FF:Just For Him-Prologue


I stepped out of the taxi to be embraced by the scorching heat of Delhi’s summers and glanced up at the building standing tall infront of me.




The massive & magnificent building was mocking on my face.The bold metallic letters shining in the sunlight were itself telling their own success story to the world. I had to literally crane my neck at a rather awkward angle to capture its full height touching the sky.

The grandness of the building was enough to make me nervous as I hesitatingly stepped inside.The manila folder was clutched tightly to my chest,my only pillar of support in this entire building. The sudden chillness of the centralized air conditioning, a complete opposite of the humid climate outside,caused a shiver to ran through my entire body gradually.


I’ve to DO IT.


I’ve come so far,i can do it..slight bit of nervousness cannot hamper my success at any cost.


Hell,i’ll NOT let that happen.


I want this JOB !


Its a dream for any professional to work with this company and I was lucky enough to get an interview call from Raizada Corporations and today I’m finally here after passing through the toughest 3 rounds of telephonic interviews.


Hell, that was surely the toughest interviews of my life ever..and if you can pass that, damn sure Khushi you are not gonna back out now,AT ANY COST !


I was so buzy in giving myself the pep talk that i came to senses only after being BUMPED into an hard, very hard n solid chest.



i lost my balance completely n the next second i found myself sprawled on the floor with a loud thud.




aarrgghhh..my documents scattered everywhere.I can feel people stopping
to look at me..I can even hear some distinct voices too..but none too interested to help a clumsy girl currently kissing the floor right now on the very shiny and polished floor of a multinational company and with that fact, I couldn’t help but my face was slowly acquiring a shade of red.


or rather an Embarrassing shade of RED.

Shit…without glancing up,i mumbled a quick sorry to the person infront of me or more specifically,to a pair of feet, clad in an expensive hand stitched leather shoes,that in turn were attached to a solid pair of legs clad in an expensive,Armani trouser n started collecting my documents.

I sincerely hoped,the person doesnt take offense at my behavior..but i just couldnt glanced up when i knew,I have made a COMPLETE FOOL of myself within 5 minutes of entering this building and that too infront of all the people.

My self confidence sank further low..i dont wanna give this interview..i pleaded to my almighty to erase these last 5 minutes from this day.

I was collecting the last of my loose documents when those legs,started moving forward.


Very Closer, Embarrassingly closer!

Cuz with my position,my head was just in the line of his crotch.

NO..what the HELL..i dont wanna my day to start like this

still, i kept my eyes low..pretending to collect my documents..placing my wayward curls behind my ears,every now n then. I tugged at the document that was beneath his feet.

NO response.

i panicked but still i tried again

Still, those legs dint budge an inch.

Okay, today is JUST NOT MY DAY !

i just wanna threw up my hands in surrender n wanna go back to my apartment, in my bed, with my chocolate bars.

YES! thats what my mind needed the most.

i panicked n chewed by bottom lip,first n foremost sign of my nervousness n helplessness.

closing my eyes briefly, i glanced up to found a pair of eyes that were


the most lovely pair of eyes i’ve ever seen.

A pair of green eyes, a different shade of green.

An  attractive yet dangerous shade of GREEN!

i havent been thrilled n attracted at the same time to any thing, so strange


Yes,Thats what was oozing from the person infront of me..a danger that was slowly gripping me towards it.

i couldnt concentrate on anything else beyond those hazel green orbs and my breath hitched in my throat, when in the next instant he brushed his thumb across my lip,

slowly n seductively and pulled my lip from between my teeth.

My heart was literally in my THROAT!!

Those orbs,still locked to mine.

He caressed my lip one more time with the pad of his thumb, then turned on his feet n strolled away into the elevator at the far end.

I came to my senses only after the doors slid closed.

My head was still spinning n i touched my lip,still dumbfounded, exactly where he had touched. They were still trembling..as if competing with my wild heartbeat.

only after a minute, when i found myself capable of speaking,i could barely utter,


14 thoughts on “FF:Just For Him-Prologue

  1. What was that??
    Khushi goes for a interview and bumps into a guy who caressed her lips and left??? Like seriously!
    This guys definitely has to be Arnav!
    But i must say that this is interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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