FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 10

Her phone buzzed in her hand, instantly bringing her attention to the screen that was now flashing “Devil Raizada calling…“.

She picked up the call

Ofcourse, after rolling her eyes heavenly..and answering politely in best possible manner with a voice dripping with honey.

“Yes sir..how can I help you?”

“Khushi..I want that file I gave you yesterday..bring it in my cabin..NOW!! ”


“Shut up khushi..its hell URGENT, u know that?..”


“Do I pay you to argue with me..” The voice was now turning stealy with each passing second.

“Hain?…No sir..b..but…”

“You have 10 minutes n not a second more…”

And the call got disconnected.

She looked again at her Sony xperia dumbfoundly this time,a what the clearly plastered on her face.

Her jaan-se-pyaara Sony xperia was resembling nothing less than kaancha cheena to her right now.

But as they say, don’t shoot the messenger!

She threw up her hands in frustration, after carefully placing her expensive,New gadget back in her pocket.

What the..devi maiya!!??

Its been two whole weeks since that drunkard incident n life had started to move on for both arnav n khushi.

But,somewhere.. dynamics had definitely got shifted between the two.

Without their knowledge, Ofcourse.

Khushi still couldn’t find an answer,as to why her boss had started calling her khushi, instead of that dull n Boring Ms Gupta.

Like,why suddenly now?

And, she also couldn’t find an answer as to why he has started stealing glances at her, when he thought that she was looking somewhere else.

Eh,now thats something Strange!

But few things were still the SAME.

for instance,

Their contact names.

His black berry still flashed ‘Angel khushi calling...’ whenever she called him.


Likewise,Her xperia still displayed “Devil Raizada calling..“, whenever he made a call to her.

It’s not that he never tried to change it.

Before attending her call n after rolling his eyes, He always made a mental note, for changing it back to ‘Ms Gupta‘ whenever his blackberry happily perched her name.

But,that note always remained there, where it arised first..in his mind only!

He could never really afford to changed it.

His mind kept pushing it for some later time..blaming his business n extreme busyness for doing that.

It’s an another matter altogether that that action might have taken merely 30 seconds of his busy time schedule.

But whatever,No one questions the boss and

At the end of the day It was still Angel Khushi..

n of course, Devil Raizada.

Few other things were there, that were still the same.

Like,The wooden door was still being SLAMMED,

though less mercilessly now.

The 71k lehenga was still waiting eagerly for its Owner !

The top most candidate on the hate list of ASR n Choco still contain,

Each others name!

ASR still frowned, whenever he found Neel involved in some gup shup with khushi, outside her cabin

Ah, yes ! Courtesy that I-pledged-to-keep-my-employees-safe theory.

Khushi still checked twice before having any liquid in any shade of pink.

She still managed to make him go crazy with her antics.

She still pass him the calls from his female friends, but with an uncomfortable feeling now.

And yes!
khushi was still being yelled at..by her still Devil Boss !

Who never need a special invitation n any special occasion for doing that.

Like, the one now

Still muttering some profanities, she glanced at her phone,then looked at her surroundings, helplessly.

Choco was Happily playing with his favorite ball at some distance, unaware of the world.

Few aged couples were seated on the benches,laughing,chatting, enjoying the sunset.

Kids were bizy in playing, while some people were enjoying their walk on the soft grass.

Birds were happily chirping after returning to their home.

When each n everyone around her seems to be enjoying

So, why exactly she was being called by her devil boss on a peaceful Sunday evening to deliver a stupid file in his office, just when she decided to take a walk in the park.

Why devi maiya?

I mean, who on earth,in its sane state of mind works on sunday?

SUNDAY..really ??

Thanks a lot devi maiyaa..there are only 7 days in a week..otherwise.. she said rolling her eyes and shaking her head

and what does he mean by that, he wanna that file in 10 minutes?

Who does he think i am..??

a female RAJNIKANT?? hain..??

she glanced at her wrist watch n squealed loudly,


“Choco Challl…”

and then Khushi Kumari gupta ran from there as if her tail was on fire.

giving Usain Bolt,a run for his money..literally!


After some 20 minutes ,Khushi was standing outside the Raizada Corporation building, a blue colored file clutched to her chest,

and yes, Choco jumping up n down behind her, with excitement!

So,the question was..How did Arnav Singh Raizada got so lucky,that his office was about to be blessed by a visit from none other than

Choco Gupta, Himself.

eh,lucky Stars..they say!

All courtsey- Mrs. Desai..who had just gone to US to pay a visit to her daughter,

leaving khushi with NO other option.

So,that’s why,now a slightly worried khushi n a very elated Choco were standing outside the Raizada Corporation building on a very fine Sunday evening.


Choco..behave like a good boy okay..I’ll be back soon, bas Ye file deke.. don’t bark or growl..baby.Ye teri maa ki izzat ka sawaal hai..

Ushering him inside her cabin, Khushi told him ‘to dos‘ and ‘not to dos‘ inside the Raizada building, while lovingly scratching him behind his ears..his favorite place.

Wagging his tail, Choco closed his eyes in contentment !

“Mera pyaara baby..I’ll be back soon..u sit over here”,
Khushi scratched him one last time, making him sit on her chair and picked her blue file.

Don’t make any noice n don’t go anywhere..okay.if you’ll behave properly na, mumma will treat you with Butter chicken tonight..pakka!!

After giving a flying kiss to choco, who sat on her chair like a very cute obedient child,khushi closed her cabin door quietly n made her way to have a meet n greet with the boss.


Now as much as Choco wanted to have that Butter chicken in dinner that night..but the impending curiosity about this new exciting place got the better of him.

Who said that curiosity only killed the cats, eh?

He quietly got down from the chair n made his way towards the door, opening it with least of efforts n thus started his grannnd tour of Raizada Corporations.

Aailaaa..whatte place?

Choco was happily strolling in the foyer of the 17th floor of that skyscraper building with the above thought in his mind,

Totally unaware of the fact,whom this building actually belongs to.

He was tying to capture as much as his small eyes could contain in themselves,occasionally craning his neck at times to look at those state of the art wall hangings..he could actually see himself in the polished floor, that was making him skid.

Wow..this must be some 5 star hotel for sure.

Oh..I must bring
her here on our first date..then she won’t be able to reject my proposal at any cost.

The above thought rang an alarming bell in his mind..he was yet to inform his momma about the matter.

Choco was secretly crushing on Mrs. Khanna’s smoochie from past 3 months..that lived on the first floor of his apartment building.

Smoochie,a Maltese breed,female dog with fluffy hairs which resembles that she had just stepped outta hair saloon anytime of the day,had stolen his heart months ago.

Love at first sight, they say?

However,In this case

It was Love at first bark for choco !!

He never forget to bark at her apartment door, whenever crossing it, while ascending or descending apartment stairs

N he was literally stumped when once out of habit he barked while crossing her floor n within seconds she appeared on her door, replicating her actions..wagging her tail n battling her lashes.

Toh Aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai.

That was the first ever positive signal he got n since then he was trying his luck in this direction.

So by now, our choco was hopelessly heads-over-heels in luv with Smoochie.

Ah, complicated love

Choco was still strolling lazily, wagging his tail n tongue,his mind dazed n in some distant land,pre occupied by his dil ki mallika..weaving dreams about their future together.

We cordially invite you to grace us wid ur presence on the wedding of

(s/o still Ms khushi kumari Gupta)


(d/o Mrs & Mr khanna)

P.S: Mere bete ki shaadi me jaroor aana ji ~khushi kumari Gupta


He literally skipped his steps in excitement at the visual wedding invite,he just designed in his mind.

He imagined himself,luking elegantly dashing in a black tuxedo, and Smoochie,luking breathtakingly beautiful in a silk ivory gown with tiara on her head, walking the aisle.

Waaaooo !!

He barked, unable to control his excitement.

However, in the next instant,
choco came back from his dreamland at the sight in front of him and instantly,an expletive escaped his mouth.

What the Bhoww???

He was standing infront of a wall which was covered with a floor to ceiling wallpaper.

And No price for guessing, what the wallpaper was about.

Yes !
None other than his jaani dushman at the moment

Arnav Singh Raizada !

A king size wallpaper of Arnav Singh Raizada.

N likewise, choco greeted him in the only way possible.

Grrr…Bhow…Grrr…Bhow…Bhow !

However,that Poor loyal dog stopped barking the moment he remembered about his deal wid his momma.

Eh yes, Butter chicken is more important !

But,what they say about having the last say?

He went near the wall, glanced at the huge image of the person he hated the most at the moment, lifted his left leg

And blessed the shiny wallpaper with a Hot shower !

All the time looking into his eyes in the image.

And then choco strolled away in other direction,wagging his tail to explore some more, feeling Blissfully Happie n content.

With his mind occupied with two things right now,far important than Arnav Singh Raizada

Smoochie & yes,Butter chicken !Evil Smile

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