FF:Winning My Boss-Chapter 1

The early morning atmosphere at the Raizada Corporation was very much similar to a fish market.

One can easily hear female giggling voices coming from various cabins,followed by some remarks like

Oh my god..your lipstick shade is so sexy

Eeeiii…where did you get that top from ?”

Huh..he dint asked me out yesterday!

While out of habbit, some male voices were bizzy discussing two C’s
Cricket n Chiks !

people in groups,were gathered n seated on the desks, chatting..gossiping..

Whole heartedly.

Making full use of the time they have, before the work kick starts for the day.

Ofcourse, its still 10 minutes to 9:00 am.

FULL 10 minutes !

Two such very hard working girls making the best use of time, can be spotted at the leftmost corner.

Busy in utilizing every last minute to full use..just like a student would do in an examination hall.

Khushi n payal
undoubtedly the bestest of friends in d whole organisation.

They worked at different departments,with payal at accounts n khushi as ASR’s assistant, but they were seen almost together and this whatever little they get..it was THEIR time.

practically inseparable,as they both were !

They were still gossiping n giggling, when suddenly their trance got broken by a loud female shriek..


Khushi n payal tilted their heads to looked at the source of noice coming from their right side n rolled their eyes!

There was lavanya, with her 2 followers sim n Pam,and a horrible,very horrible expression plastered on her face,

Oh my God..you know girls ,I have put on whole 250 gms

Lavanya’s expressions clearly showing as if she had just been bankrupt.

Payal rolled her eyes at her antics,while khushi grinned mischievously from ear to ear.

They have never liked lavanya. The dumb n bimbo queen as she was, yet the most arrogant n high headed soul in the whole organisation. Rumored to be the ASR’s girlfriend cum arm candy.

Err…yeah..that’s what she spread among the coworkers.

but nobody knows the truth n with no proper denials from the boss’s side either..lavanya was treading this thing in her favor n getting her works done

almost effortlessly.

Payal looked back at khushi who was still grinning guiltily n started observing her reactions.

clearing her throat n arching her brows,she asked her in a questioning voice,

Khush,why do I feel..u have something to share..hmm..

Khushi looked at payal..her mouth opened wide in shock,her guilty expressions clearly telling that she has just been caught stealing something.

Ah..that’s what best frnds are famous for!

They caught you within seconds just when you are proud that you are good at keeping a secret !

She looked at lavanya, then back at payal,guiltily nodded her head displaying a very goofy grin.

Then bringing payal closer,she hushed something in her ears,in a very whispering voice.

Payal’s eyes opened wide in shock at the latest revelation,

Oh my god..are you crazzy? Don’t tell me you actually did that

Khushi just nodded her head,still displaying a goofy grin.

You have been replacing her low calory lunch with a high one..n she dint suspect it once?..”

Oh,you just need to praise the lipstick she’s wearing n she’ll not give a Damn to anything else..”
Khushi replied winking at her n shrugging her shoulders.

oh lord! N from when u doing that?“, Payal asked in a still amazed voice.

Umm..last Tuesday, when she called you fat

oh,you can expect these things from khushi only..going to extents for her friends.

U know na,u are one UNIQUE sample, khushi..officially Krazy Kumari Gupta you are!
payal smiled,slapping khushi lightly on her arms.still astonished.

Khushi nodded n winked,and then both friends burst out laughing looking back at lavanya again. 


She glanced at her wrist watch to check the time n gasped loudly,

Hey devi maiya..its 9:05 already,he’ll be arriving anytime soon.That laad governor will definitely kill me, if he’l not find me at my desk

Muttering quick byes n exchanging hugs with payal, she made her way to the lift, almost runningly.

Whistling n Waving jay on the way,just to be honored by a wink n a flying kiss in return.

Jay, her co worker cum best friend cum her personal punching bag!

Yes,All in one!

She reached her desk in time to found no sign of that laad governor yet and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Phew !


She entered the lion’s den after composing herself,with slow n steady steps.

surely,NOT any ordinary cabin!

It was THE ASR’s cabin.Located on the 17th floor of multistory Raizada Corporation building.The floor to ceiling glass wall gives an exotic view of the city’s life. It gives an enormous sense of power and satisfaction,standing on 17th floor n watching the hustle bustle of city’s life where people from different spheres of life strive hard to meet their ends.

she had often noticed her boss standing there,with hands in pockets calmly n peacefully observing the scenario.

The cabin was furnished with one of the most exquisite office furniture one can imagine.

Oh,nothing new,its THE ASR!

she shook her head,and made her way to his desk.

She placed the Economic Times on the left side and the coffee mug on the right.

Just the way he prefers!

She stepped back and checked the mug n paper..slightly tilting the mug to its right.

Now its perfect.

Oh,the downfall of assisting a freaking perfect boss!

She patted the Plush leather seat.

The CEO’s chair.

guiltily,she glanced at the door once n with still no sign of the boss yet,she sat on the chair the very next instant.

She closed her eyes n placed her hands on the arms of chair,slowly feeling the texture of the material, stretched herself fully n gave a full round twirl.

Ah,whatte feelin’ !

Heaven on earth!

Yes,its one of her secret fantasy.
She had often imagined herself on this chair, with her ankles crossed n on the table.

Yeah, just like some typical bollywood villain.

n giving order to a standing-with-downcast-eyes Raizada!

Huh, Downcast eyes Raizada?

really khushi?

Height of imagination,isn’t it?
Her sane part of mind questioned her.

She slapped herself lightly n grinned at her stupid thoughts.

Yes, this place has its own aura. She can still feel his smell, lingering lazily in the air.

Why it always gives a tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach,she hadn’t found any appropriate answer for this particular question.so,she eventually blamed it on some cheap quality perfume he must be using n she must be allergic to.

Oh yes!
That’s why.

She glanced at the front wall n looked at the king size portrait.

She got up from the seat,walking round the desk n leaning against it,observed the portrait again.

It was ASR,receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2012-13.

His latest feather in the cap. This particular picture keeps on changing every year with new one replacing the previous one.

But hey devi maiyaa, just look at that..his stern face still intact.

just a lil curve of his lips is visible in the pic and any far sighted person would probably miss that for sure.

Oh god, can’t he afford to show his teeths once in a while,atleast on these kinds of occasions.

If she would have been there on his place, she would just roll on the floor laughingly or probably would just die of happiness, but he can’t even give a full fledged smile showing all 32.

Eh,Male Mona Lisa he is.
She rolled her eyes n shook her head.

She checked her wrist watch again.
9:25 am.

Oh,he’s late!

Hmm…must be his Anjali Di!

The man who drives the whole staff mad,often comes late, cuz he is bizzy driving his Di to the temple.

Yes,the very first time khushi got to know about this fact,her eye balls were literally out of their sockets.

But,he loves his di so much that he just can’t refuse any of her demands.Anybody would do that ,cuz such a gem of a person his Di is.

Khushi remembered meeting with Anjali di, as she often stepped up in the office  once in a while to meet her dear brother.

She liked her instantly n within 3-4 meetings they had developed a very strong n friendly bond between them.

N now the situation is that, his Di never forgets to stop for a chit chat session, before going into his cabin.

Khushi had often caught her boss staring at her with narrowed eyes n giving a piercing look, when she was bizy in laughing her heart out with his Di.

At those instants, she just wanna run n hid her face somewhere.

She hmph-ed and picked up a notepad n pencil n started scribbling something, occasionally looking up to glanced at the picture.

After devoting few minutes of Devine concentration, she took a relaxed sigh on the completion of her masterpiece.

She stretched her hand, keeping the notepad in align with the potrait n started comparing the two.

She had just redraw the Male Mona lisa, her own way!

In her masterpiece, the horrible looking creature holding the award was smiling..she had specially drawn 4 front teeths to justify her claim.

She had also added a bit of her creativeness here n there.

Umm..like the devil’s horn on his head!

n a devil’s tail too !

n various What daa‘s floating in the air.

Oh yes, how could she forget that.

If Leonardo da Vinci had Been alive, he would have been very proud on this latest entrant in the art world .


Khushi grinned, shaking her head at her craziness. Toring the sheet n placing the notepad back, she looked at her masterpiece one last time before crumbling it and throwing it away, aiming at the paper bin placed at far end of the room.

10 on 10 khushi.

The throw was perfect!

Yes,but in this case, the target was not the paper bin, but a certain Raizada, who was now watching his I-wanna-be-an-archer assistant with narrowed eyes.

He crossed his arms n arching his brow, spoke for the first time after entering the room,

Thank you Miss Gupta. I’m very honored by the welcome

Her eyes opened wide in shock at the very familiarly dangerous voice.

No No No !
He is not supposed to be here,not when she’s throwing some paper ball.

Haww..she gasped mentally remembering that it was not any ordinary paper ball, her latest masterpiece it was.

Closing her eyes in panic, she tilted her head sideways to came across a devastatingly dangerous ASR who was all set to kill with just the look in his eyes  !

Oh,she will the luckiest girl on this planet if this floor will just open up n swallow her suddenly.

she looked down at the paper ball, lying peacefully in front of his feet.
Clearing understanding,what must have happened.

She could visualize the paper ball laughing Evilly at her helpless state..just d way a villain would do in a bollywood movie, after kidnapping the heroine!

She thought of trying her luck She narrowed her eyes n glanced at the paper with a piercing gaze !

Very piercing!

Oh hell,Nothing happened.

No laser light emitted from her eyes n burned the paper into ashes.

Oh,please someone kill her now.

The paper ball had to fall down due to gravity. Yes,that’s what the newton said.

Then,why did it had to take this route.

This dangerous route !



Finding his wannabe archer assistant,deep in thoughts n giving more importance to something else, that too when ASR is himself standing, he looked at her line of sight

What’s so fascinating about that ?

Eh,let’s find out !

He bend down n picked up the object of her attention.

Straightening up again,his fingers started uncrumbling it slowly

Her heart started beating loudly in her chest.

Devi maiya !

Panicked n nervous,she shouted the only thing that came to her mind at that point of time,

S…sir…S…St…STATUE !

He halted in his actions n glanced up at his now officially crazy assistant.

He questioned her,slightly tilting his head n arching his brows, as if daring her to repeat again.

She replied stammeringly.

Inwardly,her conscience had just jumped into a well n committed suicide.

Struggling hard to appear confidently,she continued digging her own grave,

V…vo…you are not supposed to talk or move

Without giving him another second to respond,she sprinted ahead like a bullet, grabbed the paper ball from his hands n ran away,like some invisible fire catching on her invisible tail.

Not forget to mention, “STATUE OVER ! ” just before exiting the room.

Leaving a Hell Stunned n shell shocked arnav behind

Now the What daa’s were practically floating in the air.

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