FF:Just For Him-Chapter 5

I stood frozen there with my mouth forming a big ‘O’, my eyes widened in size,clearly depicting the intensity of the shock i was feeling at that moment, my breathing rocketed to the sky level, the heart constantly hammering, way too much than normal and my brain was totally numb. My Common sense suddenly betraying me and resigning its duty. The sane part of my mind was constantly sending signals to react, to move, to do any damn thing that would represent me as a normal human being but the insane part was obviously too busy to note that.

My god..what this man is doing to me..
he hasn’t even open his mouth till now..and here my whole being is reacting as if he’s on his knees with a ring after popping up that question and waiting for my reaction.

What the? where did that came from?
..i scolded myself mentally and tried clearing those rubbish thoughts to gain control of the situation, but my eyes were just busy in doing their job with a mind of their own. They traveled over his figure, slowly, leisurely, savoring every inch coming into its view and radar. he was clad in an very expensive, tailor made suit, ah..a charcoal gray suit, complementing his slightly tan,sun kissed skin. The crisp white pristine shirt with the open collar button giving a slight peek-a-boo of his chest hairs that were making their presence visible..a silk tie..diamond cufflinks..a Tag Heuer watch..all in all..one can say this man was dressed till the point of perfection.

I mean seriously, PERFECTION word must have been created solely keeping him in mind..my gaze traveled yet upwards along the line of that long swan like neck and landed on his stubble that was accentuating his b’ful features yet some more, glorifying that jawline of his, the sharp nose,cut almost to perfection, the inky black hair, gelled n set perfectly


La was so damn right..This man is surely a walking-sex-on-a-stick..he should be banned to roam around freely..He should be kept in a museum..and he should charge tickets for that too, i chuckled internally at the way my thoughts were turning.

my gaze dragged a bit more upwards and then it met with those oh-so famous hazel green eyes that were way too intense were glinting with a shine of their own..a kind of amusement in them as he took notice of my staring session..He’s enjoying it probably..that just got confirmed when he opened his mouth n said something in that husky voice of his, that melted me instantly,

“Like what you see, Ms Gupta? “

His mouth twitched in amusement.

i inhaled sharply at that statement..and that was when i realize what i was doing was completely inappropriate..i was staring at him..a full fledged staring, nothing less than that..oh shit..what the hell i was doing? what he must be thinking about me and my ogling session..damn.

My phone pinged, indicating a text from Rey.. i discard it..it could wait..i need to handle this first..offering a very nervous smile to him which did nothing to calm my nerves, i dumped my phone in my bag and entered the elevator.

I nervously stood at the corner of the elevator, trying to create as much distance possible in an small elevator..all the time aware of his heated gaze that was stabbing my back continuously..Oh god..i was still feeling ashamed of my brazen act. There were just the two of us in the elevator and still it felt full and stuffed. It must be his doing..he has this habit of emitting charm and sexual energy that just pull people towards him..he is surely a woman’s magnet..without his knowledge, ofcourse. 

I released a deep breath, an act to calm my sudden hyper aware nerves..this is just getting worse n worse..i bit my lower lip in nervous tension alongside twiddling with my purse’s strap and suddenly sharing an elevator with him felt like a bad decision. I should have stopped right dere only, should have taken stairs..atleast that way i would not have been in a danger of reducing to a bundle of nerves. The tension was very high in the lift..we traveled almost in a pin drop silence mode..He did not say any other thing..nor did i..but still i was way too aware of his gaze sliding over my profile.

I shifted nervously on my feet, and glanced upon at the digital screen that was indicating we were still on 13th floor. 13 more to go khushi..we traveled only 3 till now? my brows furrowed but it still felt like eternity.

what is with this man..one glance at him and all my system reverts on its own..i tapped my feet nervously, mentally praying to get me directly to the ground floor. My brows furrowed more when i realized that no one entered the elevator since it started..now that was something really strange..cuz in other days as i had noticed, elevators at dis time were really full with employees. That fact made me yet more nervous..NOT that i feared traveling along with him..but there’s this thing he told my on interview day here, still roaming somewhere in my mind.

I Want you!

Its another thing altogether that he dint raised it again after that day..but i was seeing him for the second time today in a week and m still not totally sure about the motive behind it when he said that first. He must be joking,yes it has to be. otherwise he would have persuaded it another time during the week, and that thought raised my early stupid curiosity..where was he during the whole week.

“So, Ms Gupta..you enjoying your association with Raizada Industries? “

That husky, sex laden voice startled me from my stupid thoughts, leaving me yet again breathless. I immediately wiped off the sweat beads that had appeared on my forehead before turning towards him, trying very hard to compose myself and appear normal in front of him who was obviously way too relaxed compared to me ,i flash a small smile and replied in my best possible calm voice, that sounded more like a toad croaking on a rainy day.

“Y..Yes Sir! “

he raised his brows and tilt his head, obviously lending his ears for more..but i dint explained it further than that..those 2 words were the best i could manage without appearing like a fool in-front of him and dont wanna take any chance…i would rather stay mum than blurting out random stupid stuff that would eventually do nothing more than embarress me infront of him.

I want you

the words flashed again in my mind.

I looked ahead towards the door, releasing a sigh..shifting on my feet…checking my watch…cursing myself..i was hyperventilating..practically.

 Khushi, dont overreact, He must have forget about what he said to you and here you have scribbled it permanently in your mind..NOW calm yourself and behave like a professional.

I tried plastering a look that was relaxed calm, composed and cool too and it actually worked out well for approximately 6 seconds.

Hell no..how could i act like that when my whole being was just hyper aware of him and the charismatic charm that he was oozing.

His low voice again echoed in the silent elevator startling me again..instantly sky rocketing my nerves that were on their way to calm down..god, whats with his voice n me.

I turned back to look at him again with bated breath when i found him talking on his Bluetooth..i instantly released a long happy sigh. Thank god…now that he’ll be busy on his phone and that would eventually keep me off his radar…and suddenly i felt like dancing at my small victory at this situation ..YES!

I realized that my happy sigh was indeed very loud when he lift lifted his gaze n quirk his brow questioningly.. i immediately shook my head in denial flashing a nervous grin.

His call turned out to be a good idea cuz within seconds i was under control..partially though. His voice was low,almost a whisper..a kind of voice that you use while talking to your girlfriend on phone. To my surprise the above thought that should have been totally none of my business left me unsettled a bit with a bad taste in my mouth. I tried eavesdropping on his conversation but couldnt make out a single word..i frowned at that as if he’s deliberately talking like that without giving any hints about whoever was on the other side of the call..My crazy mind had already imagined it as a girl..probably a model or an  actress..NO, i m not randomly guessing, dats whom he’s often spotted with.

Supermodels, actresses, elite class b’ful socialites decorating his arms in various events..that what the web page showed me when i secretly googled him 4 days back in the sanctuary of my bedroom, on my laptop..It was just i was getting bored with No la n payal dere and someone had to do something to pass the time right?, i convinced myself yet again on my sorry of an exuse for googling him.

Not that i m ever gonna tell him about that.

The shrill ringtone coming from my bag startled me and instantly put a smile on my face when i realized its Rey whose calling..i just so wanted to need to talk to him right now.

I punched the answer button n replied in a first genuinely cheery voice since i stepped in here,

“Rey..!! “


“ah..so what have i done to get that welcome smile..am i in heaven?”, he sighed dreamily making me giggle instantly. Trust on Ray to uplift your mood anytime with his crazy nonsensical talks.

“oh..my smiles are reserved for yours”, i too replied in my most honey coated voice, and that had both of us in fits of laughter..our routine harmless flirting that was.

after the bouts of laughter was over, he confirmed about our plans for tonight and i just cant wait for that..very exited about it as its been a whole week full of work and we all 4 definitely deserved a get together.

I waved him bye n looked up at the screen. Thank god its the ground floor.It wasnt actually that bad khushi gupta..i mentally patted me on my back for not acting majorly stupid with my elevator companion..credit goes to Ryan d great..i smiled genuinely n felt light headed after talking to him,


i came crashing out of my thoughts at his voice that was sharp, almost like a snap.

i turned towards him and came across his features that were now hard, his lips thinned into a razor sharp line n his jaw was twitching..without any hint of amusement now.

i stared at him dumbly, unable to react cuz my mind was still processing the question he had thrown at me..i stared at the phone in my hand and back to him..and tried forming some words when he spoke again in that dangerously low voice that left me trembling,

“Was that your boyfriend..?”

His orbs that were till now a b’ful shade of hazel green that i had always enjoyed watching were now a shade darker and all hooded..daring me to say anything but lie..my felt my pulse throbbing n couldnt understand this sudden urge to deny his previous statement.


He replied a bit harsh n loud but yet in control this time.


NO..NO..NO..u got the wrong impression..that was not my boyfriend..but my best friend’s bro..indirectly my friend..or my best friend,,i m single..i have just through a tough break up n i m still heeling but u see, i ve finally moved on.. n i m moving on..see i hvnt thought about him since weeks n he dint bother me nowadays by the way, where were you last week..?

i was mumbling incoherent bullshit in my mind..while all the time under the scrutiny of his sharp gaze stabbing me piercingly,waiting for my reply..in the end i just shook my head, unable to say any of the shit my mind was uttering.


He asked me again all the time keeping that demanding gaze of his on me, his eyes darkening again.

I shook my head again repeatedly..to erase all kind of doubts from his mind..which was just so not me..i am currently nursing a broken heart..i should stay away from the male species, more precisely this particular dark n dangerous n sexy kind of male..but here i m giving him green signal about my single status . My behavior should have irked me..but strangely..it didnt.

At my reply some of the harshness left his face and he tilted his head..maybe processing my answer or what..i wasnt sure..hell, i was completely engrossed in him to think of any coherent thing right now..my mind was nothing but fuzzy..He move towards me..closer..minimizing the small distance between us.. and this time i saw a ghost of a smile on his face as he raised his hand and run his finger slowly along my cheek..his knuckles brushing my skin in a feather light touch that send tingles across my whole being and i felt a shiver ran down my whole spine..i couldnt force a reply..nothing..hell, i dont know i could resist him had i been able to speak something. His eyes latched with mind and i saw his eyes dancing with delight. This man knew his effect on me..know exactly what he was doing..i guess he knew i would not even resist him right at this moment. His knuckles brushed my lips n then he dragged my lip from between my teeth and i inhaled sharply..my senses were all concentrating on that thumb now..i met his eyes again n saw the warning over there.

Shit..the last time i did that..i was punished..with a kiss..i repeated that..what he’s gonna do now..my heart was in my throat dreading his actions..and he seemed to enjoy my trauma..He didnt do anything..just stared me like that..it must be fun for him but for me it was like walking on hot coals.

I wont be lying but it surprised me when he took a step back and i felt hollow..already missing his dominating persona n presence.


He looked at his wrist watch, and then towards the elevator door that were now opening up slowly. He straightened his posture, he was all calm, composed n not all all affected in the slightest bit..his face giving nothing away n here i was this short of becoming a puddle of nerves.

“and dont forget WHAT I SAID ON THAT DAY! “

with that he exit the elevator without giving a backward glance..and i was left plastered to the wall, thinking about our latest encounter..i gathered my thought in few minutes, my pulse returning to normal n fuzziness clearing off my brain, i went through our conversation again and cursed at myself.

i so easily answered him, cleared his doubts when the appropriate answer could have been,

“None of your business”

Initially he wasnt sure..but now thank you khushi gupta..HE NOW IS..what he’s gonna do then?

SHIT..what have i landed myself into!!

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    IF – jdd1959

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  2. God…
    This man will be death of her one day.
    Wanna know about Arnav ‘s heart
    For him,this is just attraction or more?

    Can’t wait for next update now rotten

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  3. Really interesting update. That was an amazing encounter. Good that Arnav knows that khushi is single. Wonder how will the pursuit continue. 🙂 ship13(IF)


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