FF:Just For Him-Chapter 4


i announced proudly, with my head held high in the air, the minute after stepping inside our apartment.

and then i was welcomed with the loud squeal that followed just after the announcement. Payal, who was relaxing on the sofa in her pajama with little hearts printed all over, who was shuffling through the tv channels just threw the remote in excitement and all but lounged on me, hugging me tightly n jumping up n down as if i had just won a jackpot. Just a minute later we were joined by an equally escalated lavanya that came running from the adjacent bedroom, rollers all over her hair n completed the group hug.

ah..that was the reaction i was expecting..thy both were the sunshine of my life..n i really really want that job, just to see this reaction.seeing them happy for me, automatically made me happy..it was the first time, it felt like may be i had taken the right step. They were still squealing so loudly that i was sure our next door neighbor might land up at our door any moment.

we released each other, after we were practically tired after squealing n all,La literally drag me on the sofa n launched on me.

“OMG..you secured a Job darling.. that too in Raizada industries…woohoo..now dat is smthin’!!
La said dreamily with wide eyes n a toothy smile, stressing more on  the “Raizada” part.

“i knew you would do it khush..“, payal said sitting beside me, taking a cushion along with.

la was ready with more questions again,
“hey, tell me…Did you meet him..THE Raizada..i’ve heard, he’s damn hot,just like walking sex on stick..!…

Payal threw her cushion at her playfully before turning towards me
“Shut up la, khush how was the interview babe..?..

“aarghh..No..first tell me about him..did you met him..does dis “sex on a stick” phrase true or just a rumor…”

I rolled my eyes at both of them..among the three of us,La was the fashionably forward, bubbly n gossip girl n news reporter of the latest happenin’ in the town, while payal was the mature n practical one..n me, i guess i lie somewhere in middle..and we three were like the 3 musketeers. they certainly were the BEST thing to have happened to me dat i’ll cherish through out my life. My bundle of sun shines they were.

I narrate my experience in the Raizada industries, of course minus the encounter with HIM..ah..s*x on the stick..dat certainly he was..but i wont be telling that to la, cuz i know she wont lemme rest in peace as long as i’ll work there.

“…so this is how..i landed up this job n my joining is from coming Monday.“, i concluded to both of them.

“C’mon dn..we are hittin the clubs tonight !“, La announced standing on the sofa, bouncing up n down n performing her little happy dance.

she jumped off the sofa the next moment and hurriedly grabbed her phone lying on the table,
“m gonna text Rey to join us dere..you two move your lazy ass n get ready..its CELEBRATION TIME dumbos..

La ordered both of us without even looking up from her phone.

and i couldnt ask for more at the prospect of having Rey with us tonight..i so longed to see him.

Rey as in Ryan.
Ryan Kashyap.
Ryan..another important pillar of my support system.

Me n payal grew up together in the same neighborhood in lucknow, same school, same college n then after that we both moved to delhi for job prospects 6 yrs ago. Finding job for our survival was the top priority for both of us. We stayed at one of my relative’s home in delhi for few months in the starting,and they were happy too but obviously we couldnt take them for granted like this n the need of having my own place along with freedom n independence spikes the need to get the job fast. IT was one such interview where i accidently bumped into Lavanya for the first time..we soon turned good friends and i later introduced her to payal ..n we and hit it off together from the day 1..during one such conversation, she offered us to share her apartment as it was too big for her alone..she needed someone to share d hefty rent n we needed the place to call as our ‘own’.. so, from dat one we became room mates..the crazy roomies in this case.

Ryan was lavanya’s cousin brother, working in a reputated MNC..once she offered him to join us for dinner n dat day our small group of 3 extended to 4. Ryan or rey as we lovingly call him, is just the same as his sister. Fun loving, carefree and full of life. Although he is la’s bro, but now he is overtly protective for three of us equally..we hate it when he goes completely big brotherish over us..its very hard to deal with him then n to make him see sense..even if a stranger brushes us up deliberately in a club or somewhere..the next you will see, is an angry rey ready to pick up the fight with that person but inwardly, we all love him for being there for us.. we felt secured n protected with him..He is really the bro n my male ‘best’ friend i never had.

That night all four of us enjoyed in the club drinking, dancing, celebrating, squealing..high on the verge of being kicked outta the club..and we all retired for the night highly highly tired. It was after a very long time that i genuinely enjoyed without an ounce of worries.i felt so light hearted in ages..it felt like the skin of worries n tensions that had gripped me from so long was automatically peeling off.. i never felt so carefree n young in a very very long time..and i was honestly looking forward to my new job..We parted at our enterance after rey drop us safely at our doorstep n went away only after making sure we entered the apartment n locked it safely..gosh, this guy freaked us out sometimes.

but, we couldnt do without him, either.

I was looking forward to my new job minus that one person, who awkwardly entered my mind twice or thrice during the whole time we were dancing.

dats strange..isnt it?

The weekend passed off so quickly in the blink of a eye..doing shopping n stuff. La made it a point to fill my wardrobe will all professional office wear..adding some inputs of her own..i love her fashion sense so i just let her have her way over me.

Sunday night, i was excited just like a child going to a new class..n wanted the new week to came as soon as possible.

However my thoughts were a lil different on monday morning. Dint know if its Monday morning blues mixed with new job jitter or somethin’ else..standing on the enterance of the grand Raizada Industries, i was nothing more than a bundle of nerves..n yes, in last two days i was exited cuz i just forget about a particular Mr sex on a stick. Out of sight, out of mind..they say. But now that very incident with him in his cabin came flooding back n did nothing but unsettled my nerves some more.

please please please devi maiyaa..dont lemme cross his path!
i send a quick prayer to my devi maiyaa, hoping this day to go as planned..to see the least of him..the flashbacks of the kissing incident still cause me goose bumps every time it plays in my mind.

Wearing a smile i entered the building and ask the receptionist. The b’ful girl with doe eyes replied me morning with a cheerful note in her tone which instantly oozed some of my tension off my body. i was told to go to 13th floor, that where i’ll be working under Mrs Smith.

Thank heavens!
i immediately thanked my goddess for listening my prayer. Its the 16th floor from which i need to be beware of..thats where the satan will be..and any floor except that is a safer territory..as for now atleast.

Khushi..who are you kidding?..he’s the owner, the CEO..its his company n he can do as he wish..how long will you avoid crossing his path..and what if he was serious about ‘wanting me’ ?

argh stop it!
i yelled internally..i had just stepped here my mind is already into overdrive..StOP thinking crap khushi..n specially stop thinking about him..may be he was joking..although so pathetic the joke is..but he z the CEO..he can joke anything he wish..i laughed nervously at the stupid battle of thoughts going on in my mind.

The elevator pinged bringing me back to present..an indication that my floor has arrived..and from there it took a minute for me to locate my cabin..The shiny floor, the state of the art paintings and sculptures, the expensive furniture n the floor to ceiling glass pane giving an immaculate view of the city was enough for an gasp to escape from my mouth..In the way from the foyer to my cabin i came across all these, mentally praising it n gushing on how i m too a part of this prestigious organization.

I entered my cabin n grinned taking its view..PERFECT!…just perfect..though it was not that big but was just perfect. The decor was lively, The choice of furniture was marvelous n the whole aura was of typical Raizada’s.

I was busy in twirling inside my cabin when my door gets knocked n entered Mrs Smith. I stumbled at got nervous on seeing her but she greet me with a smile n instantly made me comfortable. She showed me my Mac n explained me what i need to do..where i can find her schedule. She was very friendly n i instantly felt glad to be working under her. I was given my login details which i’ll need to work from my mac, she told me the direction to the coffee room n the food court n went away after wishing me luck for my first day at job. I beamed at that sweet gesture of hers n thanked her.

oh, i like her already.

The day pass out in a haze doing the stuff i was required to do. Checking mails, replying to dem, keeping her schedule up to date and other work that came my way. By 5:30, my boss came outta her cabin , calling it a day for us n giving me a smile made way to the elevators.

i twirled in my chair n stretch my body..i was tired.
tired but satisfied with my first day of work.

i made thru it..not even once the ill thoughts of past made their appearance in my mind today. I was also glad i did not cross path with Mr Walking Sex today..not that i went outta this floor, i was just too buzy to even go the food court..may be thats why.

Forget it..lets take it a day at a time..i know i cannot avoid him forever, that too with him being the CEO..but i decided to cross the bridge when it comes..wrapping up the last of the work, i turned off my mac n threw my things in my bag, made it outta d building.

whoa..dint turned out as bad as i was dreading..shaking my head i waited at the stop.

It was five days since i joined n i was just managing perfectly to say the least..I was catching things very quickly n managing them superbly, as oftenly quoted by my boss. My boss was happy with me..what do i need more..i made few friends also, like Neel and shreya who work on the same floor as mine..shreya was very friendly n was the first person to befriend me here..she told me all about RI, i needed to know n helped me at times too..and Neel, who initially tried n flirted to woo me..but seeing my guards high in that area dropped his idea. It was shreya who then told me that its just his nature n otherwise he’s the sweetheart..i relaxed n saw no harm in the friendship..Later i realized that she was indeed correct. i was lucky to get a genuine set of friends so easily in my new workspace..now everyday i look forward to our lunch time together. Its so much fun listening to Neel n shrey, as we lovingly call her during that small time together, n i m amazed how much i feel at ease with them both.

In these 5 days of my work over there, never once i crossed path with him.Initially i thot it was cuz i stayed to my floor dats why, but then after that, my frequent visits to other floor were also made for work purpose..i was even sent to 16th floor twice or thrice, n i wont lie i was dreading the entire way to that floor, the first time i went there..later i realized i was just freaking over nothing. Every time i visit that floor, i made a point of glancing towards his cabin door at the far end of that foyer, and every time its nothing but closed. During the course of time, the fear slowly got changed to curiosity n nothing more. At times i even wondered, does he exists for real or that kiss in the cabin was totally my weird imagination..n more the days passed ,the more it felt like an imagination of mine. Its not a topic i can discuss with neel n shrey , so i kept my curiosity about our CEO to myself only.

Not that they wont tell me, but i dont wanna sound like a wanna newbie, asking questions about him, his whereabouts or how frequently he visits the other floor…shaking my head i tried clearing my mind off his thoughts. Its a freaking friday evening.

i squealed internally performing my happy dance..i made it through the week perfectly..time for a hangout now..i wrapped up last of my work, i was done for the day n shut off my mac…grabbing my bag, i made my way quickly outta the cabin..the ping of the elevator indicates that its on my floor n i wanna catch it..the crazy in me couldnt wait to go home to celebrate tonight.

“drinks tonite at 9 ?..my treat,be ready:)

punching the green button i send a group msg to la,payal and rey n entered the elevator.

and OUCH…bumped into someone.

i glanced up to apologize to the person concerned n felt my heart jumping upto my throat, the world spinning around me, n i was suddenly at the loss of words.

coz the owner of those hazel green eyes was looking directly into mine with a smirk plastered over that face.

so, it wasnt an imagination !

8 thoughts on “FF:Just For Him-Chapter 4

  1. Nice chapter….
    Khushi partying with her frnds..
    making new frnds at work..
    Everything going perfect.. n then a Certain Raizada crosses her path once again..


  2. Fabulous update. So glad that Arnav and khushi meet again … At the elevator !! Looking forward to next update. ship13(IF)


  3. Good one!
    Khushi settled in her job well without thinking much about those beautiful eyes!
    But she did bump into him again!
    Wonder what’s that smirk for!

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