided attention towards the door, was all ready to grace that very
person with his impending wrath.

Khushi kumari Gupta you are gonna be so dead for sure NOW !

Her floral scent arrived first,instantly attacking his senses n Arnav Singh
Raizada opened his mouth to attack his prey..

Errm..wait !

All his plans seemed to crashed down the next moment, when his gaze landed on her.

And nothing but a what the escaped his mouth, that too was merely above a whisper.

Holy shitt !!

He glanced at her from head to toe.

It was not khushi kumari Gupta,

At least,not the one he was used to seeing in normal office days.

Definitely not the prim n proper khushi kumari Gupta,who always choosed to wrapped up in professional business suits,trousers, or sometimes modest knee length pencil skirts, with hair tied in tight bun.

It was her latest released version, dressed up in blue denim distressed
shorts paired with a white Tee, a yellow tweety printed on it, her hair
were held up high in a pony tail, but still some naughty fringes were
dancing on her lovely face n those running shoes were just completing her
look of a college going girl!

Oh my ..

Arnav Singh Raizada was watching all this with his mouth wide open n an
awe-struck look lingering on his face

She was looking so young..so innocent..n so angelic !

Just like her name..Angel khushi !

His eyes soften a little at the above thought n he aahh-ed n ooh-ed
internally..releasing a contended breath,grasping the mesmerizing scene in
front of him where she was busy in catching her breathe.

His anger leaving his body with each passing second n further a contented
feeling settled somewhere in his heart.

The predator of few minutes back was merely a puppy now.

so…errm…pretty !

He weighed a compliment to her mentally.

Why the hell does she wear those boring business suits daily?

Yes !
She should wear this only.

Raizada, changed the employees dresscode tomorrow itself.

All female employees should wear shorts,tee n sports shoes from now on!

He glanced at her blue distressed denim shorts that were just covering her
mid thighs, further accentuating her creamy long and endless legs. It was
the very first time he was seeing her in this kinda attire n he must say
that he was pleasantly impressed.


Blue File !!
His professional mind tried to warn him.

No!! Blue..shorts !
His devil mind argued.

And yes, the shorts won over the file this time..the blue color of it was
so truly complimenting her pale n creamy skin.

His gaze traveled upwards n he glanced at her Tee.

A tweety Tee !

Arnav Singh Raizada had always hated cartoons since his childhood..he
couldn’t figure out why kids adore those stupid characters like Tom,jerry,
dexter,DD, powerpuff girls or many more among the lot. He was more of a
discovery or a National Geographic guy.

But that innocent Smiling tweety with its long lashes on her Tee was just
too hard to ignore.

Ignore itself would rather be a strong word here cuz at that point Arnav
Singh Raizada was actually kind of finding that tweety cute.

Very very cute indeed !

Cuz Though personally he had never seen cartoon shows in his life ever but he had often spotted that pretty bird on many dresses of his lil princess..Avni.

n ryt now that same bird on her tee was reminding him of Avni.

Unknowingly, corners of his lips twitched a lil..n he chuckled internally when his mind painted an image of both khushi n Avni in a tweety tee,laughing n giggling together.

so awesome!

he smirked some more.

The ‘very’ important client had gone to hell..long ago.

but however,he came back to his senses when she cleared her throat n clutched the blue file closed to her chest.

It was then he realized what he was doing so far.

Holy Shit!!!

What the F…!!

He was staring her over there



He panicked internally when he imagined the scenario from her angle.

A boss lusting after his secretary,smirking while checking her
out..specially with his gaze plastered over there.

Well Done Raizada!
A new LOW..isnt it?

but i was looking at the tweety!

He tried to explain his actions to the voice that just mocked him.

yeah sure..go n tell her that n she’ll happily believe you..haina Raizada?

He closed his eyes in frustration n glanced at her face ‘for the first
‘ since she had entered the room.

She was having an embarrassed expression on her face n was clutching the the file so tightly that he could clearly saw those white knuckles.

Congratulations Raizada for screwing it!

she’s obviously uncomfortable with you gazing at her like some ‘sex
deprived maniac’.

Khushi glanced at her attire n replied nervously before placing a curl behind her ear n licking her lips, that instantly got his attention towards them.

”v..vo…sir,u said u want this urgently..i dont had time to

she said pointing towards the BLUE file now.

umm..Dats Okay khushi..Thanks for bringing this on such a short notice.
He was amazed that he could talk perfectly normal now.

He picked up his blackberry,acting as if making some call..indirectly,
breaking the eye contact n buying some time to gather his wayward hormones together.

“Give it”
saying that he went back to his gf the blackberry.

Khushi nodded n started walking towards him round the desk with trembling legs.

her mind still occupied with some other thing.

Why was he eying me like that..am I looking that bad or fat may be?

Or maybe..

She freaked internally when she imagined her boss smirking n making fun of her…hairy legs.


She quickly glanced at her legs just to ensure that they were waxed properly..n she relaxed a bit on finding that they were.

So,errm..may be I m looking good?

A naughty thought entered her mind n she couldn’t stop her heart from skipping a beat at the thought that the himself hot-n-hunk ASR might find her good enough to check out.

Shut up khushi!
Don’t be stupid.
He’s used to seeing top class beautiful models, with perfect features,out of the world makeup n expensive branded dresses. Why would he even fancy a girl who’s in local shorts, tee n running shoes?

A tweety tee on top of that.

Really? I mean,Who in the world wear that apart from a 6 year old cartoon obsessed kid?

You are ASR’s Secretary for god’s sake..ASR, the latest buzz in the fashion industry n you think he’ll go gaga over your fashion sense.

With the way you turned up in his office today, you deserved nothing but suspension.
Her fashion forward n fashion conscious inner voice mocked her.

Now with khushi’s mind entangled on these things, she completely missed the rug that was folded from the corner n skipped her step.

And next moment khushi kumari Gupta who was just few meters away from his chair, got landed up in his lap.

In typical Bollywood Style..Ofcourse.

Or like one of those k-ekta’s serials where heroines, NO matter where they are always landed up in hero’s arms.

Everytime..almost Magically !

He clutched her waist quickly to stable them both.

The blue file now out of their sight..somewhere on the floor,

Sharing space with his blackberry who too landed on the floor during this jump n catch process.

N now both of them watching the let’s-play-this-stare-game session going on in front,in the Raizada’s cabin with both boss n secretary as the participants!

He stared at khushi in his arms, who had closed her eyes lids tightly ..obviously waiting for the floor to hit her and smirked.

So like a child.

He took the curl that was residing on her face, twisted it in between his fingers n played with it for a while before firmly placing it behind her ears.

She opened her eyes slowly to find his boss looking at her with an amusing expression on his face.

N above all, he was showing that heart breakingly beautiful n rarest of rare smile.

Aah !

and khushi couldn’t help the butterflies to stop fluttering inside her chest n mimicked his actions.

She too blushed a deep shade of red, totally aware of their close proximity..

She could actually feel him..his immensely muscular n taut body.

She unknowingly measured his broad shoulders with her small palms..that were working on their own..as if operated on some battery.

His eyes grew darker at that action, the smirk wiped off from his face now, giving place to yet another emotion.

A wanton emotion.

He clutched her waist tightly..pulling her more towards him..plastering both their bodies together.

Her heart now beating miles per minute, a mushy feeling settling in the pit of her stomach and common sense leaving her mind to enjoy some time,some where else.

She licked her lips, suddenly hyperventilating n gulped.

The action instantly brought his attention to those plump n rosey lips..that were now open..as if inviting him.

he remembered his missed kiss, weeks ago in the same cabin which got interrupted by his di.

Arnav Singh Raizada suddenly got a very..very strong urge to complete that impending action NOW!

He wont be lying to admit that he had often thought about that scene a few number of times…despite his extreme busyness.

n likewise,now a strong willed Arnav singh raizada determined to complete that action looked into her eyes, for any sign of backing out.

When he saw her eyes replicating his desires, he got elated n took it as a GREEN signal.

releasing a breath, He lips started their journey towards hers.

just like an archer whose concentration was on nothing more than the TARGET!

n ON target were those beautiful lips.


Internally, he was having excitement like a school kid who was about to experienced his first eva kiss.

He was inches away from those full n plump lips,that were shining with the gloss..the closeness was so much that he could actually smell the flavour..a strawberry gloss it was.

He closed his eyes,filling his nostrils with her smell n was about to claim them,

when the background music broke his concentration.. n he cursed internally with still closed eyes.

NO !
it was not his Black berry this time.

the music is  resembling as if somebody’s growling.

he had a very sweet ringtone, he remembered that.

The background music now sounding very clear.

The growling now turning to low BARKING!

The “moment” now completely lost n both of them opened their eyes.

Now realizing what they were about to do.

Common sense now returning to khushi n her eyes widened at the next moment n face loosing its color.

Raizaaadaaa, Damage Control…SOON!

The inner voice yelled again at him,asking him to explain his action to the girl in his arms,who was having an expressions as if she had just come outta theater watching the MOST HORRIBLE MOVIE of the millennium.

n obviously Arnav Singh raizada presented her the very first excuse that came to his mind..

“errm..vo…there was something lingering over there..arr…”

he pointed towards her lower lip n then as if justifying his claim rubbed her lower lip with the pad of her thumb twice.

Really Raizada?
Couldnt you have come up with the excuse LAMEST than THIS!
Something on her lip n you thought of cleaning it by KISSING her!!!

HOW LOGICAL was that!!!!

You have just made an world record by putting the stupidest excuse ever on being caught at kissing a girl.

The inner voice was now laughing evilly.

He cursed again n then opening his eyes looking for the source of disturbance.

and came across his enemy, the stupid dog..who was now standing on his wooden mahogany desk barking at him.

What the HELL?

Fine..its his mother i m holding in my arms but its STILL my Office..MY cabin n MY desk!

and then he looked at khushi with a scowl on his face,

“what the hell this stupid dog is doing in my CABIN???”

Khushi who got yet another shock of her life,gasped loudly..n yelled at her dog,

“haww..get DOWN choco..dont you want butter chicken?”

huh..Butter Chicken!?
are they both mad?

he clenched his fist in anger that was parly cuz of his enemy’s presence in his cabin n more cuz of yet another missed kiss!


She panicked n quickly nodded, hushing choco..secretly telling him with her expressions to get down the desk otherwise the devil will made “butter choco” n “butter Khushi” instead.

Choco however as a loyal son, kept on barking..raising his anger to a new level..

ASR’s nostrils now flaring n he looked at khushi with an expression that were clearly telling her one thing,

“do as he say or die!”

“v…vo…sir…we are just leaving…if..if you’ll j..just leave me”
she replied nervously glancing at his arms that were still clutching her waist.

He instantly loosened his grip,releasing her from his embrace n ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Raizada..u makin’ a fool outta urself!

She picked up the file n his phone, quickly placing them on his desk..not taking risk anymore.

grabbed a still angry choco,thanking him mentally for barging in to avoid that embarrassing scene,in case they had kissed it already n made a run towards the door without having a backward glance.

That night Choco surely had Butter Chicken..but for Completely different reasons,ofcourse! Evil Smile

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